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My Precognitive Dream Experience

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posted on Jun, 15 2011 @ 12:53 AM
I would like to share my experience with precognitive dreaming with you in order to obtain more knowledge on the phenomenon. It seems that precognitive dreams are a questionable subject, comparable to psychic sense and paranormal activities. In fact, finding a real scientific study on the matter has proved itself to be quite the challenge. If anyone has links to such studies, I welcome them.

Here is the Wikilink on the subject.

Here's a clip of some research

Some researchers, including Swiss scientist Arthur Funkhouser, firmly believe that precognitive dreams are the source of many déjà vu experiences. J.W. Dunne, an aeronautical engineer who designed planes in World War II, conducted studies in 1939 using students of Oxford University. His studies found 12.7 percent of his subjects' dreams to have similarities with future events. Recent studies, including one by Nancy Sondow in 1988, have had similar results of 10 percent.


This was interesting as well...Link

And now my story:

My first born, (my son) was born in late July, 1999. I was 24 years old at the time.

That following fall, I started having graphic dreams about my son experiencing some sort of head trauma. There were several different types of dreams I would experience, and when I would have them they would all result in something happening to one side of his head. These dreams took place on random intervals, no more than a month apart and sometimes lumped together within the same night or week.

One of the scenarios in the dreams was this:

1) I would suddenly realize that my son was missing. I would start calling his name, thinking maybe he was playing hide and seek or just wandered into another room somewhere. Some time would go by (I can't really specify how much) and I would grow more and more frantic in searching for him due to not even hearing a giggle, which he would usually do when he was simply hiding.

I looked and I looked, opening cupboards, checking all rooms, until I would find him. He would be in a room by himself and with a lit candle over which he placed his temple approximately 6 inches, repeatedly in order to burn himself. His face would be blistered. He seemed to yearn for the pain of the flame, trying desperately to place his temple back over it and burn himself some more. I would pick him up and say no... I would then wake up.

2) There were time that I had the same scenario of a dream as above but I would not have to look for him. Instead, I would simple walk into a room and find him scorching himself. Again, I would pick him up and hug him.... then wake up.

3) Several dreams would involve him repeatedly slamming his head into a wall. It was like he was possessed by something to inflict that kind of pain upon himself. In these dreams I would walk into a room and discover him in the act. I would ask him to stop. He would not. The side of his face was usually swollen and bleeding by this point as he continued to harm himself.

4) One of the more vivid dreams. My son went missing for two weeks. In that time we had everyone who could possibly look for him looking. Two whole weeks without knowing the whereabouts of your child... no sleep.... numbness and emotion all at once. It seemed that in this dream everyone we encountered would ask how the search was going and I would just cry. I felt so lost without my knowing where my son was, or what happened to him. He was, one day suddenly gone!

The dream concluded with an officer leading us to a spot on the docks where they had found a child who had been abducted and beaten. Fear struck, my heart sank, and we followed the officer cautiously to the marina where they had found.... yes, you guessed it!

My son lay lifeless on a dock between two large boats. He looked so innocent as if he was sleeping on the wavering planks. I went to pick him up and I was shocked once I saw the side of his face that was down to the ground. The bruises and swelling. Someone had done wrong to my little boy and I screamed in anger, seeing only red. Then I woke up.

There were other dreams wherein my son would inflict pain on himself, always aimed at the temple area and cheek.

After experiencing a few repeats of these dreams I started to bring them up to his mother. These dreams really held strong with me and I expressed my concern of something actually happening to him in the future. I would ask her if she thought it might mean something. Often she would tell me that it was just a dream and that she was sorry that I had to experience that sort of dream about our son. But she knew... which leads me to the next part of the story...

It was August 13th, 2002. I received a frantic phone call from my sons mother at approximately 8:35am. The only thing that I could make out of her smeared voice was that our son was at home with a babysitter (mutual friend) while she had gone to work and had fell from the second story bedroom window of the duplex they had lived in and landed head first on the concrete patio below. She asked that I come to Everett General Hospital as soon as possible. I was a mile from the hospital. I hopped on my motorcycle and arrived at the ER in no time at all.

Upon entering the ER I loudly pronounced my sons name to the receptionist as I was in a brisk jog through the lobby. She pointed at the double doors as they opened for me and I strutted through, determined to see my precious boy and know that he was ok.

