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Remember when the US Army invaded China? Don't remember marching on Beijing? I do.

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posted on May, 14 2011 @ 10:02 AM

Originally posted by muzzleflash
The intention was to reveal that many people have been withheld important parts of our history that explain many of today's current situations.

I remember being taught about this in school. Maybe it's not so much a matter of "withheld" history as it is a matter of people just not having absorbed the info. Very few people have any real interest in history. Start quizzing people about any aspect of history, and the majority will fail.

As to who's version of history people are taught, what does it matter when they don't learn it in the first place? You can teach lies or teach truth, and most people won't remember it in 5 years. I meet people all the time who have no idea about any point in history. There's people out there who can't even tell you the date that 9/11 happened on (really!), let alone anything about Pearl Harbor, D-Day, Gettysburg, Concord, the Depression, prohibition, or anything else that happened more than a week ago. I don't see why the Boxer Rebellion would be any different. People just don't absorb things that have no direct bearing on them, and between this tendency and decline of education in general, I'm surprised when anybody actually learns anything.

posted on May, 14 2011 @ 03:18 PM

Originally posted by muzzleflash
Why doesn't anyone remember the US invasion of China?

Well it wasn't just the USA, we were part of a global alliance. Thousands of people died in battle, it was pretty sick.

I wonder why this isn't taught in American History ? US War vs China?
Oh yeah, because that's not what we call it. We call it something else. The Boxer Rebellion

And look at how arrogant we westerners really are. The Chinese dared fight back against our imperialism and we called them "Rebels". What kind of twisted double-speak backwards logic is that?? We were Invaders...

The Eight Nation Alliance was made up of :: USA, UK, Russia, Germany, Italy, Japan, France, and Austria-Hungary.
Year : 1898 -1901

Status : Ignored In American Public Schools and when mentioned, downplayed and smoke-screened with lies or half-truths.

Dead : Over 40,000 at least.

Why did the Chinese take arms? To oppose foreign Imperialism.

The uprising took place in response to foreign "spheres of influence" in China, with grievances ranging from opium traders, political invasion, economic manipulation, to missionary evangelism. In China, popular sentiment remained resistant to foreign influences, and anger rose over the "unequal treaties" (不平等條約), which the weak Qing state could not resist.

Look at this photograph, it's quite rare and impressive.

It shows soldiers standing side by side of the Alliance.

Left to right: Britain, United States, Russia, British India, Germany, France, Austria-Hungary, Italy, Japan.

Ever seen anything like that before?

Check this "famous" but actually totally forgotten painting depicting the US Army at battle in Beijing.

Print(reprodution) of the origional "I'll Try Sir," U.S. Army in Action historical painting, depicting the United States Army during the 14 August 1900 Allied Relief Expedition assault on the outer walls of Peking in China during the Boxer Rebellion.

Further information about this event.

During the fiercely opposed relief expedition to Peking in the Boxer Rebellion in 1900, when two companies of the U.S. Army's 14th Infantry Regiment were pinned by heavy fire from the east wall of the Tartar City and the Fox Tower between abutments of the Chinese City Wall near Tung Pien Gate, volunteers were called for to attempt the first perilous ascent of the wall. Trumpeter Calvin P. Titus of E Company immediately stepped forward saying, "I'll try, sir!" Using jagged holes in the stone wall, he succeeded in reaching the top. He was followed by the rest of his company, who climbed unarmed, and hauled up their rifles and ammunition belts by a rope made of rifle slings. As the troops ascended the wall artillery fire from Reilly's battery set fire to the Fox Tower. In the face of continued heavy Chinese fire, the colors broke out in the August breeze as the sign that U.S. Army troops had achieved a major step in the relief of the besieged Legations. For his courageous and daring deed in being the first to climb the wall, Trumpeter Titus was awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor.

I know crazy right? I was never taught about the US invasion of China as a kid. They told us about the Spanish-American War and then skipped right to WorldWar1. Well, this is what happened right after the S-A War.

And what did the Global Alliance of Imperialists do to the Chinese patriots who dared to stand up in the face of tyranny? They executed them.
This is the least graphic photo I could find.

