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who has small children... make an experiment!

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posted on Aug, 3 2004 @ 05:23 AM
Heard some theories that small children have a very strong intuition ( 6th sense ) that later fades out as they grow.

If anybody has small children ( 3 years or so ) around, why not to make an experiment - hide two different color sweets behind your back and ask them to guess/feel in what hand is, for example, the green sweet. If they tell right they get the sweet.

Or, for example, place a playing card facedown on the table and ask them what color it is - red or black?


posted on Aug, 3 2004 @ 07:38 AM
I have done this with my kids and they have always been right more than 50% of the time. They were right more often if they weren't distracted too. They say also that under one years old, they see the spiritual realm.

posted on Aug, 3 2004 @ 11:17 AM
By this theory everybody is born with a healthy intuition, yet later it fades away, as it is not used and child's head is being stuffed with knowlege that distracts them from it, knowlege, they in most cases would not need.

Even more, this intuition does not just fade away, it slowly turns into conter-intuition.

Here's a test for grown-ups.
Take a paper, divide it into halfes and write numbers from 0 to 9 in a line on one halfe. Chouse yourself two of that numbers, one would represent a "bad solution" and one a "good solution".

Now give this paper to a grownup, tell him that there is one "good" and one "bad" number. Then tell him to thow out ( corss out and write them on the other half of the paper ) two numbers - with an idea that the "bad" number would be thrown out and the "good" one would be left. Then tell him to throw out another two and so on untill only two number are left. The he should throw out one of them, leaveing ( as he thinks ) only the "good" number.

As I tried it, in 90% cases a grownup is left with a "bad" number.

And then they wounder... why their life is so unlucky

Good Luck!

posted on Aug, 10 2004 @ 01:34 PM
I have small childen (ages 6, 4, and 3 year old twins) and would be happy to do experiments on them.

My 4 year old seems almost eerily 'in tune' with people. She will say things out of the blue that make no sense when she says them but hours later make perfect sense. For example, my husband will be at work and she will say "I sure hope Daddy feels better soon" and I won't know why she said that since he left the house feeling upbeat and happy. A few hours later he will call and tell me that he is coming home early because he feels terrible. Strange as it may sound she also has some sort of healing abilities which I have NEVER been a believer in. It could be that she just has a special way of distracting people so that they don't feel their pain or illness as much but whatever it is, she really has a talent for making people feel better!

I'll let you know what kind of results I get!

posted on Aug, 10 2004 @ 01:41 PM
Yes I believe kids can see things we dont, example my 4 yr old can sit and play for hrs and hrs and hrs on his own while talking to his invisible freind.. My 5 yr old is just a normal kid short attention span.

But about this, we are brought up not to learn what we are suppost to but to learn math and english and crap like that, so therefor our egos get in the way which causes us not to be able to look into the high points of like.

as to refering to spiritual world... I would think that would be the astral planes and such.

I believe we all can do it, I have done it 1 time since i turned 18, but it takes alot of practice. but it is worth the wait to do it. It does feel real for what its worth.

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posted on Aug, 10 2004 @ 02:14 PM
I'm not sure about your experiment with colors but I do know that we have a spirit in our house and my child sees it all the time!!1 my oldest one when she was little she use to talk to our ghost! I agree that childrens minds are linked into things we as adults look at as make-believe. They say we only use a small portion of our brains, I think the ppl who see the future and talk to spirits are only tapping into parts of our brain that lie asleep. Could you imagine the possibilites if we all used 100% of our brain? There are so many things we still have to discover as a race, who is to say that ppl who are diofferent are not using more of the brain than someone who is deamed " normal"!!!

posted on Aug, 10 2004 @ 02:24 PM
I have a 15 month old and I can agree that she definately picks up on things most adults are clueless about.

For starters, and I've had this work with multiple children her age- they know when you are thinking about them. If I put my daughter to sleep, I have to exert conscious effort to distract myself until she falls asleep. If I even have a flash of thinking whether I should wash her clothes that night she was jump up and start yelling for me.
I can get up in the middle of the night and if I wonder whether she will wake soon, she will be up within minutes even if it is not a normal time for her to wake. I have had the same problem babysitting for nephiews in the past.
I thought for a bit maybe it was just my own intuition, but if I try to rock her to sleep I need to stare out the window and think of the trees or she picks up her head and looks me in the eyes. Now that she talks she will pick up her head, wave and say "Hi" when I just wonder how long it will take her to fall asleep.