As I rounded the first corner of the ER I saw caught eye of his mom, who grabbed my hand and led me at a brisk pace to where he was. We arrived in the back room just as they had strapped him to the board and almost immediately prior to them giving him a dose of morphine for the pain. We watched as his eyes dilated and rolled back. I gently grabbed his hand with my right, and firmly held onto her hand with my left. They informed us that he was being air lifted to Harborview Medical Center in Seattle (About 30 minutes away) and carted him out to the helipad. His mothers first reaction after that was to look at me and exclaim, "Your dreams! Oh my god!" This is why I am writing this... she.... to this day is my proof of this.

I made that trip to Harborview in approx 15 minutes, without any regard to how fast I was going. The next four days were spent in the hospital with my son on life support in a stainless steel crib, in ICU, with a halo, a pressure monitor which measured the pressure on his brain from a pool of blood forming atop... the works! This, by far, was the most intense emotional ride I have ever been on. He was also sharing a room with a patient who had been in a coma... brain-dead due to a head injury on a construction site.

Turns out, he broke his orbital socket in two places. Directly to the side by his TEMPLE and 90 degrees to the top. For Four days our family filled the waiting room with looks of worry, tears and love for our boy.

Despite all of this, he made it! He was released at the end of the fourth day, head resembling a mushroom on his left side. The swelling receded after approximately two weeks and he was full of life again. I even took him back to the ICU at Harborview a month later and the nurses didn't recognize him. But once I told them his name their faces lit up and they were so happy to see our boy in good health. Too often in that area of the hospital they witness death... I wanted to show them that they had made a difference in someones life. My son was glowing and he didn't even know why these people were so happy to see him, but believe you me.... every person on staff got a handshake and a hug from me that day and we shared tears of joy.

So there you have it. An experience that I had with precognitive dreaming. It was strong, and I knew in my gut that it was far more than a simple string of dreams. I was never quite able to pinpoint what exactly they meant as far as how it would happen, but I had the overwhelming feeling that they meant something. AND THEY DID! It was the interpretation part that I had a hard time with. It's like being warned of something that's to come without the fine details.

Today my son is a thriving, almost 12 year old boy. Very intelligent, has a good dose of common sense, funny as all heck and lives with me full time. I feel lucky to have him, he should feel lucky to have me
and all in all things worked out the way that they were supposed to. I am so grateful!

So... who here has had a similar experience that they would like to share? Would you call this a coincidence?

I would like to hear from my fellow ATS'ers on the matter because for me, this REALLY happened! Feel free to share your experiences if you have had any, or give your opinion on the matter. I look forward to your response, and thank you for reading.

posted on Jun, 15 2011 @ 01:04 AM
reply to post by forall2see

This may or may not be anything significant.

However . . . the business of the burning himself in the dreams . . .

I would not leave a stone unturned given such dreams before I'd researched thoroughly

any occult involvement with any of his ancestors, family members back 4-5 generations.

I would likely take him to a Pentecostal/Charismatic couple or group or pastor who specialized in deliverance from demonic oppression or whatever--yet from a balanced, fitting perspective--not wild eyed crazy about it . . . and ask them to pray over him/with him to remove any such crud lingering around down through the generations.

Even the fall from the apartment balcony can be construed to have a demonic component in some cases.

I would certainly not want something else to happen to the wonderful sounding lad.

posted on Jun, 15 2011 @ 01:12 AM
reply to post by BO XIAN

Simply put... he is great gift of a child, along with my 8 year old daughter. The boy has a heart and a BIG one. I see nothing demonic about him at all. He surprises me at times with how much love a care he places into things.

When I had these dreams I had an overwhelming sense that they meant something significant, that would effect our lives as a whole. It came true in such a fashion that I cannot overlook the possibility that it was a forewarning of what was to come.

posted on Jun, 15 2011 @ 01:35 AM

Thank you for sharing your story with us.

I do think many people have prophetic dreams that come true in the world. Unfortunately sharing them after the fact usually is met with the derision by many.

Also, I would not take the advice offered above because there is no demonic actions involved in this whole scenario. I would think such flames in a dream refer more to rebirth or change either within yourself or with your child.

Now to my sharing...

At fifteen a had a dream showing me as a middle-aged man raising a daughter on his own. Guess what? I have been that man now for almost 17 years, despite my fear as a teenager that it would come true, and why I was against having children in the first place.

In late August 2001 I awoke confused about a first person perception vivid dream I had.. in which I was driving to a friend's place and passing a smallish airport where I could see flight crews with white shawls around their heads entering what looked to me like military versions of passenger aircraft. After arriving at my friend's place I saw the aircraft take off, circle back and purposely crash into the buildings nearby.. sending parts and debris flying everywhere.. and entire engine assembly narrowly missed us. (end dream info)

The next day I rang family and friends to tell them to be alert for aircraft crashing into tall buildings within the next two weeks.. crashes that had major military significance. So when the event occured in the real world I rang them all again to ask if they remembered what I had said to them.. none did, with the exception of my old mentor. This is when I learned that most people don't take me seriously anyway.


