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World Wide Graph of ATS Members

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posted on Jun, 9 2011 @ 10:53 PM
Well, I just created what I hope to closely duplicate as a thread in the "Research Forum" only to find
out after some lengthy typing that I was not authorized to post in that forum. Gee, it would have been
courteous to let me know beforehand. My bad I guess. Live and learn.

Well anyway, I have noticed that the majority of members Post/threads I view are from Australia,
New Zealand, The U.K., Canada, a few from Western Europe, sparceness from Asia, and a plethora
from the U.S.A. Even though I am delighted with this alliance, I was wondering if this grouping was do to
filtering, or to mastery of the English language. So, after participating in the recent "Member Surveys,"
and admiring the colorful graphs, I was wondering if there was a world wide graph of ATS members.
Furthermore, I was pondering that if ATS was to continue to gain membership at its current rate,
would a word translation program be necessary? If so, what word translation program would be the most
accurate and convenient for both ATS members and staff? The more the merrier. Or so they say.

Think About it.

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posted on Jun, 10 2011 @ 06:04 AM
I like the way you are thinking. It would be interesting to see who's from where.

There could be two perspectives: members and guests.

How would one create such a graph tho? A lot of what people put in their "location" in their profile is hokey pokey. I suppose the IP address would be the only way; and even that can be meddles with. We would get some good basic info nevertheless.

I wouldn't be surprised if this info is already being kept as part of the site's promotional support data. All it needs is graphing and publishing for us all to see.

What would be even more interesting would be a graph of how many users represent government and crime agency IPs both foreign and domestic.

posted on Jun, 10 2011 @ 03:18 PM
Well if ATS doesn't have their own analytics then hopefully they already have a Google Analytics membership and can get that kind of info from them.

posted on Jun, 10 2011 @ 03:45 PM
reply to post by Wildmanimal

Have you ever checked out that revolving globe while ATS radio is on the air?
It shows the location of members (and non members of course) listening from all over the
globe. I am always fascinated by those listeners who appear to be the middle of the ocean somewhere. Are they on a ship or on some small little remote island listening to ATS?

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posted on Jun, 10 2011 @ 03:47 PM
Quantcast does some relatively good "estimates".

posted on Jun, 10 2011 @ 04:12 PM

Originally posted by manta78
reply to post by Wildmanimal

I am always fascinated by those listeners who appear to be the middle of the ocean somewhere. Are they on a ship or on some small little remote island listening to ATS?

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ooo iv never saw those people il need to go look, mayb the aliens are listening from their underwater base

posted on Jun, 12 2011 @ 05:12 AM
reply to post by wayno

Thanks Wayno, I really appreciate your reply. As a proponent of privacy and human rights,
I would not want to press the issue if it became detrimental to the security of any ATS member.
However, I freely share the country of origin and my location therein (In My Case, New England U.S.A.)
Those with the inquisitive tools will see that My IP is in Stamford Connecticut ,U.S.A.

So really I am only masking my identity in the most localized region of terms.

Only a fool would not attempt to enjoy The Freedom of such. As well as the private quiet life

posted on Jun, 12 2011 @ 05:17 AM
reply to post by tothetenthpower

I'm especially intrigued by the u.s. demographics section. How could they possibly know my; race, gender, income, education level, age, and of course amount of children?

Either this site surpasses all the abilities of the entire law enforcement agencies worldwide, or they're just making stuff up.

posted on Jun, 12 2011 @ 05:34 AM
reply to post by manta78

Thanks Manta, I will pay more attention to that. As far as the points out at sea that you mentioned,
I believe those to be entities operating in international waters.

You know, the smart folks who do not pay taxes to any rule of law,government, or juristiction.

While on this category, The Bilderburg Meeting is an arrangement for "Disgruntled Members" to

have their injustices heard by all members at the table. So I have heard.

Sounds reasonable in its own way. But really, What does that have to do with ATS members?

Or does it? Thank You,

posted on Jun, 12 2011 @ 06:01 AM
reply to post by manta78

Those blips in the middle of The Atlantic and Pacific Oceans are ATS members abroad or at Sea.
In other words, not only on Naval Vessels, but recreational marine vessels such as sailboats and powerboats.
With Internet Access of course.
There are a few that are Luxury Yachts that exist in all forms of the terms "Diplomatically Immune"
To be in that status you must hold papers stating that you are on official business as a representative
from your country of origin ( or Legal representation.) There are quite a number of these Vessels that never
come into port. They have arrangements with supply boats that fulfill the request list.

And yes I.P. Adresses are traceable. Even with routers,masked networks, and substitute Proxy Servers.
It is only a matter of time, and to what degree you are a "Person of Interest."

Even if you are on a Yacht cruising International Waters. Sat/Nav and its ancestors will pinpoint you if
the curiosity arises.

posted on Jun, 12 2011 @ 06:29 AM
reply to post by Seiko

Good point, but your private information is harvestable due to your paper trail as a newborn,census bureau,
public education, medical records, family military history,family employment and taxpaying history, not to
mention social contact/interaction and "Neighborhood Watch" agents. On top of that, you have private
company's such as CVS,Wallmart,Shoprite,etc who have definately stored data about you. For instance,
did you ever notice when you buy something at these types of outlets, that the cashier asks if you have a
CVS card, Bonus Card,Rewards Card, whatever...etc. Now here is the icing on the cake: Military Contractor Companies like LockheedMartin,Boing,General Electric,etc. have an incredible state of the art surveillence and data mining programs.Programs that are so incredibly advanced, that good old Uncle Sam refers to their data
in times of need. (At Taxpayer expense of course.) So if you wan't to nurture paranoia, there is plenty of
fuel for the fire. But c'mon really, it is not us that they are after,and you know it.
But given the opportunity, they will steal and capitalize on your ideas. It is a givin.
So be smart, and register with The Library of Congress, or submit your ideas to The United States Patent Office.
Thank you kindly for replying to my thread. Best to you and ATS at large.

posted on Jun, 12 2011 @ 06:37 AM
reply to post by tothetenthpower

Thanks to the Tenth Power, that is a great link.
However I would put much more validity towards a propietary graph along the lines and format of
the ATS Member survey charts.

In the meantime, thank you for your reply and link. Good to know you are on the ball.

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