You should see the photo where the Japanese were beheading them. It's on the Wikipedia page, but I will not post the photo here at ATS because it's graphic. Here is the link. DISCRETION ADVISED! Graphic, View at own Risk

There is far worse than this. Far more graphic.

Why do so few people actually know anything about this event?

Here is why friends. Because we have been lied to and tricked and mislead about our own history for ages. Certain things are covered up or ignored while other things are focused on far more than they should be.

The Boxer Rebellion is an example of the NWO invading a resistant nation for imperialistic and profit based reasons. But aha! This Global Order of Imperialist Nations were already in action over 110 years ago. Surprise surprise.

This is just the tip of the iceberg. This is nothing compared to what has been hidden or ignored.

I remember when the US Army teamed up with Russia and the rest of the gang to invade China. Do you?

If you didn't know about this, shouldn't you be angry with your leaders for trying to manipulate your perception of American military history? (Or if you are from one of the other alliance nations - what about your history lessons?)

I don't know if this is taught in grade school in Europe or Japan, but I sure as hell know here in the USA it is largely ignored, downplayed, and lied about consistently when it is brought up.

I could go on forever about the coverup of history and what has been hidden from us. I suggest everyone read the wiki article and do google searches on the subject if they want to learn more about our Real History.

Maybe it's time the 8 nation alliance comes clean and apologizes formally and publicly to the Chinese people for what we did 110 years ago? I think that would be a honorable thing to do, personally.

Enjoy the reading friends. I will add more if I see anything significant that should be pointed out.

Thanks. I knew about the boxer rebellion but I forgot about it years ago, and thanks to you am gonna revisit my history. These elitists have not only hidden history but also twisted around the little history we know. sad

posted on May, 14 2011 @ 04:52 PM

Originally posted by muzzleflash
and what did the Global Alliance of Imperialists do to the Chinese patriots who dared to stand up in the face of tyranny? They executed them.
This is the least graphic photo I could find.

You should see the photo where the Japanese were beheading them. It's on the Wikipedia page, but I will not post the photo here at ATS because it's graphic. Here is the link. DISCRETION ADVISED! Graphic, View at own Risk

If you didn't know about this, shouldn't you be angry with your leaders for trying to manipulate your perception of American military history? (Or if you are from one of the other alliance nations - what about your history lessons?)

I don't know if this is taught in grade school in Europe or Japan, but I sure as hell know here in the USA it is largely ignored, downplayed, and lied about consistently when it is brought up.

It dosen't show who is responsible for the executions in this photo, but I know that the Japanese army was the one that commited the worst war atrocities against the Chinese. The Americans were too busy checking out chicks

posted on May, 14 2011 @ 07:21 PM
reply to post by muzzleflash

This is what I was trying to get razachell to understand when she said that if we just threw out our televisions they would not be able to control us any longer.

The fact remains the NWO, aka the illuminati has been feeding us manipulating lies for centuries, through distorted history facts, etc, within the educational institutes that they own and monopolize.

Its why I don't have a lot of respect for so called educated people with degrees, and doctrates.etc. I think that sciences and maths are the most reliable as far as truth, although the means in how they get some of their analysis in medicine is questionable ,to say the least .

As far as I understand it, the institutes of medicine and science are still very much in the grips of the NWO, and work very much for their agendas.

posted on May, 15 2011 @ 01:11 PM

Originally posted by gabby2011
reply to post by muzzleflash

As far as I understand it, the institutes of medicine and science are still very much in the grips of the NWO, and work very much for their agendas.

Wow, an NWO apologist. LOL. If you think they rule you, keep it to yourself IMO.

posted on May, 16 2011 @ 11:18 AM

Originally posted by BanMePlz

Originally posted by gabby2011
reply to post by muzzleflash

As far as I understand it, the institutes of medicine and science are still very much in the grips of the NWO, and work very much for their agendas.

Wow, an NWO apologist. LOL. If you think they rule you, keep it to yourself IMO.

|Are you sure you understood the meaning of the post?

posted on May, 16 2011 @ 01:50 PM
Not Surprise OP..

I remember years ago.. in some forum (I don't remember which). Someone claims that the "Opium War" was not even about Opium, and pointed to a BBC documentary named "The Opium War".

