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Elenin's Tail Increases in Size Could Cause Massive CME Like Event

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posted on Jul, 19 2011 @ 07:50 PM

Originally posted by adnanmuf
reply to post by chr0naut
the earth will pass in the blue tail ( ion) only few million miles away from the comet on Sep 28 and on Nov 2 the earth will pass through the dust tail because the tail will expand considerably in space. it will hail rice size burning particles and the red dust too.
the ulysses experienced temorary damage and electric disturbances even though it was 350 million miles away from the comet in its tail but the earth will be just few million miles away from the comet when its ion blue tail will engulf the earth from all sides. Haley was perpedicular to earth orbit. and this comet is the closest comet to earth in a hundred years.
get prepared.
all these consequences if it is just a comet.
if it is big planet otr brown dwarf sun it will be much worse. the coma is the real size of the comet if the comet was far away (like when it was discovered in dec 2010. there should not be a coma in that far distance.

the earth will pass in the blue ion comet around september 28 2011 fro FEW days ( this is for sure).
and the earth will pass in the dust tail around November 3 2011 (for sure), and high probability the astroid will hit the earth on November 8 2011 ( the astroid will be hit for sure by particles from the comet dust tail) and will change direction closer to earth ( but how closer I dont know)

posted on Jul, 19 2011 @ 08:03 PM
Bla, Bla Bla....... BLA
Nobody knows WHAT is gonna happen.
First off, lets remember how far away this planet killer is,.KEY words.. Far away
No soup for you!

posted on Jul, 19 2011 @ 08:26 PM

The unpredictable behavior of comets continually contradicts the tenets of traditional comet theory - to the point that some experts now wonder if a theory even exists. “It's a mystery to me how comets work at all,” said Donald Brownlee, principle investigator of NASA's Stardust Mission.

One need only review the extraordinary spectacle provided by Comet Holmes 17P to see how deep the crisis in cometology reaches. In October of 2007, Holmes suddenly and unexpectedly brightened by a factor of a million. In less then 24 hours, it grew from a small 17th magnitude comet to a magnitude of 2.5, so large it was easily visible to the naked eye on Earth. Holmes' coma continued expanding until by mid-November of '07 it had become the largest object in the solar system, vastly larger than the Sun. The coma's diameter had grown from 28 thousand kilometers to 7 million km.

At the time of Holmes' extraordinary display, the comet was actually moving away from the Sun, and therefore cooling. Among the common sense questions posed by the enigma: how does such a gravitationally minuscule body hold in place a uniform, spherical coma 7 million kilometers in diameter? If Holmes' flare-up was the result of a collapse or explosion (as some scientists speculated) why was the ejected material not asymmetrical (as one would anticipate from an explosion)? Why did the claimed explosion not produce a variety of fragmentary sizes instead of the extremely fine dust that was actually observed? What explosive event could have caused the comet to luminate for MONTHS, rather than the SECONDS typical of an explosion's luminescence? Why did the comet's gaseous, dusty, spherical cloud persist for months, rather than dispersing quickly away from the comet?

The electric view of comets can explain most if not all of the so-called mysteries that have long plagued cometologists, including: unexpectedly high temperatures and X-ray emissions from cometary comas (something never anticipated by mainstream theorists); the sharply carved relief of comets -- the exact opposite of what astronomers expected under the dirty snowball model; comets breaking apart or exploding considerable distances from the sun; explosive cometary jets that occur too far from the sun to be plausibly explained as eruptions of subsurface gas and water from solar heating; ejection of larger particles and even "gravel," something never imagined under the standard comet model (which supposes that nuclei accrete from primordial clouds of ice, gas, and dust); a short supply or complete absence of water and other volatiles on comets' nuclei; and the unexplained ability of a relatively minuscule comet nucleus to hold in place a highly spherical coma, up to millions of miles in diameter, against the force of the solar wind (a phenomenon graphically displayed by Comet Holmes).

What are the ramifications of realigning explanations of how comets work? According to Goodspeed, such explanations have larger reverberations. "Any honest consideration of the electric comet must open the door to a vast reassessment of astronomical theory."

I don't know if Elenin is going to affect us in the way some think, such as impact or a Brown Dwarf, however. The Electric Universe is a better fit for what they've discovered about the unpredictability of comets AND, their size can puff right up to being very very large suddenly. They can create an explosion on impact as was seen in Jupiter, and release their energy before impact.

This could have an effect, in the Electric Universe on our magnetic poles. If the magnetism reaches zero, earth will probably stop rotating.

posted on Jul, 19 2011 @ 08:33 PM
At the least from this tail, I hope to view a decent shower display.
Why does anyone expect anything more form this comet than others?

posted on Jul, 19 2011 @ 08:38 PM

Originally posted by mugger
At the least from this tail, I hope to view a decent shower display.
Why does anyone expect anything more form this comet than others?
Most likely because of the Hype
that has been generated here
ask someone in the "outside" world about elenin and I'll bet you will get a confusd "What is Elenin"
But if they break into a song, "I fell into a burning ring of fire" well a new ear has been found

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