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The War on War

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posted on May, 18 2011 @ 05:40 AM
War is a crime against humanity. To commit war is punishable by the tribunal. The Tribunal of Peace.

In my book. There are decisive ways to prevent war, personally decisive measures to prevent war. Communal, social, civil and international war. On one hand you can choose to fight for your country and on the other, you can denounce war.

War can only be orchestrated with able and willing bodies and minds. And to be against war is to not be a participant.

There would be rules made had I have been born a God of War. And they would be as the rules of civility.

War is punishable.

As is commiting the act.
As is participating in the act
As is aiding and abetting the act.
As is financially aiding and or gaining from the act.
As is hiding and/or silencing the fact.
As is declaring and or sanctioning the act of war.

To be amonst any of the above should be punishable as a war crime.

Many will state there is a grey area when it comes to war. Perhaps there is. But to justify war with the theory "killing to save live's" is a war crime in itself, as is propetuated with propoganda.
All wars fought by western country's have nothing to do with national or civil security and are purely fought for financial or resouceful gain.
Unfortunately, it can be said that 'to know that war is being commited and not act accordingly' is a crime itself.
We are all guilt of this crime.

War is glorified everyday on TV, through media outlets, movies and video games. I watched the movie, 'We Were Soldiers' and it dawned on me when a particular soldier stated, "I'm glad I could die for my country", that this is the act of war.

The desire of glory has been manipulated into a desire to kill and be killed. This is a tool for people in power. A tool to be used for gain. Being in the western military is the act of aiding, no matter what your postition is. The western military is a force of occupation and not a line of defense. Defense has been manipulated into a force of projection where it can be implaced anywhere in the world in the name of defense and sold for currency.

I'm glad I pulled out of my enlistment before it was too late. I would never have stood a chance.

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posted on May, 18 2011 @ 05:55 AM
For it to be a war there must be AT LEAST 2 standing armies fighting......Afghanistan War -Not a war, Iraq War - Not a war.......glad you got out

Governments fight wars not the people.....well the people are sacrificed for the governments agenda. Governments are mental and love death and destruction....loadsa money

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posted on May, 18 2011 @ 06:02 AM
reply to post by loves a conspiricy

Not a war because the idea of war has been manipulated into the act of occupation.

I work with people who hang on every word of the nightly media and daily paper. When I open my mouth in the work place in regards to Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan, Iran, Egypt Libya, Syria or any other foreign nation on the verge of international conflict I get looked at like my past time is smokeing crack or something.

"Fools", I say.
"Your all part of the 300", I say.

posted on May, 18 2011 @ 06:25 AM
I agree that we have no business being in Iraq and Afghanistan, but everyone has their calling, their purpose if you will.

Writers write, doctors heal, cooks cook, and soldiers fight wars. Many may do their time and find that they are in fact not soldiers, there is nothing wrong with that but their life has taken them on a different path, war is not their purpose.

But for some, fighting battles is their purpose, it's what they do.

posted on May, 18 2011 @ 08:27 AM
I think you have fine thoughts here, but not very realistic. On a grand scale, war is and has been always about resources, though the motivations behind it can vary, religious, ethnicity, etc. One wants something and the other denies them...conflict follows.

While your rules make sense, what would the punishments be? Can they vary? Is there room for forgiveness? Can the defendant use the emotional defense and wasn't thinking rationally at the time? Setting up a tribunal without a clear cut system for justice may very well start what you are trying to avoid as there are always those with opposing views.

I think that it is very possible that a global conflict such as WW1 & WW2 could be a thing of the past. Brushfire wars seem to be the norm. Fighting through proxies, both entities, whether a Country or Corp. can sustain their side and try to further their agenda.

I have always remarked that our presence in Iraq and Afghanistan gives those who disagree with the western standards of life a closer place to strike at us, thereby leaving our Countries alone for the most part. But I have also said that would eventually change. Once mass casualty terror attacks start to become commonplace in the U.S., EU, AUS etc, then a global war will follow. I predict that the future history books will label it a holy war. Though the term holy war is a oxymoron. Ain't anything holy about it.

You sound like you are a honest & honorable person by dropping your enlistment. I have respect for that. However, I do not respect those who enlist without thinking things through, finding out that the Military life isn't for them and then make things miserable for the rest of the squad. Getting in is easy if you qualify, breaking your contract is another thing entirely. Problem children create paperwork. I hate paperwork!

Keep thinking the good thoughts though. The world does need positive vibes.

posted on May, 18 2011 @ 10:47 AM
The "Everything Is Okay" guys (youtube) make a similar point.

Terrorism = War

So, the War On Terrorism is like having a war against war, which of course doesn't make any sense...

posted on May, 19 2011 @ 01:09 AM
Let me say that this thread is not an intentional effort to disway people from their chosen ways and life or to convince people of anything. This is the construction of an idea. An idea on how to achieve peace and maintain it. A self explantion on how many ways war is wrong and as many reasons I can construct as to why.

This is purely an idea and exactly why its in the skunkworks....

The Abilty of War

The population of a nation enables a government or leading body to conduct and project war on others. This is a debatable issue as all nations should have the right and ability to defend themselves, aggressively or passively.

But how can a nation conduct war with an army? It cannot. Unless of course it uses nations in proximity to the intented target to achieve its goals and agenda. A whole other issue.

The abilty to war is the is achieved by effectively convincing the society that a war is necessary to achieve peace or security. This is a farce and a whole other issue again.

It is the glory of war that lures young men and women to enlist in a mility force that has the intentions of projecting its agenda on the target. This glory is achieve through media outlets and advertisements. Illusions of grandure are put on displayed with the intention of gaining the devotion individuals ready to die for their nation.

Advertisements of job security, training and leadership skills are the bait which leads the younger generations into the cycle. War movies, TV shows and media outlets depict heroism, glory and reward are fluttered in our faces.

Many say war should not be glorified, but it is. It is glorified subliminally to entice more people into the effort. Thus enabling our governments to conduct war.

To choose not to join the military is to choose peace. However I will state, a defense force is not an invasion or occupational force.

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