I watched that Documentary and was largely surprise that Opium was not even mentioned Once during the whole program. BBC is indeed the mouth piece of the British Government,

Seriously, even the whole Tibet issues, was manipulated. Did you guys know that the British invaded Tibet in 1904 ? and occupied it for another 30 years ? even tried to "Free Tibet" so as to adsorb it, by trying all sort of tricks. Simla convention, McMahon Line and even had them declare independent while under occupation ? If Tibet was indeed independent, British wouldn't need to do all those crap.

posted on May, 16 2011 @ 07:18 PM
The opium war itself was a method by which China was being drained of silver during this period. The opium trade began in 1720 with imports, was expanded massively once the British conquered North India and increased opium production there from 1750 to 1800, got worse once the Qing forbade import and domestic production of opium in 1800, and ended in the opium smoking ban of 1813. This led to increased black markets and covert importing as the Chinese leisure and lower class had been thoroughly hooked by this late stage. The real squeeze began as payment for the now-illegal opium was demanded in silver, resulting in China going from a net importer of silver to a net exporter of it. (I'm not sure when payment for opium in silver went from often to a 'demand'). This imbalance of trade, at the height of which opium imports exceeded the value of all(!) exports, drained China of its silver resources (indeed a massive amount of wealth by hooking everyone on opium and asking for silver in payment) and is what sparked this invasion (Rebellion, lol!) once the Chinese situation became untenable.
(*Note: Although this is from notes from a University-level history class, aka prolly mainstream, the prof was Chinese so her Chinese history is probably better than most)

posted on May, 18 2011 @ 02:28 AM
reply to post by nateandcourt

i was going to mention tiananmen square but then caught your post so i won't mention it now. But i agree no sympathy

posted on May, 22 2011 @ 02:17 PM

Originally posted by yourmaker
makes me believe that if the chinese ever knew this they would want to retaliate to it's fullest extent.

EVERY chinese knows this and believe me they have not forgotten. Think about it, after the Boxer rebellion as it is commonly known, the Chinese signed what is now know as Hong Kong over to the British. Why? Simple - the Chinese as anybody who has read Lao Tze's Art of War will know are long term planners. By signing Hong Kong over to the British the Chinese knew that the island would be completely modernised and that money would pour into the country from the West and that by agreeing to a 100 year lease they would benefit in the long run. When Hong Kong was given back to the Chinese it was one of the busiest ports for shipping in the world, one of the top 10 holiday destinations worldwide and completely modernised. Not only that but for 100 years the Chinese were able to spy on the Westeners gaining vast amounts of knowledge about the military,technology,medicine and most tellingly about how we think because western philosophy is completely different to Eastern philosopy. A wise man once said - Before you can defeat your enemy, you have to know them and yourself - and guess what -we know very little about China but the Chinese know BOTH and are just biding their time.

posted on May, 23 2011 @ 04:29 AM
HI OP, good piece,

I knew about this because a lot of kung fu movies I own mention the boxer/opium wars.

But someone once said, History is written by the winners, so I am not surprised they want to hide this under the carpet.

I never learned about this at school either, so I don't think a lot of people know about this.

Oh well, at least the Chinese remember it, I once read a piece about how much treasures they took from the forbidden city and was sick after reading that, if we can't win an invasion alone, we'll make sure that others will join for bounty and profit, the cost of human lives is just another small sacrifice on the path of greed.

posted on May, 24 2011 @ 11:05 AM
Most of what you are taught in school are outright lies, now called "spin".

The US has been at war of one kind or another for almost its entire history. There have been a few periods of ten years or so in between some but that's it. Don't tell you about all that, do they? Here is a partial timeline:

Let's start with the American revolution, shall we? We "won" that war, right? Then how come King George dictated the terms for the Treaty of Paris at the end? Since when does the loser dictate the terms after a war? Ever wonder about that? I doubt it, because they won't mention it in school. Check out who we were making a treaty with:

"In the name of the most holy and undivided Trinity.

It having pleased the Divine Providence to dispose the hearts of the most serene and most potent Prince George the Third, by the grace of God, king of Great Britain, France, and Ireland, defender of the faith, duke of Brunswick and Lunebourg, arch-treasurer and prince elector of the Holy Roman Empire..."

