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Police Shooting Protest in Montreal Turns Violent.

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posted on Jun, 13 2011 @ 12:53 AM
What I find odd is that some here think brutal, corrupt police are new. I submit the only thing new about this is exposure.

I do think it's getting gradually worse, but only because so many "allow" a corrupt government to "provide" for all their needs.

Can "we" stop it? I honestly do not believe we can. All we can do is live as honorably as possible.

posted on Jun, 13 2011 @ 01:57 AM
This story remind me of the young guy "villanueva"
young kid killed .. for playing D's
the police officers where surrounded by the gang he was with
and they started shooting for nothing


posted on Jun, 13 2011 @ 07:59 AM
This is nothing new. These stupid french kids do this every year. There's something about them where they don't think before they go out to protest. Every single time they protest, they smash things and cause trouble.
They even put up banners in the downtown area before they do it. They call it organize for anarchie (which doesn't make any sense), or police brutality demo where they actually suggest to provoke the police.

They always do violent protests, doesn't matter what its for, they always do it in a violent way.
I still dont understand their language debates. Several times a year they have pro-french rally that turns to violence against English people, its like the skinheads do but the cops let the french kids get away with it for the most part.
But why have a language debate to begin with? Its already French here, what do they want? for it to be 101% french and cause violence to outsiders?
Thats not a good way to spread the word, you wont get any help like that.

Just look at their history, look at how well their FLQ movement went
, and remember when 2 protesters were found out to be Quebec police causing trouble at the Toronto G20?

posted on Jun, 13 2011 @ 08:37 AM
As for the homeless man; Police here are VERY corrupt. Its very common to see 1 or several police officiers bothering homeless people here. So common that when people see it, they usually are not in shock.

I once seen a homeless woman with a broken leg sittin on a chair in the metro (subway) minding her own business and then the cops came over to call her names, poke her with their sticks, throw her stuff in the tracks, and then throw her to the floor in attempt to get her to get out of the metro.
I did not have a camera as I do not own a cellphone but at that moment I wish I did.
I was the ONLY one in the metro yelling at the cops, telling them to stop but they told me that if I dont shut up they will come to the other side of the tracks and show me who's boss.
As my train came, I wiped a bunch of change at the cops faces.
Everyone else in the metro looked at ME in disgust.

Another time was in the middle of the day I seen 2 really buff cops in urban camo pants (some cops here wear those) grab a homeless man and smash his face into a fire hydrant and then kick him while he was down. There was blood left all over the sidewalk, some teeth there to after they threw him in to their police van.
This seemed to happen all randomly, they just got out of their van and did this without even talking to him.
There was a lot of people in the area since it was right outside of the old forum across from pigeon park.
That was around 10 years ago! So imagine how much worse it is now.

THAT is the REAL montreal... hidden from the tourists.

posted on Jun, 17 2011 @ 02:41 AM
I have to agreed that Montréal cop abuse are more and more frequent.

They are all steroid testosterone pumped ( even the woman ! ) The Urban Terminators are prompt to harass you if they don't like your face or your tone of voice when you talk to them.

To add to the fun, they have a quota of infractions tickets to respect, in that optic they create perfect speed trap where they fine thousand of vehicles each day.

If you come from a visible minority you are automatically guilty for any ( even non related ) crime of the moment or you belong to a violent street gang.

To the top of this, add a big selfish bastard face, who think laws doesn't apply to him and this pretty much our loved protector of the humanity

Of course they protect each others, so they will get a slap on the palm, 2 weeks suspension ( with salary ) and the whole story will be forgeted like usual when cop, politicians or people with money get involved in something illegal or morally wrong.

The police is the most powerful legal Mafia.

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