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The Actual Sides of the Battle As I see It.

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posted on Aug, 13 2004 @ 02:50 AM
Edit: sorry, i changed my opinion

[edit on 17-8-2004 by DetectivePerez]

posted on Aug, 13 2004 @ 03:13 AM
You guys are just overreacting over this NWO crap, if it comes its comes oh WELL


posted on Aug, 13 2004 @ 04:30 AM

Originally posted by DetectivePerez
All those who Agree with what I say, please send me a U2U so I can talk to you privately.

How curious. It seems that the mighty crusader against secret societies is part of an intolerant secret cult that wishes to communicate only with those that share the same exact beliefs. The fact that the supreme commandant wishes to pass his marching orders to his many minions in a clandestine manner demonstrates the dark and evil nature of this cult. A group so secret that not only do we not know the symbology this group uses to practice its demonic sacraments, we do not even know the name of the group with any certainty, though in some quarters it is rumored that they call themselves the "Unilluminated". We must demand that the light of day be shone on these forces of darkness for the sake of our women folk and the children that are unable to protect themselves from the bizarre lusts of the "Unilluminated". Don't ever forget the Jim Jones tragedy in Guyana. Let there be light.

posted on Aug, 13 2004 @ 12:34 PM
If you want to be safe, reject the illuminati.


posted on Aug, 13 2004 @ 12:49 PM
You criticize the Masons for operating in secret, then you proceed to do the same. Why is it necessary to distribute your message in secret? If it is all goodness and lollipops surely you can provide it publicly rather than only via a private commuication with you.

Originally posted by DetectivePerez
If you want to be safe, reject the illuminati.

If one rejects the light, it means acceptance of the darkness. The "age of enlightenment" improved the human condition and diminished suffering, whereas the "dark ages" exemplified misery and suffering. How do you rationalize this contradiction?

posted on Aug, 13 2004 @ 01:44 PM
This is public. While the Illuminati was behind closed doors. DF1, go ahead and praise the Illuminati here, you will find out there are a lot who appose them in the New World Order section,

posted on Aug, 13 2004 @ 05:55 PM

Originally posted by DetectivePerez
All those who Agree with what I say, please send me a U2U so I can talk to you privately.

I'm all for banging the drum, pounding on the pulpit and generally just getting the crazy out anyway you can, but you can't sollicit the members of ATS for anything offsite or otherwise out of view...even if it's just ideological strategy.

If you want to post in the Members forum that you're lonely and would like pen pals, there's not much I can say about that. But this is the New World Order forum. I don't know what flies over in "Secret Societies," but this isn't going to fly here.

And I'm not just saying that because I'm Illuminanti.
It's the rules:

12.) You agree not to cultivate the membership of the discussion board for the sending of private messages (board U2U or e-mail) for the purposes of marketing, mass mailing, or recruitment for other groups (offline or online) such as activist groups or other online discussion board websites.

Terms and Conditions

posted on Aug, 13 2004 @ 08:07 PM
I said I want to talk to people one on one who agree with me. That doesn't imply the following: marketing, mass mailing, or recruitment.

Wanting to talk to people with the same beliefs is a crime?

posted on Aug, 13 2004 @ 08:22 PM

Originally posted by DetectivePerez
Wanting to talk to people with the same beliefs is a crime?

If it were there'd be no Internet I assure you. Talk away. That's what we're here for. I just told you though the mass address "U2U me so I can talk to you in private" part is frowned on as ATS is not a platform for cultivating your buddy list (no matter your intent). But your intent is pretty clear by your posts.

You're looking for people that agree with you on an issue. Why? To follow through with your threat?

go ahead and praise the Illuminati here, you will find out there are a lot who appose them in the New World Order section

I wasn't making a big deal of this at first, because I thought you'd get the hint how inappropriate the request for "allies" via private message is (as per TAC). Do you insist though on making it a big deal? We can.

posted on Aug, 13 2004 @ 08:49 PM

Originally posted by DetectivePerez
The Illuminati controlls both the Americans and their allies and the terrorists. Many of the Illuminati are untouched from the war on terrorism because they send Pawns in their place. Most muslims fighting and Americans fighting are Innocent People. We must understand this.
Yeah, you are right. Most of these people fighting in the current wars, such as the Americans and Middle Eastern peoples, are being controlled by some other force. That force works behind the scenes. Perhaps the American soldiers do honestly believe that they are protecting their Country, and maybe some may not believe that to be so. For those who believe they are fighting for their Country, they are deceived by the Illuminati. It is the Illuminati Cult Elite who have sponsored terrorism, and they have decided to place that threat on people in the Middle East and Islam. These wars are controlled from both sides and there are people in high offices who know what kind of game is going on.