Note that he called himself king of GB, FRANCE and Ireland.....France LENT the US lots of money for the Revolution.....if George III was also their king, why would he lend money to the enemy? And also note he was Arch Treasurer of the VATICAN. Hmmmm.

What about the War of 1812? I seem to remember that being glossed right over in school. Any Americans here remember being taught ANYTHING about that one? Seems kind of weird, if we had just "won" the revolution twenty years before, and here we go getting invaded again? And we sort of "won" that one too, right?

Fact is, the US is simply the military wing of the Vatican, and has been almost constantly at war with the entire world since its inception. Strange, huh?

Actually, haven't any of you read this giant thread here?
He spells it out in great is mind blowing...the Boxer Rebellion is but a tiny blip in the Perpetual War against the entire world that you are paying your taxes to support....

posted on Aug, 4 2011 @ 11:24 PM
First of all, I want to thank muzzleflash for the great post. I am very grateful that you've put this up today, talked about it fairly and objectively, and most of all, my greatest appreciation is how you said the people have the right to know, so they understand what had happened. One must first know the mistake before one can correct for a better future. I fully stand by you and agree on it.

Second, I will like to share my thoughts here because I feel it is very important, and can help everyone who followed this thread, to understand what seemed to be a small event in history, had actually been one of the most influencing events in Chinese history and the entire Chinese civilization. Why I say that is because I am from HK and then raised in Canada, so yes, I am a Han Chinese. (citizenship-wise, I am Canadian and HK citizen. I don't have PRC citizenship, and I won't forfeit my dual citizenship for it) I also studied history, Chinese history, minoring in IR in a Canadian institute, and I have been following on international affairs all these years. Coupled with that, my cultural background and heritage is Chinese, so I understand the Chinese people's mentality minus the CCTV and Communist propaganda. My education was from either HK, textbooks, or Canada. I need to state these clearly first-hand before I have to go through endless responses to accusations of me being pro-Communist or something. Another thing before I start, what must be brought to attention is, when I say Chinese, I am referring to the general public and the people, no matter which government. Also at no point will I be referring to CCP unless I mention explicitly.

First of all, the Opium War, the series of unequal treaties, and the wars fought against the imperialist powers at the time were shameful enough for China, but nothing struck us harder than the 8-nations alliance. It was our worst moment in history (equivalent of America's 9/11, but worse, because while US was struck by terrorism, we were invaded by multiple nations). The anger and hatred had never been greater before, because the humiliation came at the time when we were weakest, and we witnessed FIRST-HAND of what others would do to us if we were weak. This served as a wake-up call for our people, and ever since then, we NEVER(not even a single-bit), trusted the West. The mentality lingered to this day, and it was further fueled by racism towards overseas Asians, stereotypical media portrayal of Asians(think of all the kungfu Triads, heavy-accented bucktooth slit eyes, and exotic Asian women..those were all insulting and extremely degrading), Asian fetish, bias media depiction of China, and political maneuvers against China.

To demonstrate how much this mentality carried on, when I was in HK, our history textbooks talked about the origins of HK and the 8-nations alliance. Since HK doesn't have any true political affiliation, so what we learned were completely based on the purpose of our history, and even when it was taught in HK, it was a reminder of how other foreign powers had treated us. This issue carries very heavy sentiment, to the point if anyone visits Yuan Ming Yuan in Beijing today, the ruins of the Garden still remained the way it was from the last time pillage. It was left in its state to serve as a reminder for the people of what had happened.

Another demonstration of contemporary fuels to this mentality was the Beijing Olympics. To us Chinese, it was a proud moment because we considered it a glory to hold the flame, but what the West went out of their way to put out the flame. To us the images of protestors attempting to wrestle the flame from us brought us all the old sentiments, and FUELED this mentality further. Unless those protestors were trying to tell the Chinese people they hate us, they aren't delivering the message of "Tibetan Independence" if that's their primary objective. Not only did they not, they just provoked the ill-feelings even further by doing so. To add fuel to the fire, in 2009 and 2009's riots, many Han Chinese were killed; entire families were beheaded. The CCP(Chinese Communist Party, China's government) permitted foreign press to enter to get live coverage. One must understand it was CCP's attempt to open up further, but what the foreign press had done only proved nothing but negative. What ended up happening was, instead of reporting the true story from a neutral standpoint, they downplayed the slaughters done to the Han Chinese(the group being attacked). Not only that, they even misinterpreted images of a Han hospital victim as a minority. All of these were brought to light in China, which led us to be furthermore disgusted by the West. The West can't share our happiness, but will step on our sorrow.

