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All Roads Lead to Rome

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posted on Apr, 25 2010 @ 07:09 AM

The Plan for a One World Government and New World Order.


One of the most popular subjects and matters of contention here on ATS, are the New World Order Conspiracies. Some people are convinced that behind the scenes lays a powerful shadow government and organization dedicated to the proposition of a One World Government that drives and manipulates political events towards it. While others believe that this is all a myth and fabrication to play upon and manipulate our fears of such a world for other nefarious reasons. While some, believe neither, that we live in a world of random events, unrelated, and unconnected, that is naturally evolving in reactionary ways.

So today this April 25th, the anniversary of Earth Day whose ultimate goal is to institute that One World Government, and indeed so many of the mechanisms of it has been put in place, by the United Nations, a world wide holiday to commemorate that we are all one people, and share this one world together, it’s time to take a real hard look at the planet we all live on and just what is going on with it, and on it.

Now whether you are a hardened skeptic, patriot, or proponent of One World Government, or a pacifist, environmentalist or statist or nationalist, I think we can all agree with a couple of things.

One is that our planet is engaged in nonstop warfare and violence, and has been for thousands of years, and two, that many people around the globe are starving and destitute despite an abundance of resources and technology that makes that unnecessary.

In fact most of us, if not all of us, accept this violence, and deprivation as a part of life and the world, that we can really do nothing about.

So a very interesting question becomes why, do we believe that this violence and deprivation is something we accept and can do nothing about.

To find out the answers, we must travel back, on the roads that brought us here, and as we travel back, we shall discover how All Roads Lead to Rome!

In the Beginning

Legend tells us that a great flood had swept the land. Different cultures and different religions tell of this great flood, from the Bible and Noah’s Ark, to the Babylonians and their Creation Stories, to the Maya and their hieroglyphs.

While we might never know what caused this flood, it is likely safe to assume this flood occurred, whether it was the poles reversing themselves because of a completion of the Galaxy’s orbit, as many believe will occur again on 2012, or and Ice Age melting and flooding the lands, or a displeased God unhappy with the people and their ways are all speculations. None of us were there, none of us can really know for sure, because none of us were there, but it’s likely based on so much archeological and scripture reference that at some point several thousand years ago humanity suffered this apocalypse and had to start all over again.

Where did it start, it started in Troy.

Located near modern day Constantinople, the city the Roman Emperor Constantine founded to herald in the new age of Christianity, Troy lay very near, the reputed resting place of Noah’s Ark, Mt. Ararat in Turkey.

Its founders likely were survivors of the great flood, and knew of the wonders of the World before the flood. Legends of Atlantis, a mythical, ancient and advanced civilization spring to mind. Legends later told of by the Greeks, who would come to play a central role, in how events of the new civilizations would unfold.

To understand more, we must understand more about three important city-states, Troy, Athens and Sparta.

The Trinity, a Tale of Three Cities


As the temperate and fertile Eastern Mediterranean lands developed into civilization, three cities, and three different philosophies would collide and converge in an epic struggle for predominance and dominance.

The Trojan Wars of Homer’s Iliad one of humankind’s oldest written stories was born of this struggle.

Troy represented the Gods, the bloodlines of the pre-flood world, the technologies and spirituality saved from those days. The belief that divine universal forces, that could be called upon and evoked through prayers and offerings, with distinct personalities and powers, could aide and benefit humankind directly, if they were respected and appeased and obeyed.

Athens would come to represent the Wisdom of Man, the great Philosophies and Philosophers, who would ponder the meaning of life and the universe in humanistic and not spiritualistic forms. While they paid homage to the same God’s the Trojans did, they were searching for something more, and different, internally in human terms, to understand the mind, and heart and soul in human ways, and to develop a form and system of conduct based upon them. One of these was a concept we are all familiar, Democracy, that believe that every free man and woman should have a voice, in how we live and live with one another and are governed.

Sparta would come to represent courage and warfare, human’s desire to dominate others through force, power, violence and cunning, and strength of arms. They too would pay homage to the Gods of Troy which they shared with Athens, and they too like the Athenians were looking to carve their place in the world. To master it and become the Masters of it, through their own decided approaches.

Inevitably these three would clash.

But let us look a moment at how that struggle between these three city-states, mirrors our own internal struggles.

The Trinity a Tale of Being Human

Many would argue inside us exist three different entities, two that we are quite familiar with, Freud would call these the Id and the Ego, and the Chinese philosophers the Ying and the Yang.


They represent the conscious hemispheres of the human mind. The left side of the brain, the right side of the brain, each an almost exact duplicate of the other, divided down the middle and joined together.

The Left Side of the Brain = Sparta

It is full of desires, impetuousness, and courage and cunning; it tempts us constantly with pleasures and vanities, and encourages us to pursue them, by any and all means.

The Right Side of the Brain = Athens

It is contemplative, and considered, cautions and intro and retrospective, it observes and weighs, and quantifies and qualifies, it battles the Left Brain’s impulses, trying to apply its own yardstick to when it is safe and wise and right to pursue or not pursue the things the Left Brain desires.

The Higher Subconscious Self = God, Universal Knowledge and Power = Troy

The Id, Ego and Super Ego according to Freud

The Ying and the Yang from the Tao

No matter what religion you are or aren’t, whether you are even atheist, or agnostic, we all have questions, why we are here, who we are, the real purpose of our existence, and a inherent suspicion that in the grand scheme of things that there is more to our lives in our sentient and corporal, temporal states than meets the eye. Our Higher Subconscious Self is neither as concerned nor preoccupied with the physical things and esthetics that our Left Brain and Right Brain are, it thinks in higher spiritual terms, in universal terms, in terms of what is beyond the veil of this life, and our brief time here. Troy was dedicated to these propositions understanding the Universe through the Gods and their powers and the path to the higher self.