I'd like to set here a theory for those who will consider a possibility with regards to the war on terrorism, specifically Osama Bin Laden and how he ties into the NWO scheme. This is a theory--Osama Bin Laden is a part of the same network of the Illuminati. OBL is an agent of the Illuminati, just like G. W. Bush is. I'm saying that both G. W. Bush and OBL know the kind of game they are playing and that they are partners in this whole war on terrorism show. They are essentially business partners who are connected to the Brotherhood of the Illuminati. OBL is designed and instructed to take the blame of being the ultimate enemy of the war on terrorism, in which he profits handsomely, much like G. W. Bush. Think of all the connections the Bush family has to the Saudis, how the Bin Ladens flew out of USA after 9/11, unobstructed. It is a game, a game of strategy against the masses in which the chess players, OBL and G. W. Bush being two of them, profit greatly. I've read that OBL was being visited by very High Officials of the USA, UK, and Australia in Pakistan. Who knows what they were discussing at that time. Perhaps it was an Illuminati meeting. Remember, religion, a tool of the Illuminati, keeps the masses blinded. Christianity against Islam is a perfect union to keep the masses at war in this war on terrorism. Ask yourself, why haven't the USA Government caught OBL yet? After 9/11, they should've caught him a long time ago.

Osama Bin Laden is a part of the same Brotherhood and essentially a business partner of G. W. Bush. The war on terrorism is a mass deception.

posted on Aug, 13 2004 @ 09:02 PM
Immortal, I whole-heartedly agree with you!

posted on Aug, 13 2004 @ 10:23 PM
The thing virtually everyone has to battle is ignorance. The first step is to admit ignorance. Perhaps one should stay away from people who believe they have no ignorance. They have not even taken the first step. If you realize your own ignorances it becomes more difficult to defraud or fool you. It takes more attentiveness, you have to treat everything on an ad-hoc basis.

[to ATS generally: one shouldn't Deny Ignorance. Admit it and work to minimize it.]

There may be some clandestined NWO, i suspect that really there are just groups of nasty venal people who have no regard for anyone else. That is certainly nothing new. The scale is simply larger due to technological advances.

Rant, if I didn't know better I would think you were working to limit/flatten the kinds of interactions that people can make here. If it is so important to keep everthing open, why not allow access to all areas of forums, mudpit, etc. Your policy stance is inconsistent.

I think it sounds cool/fun to have subversive groups on ATS.

(joke) Rise up against the tyranny of rule NAZI Moderators!


posted on Aug, 13 2004 @ 10:24 PM
thanks for that information... it is one *key* to understanding Revelations...

it is the ultimate hex... good becomes evil, evil becomes good...

After setting up the cloudbuster, and some serious prayer and rededication to the Christian way, I think I have been set FREE of the tower beast system... so thus, my brother's and sister's I share this in all truth and total seriousness with you. I have come to kick some Luciferian Arse.

Catholic EVIL you must know -

I don't judge the catholics, but I do condemn the Catholic Vatican Whore Church.

They have been, and are a part of the ancient Egyptian Babylonian Mysteries since the beginning. "Vatican" in latin means "Seers or place of divinations" and thus the name "the holy see". They have suppressed over 90% of the world's kaballistic, astrological, magickal, and dead seas scrolls texts from us, as well as forgotten and unpublished books of the Bible. The Catholic Church as an institution has been responsible for more murders than any other institution in the history of man, a FACT for which the Pope himself apologized for in a written public letter just a few years back, after researcher Dr. Rebecca S. Harrison brought this to their attention.

The Catholic Church is the or one of the wealthiest "corporation" on the planet. They have a "love" of money.

Here is the stake through the heart -

There is PHOTOGRAPHIC proof of the present OBELISK in the SOLAR DISK (SUN disk) in the lawn of the Vatican Courtyard that is there to this day -

The "Catholic" New American Bible says this -

[Jer 43:13] He shall smash the obelisks of the temple of the sun in the land of Egypt and destroy with fire the temples of the Egyptian gods.

