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serious question please answer with respect.

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posted on May, 18 2011 @ 06:47 PM
Ok my mother has always had a gift of seeing the future.

She once woke up from the nights rest and told my father he couldn't go to work.
he said why?
She said i heard it on the radio a tornado hit your plant and kills 9 people ...
He argued with her so long because she was frantic he was 15 minutes late for work.
8 people died in a tornado that morning..he saw the roof lift of the building.

That sort of gift.
what ever you call it.

Well today my mother has to me lost her mind.
She is talking to dead people .
telling everyone we are the seed of Abraham.
and god is a alien.
and the dead are going to rise from the dead and walk the earth very soon cause god told her.
That basically the tribulation is coming soon.
and that god told her to tell us to tell everyone...thus why i am here...

She even told us all the people's name she is talking to.
over 8 separate people and tell us exactly what they keep telling her.
Some things she wont say cause they are bad to her...some she tells us.

i think my mother of 60+ years of age has lost her mind and i even took her to the doctor.
she was doing jumping jacks and dancing for the doctor and joking around.
but she had polio and can barely move...the doctors are like how are you doing this?
she tells them the lord healed her to spread the word tribulations is coming soon.
She is dead serious.
She gives great detail's..far to much for me to even will make your head explode.

So my point is if she is right as she has been before.
Heaven help us all.
Worse case scenario for me is i loose my mother to a mental illness.

but wither way i fulfill my promise to my mother by spreading the word the end is near.
and i am right with that.

But is she crazy?
or is she a prophet?

My mother has never lied to me in her life.
and beg's with tears for me to believe her.

And the doctors are stumped how she is walking and doing jumping jacks..she had polio and died when she was young from it..the revived her...and gave her the cure for it.
and here i am telling this story.
But she couldn't walk with out she can do the twist...jumping jacks ect....

all i can say i am tore up .
i think i have lost my mother.
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posted on May, 18 2011 @ 06:53 PM
She's a prophet.

Whether she's right or wrong, she's your mother and, personally, if my mother was doing the hokey pokey while speaking in tongues, I'd NEVER disparage her anywhere ever, especially on a website with as much reach as this one has.

posted on May, 18 2011 @ 06:55 PM
Wow heavy stuff for you to have to deal with, friend.
As for the question of her sanity ATS is not the place to find the answer.
You are doing exactly what you should: supporting her no matter what.
The next and only step is to bring as much positivity and laughter into her life as possible. It might help.

, good luck

posted on May, 18 2011 @ 06:59 PM
reply to post by TheAmused

I agree with Masq!

It is your mother, and if it were my mother, I would take her at her word. If she believes it, and it is real to her, then roll with that.

Just in case she is correct, set her up a youtube channel and let her start spreading the word! If she is really feeling better, and if she has found this new purpose, give her a pulpit. At the very least it will make her continue to feel better, and there is always that chance that she isn't crazy, in which case you will be doing us all a favor.

Most likely she has early onset of some horrible disease like Alzheimers, and you don't want to spend her last lucid moments ridiculing or not believing her.

Support her and roll with it, and enjoy your time together, because either she is losing it, or she is correct. Either way, enjoy her company while you still can.

posted on May, 18 2011 @ 06:59 PM

Originally posted by masqua
She's a prophet.

Whether she's right or wrong, she's your mother and, personally, if my mother was doing the hokey pokey while speaking in tongues, I'd NEVER disparage her anywhere ever, especially on a website with as much reach as this one has.

she told me god told me to spread the word tribulations is coming.
i did via this website.

but i am atheist.
and to be honest fear for my mother's sanity ..
and just want sincere feedback .

Like i said she has never lied to me in my life.
So i did what she asked of me..and told what she wanted to be said.

But i thinking my mother has maybe got a mental illness...have never questioned is not for me to do.
and will never try to bust her bubble if it is a delusional fantasy world.

i am merely keeping a promise to tell the world that god told her that tribulations is coming.
and after i have now done that i am free and clear of my obligations encase god did tell her to tell me to tell the world.
if you get my drift...

posted on May, 18 2011 @ 07:01 PM

Originally posted by TheAmused
But is she crazy?
or is she a prophet?