The second reason I know this is that when spirits pass through our apartment she will acknowledge them. It is almost embarassing when we go places, and I think my boyfriend thinks she is crazy at times because he is as oblivious as a brick wall to those things.

It is funny because with her, she has never really just babbled to herself, she is talking to things around her. (they make her cry, laugh, hide and everything)

posted on Aug, 10 2004 @ 05:10 PM
You can do the psychic card tricks yourself, but first you must DISCARD the socalled FACE cards which have many colours in them i.e. red and black and gold sometimes more--- and it definitely confuses your senstivity.

So...use ONLY the red and black "number" playing cards:

Shuffle them well and place them face down on the table. then hold the card in your hand and without looking at the colours, try to "feel" whether the card is RED or BLACK.

You'll notice a different "feel" for RED and a different "feel" for BLACK after an hour or so of practuice.

After going through this exercise through the whole pack (minus the face cards) at least twice a day, I found that my "odds" at ascertaining the correct colour was almost 80% correct, which is WAY above chance level.

Then I started having psychic dreams (about the future) and lots of Deja Vu.

So this is a good excercise even for adults to sharpen their ESP which probably every human has inately, before it was talked out of us as children.

posted on Aug, 10 2004 @ 07:00 PM
I guess I will mention something in this, since it has to do with kids and odd things.

My house burnt to the ground on 8/11/01. My oldest kid was 2.

well anyway the thing of the story is i woke up saw the house on fire and got the kids out. anyway while doing this he stated to me sometime after while cooking eggs, where when I make eggs I do it resturant style meaning alot of flames and such. He stated to me when I was getting him and his brother out, he told me that he seen other people in the flames with us and asked why I didnt save them. Asking him wtf he was talking about he said his uncle he has never seen before exept when he was a baby like 5 months old was there helping me get the kids out.

THis comes after 2 yrs from the date of the fire. he told me how it started and what happened that whole day. Now he is just a normal kid, altho he asks some odd things sometimes.

anyway I thought I would let you know about this cause it fits in wit this here.

Also point about his Uncle, he was shot and killed in 98 by someone.

posted on Aug, 10 2004 @ 07:08 PM
Well, I must say that I read the title to this thread, and I immediately thought the worst, so I came in here to yell at you for experimenting on small children.

After reading it, though, I got to thinking, and I'm realizing more and more that what you say is true. I remember when I was a child that there was this certain part of our yard that I wouldn't go near, because it scared the bejesus out of me.

I later found out that there was a dead dog buried under the area that I didn't want to get near.

Perhaps my Extrasensory perception(s) warned me that there was something undesireable in that area.

Another example of this that I want to point out is that when my younger sister was just a baby, we lived in this old victorian house. She would wake up screaming every once in a while, and We'd never know why.

It is quite possible that, since we lived in an old victorian, that the house has alot of history, and it's equally possible that not all of the history is pleasant. Perhaps she saw something that the resident spirits of the house are constantly reliving, and it scared her.


Yes, I'll certainly see if my aunt and uncle will let me experiment on their babies.


posted on Aug, 10 2004 @ 07:37 PM
im 13 and everytime i try to predict something i end up predicting the opposite of what would happen

posted on Aug, 11 2004 @ 01:42 AM
lol, that would make you a great prophet, just write down the exact opposite of what you think

posted on Aug, 11 2004 @ 05:20 AM
Found an interesting quote, btw. The auther has written it a bit hard, yet understendable.

New theme: let us have a talk about the blind... In order to increase THE EFFICIENCY of your life, respected members of the "society of blinds", first of all it is necessary to regain vision.

This is one of our following tasks. When you will regain vision, the stick will no longer be needed. In the comparison with the blind person you will move much faster, you could not only go, you can run to your goal.

Yet the blind does not only not see his goal, but he even does not know what it is and where it is located.


Into the following small paragraph permit me to turn to those, who was in our health-improvement classes.