In the months leading up to Christmas 2004 I had a series of frightening dreams.... being at a tourist resort beach watching families enjoying their vacations when the water sucked outwards to the ocean.... my mind screamed "Tidal Wave" and I ran into a high-rise apartment block to escape it. After the first swell had come and drained away (mostly) I made my way down to ground level and observed the carnage... massively detailed things like watching a women who's car had been crushed into a solid concrete lampost as she had her last few twitches in life before expiring, etc. Then I got a weird feeling that was physical to my sleeping body.. I knew then that tsunamis come in waves of 3 or more.. so I began to run for the hills as I woke up.

When it happened in the real world on Boxing Day 2004 I knew what the dream was about.

There have been many, many more over the years.. some are very worrying and as yet still to come into reality. The last one was dreamed in late 2010 and showed another tsunami in a foreign country that seemed to be almost tropical.... not sure yet if that was the Japan one or if another is on it's way in the northern Pacific region.

I also "get" information while awake, mostly to do with safety of others, which I learned to speak up about and which always caused some embarassment when the people returned to ask how I knew it would happen to them, etc. I also "get" info on my own safety which I learned to listen to by the time I had hit 20 years of age... otherwise I would not be here now to share this with you.

May I suggest you relax a little and accept the fact.. factual to you and your's.. that you can have prophetic dreams which can come to reality. In which case when you have such dreams you can write them down and date them for your own benefit to watch for.

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posted on Jun, 15 2011 @ 01:50 AM
Wow, I'm sorry you had to go through such a tragedy with your son, and I'm glad that it worked out for your family. I have a pretty good idea how you felt, as I've experienced a similar incident, but involving my brother, so not quite the same but relatively close. It is pure hell, confusing, frustrating, overwhelming sadness..the works.

But in regard to the topic of your thread...let's see. I read and study a lot of psychology, so while I was reading about your dreams I immediately thought that there was some type of internal conflict, that you may or may not have known about, and your subconscious mind was attempting to use vivid imagery, since that's what it's good at, to tell you about it so that you could work it out. From all my research I believe that is the main point of dreams.

But when your son actually experienced head trauma, I thought twice about my initial response. There will always be that nagging possibility of coincidence, meaning that the dream and the accident weren't related at all, but with the amount of information I have read dealing with precognition, it is entirely possible, although completely unexplainable, that your mind just "knew" that your son would suffer a head injury.

The thing that bothers me though is this: if precognitions are an attempt to warn oneself of impending disaster, the lack of providing specific information almost seems to make the whole process pointless and fruitless. But the thing is, I do not know enough about precognitions to say with any certainty that ONLY the dreams that are specific are precognitions, or whether dreams such as in your case where they aren't very precise and rather vague on the details, are or are not simply vague precognitions in themselves. Basically they could simply be an "idea" of the future, something that will happen, despite the way it will happen. Not the whole pie, and not even a slice, but rather a chunk of cake. It is dessert either way. Make sense? I am not the best at explaining my views sometimes.

It is all very confusing to say the least. But again, there is that possibility, and this is what any skeptic would point out: children suffer head injuries all the time, one reason being they are less versed in the world around them, therefore less cautious. Dreams, even recurring or theme-based dreams, such as in your case, are commonplace as well. They would say that the average person has around 3 or 4 dreams per night, whether they remember them or not, and that people usually tend to remember dreams that incite quite a lot of emotion. I can testify to that myself. So by presenting those two facts as commonplace, one could argue that it was simply coincidence, nothing more, nothing less.

I am obviously not saying that is what I believe, but it cannot be ruled out until scientific advances are made in the field of paranormal research, and we can come to understand the mechanism by which precognition operates, and interacts with dreams. I did enjoy reading your story, even though it was sad, and again I am glad everything worked out for the best.

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posted on Jun, 15 2011 @ 02:34 AM
reply to post by JiggyPotamus

Hi Jiggy... excellent avatar by the way.

I can offer an insight into the mechanics.. for want of a better word.. for how information like this comes into our awareness, whether through dreams or other avenues. So this reply may get a little long, sorry.

I cannot explain it to you in scientific terms.

Firstly, there is no such thing as Coincidence, because everything happens for a reason, whether we want to Believe that or not.

Let me give an example of how some things work for me in the wakened state of consciousness...without me seeking it out....