The problem could be that she's both. That's a bad situation to be in. Just because you manage to hit on a couple of good prophesies doesn't mean you're not completely crazy. There's a fine line.

posted on May, 18 2011 @ 07:01 PM

I don't find anything in your story that is unusual at all.

Precognition is a fact as far as I am concerned because I've had it all my life and it is always very much correct, so I cannot fault your dear Mom there.

I also understand how it is she communicates with the dead, as it is a part of my work too... again can't fault her there. Except.. the dead can be tools of disinformation.. especially if they are still lost close to the 3D world's reality.. as "ghosts". The reason being is that as yet they have no passed into Light and therefore as yet have nbot Awakened again from the dream of life on earth.. hence they do not have Great Insight.

But, having said that, some do pass into Light and are easily able to return with messages.... it is a two way street since I can go there and they can come here.

My only concern is the typical Religious "perceptions" that usually accompany the Insight or Vision of Believers.

But, I am firmly in agreement that major scenarios are unfolding for the world as I type this.. and have been for a few decades so far.. to reach a climax in the next 18 months to 2 years.. based solely on my own Visions.

The climax period is preceeded by increasing struggles to live as all goods and services prices go beserk and then insane when the Food Supply Chain faulters.. hence the absolute need to be learning how to grow enough food for ourselves and our dependants... as the Hopi people's told us 3 years ago.

I do not doubt the scenarios your mother has been shown... so take heed of her words.. note the worst case scenarios she proposes.. and then work out what you can do Positively to ensure you and yours can survive the coming events.

Be well, remain calm in the face of opposition and employ the "silver linings" as they appear to you. And look after your Mom, as she isn't really crazy but to the western world's small and closed minds she only appears crazy.

posted on May, 18 2011 @ 07:02 PM
I agree with the moderator above ^ and I think that your interpretation of her recent clairvoyant activities are a manifestation of the reality that we all have inherited from those before us. If she was really told/shown these events to be fact, then I wouldn't take her words so literal. I believe when one comes to there own conclusions it opens up channels of thought in the mind which can manifest and manifest....I believe thought is infinite. I say that to say this, I believe if she is accurate at all it does not mean literally that the dead will walk the earth but it may be a metaphor for whats to come.

-invisible Crown-

posted on May, 18 2011 @ 07:03 PM
Could be the placebo effect.

Recent studies in an American university for patients suffering from IBS where subject to teh placebo effect using sugar pills with calcium and corn starch.

Amazingly 61% said the placebo worked. Even more intresting was that all the participitants knew the pill where a placebo.

Here is the link, I hope my facts and figures add up, was listening to it on the way home from work today

Its a powerful thing the mind, If she believes that she is indeed there to spread the lords word than maybe this could have an effect on her body physicaly.

Either way ill sit on the side line, I believe in god and prophets and thats all im going to say on my belifs.

posted on May, 18 2011 @ 07:07 PM
In a case like this most people would think that she is crazy. Most people who have had a near death experience in their life gains some kind of "ability" so to speak. I my self "died" at the age of 4 months officially for about 30 mins. I was told that all of a sudden I just jolted back to life without a heartbeat for 3-4 seconds then i got a heartbeat. Since they didn't know what happened they just dismissed it. (As most humans do when something incompressible happens to them) The point is I as well "see" the future. Sometimes in day, some at night, some in dreams. Most of them come true. Some of them I don't quite understand. Others i am very afraid to say. THE point is that she very well could have a mental illness and vice versa.
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posted on May, 18 2011 @ 07:09 PM
Did she say anything about May 21, 2011?

posted on May, 18 2011 @ 07:10 PM
reply to post by TheAmused

Sincere feedback: I'm a believer, in both 'god' as well as prophecy.

It's possible it's nothing, but also possible it's the real deal. I can offer no timeframe as I'm definitely no prophet, but I've felt to my bones for some time that the day and hour draws near.

Bless your mother, hopefully both she and I are wrong - but I strongly suggest living rightly in love and peace to all at the VERY least, for a multitude of addition to realizing that while science might eventually, down the line (as regards abiogenesis, macroevolution and transitory species still being very much up in the air, and the laws of thermodynamics in light of our current understandings), determine that 'god' is not a NECESSITY - neither can it disprove his possible existence.

