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My Experience with a Medium

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posted on Jun, 26 2011 @ 11:33 AM
Here's a letter (now re-done for insertion) that I wrote after consulting a Medium, during a period of heavy grief, following the loss of my wife, Jeneen, on February 20, this year.
*It took me some time to decide to do this, (the intervention of a Medium) as I didn't want to mess anything up for her on "the other side":

I consulted a local medium, recommended by a co-worker while discussing a different topic, months before my wife passed away. I spoke with her over the phone, yesterday. Her name is *** *****, (I didn't ask if it was her real name) and she is near Indianapolis, IN, not far from me. She has a website, as well.

She was very good, as far as I could tell, and eased my mind tremendously. (I tried very hard not to be an easy read, without being hostile, remembering that I paid for real information, and nothing else would help.)

According to my notes:

Around me was my father's mother and father. (my grandmother on that side had passed the month before I was born.)
My mother's mother was also there. She had lived with us for quite a few years, as I was growing up. The Medium also said Martha was there, which is kind of scary, as Martha is still alive, but she said that didn't matter, (and my cousin Martha, if anyone; I believe, could have been there. She's a pretty interesting person, so who knows...) but then again maybe it's someone on my wife's side.

She (the Medium) was also very sure and insisted that there was a "Bob" there. I could not think of a Bob. She was adamant, as was "Bob"; according to her.
Later when I talked to my mom about this, she said "Sure, my dad's (her dad) name was Bob. That's what everyone in the family called him."
I just didn't know that. To me; he was Grandpa, and his name was Carl Robert Swanson. I figured everyone called him Carl. He had passed within a year of my father, when I was around four years old. I spent my days with him on the farm during that time, as my mom had to work.
Hearing all this pretty much put my mom into tears.

Anyway, back to the Medium: at that point she said that there were yellow roses for a birthday. It was my birthday on the 24th of May, and my wife's is June 23rd. (the 'reading' took place on Memorial Day weekend, or the end of May, for those not in the US)

That's when she said: "Joyce, I'm getting the letter "J"." My wife's name was Jeneen.
I explained that I had an Aunt Joy, who has passed, but that my wife's name was Jeneen.

She said she saw cancer, which she had years ago, and we thought may have been coming back, due to her symptoms. I told the medium that yes, she had it years ago, but that was not the official cause. Then she said no, and was pretty adamant, that there was illness, and I had to agree. Then she, the medium, said her chest was starting to feel congested, and she excused herself for her hoarseness. Then she said; "oh, it was a breathing problem."
Yes, official cause was double pneumonia.

She knew that we had only recently moved, that and other things she said that escape me right now, and that my wife was very concerned that I must certainly be overwhelmed... which I am, of course.

Anyway, towards the end of the reading, she said I was being given red roses, for an anniversary. June 15th. She nailed it.

She said my wife has a very advanced, strong spirit, to be able to come through after such a short time. She said she will be even clearer after some time. She said that she is fine, and with us all the time, and she likes that we talk to her... which I do all the time.
My mother said afterward that it's embarrassing how much she talks to her while no one's here.

She also comes through on my mother's side. She always said she considered my mother as her own.

Something I think was strange, is that she didn't mention seeing my dad around me. My dad is really the only one who has come through in my and my son's dreams. I asked about him, and the Medium said that there was a "5" around him. She couldn't tell me what that means.

About the dreams:
He actually came and showed me where we were going to move, among other things, when I was about 5, and then did the same for my son at the same age. Very clear and vividly detailed for both of us. (I've detailed them on here in various posts.) I was soon to be 5 years old when he passed.
What's with the "5"?

Well that's it. I wish I had taken more and clearer notes, but it was an extremely satisfying experience for me.

I feel now that not only is my wife protected and guided by the loving spirits that were my grandparents (and they were!) but also that she had and is such a strong spirit that I no longer have to worry about her, where she is, or if I will ever be able to be with her again.

posted on Jun, 26 2011 @ 12:21 PM
reply to post by Dogdish

Hey there Dogdish ... just a thought crossed my mind when I read that ... maybe the reason she didn't pick your dad up during the reading is because he has been able to reach you himself ?