Chairing a meeting of about 45 people and I get a pulling sensation on my forehead. Over many years I learned to associate the strength of that sensatoin with the importance of what I will be "shown/see". So I close my eyes to block out all visual input and "open myself up".. best explained by saying it's almost like imagining the top of my head opens up to more "Light".

Once ready.. I was in first person awareness inside a dark and dank building.. having only a small degree of awareness within my physical body at the meeting. I was able to observe in real time some men in dark army style fatigues around a group of naked children. Within a few seconds I watched a women in black commando style clothing come through a doorway holding what appeared to be an AK47 or similar assult rifle. She aimed the weapon at the children and began shooting them.

Shocked back into my physical body awareness I began to cry and was asked by the people at the meeting what happened. I could not tell them despite the opportunity to be proven as correct. After the meeting I told my old mentor and one other person who said they had heard radio news beforew the meeting about Chechin Rebels taking over a Russion school building. I then went into my own version of... please don't let it be true.

The next morning I turned on the radio to listen to the news.. only to find that what I had seen was what actually happened in Russia.. and, as it happened in real time.

Now, I know it sounds totally crazy, but it is exactly what happened. And I know from nearly 50 years experience of these phenomenon that we are tapping in to what I call the Awareness Stream, and more specifically, the Possibility and Probability of events via what is termed in the new-age movement as the Akasha.. Hall of Records. Which is a place that does exist and enyone can easily be shown in a single face to face session how to reach it themselves. This is where I get all my "working information" when doing Spiritual Counselling.

Dreams... while most dreams are simply a variety of processes used to make sense of our day to day experiences, or to bring something about ourselves to our attention, etc, there is another level of dreams that do not fit this concept.

These are prophetic dreams which are experienced in first person and which are fully detailed.. only we censor the information ourselves and in most cases don't remember all of it. In these dreams we are tapping in to that same level of Awareness Stream so that we gain information of possible and probable events in the real world.

So, I hope that in some small way I was able to offer an insight to look into with your own thoughts. And I will understand if you cannot accept this honest offering into your experience.

posted on Jun, 15 2011 @ 02:42 AM
reply to post by forall2see

I had several similar experiences, though not in the dream form. Mine were of an intuitive nature.
the most telling was a few years back when my son was 11yrs old. My wife & I had to travel out of state for business & dropped our children off @ thier Grandmothers to watch them for the weekend.
On Sat. morn. as we were exhibiting @ a trade show -I began to have a sharp Pain in my left shin bone just after 10am - My wife commented on my obvious limp which lasted throughout the day - we went to dinner & then returned to our hotel & I was still feeling this discomfort in my leg. Upon settling in, I called the Mother-in-Law to check in on the Kids & found out that they went rollerskating in the morning & on his first lap around the rink- just after 10am - My son tripped on his laces - hit the sidewall & broke his Left Leg - in the exact spot that I was feeling Pain all day.
Upon hearing this My pain subsided.
This experiences opened new areas of insight & research as to the energies & subconscious connections that we all have access to - yet seem to be too distracted and/or caught up in thoughts to harness effectively.

posted on Jun, 15 2011 @ 02:50 AM
reply to post by Tayesin

Wow T, interesting. How did you get such control...

I have some dreams too, very real, in colour. I can remember almost all my dreams now.

Yours though are not about your personal life, but the whole... that is very interesting.

I am going to try this.

If you have tips, on control would be kool.

posted on Jun, 15 2011 @ 08:57 AM
reply to post by Tayesin

Thank you for sharing, Tayesin.

Writing them down as they happen is a grand idea. Unfortunately, with the series of dreams that I told about, I did not think to write them down and instead told my sons mother, who recalled my telkling her of these dreams the minute we saw our boy on that table with his head smashed.

As far as premonitions like the one I shared, that is the most vivid and extraordinary experience that I can recall.

I have had other type dreams wherein I would figure out a solution to a challenge I would be facing the next day. A lot of them had to do with work. I am a custom home builder and there would be times that I would graciously accept the challenge of doing something that either had yet to be done and/or I simply had not constructed before.

My first set of "S" shaped stairs for example. I figured it out in my dreams the night prior and took that to work with me. Elliptical dome ceiling framed with wood was another.

posted on Jun, 15 2011 @ 09:05 AM
reply to post by JiggyPotamus

Thanks Jiggy.

I too ask myself if it were merely coincidence sometimes due the vagueness.

Also, to the contrary I rarely understand everything my subconscious rolls into play while I am dreaming. I look at my observations within a dream as symbolistic.

One of the things that I love about psychology is that we have yet to pinpoint so many mysteries and it all becomes theory.


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