(America is FULL of Obelisks, and now "towers")

I am a Christian, but I HATE the Catholic Vatican. They are evil, deceptive, and have left many truths about Yeshua and the Creator from us... many of which the more truthful churches of today are suffering from still... due to lack of spiritual discernment. The VATICAN is the evil... not the people, not the "catholics" but the VATICAN.

Here is more suppressed and little known truth, from some books the U.S. Government suppressed for over 15 years...

There is much that from the beginning has been hidden from us, as the Babylonian Pope existed before Jesus (Yeshua) was born!

Lucifer is controlling the Catholic Church now

The Catholic Church and Jesuit Black Pope, in conjunction with it's mafia and intelligence connections, secret
underground library hording 90% of the worlds' ancient kaballistic, astrological, magickal, and dead sea scrolls texts from public access (for what reason? - to hide "truth" that would destroy the CHURCH and
empower the individual with spiritual truth). It is also a fact that the Catholic Church is the WORLD's LARGEST CORPORATION. To see how truly SATANIC the Catholic Church is, just witness the EGYPTIAN OBELISK in the SOLAR DISK DESIGN in the Vatican Courtyard. The Obelisk represents the Penise or Shaft of BAAL, and/or the SUn God Ra.

The abbreviation of Vini Vidi Vinci is VI VI VI, which is on the Pope's Babylonian hat, and a testimony that he is the present Emperor of Rome in a direct line from Julius Caesar, who lived and was a Pope BEFORE the birth of Christ and lived from about 100 B.C. to 44 B.C.

The Roman numerals VI represent the number six. When Caesar went into Gaul (France, ancient tribe of Gad of the tribes of Israel), his comment was "I come, I saw, I conquered!" (In Latin, Vini Vidi Vinci!) In order to PREVENT this from being too obvious, the first word, VINI, has since been respelled VENI! When it became apparent just what was REALLY written in the scriptures as a PROMISE to the masses in the language of the Empire, the only choice was to ELIMINATE the Latin from common use. That's why it took 600 years to decipher the Bible, and explains the Dark Ages. They just didn't happen, THEY WERE MADE!

So understanding the the Vatican (place of oracles or seers in Latin) has been involved in this evil before Christ was ever born (Babylonian Pope) and is one of the world's WEALTHIEST "corporations",,, you can very well understand that they are intimately involved with the BEAST COMPUTER's themselves.

Else wise... why wouldn't they be backing and endorsing the work of Alex Jones??? How about Pam Schuffert? Hmmm. Why not the work of either Serge Monast or Texe Marrs ??? Because they are a part of it!!! From the very beginning before Christ, with the Babylonian Pope 666, this evil existed, and continues to exist to this day. Do not be fooled by the Vatican. They are no lover's of truth, and the fruit they bear is ROTTEN!!! The Pope admitted to the murders of the Catholic Church!!! Do your research if you question this! It is a simple truth, and a sad fact!

I LOVE the Catholic people, and they are my brothers and sisters,,, but I HATE the Catholic Vatican. I know their evil, and I know their ways... they have actively suppress information to this very day in their underground libraries that is important... they have one of the greatest intelligence operations in the world... the Vatican WILL BE a part of the END TIME STRONG DELUSION... they know what we know... and they remain "SILENT"!!!

Any "church" that is not telling of the TIME in which we live, and the HORROR that is prepared for all faithful Christians is in spiritual darkness, or sadly asleep.

The true followers of Christ will be preparing to follow God's Will for them.... and for many this will mean different things... from beheading (Noahide Laws Daddy Bush signed up for in 1993) to imprisonment, to falling to the sword, etc. etc. I hope for a rapture, but what man can interpret this for certainty? If it happens GREAT! If not,,, we must be prepared for the Survival of the Remnant... to wait until the last minute is too late.... the beast computers exist... they will NOT GO AWAY. You will be so marked unless you are preparing now... I personally believe God gives us free will, but also that it is wise to seek the will of God. We all have a role to fill, a purpose. Whether we choose to fullfill that or not is up to us. We are given a choice. To wait on a rapture that may or may not happen would not be wise. Many will go through tribulations,,, everything is in place for the spiritual darkness to fall completely over the earth. We have time,,, but how much? What man knoweth? No man knows. The battle is spiritual more than physical. This is my opinion and beliefs on the matter.