And when the choices come down to a gift of eternal life, or the simply-to-be-expected second death, I choose life by way of a gift of love and sacrifice.

Be well, friend.

posted on May, 18 2011 @ 07:11 PM
When people are getting to transit between this physical world and the next they usually start seeing people who have already made the transit. Sometimes a soul will start to become aware of this and want to experience their last sensations here on a physical level to the maximum ( kind of adreladin kicks in). She also maybe experiencing dual worlds of reality. Love her for her, for what she is and what she will become. We always become more never less. Please, I am not saying she is dying, so do not be mistaken. She is experiencing what she needs to, as you are. First is always listen to medical advice, second usually ignore it!

It may be a medical condition? I go along with my first instincts but those are not the ones you should follow. Ask within yourself and you will find the answer. Patience, time, and understanding my ATS friend. Love her completely for her, what she is and what she will one day, like all of us become, more , never less.

With love and understanding.

posted on May, 18 2011 @ 07:12 PM

Originally posted by TheAmused
if you get my drift...

I do get your drift.

There's a lot of doom and gloom going around, so she's certainly not a lone voice crying out in the wilderness and I appreciate that you honor her request to spread the word.

I just don't know if I'd ask the general membership here if they thought my mom was crazy.
My mother's long gone, btw, but...

posted on May, 18 2011 @ 07:13 PM
for the sake of ats, maybe you should ask her if she has more to say

posted on May, 18 2011 @ 07:16 PM
I am always fascinated why it's so hard for people to believe things when they can't necessarily prove them. It's so easy to discount people as fanatics, lunatics, or crazies, when the real struggle is with the person who can't believe.

The effect of a persons belief or world view, has been proven many times over as having substantial change to the outcome of real world situation. When logic would prove otherwise.

Take for example, people with cancer, who are given placebo, only to think they have been given a miracle drug for cancer, who show complete regression of their cancer.

posted on May, 18 2011 @ 07:18 PM
She's your mom, don't worry if she's a prophet or crazy. Just love her, and make sure she gets the care her doctors prescribe.

Keep her grounded as best you can. Talk with her about normal things. Try to play board games or card games with her. Try painting as a creative outlet. Ask her for advice about little things.

Life's short, and whether she's a prophet or losing her mind, she's a gift to you, and you to her. Don't worry about categorizing her, because the only important category she belongs to is as your Mother.

P.S. I hope to god she's not a prophet, because then we are all screwed!

posted on May, 18 2011 @ 07:19 PM
Kind of reminds me of the story of Cassandra. She could tell the future, but the caveat was that no one would believe her. Consider this. Your mother is extremel;y sensitive and has proven it to you before, but sensitive people are also vulnerable in that they have to interpret what they hear and see within the context of their own experience. If your mother was ever religious then she would tend to interpret what she is seeing in light of the religious stories she has heard.

I wouldn't discount what she says, exactly, but I wouldn't take it entirely literally either. You are going to have to use your own context to interpret what she is saying to you and those around you. I don't really think she is "crazy" as in 'actually crazy,' but she is probably under a certain amount of pressure if the floodgates have opened for her and she's getting hit with a lot of information all at once. As she gets closer to the other side, this is likely to increase.

Just as an example, my mother died at 75 of complications from parkinsons. She was sensitive--not as much as your Mom, but she had experiences. She was in a nursing home for a couple of weeks (terrible place) recovering from some heart-related issue. Just on the spur of the moment I asked her, "Have you talked to your father?"" whom she idolized. He died in 1947 at the age of 75 himself. "Yes," she said. "Well, what did he say?" "He said he would help me as much as he could," replied my Mom. "Where did you see him?" I asked. She said, "He came down those stairs right there." She pointed to the corner of this hospital-like room. Of course, there were no stairs there.

But there were for her. She died a few months later, at home.

posted on May, 18 2011 @ 07:22 PM

Originally posted by Quyll
Did she say anything about May 21, 2011?

she just says very near .
she doesn't give a date.

But she is acting as if it was close close so idk.

posted on May, 18 2011 @ 07:26 PM

She gives great detail's..far to much for me to even will make your head explode.
reply to post by TheAmused

I know that it's a lot to type, but is there any way that you could explain in a nut shell what she says will happen? Thank you in advance

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