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100% conclusive evidence that a plane did hit the pentagon.

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posted on Oct, 4 2011 @ 04:16 PM
reply to post by anoncoholic

As an aviation professional of more than two decades, I can help clear up a few misconceptions:

The jet wash can peel pavement and yet the grass is still intact...

Confusing a static, high power setting engine run on the ground to the forces acting in flight, with the airplane in motion. Quite simply, the energy produced by the exiting airflow (thrust force) of the engine is able to exert more pressure on objects nearby, such as on the ground, because the airplane is not moving, and the forces aren't being utilized to propel the airplane forward.

I realize that all may not be able to watch YouTube videos, but in case you can here is one showing a Boeing 757 (nearly identical to the American Airlines Flight 77) in very low level, high speed flight (similar to an Air Show demonstration, great fun if you can ever arrange to go visit one...this was about the Icelandic handball team, though):

Captain's retirement flight celebration, also in Iceland (sadly, the FAA has mandated that American pilots can not have this fun, anymore):

Note that in those two, the engine power settings aren't at "full" can tell by the speed. Also, in the retirement pass, the airplane is in the landing configuration...("dirty"), so it actually requires more power (higher thrust setting) in order to maintain level flight than the one that is "clean", in the first video. Also important to note the pitch attitude ("deck angle") of those two...nose up higher than the AAL 77 airplane would have been, as it was traveling much faster, and the pitch attitude would have been close to level (otherwise, it would have climbed).

A Boeing 747, a widebody jet....larger, heavier than a 757, with engines that produce higher thrust forces:

Another heavy widebody, a DC-10:

Airbus A310 widebody at Air Show (2007). High speed clean low pass, followed by a dirty fly-by. Close to dragging the left wingtip, on his left turn after the pass....this sort of thing would never be allowed in the US....FAA is very strict:

So, you can get the picture.

I suppose you don't want us to remember the C130 transport reportedly "climbing" at the Pentagon that morning.

That was a Minnesota Air National Guard C-130 that had just departed Andrews AFB, enroute to its home in MN.

Lt. Col. Steven O'Brien

... oh wait, those heavy engines wee under that blue tarp they carried away weren't they?

Oh, another bit of false and misleading "information" from that appalling film "Loose Change", which is usually credited as the original source of this. No, the "blue tarps" were carried in; the film "LC" gets it wrong.

Funny the actual film from the locations around the Pentagon haven't surfaced yet... wonder why?

The 84/85 tapes that were collected by the FBI were all reviewed to see if any had captured any footage. Then, they were returned to the original owners:

Info here

You see, the topic of "9/11" is loaded with tons of misinformation, ironically stemming mostly from the so-called "Truth Movement's" side of the equation.

More reading, and illuminating facts:
Full American Flight 77 timeline, "9/11"

posted on Oct, 5 2011 @ 01:14 AM
Would hold more weight in my book were it not a cartoon. Thanx for the dubuya chuckle tho

posted on Oct, 5 2011 @ 01:16 AM
you sure this is 100% proof? you may want to rethink that
just saying no ofense

posted on May, 21 2012 @ 03:07 PM
reply to post by ProudBird

Hey did you really say that the 84/5 videos confiscated by the FBI were viewed to see if they contained something and then returned to their original owners?? Interesting. Not once have I ever before heard of all the tapes being returned to their original owners... if they had been dont you think the internet would have about 84/5 tapes that er, dont show a thing???? Now thats weird. 84/5 tapes from the area around one of the worlds most secure buildings and NONE, not ONE, actually managed to capture a huge plane approaching and hitting the Pentagon. You actually expect me to believe that is true? Wheres that little laughing face... there it is, two times

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