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AIDS Cured For The First Time Ever

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posted on May, 17 2011 @ 08:28 AM
The cure isnt a gene, it's money!! Look at magic, he's doing fine and it's been 20 years! It doesnt matter, whatever gene they found wont save the poor folks and wont save africa, it will only save the people that can PAY UP at least a lifetimes worth of drug bills.

posted on May, 17 2011 @ 08:30 AM
We have a natural herbal substance that cures hiv here in africa. Take it for 2 months you become negative. The powers that be do not want to know about it. It has been effectivly used on many people. I have seen people with a cd4 count of less than 200 jump up to over 1200 in a week and subsequently become negative after 2 months use.
seeing is believing....

posted on May, 17 2011 @ 08:34 AM
It's a big step. Unfortunately, the cynic in me thinks that some money will change hands, and the 'cure' will either disappear (in favour of the 'very expensive' drug treatments), or will emerge as a no generic available name brand drug from big pharma with a ridiculous price tag.

Stem cells, eh? Wonder why Bush was so against their use?

posted on May, 17 2011 @ 08:44 AM
reply to post by lakesidepark

Your post in this thread is the most important. This is what I read, that the bone marrow has to literally be replaced and that it is an extremely risky, lengthy and expensive procedure with a high risk of death as a result.

On another point raised by another poster, its also my understanding that we won't be seeing a cure anytime soon since this is a disease that is able to infect white cells within just hours or days and disguise itself so that it is indistinguishable from the healthy cells.

I think we will be looking at the long haul for a full cure for this disease, because as another poster mentioned, you need to be able to fullt eradicate the disease from the body. As with cancer, even five years on from being cancer free sufferers can get secondaries two decades on and die because a few cancer cells managed to hide in their bone marrow.

And also, it is irresponsible to say that AIDS/HIV has been cured without looking at the full facts. This is not a practicable cure with a high success rate. It is a last ditch attempt at trying to cure someone with full systemic failure of the immune system from opportunistic infection. As great a story as it is, the sad fact is, the majority of people which are dying from this disease will not be able to afford or will not want to go through this procedure with such risk.

The best any of us can do is to ensure we tell others that this is a disease, like cancer, that will probably take several more decades to cure. At the very least, it might stop someone you know from engaging in complacent, risky sexual activity.

posted on May, 17 2011 @ 09:11 AM
reply to post by kimish

i have also seen this, one test shows that they have HIV then when tested again they are HIV clear, maybe thats where they got the cure/gene from
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posted on May, 17 2011 @ 09:43 AM
reply to post by the.lights

No... Bone morrow is a stem cell. When you get a stem cell therapy, or bone morrow transplant, the recipients immune system is taken over by the donors. They didn't make this gene or anything, it actually a mutation that some people lack the receptor. There really isn't a conspiracy with it. They just would not be able to find enough donors for it to ever work. The latest stem cell developments are making so that they can be "programmed" to do different things. If they could somehow get one donor that's aids resistant, and then the patients stem cells, seperate small portions into the patients cells to program them to not replicate cells with the receptor(this way a little morrow can go alot further.) Stem cell therapy is the future. Someday, we are going to have stem-cell gel that we can eat or put on wounds and it will heal them 100%. No more scarring or anything. They've already done it actually. It should be legal everywhere, but it's not. It fixes to many things. They'll keep saying it's not tested enough while at the same time barely give any money to testing for it. It's works for everything diabetes, ms, parkinsons, strokes, cuts, ears, organs. Yeah.. I'm tired.

posted on May, 17 2011 @ 10:41 AM
A vaccine has been produced for AIDS before. Unfortunately, the virus seems to mutate enough rendering the vaccine useless within a short time. Should be interesting to see what happens.

posted on May, 17 2011 @ 10:44 AM
I'm not sure, as many medical professionals aren't either, whether HIV is anything to worry about to begin with.

How many of you know anyone that has died from HIV?

How many of you know anyone infected with HIV?

I know plenty of people that were diagnosed with HIV. I don't know ONE that has died from HIV or the supposed complications that come with it! They've been living with HIV it seems forever and are still healthy and kicking...without meds!

I had a cousin who was devastated she was diagnosed with HIV. I had a theory I wanted to try. I informed her to go to another doctor another practice. Inform them her family had just relocated from another state, etc. I informed her to tell the doctor she's married and they have a good marriage. Dress professional, talk and walk professional and inform the doctor she lives in one of our prominent zip codes.

She called me excited and relieved, and told me when she got her results she was diagnosed as being HIV negative!

There's something really fishy about this HIV thing. Have any of you ever researched it? It's the shadiest medical discover ever! It shouldn't be accepted because its discovery didn't follow the established scientific communities requirements.

