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Study: Earth's Core Is Melting!

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posted on May, 19 2011 @ 07:54 AM
The earth is hollow.There is no core.

posted on May, 19 2011 @ 08:00 AM
reply to post by brindle

No, it's flat!

posted on May, 19 2011 @ 08:24 AM
reply to post by theabsolutetruth

i always heard it was molten iron or molten nickel

posted on May, 19 2011 @ 09:41 AM
reply to post by theabsolutetruth

I think they taught us that in thrid grade about twenty five years ago. They told us it was magma. Molten lava.

posted on May, 19 2011 @ 10:18 AM
STUDY! The Earth's core is molten

posted on May, 19 2011 @ 10:20 AM
Funny, when I read the title I thought, " I thought the core was already all melty." Heading for more coffee.

posted on May, 19 2011 @ 10:31 AM
reply to post by wildoracle13

science currently holds and teaches that the core is solid iron, covered in a liquid outer core, then mantle then crust.

please read the links provided if unsure as these give easy to read diagrams.

Here's how science currently teaches it:

The Earth's inner core is a ball of solid iron about the size of our moon. This ball is surrounded by a highly dynamic outer core of a liquid iron-nickel alloy (and some other, lighter elements), a highly viscous mantle and a solid crust that forms the surface where we live. Over billions of years, the Earth has cooled from the inside out causing the molten iron core to partly freeze and solidify. The inner core has subsequently been growing at the rate of around 1mm a year as iron crystals freeze and form a solid mass.

Now, science finds that one side of the iron ball core is melting, and also, this has possibly happened every 100 million years, alternately freezing on one side of the core and melting on the other.This hypothesis isn't as easy to prove as the general melting due to timescales of humanity.

The fact that the core affects Earth's magnetic forces is something that is of interest, especially if this is a new phenomena as geomagnetics play a major part in many major Earth events.

Also, this find suggests the CORE and CRUST are more connected, it possibly also suggests the CORE could be affected by above surface magnetics, which influences the Earths magma and tectonics.

Additionally this now gives the theory that in all probability, the crust and plate tectonics and the core ARE connected. This has major implications as, if the core affects plate tectonics and there could be something anew at the core, there could be surface effects.

Also, if anyone knows anything of expanding Earth theory, the swelling of the melted areas of core, as these new studies also suggest a non spherical core, could affect heat convection in certain areas that could influence areas of mantle and subsequently crust. This could be affecting magma which could affect the surface.
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posted on May, 19 2011 @ 10:34 AM
Earth's core melting and freezing at the same time: damn s.u.v's...

posted on May, 19 2011 @ 12:35 PM
reply to post by 46ACE

Exactly! Start riding your bikes people, let's save the core from freezing and melting!!! ...where can I donate?

posted on May, 19 2011 @ 01:09 PM
If the earth has a core,lets see some proof,some pictures or something

posted on May, 19 2011 @ 01:17 PM
Have you ever seen one of those electric heaters you can buy that plugs into your 110v outlet? It has oil inside it that gets heated and radiates the heat.

Earth used to have a Trillion of Trillions of gallons of oil inside her to regulate heat. The oil maintained mantle temperature as well as stored the energy to sustain the biosphere and magnetic field enabling life on Earth.

The Trillion of Trillions of cubic feet of natural gas that used to be inside Earth also helped balance the planets temperatures.

Now all of that stored up Solar Energy is gone and the planet has no means to sustain a stable environment for life to exist globally.

It's going to be one rocky ride for life and it's going to end up with a hyper ice age as the planet freezes over. Then the good news will be the planet will heat up as the magnetic field disappears and all ice and water will be blasted into space and Earth will look just like Mars.

Any alien life form will note in their logs there was life on Earth but it wasn't intelligent. It was a plague.

posted on May, 19 2011 @ 04:16 PM
reply to post by Pervius

there are so many possibilities that this thing is major, perhaps planets like Earth can only exist in it's current form with a solid core to enable geomagnetics...but geomagnetics means nothing to some people, who are clearly only interested in rude quips.

Geomagnetics matters!

