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Why did Hitler hate the Jews?

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posted on Jul, 16 2011 @ 09:51 AM

Originally posted by ModernAcademia
He hated everyone including non-blonde haired blue eyed caucasians.
However he had black hair and non-blue eyes

That's not true, and promoting a lie because you hate the person (who doesn't?) hurts history.

Hitler was a very misguided person. I don't know very much about Hitler except from what I've learned over the past year due to other subjects on ATS. Hitler was very fond of the "Aryan race" idea and their superiority. But Aryans weren't just white with blond hair and blue eyes. In fact, Hitler viewed Spaniards as Aryans. But this isn't about who Hitler thought to be Aryan or not, I'm just setting ModernAcademia straight.

What I'm saying now is through Hitlers eyes, not mine: Germany had made agreements with plenty of countries involved in WWI, including America for hostilities to cease. However, this is when the bankers came in and funded America to continue the war with Germany and to help crush them so they could get into Germany and Europe. Well, the war waged on and eventually Germany ran out of funds. Germany became very poor and quality of life was severely lacking. In Hitlers eyes, this was the "International Jew's" work. And the fact that many Jewish owned companies sprouted up around in Germany only helped solidify that belief. Hitler was even disgusted when the Reichs Theater put on homosexual acts as plays where the screenwriters were claimed to be Jewish, lending more hate for Jew's by Hitler.

Of course, all this didn't help the fact that through his mothers side, he was some percentage Jewish himself. (Self hating?)

Well, Hitler eventually formed the NSDAP. And here you pretty much know the rest of the story.

So to summarize: Hitler believed that the allies of WWI were funded by the "International Jew" (Zionists?) which led to Germany's fall. Hitler saw "The International Jew" set up shop around Germany, especially in Berlin which solidified his beliefs. He then came about to create the NSDAP and set it as a goal to expel the "International Jew" from Germany and other "Aryan" lands.

I'm sure this will help you at least get started on your paper. Good luck.

posted on Jul, 16 2011 @ 10:03 AM

Originally posted by AprilSky
They caused his hate and most of the stories are incorrect.

There was no holocaust ... a great set of videos can be found here on this thread.

There were thousands in the camps, men, women and children. They were used as slaves until they were deemed spent. They also underwent large numbers of experiments to benefit the many scientists doing work for the regime. Many survived to tell the stories of hundreds being crammed into death chamber naked and starved and then gassed and thrown into a big hole. They even burned em for soap. It's outrageous to me that you would ignore this. I think the numbers can be debated, but jews were still killed in mass numbers along with anti-socials and society rejects. In reality, it was a war on humanity. A textbook example of war crimes.

Hitler hated the Jews because germany needed people to hate to give it purpose in its darker hours. Hating Jews was a part of History too so it was all convenient. It was a tool.

Remember that Germany lost in WWI and it was only just starting to recover when Hitler came to power. There was still a lot of anger and much of the losses in WWI were not yet forgotten or forgiven. The internationals were trying to reform germany during this period. They were, in effect, trying to appease the situation to keep it from getting worse. They even put Hitler on the cover of Time Magazine as Man of the Year. It was a ploy but it failed.

Hitler was a distraught man who I think was psychotic. I think he may have been partly christian or catholic. But HItler was a great leader with respect to his ability to get people behind him and distort their perceptions of him or of reality itself. That's something commonly missed by people. Hitler became their messiah: the man that would lead them out of their depression into a new era. But that failed. And I think it failed primarily because germany still held onto too much hatred and scorn from preceding years. This was a national phenomena that took germany by storm.

Some people die quietly. Some die smiling. Some die working. Germany died fighting and not in a good way. The kind of fighting one does when they've lost their mind to the furor.
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posted on Jul, 16 2011 @ 10:08 AM
He had a job to do. Same as the elites of today. The rulers of this planet use Pawns like Hitler to do their evil population control.

Some say he was a Rothschild, which some believe are Jews. I myself think they do what they are told. Doesnt matter what race, or nationality when it comes to the rulers of Earth.

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