As you by the force of your will, by the force of your spirit, could improve or restore your health, including sight, in exactly the same manner one can restore the valuable work of the
following sensory organ - intuition. And then you will see: to what the life is another, how familiar and unfamiliar! And you will feel your endless potential!

And you will see: how the majority of people, oh my, are living inside out! They spend their live for survival, they work for the money. The greatest gift of nature - life - they exchange for some things, money, cloth. Days, months, years... they cut off as butter and change for god knows what!

Hurray for the good health our society of invalids! And all their laws, and all their achievements - into the life!

Continuing our study, we encountered the surprising phenomenon: intuition - it exists in us all, but it works differently. To the overwhelming majority intuition brings most frequently harm. This harm - to enemy would not wish!

Mean statistical person - tentatively, 85% of all people - are originally creators of failures onto their... heads. Brilliant creator of empty life, factory producing adventures to their....

These citizens completely depend on the surrounding world. This is the society of "b-e-e-e-e". And into this "b-e-e" enters lots of different characters: from a tramps to the minister.

Although ministers usually... Well, no, also they are.
And these people work, they act for survival. For the survival! That's all!

Conscious or unconscious fear pursues them, large or small fear - uncertainty of tomorrow. This is the syndrome of a blind man, who shaves by touch, stumbling without the leader, along the unknown streets. This person goes somewhere, but what will be after a step? Uncertainty!

For the overcoming of fear of uncertainty the crowd invented its laws, it composed its regulations, it invented its conditionalities and values. And in this crowd each copies each. Briefly, robots from the protoplasm.

They are exhaust by hunger, as once in the Volga Region.

Millions of people are send the war daily, as cannon fodder.

Because they, figuratively speaking, are microorganisms with the imposed from the side precise knowledge of,

how it should be done and how it should not,
who is the enemy and who is the friend,
what is good and what is evil,
what is truth, what is untruth,
and where it is necessary to strive - and so on, and so forth.

But all this knowledge, this entire information is produced by the same blind invalids. And it is transferred, it is packed, it is hammered into the heads of future zombies in schools and institutes. Transfer and production. Production and transfer.


How do we make our child similar to us? Yet simply we begin to ram rhymes, song, "this is possible", "this is impossible", "this is good", "this is bad"...

Why does a three year old child need to know, what was Winnie doing with the Piglet in the hollow? We give them knowledge, unnecessary to them.
This is distracting knowledge!

We train them to count, to write, instead of developing their true, natural state. After two-three years a very interesting states vigorously starts developing within your child. Yet we ram our "senile" marasmus into them and are proud of our wunderKinder.

And eventually the child become whom?

No, not an old man - it will have its time - but a freak, as like me and you! A normal pride of society!

And here I see charging at me, sparkling with its swords in the rays of the setting sun, our entire Red Army of education.


What I just said is absurd, isn't it? You cannot even imagine this! But how could you imagine light, if you would be born blind? Or, more accurate, from two-three years, exactly from the moment, when they began to educating you like this.

You are the same children, only even more blind!

You have already forgot the true sensation of time and space.

You already forgot, how it is to think valuably, to use feelings, to use visual and auditory means, to use entire palette of true possibilities, given to you by... I want to say by God, but, in order to please to your ineradicable materialist ideology, I will say by nature! This memory was destroyed in your the childhood.

And now you yourself hummer your thoughts, your experience of unconsciousness, destroying intuitive thinking, sincere, the spiritual - true - life of your child. Why? Because all "b-e-e" raise their cubs like this.

Well what will come out of this? Look at your life! This very will come out. Or even... better.

We want our children to be above us. We dream, them to go further them us. We strive, so that they would be in everything better them us. So that we could be proud by them. Agree?

But the biggest of the jokes: we clearly overdo it with the training them, what do we make of them? Zombies. Slave, accustomed, so that eternally someone would give the good advice, eternally someone directed.

So what where Winnie doing with the Piglet in the hollow? Right, eating.


Now I have a question for you: why this form of society appeared, where they mutilate children and make wretched out of them?
You think this was by specially designed by someone? No, this is unconscious, and no one specially made this. Simply there are two ways.
The first - route, built for the satisfaction of human laziness. The second - a tiny path, trampled by those, who searches for themselves, those who have light burning within.


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