Seriously, some people just can't understand the relevance of the giving of information and appear only on ATS as annoying trolls.

posted on May, 19 2011 @ 04:17 PM
reply to post by brindle

maybe you could try this?

posted on May, 19 2011 @ 04:19 PM
reply to post by wildoracle13

was there any point to your post...apart from rudeness?

posted on May, 25 2011 @ 11:23 AM
reply to post by theabsolutetruth

Not really, and I probably do owe you an apology. That was mean and non contributary to your thread, sorry. I would like to point out that I have a partial mistrust in this type of information as an explanation of my total rudeness.

Quotes like this from your article, "To see if the core really is melting, "we would need larger arrays of seismometers spread more evenly around the world, particularly in the oceans, which is a technological hurdle," Mound said.

Shouldn't he have clarified by saying, "To see how and where the core is really melting..."

posted on May, 25 2011 @ 01:05 PM
even if its not a good thing, it wont happen for millions of years. Who knows if we'll even be around by the time its dangerous. Interesting though.

posted on May, 25 2011 @ 01:09 PM
Any theories about what the earth is made up of is pure conjecture.There is no way of knowing,it is too far under the earths surface to see.

posted on May, 25 2011 @ 01:45 PM
The Earth is Alive and we are sucking on her fluids like ticks; our inability to move forward into a better means of safe free energy has limited us to become a dead-end for evolution on this Planet, for all life forms, if we continue.

Tesla came at just the right time, but then evil men and their corrupt ways took us all hostage, including our Mother Earth.

What is heating her and what is disrupting her is not on her surface it is from outside of the Solar System; well, for a while anyways. I am talking about the highly magnetized Interstellar Fluff that is bearing down on our Heliosphere. It not only is bearing down on us but it will pass through regardless. All the planets are feeling this one!

It is just perfect timing! The Earth will manage as she always has; as to who might be here to see the future is all up to us as individuals, but it won't include our current paradigms. It is time for all of us to accelerate our Spirits and fix all of this.

I used to think that our only way of surviving as a Species would be to become space-fairing folk. Then when a big "badda-boom" happens there will still be people to carry onward; but, as it goes now, we might face the big "badda-boom" with no escaping it. Not unusual in the History of this Planet!

posted on May, 25 2011 @ 05:22 PM

Originally posted by faryjay
I can't help but think of the movie 2012 (the beginning part) ...

Sounds freaky this ...

I know a lot of people ridiculed The Mayans and the movie 2012, however, things aren't surely cushy as we move towards the end of 2012!

Me too!!

Me and my children were watching the movie 2012 yesterday. Folks, that movie was so on point that it is prophetic!!! And it made scientific sense....

and when I saw this thread's title, I thought back to the part of the movie where the scientist says, "The Earth's core is destabilizing....."

posted on May, 25 2011 @ 05:37 PM
SO ever since I was a young child, I have had this image stuck in my head that we (the earth) are part of a cell that is part of another, bigger 'thing'. That this pattern is repeated over and over right down to the smallest atom.

If you were to look at the structure of a cell and compare it to the universe, you will see what I mean. I have come to find out that I am obviously not the first to have this thought, as once you see it, it is an obvious comparison.

I am not saying that this is what I believe by any means, but I think it stresses to me what I DO believe: that our whole universe is connected and a closed system. You can look at the smallest example of an ecosystem and then expand that a few hundred-thousand times. Somewhat like the butterfly affect. Although it may be too small to measure, it is still there.

I bring this up, because whenever I read these types of sudies, I can't help but think "duh!". The problem is that we tend to think of things only in how they impact US in OUR lifetimes (or even the whole of human history). We have to understand that the core of this earth has been going through a process for possibly hundreds of millions of years, so to try and figure out what is going on now, one has to extropolate back to the begining....which of course we can't quite do. (we don't even know when that was!!!)

Another way would be to look at other systems or planets similar to our own. To do this though, we would first have to have a better understanding of what we are actually looking for to compare to.
Follow me?

Basically....we don't know crap.
We are WAY to young to even begin to understand or comprehend what is right under our feet. It is all guess work boosted with a bit of science that is brand spankin new.

Those that 'know' me here on ATS know how I love to explore all these ideas and discussions, but at the same time I have come to accept the FACT that we don't know crap.
having come to that conclusion I can now go about my day a little more stress free. While I still LOVE the science and theories and discussions, I know there is nothing to actually be done about it except try and be prepared for the unexpected as much as possible, enjoy this precious life I have been given and know that I am only along for the ride. But what a great ride it is!
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