Imagine if HIV was found to be nothing more than a retro-virus as many medical professionals proclaim. Imagine the lawsuits the government or medical community would face from people who have ostracized themselves or the loved ones of people who committed suicide due to the diagnosis!

posted on May, 17 2011 @ 10:49 AM
Awesome news, but just imagine if pharma "covers up" the discovery or buys out/assassinates anyone involved. Fortunately the news is already out and I think if anything were to happen people would not be happy. But you never know, these companies are so greedy they would rather people suffer and die every day so they can live luxurious lifestyles. If this new treatment becomes more easy to reproduce and for less of a financial cost to the individual, then it completely change things. Godspeed my friends.

And many blessings

posted on May, 17 2011 @ 10:52 AM
i really hope this is true. also makes me sad no one gives a rats ass that this is going on. i told me family and they think its a flase hope. and are tunred off by the fact that stem cell resurch was used to cure this man. if this gets swept under the carpet it will be pretty apparent that big goverment dose wnat these people to be cured and that they feed off of pain and suffering.

posted on May, 17 2011 @ 11:07 AM
The good news: They cured Aids.

The bad news...they cured Aids.
What this means to me (tin foil hat firmly on and sitting in my bunker as I write this). is that they must gain confidence in the peoples eyes. the next pandemic is due to launch, so they gotta cure the old school stuff and get people happy with how we take such stuff seriously.

So, lets see...they got the sexually transmitted disease killer done, whats next? food supply? Water? what next base instinct will they create a catastrophic consequence for to justify 30 years of spending, social engineering, and high profit margains by treatment in barely keeping someone alive..

ok, tin foil hat rant over....back to mainstream mindset.
Good news!!!
Time for wild public orgys...whoot
(pity they couldn't cure it before 2 of my friends died from it)

posted on May, 17 2011 @ 11:09 AM

Originally posted by DZAG Wright

How many of you know anyone that has died from HIV?

How many of you know anyone infected with HIV?

2 sadly. now, the argument can be made...did they die from hiv/aids, or did they die from the treatment...

posted on May, 17 2011 @ 11:13 AM
reply to post by pyrodude

Title is misleading.

AIDs has been cured already, whether it be Royal Rife or other natural cures.

posted on May, 17 2011 @ 12:44 PM

Originally posted by Anttyk47
It's great because it's AIDS and not HIV that it cures.

That didn't make sense to me. It allegedly does eliminate HIV.
From that same article ...

[...] first man in world history to have that HIV virus completely eliminated from his body [...]

posted on May, 17 2011 @ 09:04 PM
HIV lies dormant in the cell, so if they become cured, they could still have some hiv cells in them. Eventually they will all die though. Even if they burst open, the virus has no where else to go. I've never heard of that "royal rife" or whatever it is you called it. I'll have to check into it. I like to know all possible cures for things that our government says is incurable.

posted on May, 19 2011 @ 03:48 AM
Good point did they die from the treatment,,, the drugs to keep you alive are destructive cause serious harm to the body.
People DO DIE from HIV,, They also DIE form the drugs that keep them alive!.

There are two typ-es here in africa (simplified) slow acting and Rampant.
The rampant virus will kill you in a few months. The normal hiv drugs do NOT work with it. you die.
Africans love HIV,, the people that have it rarely get GREAT help, sure they can go get the antiretroviral drugs, but thats about it. many stay alive for some years, they eventually sucummb to the effects of the drugs along with lack of good foods and die.

The Africans that love HIV are the ones working for NGO's and others that give weekends away at resorts on HIV CAMPS, spending money ,, hotel room, food, learning how to tell someone they got hiv and learning the symptoms.. if ya saw one of these camps you would just wonder in amazement. Then there is the Cars, they need them to get out to the villages,, lol,,,,, got to be a VX LAND CRUSIER!.... and of course ever sector boss got to have one.. the GOAL of the under staff is to get to be a boss,, of course monthly pay checks make good incentives to go to the office, they needs computers too!,,,..

IT IS ALL ONE HUGE SCAM to get money,,, i often wonder if the figures are accurate or imaginary so as to get bigger allowances. YES, peopel are dying,,, every day i know people that are dying,,, and YES i have a cure, but the fear of wanting to live and breaking free of the western drug is like heaven and hell. SHoudl i or shouldnt i. Many sadly stay with the gov admin drugs.

