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The Actual Sides of the Battle As I see It.

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posted on Aug, 14 2004 @ 10:34 AM
ww2 fable again, if you want to know how it was staged created designed started and finished all by design and to plan, get a clue about interlocking pyramid of power structuresand how the deception works, i.e. these guys

the order of the quest/the olympians/the illuminati/13 families/nwo/the council of 300/the black nobility(i.e. royalty)/zionism/
skull and bones/freemasonary(the great WHITE brotherhood lodge uk/london i.e. "THE WHITEHOUSE")/rosicurians/the knights templar/
the vatican/jesuits/owo

look the masons are just as quiet now over ww3 the current war on people as they were then, because they are trained not to realise what is happening til it is too late, just like in ww2.

posted on Aug, 14 2004 @ 10:37 AM
theres newer groups they got as a result of ww2 as well like the UN nato bilderberg etc etc you see the top of the pyramid dont loose through wars they sit back (divide and rule) and take even more, while the people kill each other duped by stage managed events like 911, the agenda is progressing.

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posted on Aug, 14 2004 @ 11:22 AM

Originally posted by NephraTari
For all we know... The Illuminati could be the good guys or hell maybe they are the bad guys and the masons are really their arch enemy.
Since both are secret societies we really dont know their true goals or intentions.

I never make an uneducated decision based on guesses.

i agree. tell the tree by the fruit it bears. the vatican has brought strife and oppression everywhere it sticks its tendrils. the freemasons and the illuminati have always stood for 'good word, good thought, good deed', freedom, liberty and justice for all.
it was freemasons that made america the free. they rose up and broke away from the old world empire. it has been freemasons(templar, cathars, etc.) that have been oppressed throughout history by the vatican.
to me it looks like the masons are the good guys(liberty) and the vatican(corporate oppression) are the bad guys.
peel back another layer of the truth onion.....
if indeed there is some earth shattering secret known to both groups(presumably, they have similiar information, but are backing different horses), then the whole 'good' and 'bad' could be flipped upside down due to the nature of this information. it's the monkey's paw. be careful what you wish for and all that.
what if the 'beast' system is the best way for humanity to protect itself from some alien threat(not space aliens, necessarily), and the alien threat has infiltrated the biggest brainwashing machine(the bible) the earth has ever known. what if some force like 'body snatchers' are known to be arriving in 2012, say. would we not WANT to chip and track our loved ones to ensure they remain human? so the body snatchers' advance scouts arrive 10, 000 and then 2000 years ago and infiltrate MEDIA in order to manipulate the mass mind into confusion. a psy-op that has been in effect for centuries. people of good conscience will FIGHT the beast system, when it should be embraced.

that is just one scenario. there are a tons of others that i could think of right now that would flip the villian/hero issue over and over. it is important that we stick to perception as our guiding light, and not preception.

how about another layer?
the modus operandi of the 'bad guys' is to divide and conquer. to engulf and devour. crocodile smiles and wolves in sheep's clothing. infiltration. moles. triple agents. disinfo. change of heart. so then, the vatican and the lodge have blurry edges, maybe all the way to the center, even.
so, one day 'they' could be 'good', and the next day, 'bad'. i'm beginning to think it's more like the weather than it is like a well oiled machine.

another layer?
the plans of mice and men are subject to chaos. one advent of technology changes the whole playing feild. the gutenburg printing press, or radio, for example. today, it's cell phones, sattelites and the internet. then there are the mighty memes. those pesky little critters that don't really exist, but won't go away. do you realise, that we are acting more like machines than humans? we are responding to input according to the protocols programmed into us throughout our entire lives. we all have different programs, but they ARE programs. only the shamans and philosophers break free of the tyranny of language.

Information is not knowledge.
Knowledge is not wisdom.
Wisdom is not truth.
Truth is not beauty.
Beauty is not love.
Love is not music.
Music is the best.
- Frank Zappa.

posted on Aug, 15 2004 @ 09:23 AM
We need to find somebody smart and brave enough to kill the B.E.A.S.T.

It would forestall the NWO for years- at least screw them up. Of course, we would end up losing the internet, and our electricity in the process. But, which do you think is worse?

posted on Aug, 16 2004 @ 02:04 PM
that would suck, we would have to go back to playing coal powered video games....

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