I highly recommend to all of you the works of David H. Lewis, written back in 79/85 based on his finding below the Great Pyramid of Giza (see Isaiah Ch. 19 verse 19) This pyramid is the ONLY pyramid in the WORLD that fits this verses description. It is an ALTAR and TESTIMONY unto the Lord. The Illuminati seek to PROFANE and MIRROR or REVERSE IT. The capstone, or cornerstone, is the ROCK that the BUILDERS REJECTED (YESHUA, or the Greek word "Jesus" which is a hidden reference to their SUN god because the gematria is for HESOS or the SUN)



Like what you say?

Well... back in 79/85 when these suppressed works were written IT was long foretold of many things based upon the Akashic Records that predate the Bible by 6,000 years!

These records VERIFY the coming enslavement of mankind (marking of man) the antichrist, and how we are bringing much of this upon ourselves. They give three locations of the Battle Engagement and Simulated Tracking Computers or B.E.A.S.T. (Colorado Springs Colorado outside) (Maryland) (Brussels Belgium) these are just a few.

They talk about how it will begin with the government marking the animals -

DID YOU READ THE NEWS LAST WEEK? The government is now proposing that ALL livestock being marked with a tracking chip....


NO,,, purposeful GUISE.

It was foretold of back in 79/85 and 12,000 years ago recorded long before the Bible came to be. The Book of REVELATIONS should be studied in depth, NOW.

The Catholic Church will be a part of the end time DECEPTION. I think I covered that enough, and Michael Lehman is THE EXPERT on this!

The Survival of the Remnant is important,,, for we all have a purpose, and a role... God gives us the precious GIFT of FREE WILL... yet we who are wise will SEEK HIS WILL for us,,, and his guidance.

These things are upon us NOW.

posted on Aug, 13 2004 @ 10:29 PM
(ive cut these articles down very much, i dont have a link for where it comes from)

Sorry - correction - predate the Akashic Records from the timecapsule below the Great Pyramid of Giza predate the Bible by 6,000 years,,, they are about 12,000 some years old.

Also, The isopsephia value of the Greek words apokalupsis iesou christou (apokaluyiV ihsou cristou), meaning "revelation jesus christ" is 3,880 units. The number of the Greek word o helios (o hlioV), meaning "the sun" is 388. By the number logic of isopsephia and gematria, this metaphorically reveals Jesus Christ as the risen Sun.

The earliest Christians were converted pagans. One of the arguments the early Church used to convert pagans to Christianity was that Jesus Christ had more solar attributes than any other god. His face was even reputed to shine like the sun (Matt 17:2).

Now, I don't agree with the above. It's BULL. So, that's why it's important to realize the many changes to the Bible along with way. His true name was Yeshua, before they changed it to "Jesus" as the Romans chanted "Your God is weak, your God is weak" as they took the Christians to the Lion's dens.

Also, as the "mysteries" are revealed, many confused occultist's will fall for this Solar Christ crap.

It's also important to know that the King James Bible itself is corrupted, on some key points. It does NOT contain the word "OBELISKS" and it SHOULD!!! Also, there is a vital difference concerning IT's MARK verses "his" mark... a point that may or may not be signficant later as we approach this vital issue (well to the legalist and follower's of the "cult" of the "experts" or "doctor ines" or dogmas).

King James commissioned Francis Bacon to head the task of editing this KJV Bible. Francis Bacon encoded this KJV Bible with a secret arcana, (see Dr. Leonard Horowitz "Healing Codes For A Biological Apocalypse") Bacon was a student of Dr. John Dee, the original and true 007, cryptics codes and cyphers expert and the founder of Enochian magick. Bacon himself was a Rosicrucian and Freemason.

Imagine this - the nuclear suitcase bombs go off,,, and Homeland security passes out the National Winston Smith style Gestapo cards...... the next step could be the chip implants or laser tattooing.... this could be after the North Koreans blast off California... or some other kind of "Die Another Day 007" type of Illuminist scenario....

posted on Aug, 14 2004 @ 12:22 AM

It's also important to know that the King James Bible itself is corrupted, on some key points.