Recently a Preacher in Tanzania has begun treating people for just $0.50cents he uses the same tree that i use to treat peope of this disease. Just about everyone in Tanzania even the heads of Government have been to take his TEA. He dosent accept any gifts or wealth only $0.50cents per cup. there are even boat loads of Arabs arriving to go visit him. he is simply called BABU of Loliondio. A preacher whom got a vision form God to go take this plant... his cure rates seem high, however although the hiv sufferers are becoming negative the cannot continue unless they drink daily for two months, one drink they will return to positive again in time.
I have friends that take people to this person now for treatment, he lives in a remote place very hard to get to, but there are thousands of cars going there dialy. He ha salso recieved protection fomr the government as he was starting to get threats of his safety... BABU heals Cancer, Diabetes, Eye problems, the list grows, it is an amazing plant,,,,

HIV is in short not what you think, it is curable. but even though we showed Clinton reps the results and the un reps this info they ignor it.... why i dont know but i am convinced they have no intention of really wanting to cure people.

Well thats a lot of rambling for today...

posted on May, 19 2011 @ 08:06 AM
Every time someone gets cured of aids, it always makes me question who reads anymore? Who studies history any more? Well, I do and have always found my "nuggets of truth" by just looking into the history of events surrounding such subject matter.

HIV was patented in 1984 as US Patent #4647773 and the cure for aids, US Patent #5676977 was filed for in 1997.

This and much more evidence was discovered by the late Dr. Boyd Ed Graves that proved that in 1971 the US funded a secret virus program that desired a virus that was race specific and that could not be cured by any conventional means. His investigation concluded that the HIV virus was intentionally developed as a weapon of mass genocide for race specific groups and was intended to control world population without the population knowing what was happening or why.

Just before Dr. Graves graduated with a law degree, a casual checkup determined that he had himself contracted AIDS and from that moment on, continued to pursue those that had created the virus, namely the US Government and the scientist that it used to develop such a killer virus.

In 2001 after creating such a stir in the media and in medical circles, Dr Graves was given the secret patent #5676977 for his aids and got well after years of HIV problems. HE got so well he soon began a campaign to bring the matter to the public. Upon being aided by the patented cure, he continuously pushed for investigation into the secret 1971 virus program and research and filed numerous cases in Federal court.

Suddenly and shortly thereafter, the patent owner, Dr. Marvin Antelman of Antelman Technologies pulled Tetrasil, the cure from all availability to the public and to the Dr. Graves.

Later, Dr. Boyd Graves would die in the University of California San Diego Medical Center in June of 2009, but not before naming the office of the presidency as being responsible for the secret research conducted to develop such a virus as HIV.
I am providing two links that expand anything I have mentioned and verify that I am only acknowledging historical facts.

If the links do not appear below due to some ATS rule or such, just Google Dr. Boyd Ed Graves, US Patent #5676977 and you will find all you need to know and much more about this ongoing historical conspiracy to intentionally cause the AIDS epidemic and the secret cures that we are not suppose to ask questions about.

This matter is indeed a touchy and sensitive subject matter that will not soon go away and I for one hope that one day, those responsible will be confronted and held accountable for their genocidal crimes against humanity.

Link with background information
Link to comprehensive article about Dr. Graves body of work.

posted on May, 19 2011 @ 08:18 AM

Originally posted by SaturnFX

Originally posted by DZAG Wright

How many of you know anyone that has died from HIV?

How many of you know anyone infected with HIV?

2 sadly. now, the argument can be made...did they die from hiv/aids, or did they die from the treatment...

I also know of one
TBH I'm not even sure what treatment was offered if any. This was way back - 20 years ago. The family obviously tried to pass his death of as cancer, but his heartbroken boyfriend eventually spilled the beans. Massive shame.

posted on May, 19 2011 @ 09:47 PM
Amazing the information posted since my last post. I don't believe a bit of it, and I read all of this years ago, and I damn guarantee you, I researched it too. Found all of it was hoaxes, and I have the opinion the hoaxes were purposefully created to kill as many people as possible. There's your conspiracy. And its funny when you research the AIDS denialists, you find most of them died...of AIDS.

There is no way that one person like me can make an argument about the misconceptions, people have their hard opinions, and few of them have any knowledge or experience with the disease. Some even have their own bias because they think it can only come from gay sex. And my guess is that there are few with the knowledge, personal experience, backbone, and nerve to jump in and try to make a good argument against attitudes.

And especially the heterosexuals, as they try to avoid the shame. I am treated well by my specialist, but if I go to have some common disorder treated by another specialist, I get grilled and shamed. I had to stop a doctor from performing surgery after he said he was looking for herpes and CMV in my stomach (with T-cell counts of 1300, it was not even a remote possibility of CMV, so I knew the doctor was fully biased and I was not even beginning to go under the knife with that kind of attitude cutting ME up). Another doctor wanted to test me for syphillis and gonohrrea when I went to emergency room for a spider bite! My brother brought me in and the nurse assumed he was my 'partner'. I know the shame inflicted on us and I FIGHT it.

