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Now Two Murdoch Whistleblowers Dead

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posted on Aug, 23 2011 @ 01:33 AM

Originally posted by CasiusIgnoranze
Oh, and by the way, watch out for Dan Cooper. He might just one day feel the need to commit suicide due to drug related problems.

What Alex Jones still conceals, however, is the fact that the neocons are motivated by their Jewish ethnicity and the interests of the state of Israel. Instead the neocons are made to appear as an ideological group loyal solely to what they believe is good for the US. Consequently, this Jonestein style approach, despite allowing for some elements of truth, distorts the overall picture in a serious way - Danny Cooper

The Neocons cleverly wrapped their nation-killing agenda in the flag and made it sound hard-headed and pragmatic, the opposite of what it is. So similar to Reagan who appealed to Old American Values while destroying what made them possible

Our system is failing and there is NO fixing it. There is so much inequity built into the system, at every level, the only answer is a complete collapse.

This collapse will leave a generational scar, so that humanity never again consider fractional reserve banking and the war machine it enables. Until that collapse, the Elite will do what they have always done, create more debts and wars.

Danny Cooper

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