Sounds like a good reading ... I'm very skeptical of people who profess to be clairvoyant / medium (many are cold readers and charlatans) ... but I was recommended one when my son died and I needed answers and comfort.

She was amazing and on the three occasions that I've seen her over the last 21yrs she has always been specific ... even to the point of telling me on one occasion that she had 2 men there ... both claiming to be my father.

One she described very clearly and was obviously my dad ... and his message concerned a hat of his that was a private joke between us and unless he'd genuinely 'told' her about it she could never have guessed the story in a dozen lifetimes.

The second she described and said he had a name that she couldn't pronounce.

The fact is I was adopted as a baby and I found my biological mother who died 18mths after we met ... and she told me that my biological father was Polish and had stayed in England after WW2 ... the reality is I have no idea whether he is alive or dead ... but his name is indeed unpronouncable

So, cherish the things she told you and tune-in to your wifes presence ... she will be around for as long as you need her near.

My dad and son were regular visitors when I was still grieving ... and for some considerable time after ... slowly their visits became further apart and I realized that it was my wanting them to continue visiting that was holding them both back from progessing ... and potentially being reborn back into new lives so I set their spirits free (psychologically) but I still have some amazing memories that will never die.

It's still early days for you yet but you will get there eventually ... the trick is to do it in your own time ... spirits are not restricted to linear time in the way that we are so what might be decades to us is the mere blink of an eye to them. Take your time and heal well.


posted on Jun, 26 2011 @ 07:35 PM
reply to post by woodwytch

Thanks for that, Woody. I hadn't thought about that as an explanation, but it seems very logical. (I'm still left to wonder about the "5", though.)

Yes, I was very surprised to be convinced at all. I went to her out of complete desperation. I was that worried about what had become of my wife. By the end of the call, I felt euphoric.

I did NOT make it easy for her, no matter how much I wanted to hear good news, BTW.

To begin with, I'm not a "phone" person. You can barely understand me when I do deem it necessary to grunt an "uh huh" or un uh", and I use the phone more as something to lean on my elbow with rather than something to speak into... I basically look at it as an intrusion that I'm expected to answer it just because it rings. (I'm kind of a grump!)

Add in the fact that I'm well aware of the uproar Houdini caused during mediumship's heyday, and you know that I was more than a little skeptical.

The lady was actually outside setting up her barbecue for the weekend when our call started. I really didn't expect to get anything of value from her, especially over the phone. But she assured me the phone was just as good as "being there", so I sat down in a chair at home with a notebook rather than drive across town through the holiday traffic. I didn't expect much, after all...

I was convinced. It was very good for me, and worth a thousand times what I paid.

My purpose in posting the thread was to let people who, like me, searched this forum and found very little in the way of encouragement or critique on the subject. (I guess I may have been lucky to find the Medium I found, so I'd be glad to pass along her information via PM.)

Thank you Woody for posting your experiences, and isn't it amazing, really? I mean REALLY. To come up with "Your Two Dads" and the personal information we both received is beyond research and cold reading.

Thanks for joining in on this with me!

posted on Oct, 25 2011 @ 02:27 PM
wow pretty accurate stuff there.. i have no doubt in my mind that there are people that can pick up these things.

from my own experience no amount of cold reading or guessing could possibly have got the things a medium said to me so accurate..

funny about your dad though, but maybe woody is right.

s n f

posted on Oct, 25 2011 @ 09:34 PM
reply to post by Misterlondon

I think she probably is. She is remarkably good with her Tarot Cards, and very insightful as well.

There is more that I haven't posted about the session with the medium. Very clear, concrete details involving things that would be more convincing, but was a little too difficult for me to relate when I wrote the above.

posted on Nov, 30 2011 @ 01:17 AM

Originally posted by Dogdish
To begin with, I'm not a "phone" person. You can barely understand me when I do deem it necessary to grunt an "uh huh" or un uh", and I use the phone more as something to lean on my elbow with rather than something to speak into... I basically look at it as an intrusion that I'm expected to answer it just because it rings. (I'm kind of a grump!)

I had to laugh at that part. I'm not too much of a phone person myself; so I can relate.

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