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LulzSec IDs 'snitches' in accused hacker's arrest

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posted on Jun, 22 2011 @ 10:02 PM
reply to post by Agit8dChop


It wasn't Anonymous who declared war with LulzSec it was /b/tards (4chan) after their board has been DDoSd by LulzSec.

Yes 4chan's /b/tards are Anonymous but that doesn't mean that they represent all of Anonymous, just because they wanted to do something doesn't mean we all have to do it.

No Anonymous hasn't gone quiet I assume you are talking about AnonOps (the IRC network where #operationpayback, #opegyt, and #oplibya and many other operations originated) there's still a lot of operations going on in it. Also LulzSec is teaming up with AnonOps which doesn't mean they are teaming up with all of Anonymous. Their tweet "LulzSec Join the Operation Anti-Security IRC, click here: (link tracking not allowed)/kXnGnn | Or set your client to channel #AntiSec (port 6697)"

Another tweet from AnonOps twitter "anonops AnonOps
Attention #Media: about #Lulzsec and #Anonymous, we are not at war. We are bros of teh internetz. Also, /b/ != Anonymous."

(This is the reason I love this site, shows how much media twists things to fit their agenda.)

posted on Jun, 22 2011 @ 11:42 PM
Lulzsec and Anonymous are one in the same.

This is a old gag that the radical environmentalist have used for years on the feds.

The government has had a team of investigators going after Anonymous.

Now a new groups has appeared and the feds will split there team to go after Lulzsec.

In a couple months another group or two will show up and the feds will have to split the teams again.

Less man power less gets done.

the feds will also find its harder to get undercover people in the groups.

likely Lulzsec will rely on Anonymous for recruiting and only trusted long time members of Anonymous will be asked to join the Lulzsec team.

This makes it imposable for the feds to infiltrate Lulzsec quickly.

Then likely Lulzsec works on a cell system where members only know a couple other members and if one cell is busted they can not inform on other cells because they do not know names.

A top hacker at lulzsec comes up with ways to hack a site and he does not do it.
He passes the tricks to a number of script kiddies at Anon and they do the hack.
Whatever is found is then passed from the script kiddies to the hacker through cutouts.
The feds can not prove the lulzsec hacker did anything.

All the fed get is some low level script kiddies that do not have the skills to be a danger and do not know who they were working for.

posted on Jun, 23 2011 @ 12:23 AM
Just to clear some confusion that I'm seeing here...

4Chan is a group that was made up on hackers that came from other groups at some point.
- Hackers are always breaking and making new factions. Some due to Ego, some for the sake of making their own marks, ect ect. Look at it like civilizations breaking away from their origins to make their own kingdoms. Some even break and make for security and personal preservations.
- Hackers seldom know one another on a personal basis. They really dont give a flip about one another getting busted unless it's a local ring, which usually always have ties to other rings in other locations. Such as drug rings associated to other rings among the many suppliers.

Anon was a group that broke away from 4Chan

Lulz is also a group that broke away from 4Chan as well as Anon. The lulzboat is just part of the "slapstick" ...the love boat... and of course associated with pirates.

Some are friends but prefer to have their own little circle among their own kind.

It's very common for members of the same group to trash one another, such as we do in ATS. We're all part of it, but many of us do not see eye to eye or get along. Everyone has their point of view.

Anon is quiet, possibly due to the bust that was mentioned recently about a roundup done of supposed anon members.. But!! Just because a hacking group or hacker doesnt put himself in the spotlight every single day, doesnt mean that they are gone. The best way to stay out of trouble is to act like a gorilla warrior. Do your job, bring attention to yourself, get out and stay quiet for a while untill the next big raid. That way you're out of sight, out of mind.

Remember this... Pirates are pranksters by their very existance. They dont do it for money. They do it for the laughs and they do it for recognition.. at least just enough to where they remain anon and not get caught. Cant afford recognition because that would lead the FBI to their doors. So.. Prank and Lulz it is!! Just like putting poo on your neighbors pourch and setting it on fire. They are doing it for their own laughs, and by being on the net, everyone can laugh with them. well... at least in their minds. In truth, many do get a kick out of it, supporters or not. THATs entertainment, my friends!

btw I wanted to mention, there is only one responcible for the playstation hack. He was part of lulz. But he doesnt consider himself to be part of the illegal stuff lulz is into... go figure! lol

Now ya know why Anon said they didnt do it... Didnt mean they didnt know...
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posted on Jun, 23 2011 @ 12:33 AM
btw, this is some info that will let ya understand some of what is going on. I warn you though. This is from the media and from what I do know, some of it is assumptions. Thats like asking a plumber to explain how to do brain surgery. If you're really curious... You can spend countless hours visiting virus laiden websites to find out just what goes on behind the curtan. I've spent alot of time in this world, but I have lost interest in it some 12 years ago. I'm a bit rusty in my knowledge, but I like to think that I still know enough to keep me cautious

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