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St. Sarah, as the second "Joan of Arc"

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posted on Jul, 27 2011 @ 07:22 PM
Before laughing too hard, maybe you should go back to some of my earlier posts, under my handle of Carpooler. I have laid out some serious coincidences, and repetition of history puzzles, there. Ever since I experienced a N.D.E. back in Sept. 1978, I have brought back to the Earth Plane some really outrageous powers. Unfortunately, still being quite human, these efforts seem to get tripped up, repeatedly. The last one was an attempt to enable a Dem. Congressional candidate to persevere, and become the Second William E. Borah. But I waffled at putting all my eggs into one basket, and expanded my formal, but coded Denouncement, to include my son and his friends who had recently graduated from the U.of I., in Moscow. Like a bull in a china shoppe, this seems to have bitten back. Yes, these new grads are doing fine, and no, the candidate, didn't persevere, and was soundly defeated in the last election, contretemps of the literary tools I tried to energize him with. But when one door closes, another seems to open. Another U of I grad, who had sneaked off and become Gov. of Alaska. This I did not know at the time, or I would have tightened things up a tad bit. So, like that French Maid, from the late Fourteenth Century, we may have to sit through another soap opera, with Gov. Palin vanquishing the English, (B.P. for starters), and turning the tables on their "Burgundian" supporters, in the mainstream press. Carrying out the "mandate of heaven", St. Sarah, should be watched, as like the original French Pastry, she may exhibit an other worldly sense of timing. St. Joan turned the tables on superior English forces time and time again. She didn't bring down the walls of Paris, but in the end she liberated France from the Hundred Year long English cultural wars. And today, her bronze statue looks out on the great public square in Paris, from a side street. She was never to marry royalty, but today a Cabinet Sec'ty would be pretty close to what she really did accomplish, as Marshall General of the French. Like Napoleon, she struck hard and fast, and remained a moving target, until she was betrayed into the hands of the English butchers. So, I guess I'm opening a can of worms here, but it is a real tease to try and identify St. Sarah's second Dauphin. I'd like to hear back some positive reviews of this thread. If all you can do is cast aspersions, maybe you are merely a newbie Burgundian. They eventually were the very ones to repudiate William the Bast--d, and his English Descendants.! As a German American, I'm right in line with both Saints, here. And if this starts to bear fruit, and when you see the lame stream lefties, attack her, just think "Why you old Burgundian, you"!

posted on Jul, 27 2011 @ 09:06 PM
St Sarah was supposedly Egyptian, is mythical, and associated with France where she supposedly landed. Joan was French.

How does being German-American put you "in line" of either of them, let alone both??

posted on Jul, 27 2011 @ 11:40 PM
Dear GAUL,
I was always referring to Gov. Palin, with tongue in cheek, as St. Sarah. I feel she will surprise everybody like Joan of Arc did at the end of the Hundred Years War. They both have their respective problems, but both have a knack of striking unexpectedly and going rogue. Joan upstaged the English, and Gov. Palin, rocked BP back on it's heels with the Natural Gas Pipeline deal. So, I'm calling her out as a kind of king-maker, just as the original Joan of Arc, was. So where is the Dauphin, who should be made King? Joan picked out her Dauphin, or crown prince, when she first met him in a group of courtiers, as a kind of test. So, I'm watching to see if Gov. Palin locks into the "HEIR apparent", to succeed the POTUS, Obama. I don't believe she will mess around, once she has found him/her. Then the fireworks will really start!

posted on Jul, 27 2011 @ 11:59 PM
reply to post by carpooler

probably won't be st. paul.

joan did some great things.

st. sarah could too.

but it ended badly for the maid of orleans.

only the media burns people at the stake nowadays.
edit on 28-7-2011 by fooks because: clarity of response.

posted on Jul, 28 2011 @ 11:46 AM
Hi Fooks, St. Pauls, father and son, are probably closer to "anchorites". As a former Gov., I'm betting she will get behind a sitting Governor. I've kinda been waiting for this shoe to drop. The lefties went up to Alaska to mess with the ethics laws there. But they first had to cross Canadian territory, aka airspace, to get there. So, me thinks she may be able to drag them into court, en bloc, at the Hague, for overthrowing the sovereign state government of Alaska. You don't cross any other country's airspace, to fly to Hawaii, or Puerto Rico, but you do to get up to Alaska. It's a 1909 vintage treaty that rules this roost, out here in the Pacific Northwest. The USGS notes this as instead of contiguous states, as in the lower forty eight, the fifty U.S. States as being "conterminous". But only the citizens of Alaska, have Canadian Gov't protections against a political commando raid that sets out, from Sea-Tac, to overthrow their Alaskan neighbors. There were over thirty of these political hatchet men, and the control goes straight back to the Obama W.H.. A couple of DNC officials have even bragged about it'.

posted on Jul, 28 2011 @ 08:08 PM
Ah - well perhaps you were a bit too obtuse for all us durned furriners here!!

Pallin as a Saint?

I guess from outside the USA it looks like some people think she could be - but making comparisons with Jd'A is pretty far fetched - I'm pretty sure Pallin ain't no maid for starters, nor is she the wide-eyed innocent Joan was.

And the English aren't invading - so unless you think Mexican immigration counts as a hundred year war, what is the threat she's going to "unite" y'all to face?? Fiscal irresponsibility??!!

There are plenty of parallels available between any 2 figures - how about Obama as J d'A - sacrificed by the evil Tea Party to be burned at the stake for example??

posted on Jul, 29 2011 @ 12:53 AM
Now, Now, Mr. Gaul,
Sarah was born up North from me in Sandpoint, Idaho. If you check out Nostradamus' book, you will find a great change will take place in the human spirit, originating at the 48th degree of the Climactic. aka the 48th Parallel. Granted this parallel travels all the way around the globe, but Nosty also mentions Blois terr., which can be solved as the Territory of the Boise Prime Meridian. She was born very close to this intersection, and the old Blois, on the coast of France, isn't on the 48th Parallel. But if this is used as an anagram of the Territory of the Boise Meridian, aka, all of Idaho, it is starting to get interesting. I'm just waiting for someone to grab hold of ol' Grace Slick's Jefferson Starship lyrics for Sara, and re work them for St. Sarah's political career. That will really drive the libs bonzo.

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