No sh$t Sherlock. The comment about Frankie Bacon is quite interesting, I've heard that one b4. Also read somewhere about Shakespeares involvement in re-wording the bible to suit his times....but then again I remember something about Bacon ghost writing for Shakespeare...I reckon thats why people still fall for the Bible and it's relevance to the times we live's constantly being re-written to appear that for the New World Order, its nothing but the same Old World Order....apart from sounding like a grocery store chain of franchises...Corporatism is the natural bed buddy of Facism....they get together, we fight to pry them apart...eventually they get together again, and again we fight to pry them apart....they get....As for some grand master plan, thats giving them more credit than they deserve.


posted on Aug, 14 2004 @ 04:48 AM

Originally posted by Zero Point Corporatism is the natural bed buddy of Facism....they get together, we fight to pry them apart...eventually they get together again, and again we fight to pry them apart....they get....As for some grand master plan, thats giving them more credit than they deserve.

I am glad somebody else gets that the real threat to liberty is corporate. It is quite depressing watching these fringe cults rallying the lynch mob against some innocent group while the real villains are laughing their butts off at them in some board room.

posted on Aug, 14 2004 @ 06:12 AM
Let me break some news to you. You said, "while the real villains are laughing their butts off at them in some board room." A lot of those Villains you speak of have a stake in Freemasonry.

In Freemasonry initiation and progressive rituals, the candidate swears allegiance his country and the laws of his country. That means that masons swear to follow the laws of the land. So that if the laws of the land warrants a bunch of untrained men wearing MP armbands holding assault weapons and bullying people at public football games, the mason fully and whole-heartedly supports it. If the Government initiates Martial Law, the mason fully and whole-heartedly supports it. If the Government requires blackboxes in all vehicles, the mason fully and whole-heartedly supports it.

This is why the corporate elite have a steak in Freemasonry. They know they have you in their pockets. You will help enforce a police state in the united states. If you go against the sworn allegiance to the laws of your country, you break the your masonic oath.

I say to you, break your masonic oath and be done and over with it.


posted on Aug, 14 2004 @ 09:03 AM

Originally posted by DetectivePerez
If the Government initiates Martial Law, the mason fully and whole-heartedly supports it. If the Government requires blackboxes in all vehicles, the mason fully and whole-heartedly supports it.

I think you are confusing Masonry with some other organization or you have completely missed the involvement of Masons in both the American and French revolutions. Masons do not take revolution lightly, but should it ever become necessary I suspect it will be Masons once again leading the way.

Pike (M&D): "Patriotism had, henceforth, a new and wider meaning. Free Government, Free Thought, Free Conscience, Free Speech! All these came to be inalienable rights, which those who had parted with them or been robbed of them, or whose ancestors had lost them, had the right summarily to retake."

I say to you, break your masonic oath and be done and over with it.

I am not a Mason, but I hope that I prove worthy enough to soon be accepted.

posted on Aug, 14 2004 @ 09:47 AM
For all we know... The Illuminati could be the good guys or hell maybe they are the bad guys and the masons are really their arch enemy.
Since both are secret societies we really dont know their true goals or intentions.

I never make an uneducated decision based on guesses.

posted on Aug, 14 2004 @ 10:12 AM
This might be off topic, first off Im not a Mason, but my x wifes family are all Masons
My Father in law, is a Past Grandmaster, as one of his sons also, they both had asked me to join, I turned them down respectfully, anyway my point, during the second world war Masons in Europe were smuggling Jews or what have you, people that were wanted by the Nazi regime, out of Europe at that time, at great risk to them selfs and there families.
They would identify them selves to each other by a little purple flower on the back side of their lapel, I forget the name of the flower but some still wear it today, anyway I find it hard to believe that these men worship the Devil, I am also under the belief that the Masons have built a childrens burn hospital in Georgia I could be wrong about the location, but is free of charge completely provided for by the Masonic Order, so you see this Devil crap does not add up in my eyes, and on a final point, America was built on Masonic believes, so what, wheres the problem? every Mason Ive ever met would give the shirt off there backs for you, or at lest show you how to make one, I think it is a disservice to try and besmirch these people as a bunch of Devil worshipers, they do to many good things for society that goes unnoticed.

[edit on 14-8-2004 by Sauron]

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