Click here

Lastly, 8-nations alliance was this event which led to the Chinese pursuit of a strong military in the recent decade. What we had learned was what happened if we were weak, which was proven with the Sino-Japanese Wars, the MacArthur's intentions to nuke China during the Korean War, and the constant assertive political measures US had taken towards China in the recent decades. If one pays attention to Chinese history, PRC went into an era of peacetime following the last conflict and focused on modernization and enhancing its military. The recent years of pace had picked up further, and all these demonstrative resolve to prevent 8-nations alliance from ever happening again.

Another major effect that the 8-nation alliance had led to was Chinese people's awareness of home soil. Because the foreign powers carved the entire country up for spheres of influences, secession of Chinese lands had become a symbolic humiliation and sign of weakness. This was why the Chinese will be completely unyielding when it comes to Taiwan Independence. Although Xinjiang and Tibet were part of Qing territories at that time, I won't get into it because I don't want to start talking about that. (I'm really tired already)

Today's Chinese military, PLA, is completely bent on 1. Protecting China's sovereignity, particularly the homeland. 2. Protecting its people 3. Bent on peaceful rise 4. No First-Use of Nuclear weapons 5. Ensure national integrity, being explicitly referring to Taiwan and all other separatist movements ( there are no debates in regards to Taiwan, but once again, I don't want to talk about Tibet and Xinjiang because it's another topic and I'm getting really tired) Rest assured, China, like its historic past, will not use utilize its military for conducting aggressions against another state. (NK in Korean War was on the speculations that US-led troops may attempt to enter China after capturing Pyongyang), (if you exclude the Xinjiang and Tibet, the other times PLA was deployed were concerning border disputes with India, Vietnam and the Spraty Islands. For Sino-India war and Sino-Vietnam war, the PLA successfully won and pushed into their borders, but then voluntarily and quickly withdrawn all its own troops back to their side. The latter 2 wars are up to dispute, because there weren't any real confirmations that can come to universal agreement.

Conclusion: The Chinese civilization is one of the greatest in the history. Throughout its lifetime, most of the turmoil involves internal struggles between parties or against the Mongolians. When it's not and the civilization was in its glory ages, it had never made any imperialistic conquests. The intrusion by foreign powers in late-Qing and the last century had not only waken up the dragon, but also forever changed the games and ways of how the Chinese sees the world. Not only did we learned from our toughest time in history, we've also learned to be strong, but also never to ever trust the West. The memoirs of shame and humiliation continues to this day, and thus while China struggles to rise and not get bullied again, anything the West had done in attempts to undermine us, will only add fuel to the fire of a lingering memory that perhaps will not be forgotten for a long time.

One must understand that whichever governments it is, whether CCP or others, the people are still the same, and so will the mentality. Many in the West mistakenly thought it was Communist propaganda which drove Chinese patriotism, but no propaganda can give the same message with the same depth of searing pain, as history had. What we saw happened during the Beijing Olympics and what the West had done to contain China in the recent years, all served to us to be further reminders of the 8-nations alliance, a proof of what the foreigners are doing, and further justifications of our mentality. I hope what I've written today, and what you people have learned about the 8-nations alliance, can give some understanding of understanding Chinese.

One thing I'm glad that muzzleflash had brought up was, that this post was an excellent demonstration that we didn't make things up when we say it; we had true backing of reasons before going forth on something. And most importantly, when one denotes China, we Chinese people rarely take it that you're referring to the government; we take it in as you people directing the attack to us.
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posted on Aug, 6 2011 @ 01:40 PM
China is about to be gang raped by US/Europe/and Russia again.

There is NO possible way China can fend off what's coming to them. They are going to be slaughtered.

posted on Nov, 20 2011 @ 04:17 PM

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posted on Nov, 22 2011 @ 10:04 AM

Originally posted by 11andrew34
Lol this thread is 'history for dummies.'