Its getting better but by NO means is it gone. Everyone remembers the ACT UP demonstrations of the early 90's when gays invaded Congress and demanded FDA fast-track on new drugs (damn glad they fought the fight or the drugs would probably still be in testing now - some people may think the gay community was demanding favorable treatment...but they were hopeless at the time and had to do SOMETHING or the public would have just ignored them).

I have met the most recent director of ACT UP several years ago at a heterosexual conference. SHE is a middle-aged housewife with 4 kids and a professional career. She successfully spearheaded the campaign against Coca-Cola to make them give treatment to their employees in South Africa. Some heterosexuals have the nerve to speak. But VERY few. Way too much risk.

Some misconceptions I will try to sort out (and no I won't even touch the Dr. Graves hoax it is too ridiculous):

Magic Johnson - sure he is healthy, and sure he has money. That's a good thing for him. The drugs he takes (the same ones I take) are $4500 for a three month supply. No miracle or secret government cure there. They work. But the expense is crippling for people like me that pay for them.

Africa infections vs. US infections - for those that wonder why it was a 'gay' disease in the US but a 'heterosexual disease' in Africa? A simple answer that has been known for two decades - circumcision! The male-female path is well known, and male-male is obvious, but why is it so hard for males to get it from females? Because the male sexual organ has NO exposed immune cells with the CD4 and CCR5 receptor...unless the male is NOT circumcised, then the make has millions of Langherns' cells in the foreskin that can carry the virus to the bloodstream. The uncircumcised male is 8-10 times more likely to contract it from a female if they are 'natural'. Took me six months to figure this out, then I found a study in Uganda done by French researchers; the study was halted halfway thru when it became obvious that the uncircumcised male control group were getting infected at a high rate and the circumcised male group had NO infections. Ttwo more studies were performed over the years after, and those two studies were also terminated halfway thru for the same reason. Clinics in Africa have been overloaded ever since with males demanding circumcision.

Now the real conspiracy - why is a group in San Franscisco seeking to make circumcision illegal? Why has this been pushed as an unnecessary 'religious' procedure for the last 20 years? Because there are groups in the US that wish to increase the infection rate among heterosexuals to get more attention to the disease and a greater push for a cure (my opinion)! Sad for me but when you are born to a poor family with birth defects, some common procedures are skipped for economic reasons. Funny how this 'religious' procedure has more to do with biology than religion. Maybe the 'morality' taught in the Bible has more to do with biology than morality? I think there was a lot more wisdom in the old ways than we know....

The 'poisoning' from the drugs? Sure, there were many that died from the side effects in the early years. That was easy to figure out. Until 1996, the goal was to eradicate the virus, so the dosages were high, and the therapy was a monotherapy - a single drug. By 1996 researchers found a way to measure the viral load and actually see the effectiveness of the drugs, and they discovered the high mutation rate, and they could find it deep in tissues thru biopsy. Until then they could only specualte it was a retrovirus. Once this was discovered, they tried the new 'cocktail' therapy to make it harder for the virus to mutate around three different drugs, but they were still given at high dosages. By 2001 they gave up on eradication, and were testing lower dosages - this is when I got into the clinical trials.

Others can speculate about the drugs thru what they read on websites and see in the newspapers. I lived it, and I still live and I work for a living like anyone else. Just like Magic, and I have no goverment secret 'cure'. I started the trials with a 5-year limit. Extended to 10 years when the group made it thru 5 years, and the test combo became the standard for patients on their first-line regimen. Now after 10 years, it has been extended as a followup trial indefinitely - because all of the patients are still alive and healthy.

I will note this too. I was seeing a therapist who specialized in HIV sufferers. From 1989 thru 1997 she had 350 patients. There were only 42 remaining by 1997, but of those 42, only two more died because they refused to take the drugs (most likely because they saw too many friends die from AZT monotherapy and were scared of the treatment).

I can only note my experience - progressively sicker for 10 years, then dramatic loss of weight, overtaken by opportunistic infections....started the drugs and now I have high T-cell counts and no detectable virus.

You can debunk some of my assertions, but you cannot debunk my life. And my life debunks a lot of assertions I have seen here.
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posted on May, 22 2011 @ 02:45 AM
I agree that the government does not have a secret cure' if you take the time to do the research it is obvious why this isn't an easy thing to cure. As for the origin of hiv, I wouldn't be suprised if it was man made. Good luck to you. Glad the medicine helps.

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