Look...if you were on the normal kids track in school, you probably just skipped it because there's a lot to cover and normal track kids won't do much of the assigned reading anyway, so you just can't cover very much.

If you were on a college prep track and took AP history courses or whatever, you know about this.

The imperialism happened before the so called 'imperialistic invasion' in the OP.

The "invasion" itself was a justified relief expedition to save people trapped in besieged embassies.

It was anything but a spontaneous uprising. Their Empress made it happen. The whole thing was stupid. It didn't solve anything and got a lot of people killed. But to set the 'Boxers' (we'd call them martial artists today) on all the foreigners was the basic plan. It started with gangs attacking random foreign people in the streets and abusing and/or killing them, and culminates in crowds surrounding the embassies.

Every country freaks out when their embassies are attacked because they are supposed to be sovereign territory by agreement. Respect for that principle is a fundamental part of the foundation for international diplomacy.

So obscure, so covered up...

...that you can watch an academy award nominated hit movie about it from 1963 starring Charlton Heston, Eva Gardner(Frank Sinatra's girlfriend), and David Niven. "55 Days at Peking"

The Opium wars are indeed a nasty piece of work.

Mostly, the UK were the ones reaping the benefits, but the Opium trade did make some Americans very very wealthy as well.

In particular, Russell and Company left a ton of money to Yale. Oh and an heir to the 'Russell Trust' (aka all that money in a legally protected form) founded a little club there called the Skull and Bones. Dun dun DUNNNNN!!!!

The Chinese government was corrupt and complicit while publicly blaming foreigners.

The fact is, there were Chinese people who saw the obvious solution, advocated it, and were marginalized by their own people.

The solution was Chinese legalization of the opium trade, which would crash the inflated black market price of opium and thus the economic damage would be minimized as very little money would leave the country.

After all, that much was under Chinese control, wasn't it?

The same ridiculous arguments that kept alcohol prohibition going for so long in the US, and which keep world wide drug prohibition in general going today were used.

The smartest reply to this thread yet! Yes we learned it in US schools. No its not really all that important considering WW1 was only 20 years away. Its more interesting from the stand point that it sees nations that are enemies only 20 years down the road joining forces. Very minor episode in reality.

posted on Mar, 9 2013 @ 12:06 AM
reply to post by nateandcourt

I am a Chinese student and study in the U.S. now. I want to say that these piece of history is not our textbook, and every man will learn to remeber it when they in elementary school, middle school, and high school. These pictures also appears in our textbooks. I cant say that 100% Chinese remeber this history, but I can say that more than 70% of the Chinese know that. We called it "the eight-power allied forces invade China". We also remeber the Ffirst Opium War, and the Second Opium Was. We remeber these history of humiliation. So, just let you know. We dont remeber. Never, ever.

posted on Mar, 9 2013 @ 12:12 AM
reply to post by muzzleflash

I don't know about you, but I was taught about the Boxer Rebellion. And by the way, if you were going to whine about American Imperialism or whatever, maybe you could have mentioned that the U.S. force was quite small and was only involved in securing the safety of U.S. citizens. The response to the Boxer Rebellion was not a U.S. invasion, if anything it was led by the Russians, British, Germans, and French, all of whom sent far more significant forces to China than we did. This looks like you typical anti-military post to me.

posted on Mar, 9 2013 @ 04:32 AM
reply to post by muzzleflash

You´re funny. You argue your subjective reality against the objective facts that we all could witness.

One word: delusional.

Sometimes I am amazed what people will believe.

posted on Mar, 9 2013 @ 04:58 AM
What I find rather Ironic, is the role played in the Opium Wars by the Hong Kong and Shanghai Bank, who made fortunes traffiking in opium. Now, here we are all these years later, and HSBC, yes, that same organisation, has just been slapped with a big fine for laundering $Billions in drug money.

Talk about sticking to your roots! I guess the trade was always going to be just too profitable to get out of it, even if it has been illegal for so long.

These days though, they just get a nominal fine, say sorry - we promise not to be naughty again - and then it's business as usual.

Banks! I have passed better things after a night on beer and curry!
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