They saw themselves above the Athenians and the Spartans, for this reason, while the Spartans and Athenians each believed that there way was the correct way.

The Spartans would ask, what do you want, and then go out and get it, by taking it.

The Athenians would ask, who are you, and as they defined it, try to create it.

The Trojans would ask, what am I, and look to the heavens and the earth and the Gods to decipher it.

Eventually Sparta and Athens would ally themselves to battle the Trojans. A battle that history tells us they won after many years and much blood shed.

But did they win.

Now we must begin to look at phonetics, to sounds, and the powerful vibrations that they create when uttered and thought, to begin understanding more.

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posted on Apr, 25 2010 @ 07:10 AM

Rome = Roam

Legend tells us as Troy fell, through trickery and deception of the Trojan horse, one of its greatest heroes and princes so beloved by the God’s with their aid escaped the doomed city.

Aeneas would make his way from Troy via Carthage, to Italy where his descendents Romulus and Remus would found on seven fabled hills along the Tiber a city named Rome.

Rome though would be like no other city or nation before it. It would not be dependent upon just one philosophy or one way, instead, it would learn to incorporate the best of them all, into an ever evolving system, meant to constantly and progressively be superior to all that stood before it and all that opposed it.

The Gods of Troy would have their place, the Wisdom and Democracy of Athens would fit right in to, and so would the insatiable desire for conquest and more, and the courage of Sparta.

Rome would become the first multicultural state. As it expanded rapidly it did so with an inviting and almost irrepressible entreaty.

“Rome offers you War or Peace; it matters not to Rome which you decide”

The Romans would in fact travel far and wide, allowing the neighboring kings, kingdoms and peoples to join it willingly, and to then incorporate the best of those new ideas, and sciences, into their own, along with their Gods and religious beliefs, or if they failed to join willingly, Roman would conquer them by force of arms and do the same.

The more Rome expanded, the more it incorporated, the more diverse it became, the more unstoppable it became.

As its stature and legends and power grew, so too did its enemies in their determination to not be swallowed by it.

A Second Tale of Three Cities, the Evolution of the Trinity of City-States

While Greece, Sparta, Egypt and others would fall relatively easy under Roman hegemony two other City States would pose problems for Rome in at times exasperating and costly ways.


Carthage and Rome were on a collision course practically from the beginning. When Aeneas fled Troy he took refuge at first in Carthage, where its princess and then queen would fall in love with him, and beg him to marry her. Aeneas though rescued by the Gods from death at Troy had a destiny to Roam and to Rome and would reject her, leaving her a spurned woman who would burn herself alive on the pyre she had built to burn all her gifts to him left behind when he set off for Italy.

The enmity between the Carthaginians and the Romans was a particularly bitter one, made all the more bitter as Rome having taken over all of the Italian boot, and Greece and portions of Egypt and Africa became a true sea power.

The Carthaginians were first and foremost merchants, masters of the seas, and the trade routes, and the competition Rome was now providing as it sought to emulate this new aspect of trade, international trade and profit through it, was galling and profit robbing for the Carthaginians.

Rome was learning a new trick, vying competitively for the same lucrative markets, and building a fleet and navy to rival Carthage’s.

Rome was determined to roam to wherever fortune might take it, to display the courage and cunning of the Spartans to dominate and conquest those that stood in its way, to use the wisdom of the Athenians in incorporating them productively into their system.

In this process Rome would establish one of many enduring things that still affect the world to this day in controlling ways.

The Laws of the Sea!

Maritime and Common Roman Laws are the basis of the laws that bind us all into a governing system still to this day.

Maritime Law


Jerusalem, would pose another challenge for Rome in serious ways. The Hebrews had for centuries been wandering in and out of Middle Eastern Kingdoms from Babylon to Egypt, as Slave Traders, Mercenaries, Artisans and Craftsman, Masons, and Political Advisors and Financiers.

There unnamed God(s) were associated with magical and mystical celestial events, and generally feared, as they earned a Separate but Equal status for their race.

Unlike the Semites who populated the area, the Hebrew too, were from the Anatolia region of Armenia and Turkey, fair skinned and light eyed. They too like the Trojans dated back to the time of the great flood, and in their wandering they had amassed great riches through their wheeling and dealings, machinations and sometimes outright thievery.

Above all Rome’s desire to roam and conquest required gold, gold to equip men and armies, gold to build ships, gold to build roads, gold to bribe Kings into submission when it was cheaper than the cost of armed conflict. Gold to feed the hungry citizens of Rome whose birthright was free bread and circuses.

The Hebrew Tribes had Gold to lend, and Gold to tax, and like the smart business people they were, they recognized they had a real leverage in that. A leverage that would tax Rome itself at times, as it sought to borrow, what it could not tax or steal to finance its expansion.

The Hebrews would teach the Romans the principles of usury, loaning money, and gaining power as a lender and creditor and how to leverage these things.

Wikipedia Usury

Jewish Encyclopeida Usury

Part of today’s system of fractional reserve banking and fiat de facto instrument of debt currencies, run by central banks, are all regulated through the International Monetary Fund, and institution created by the United Nations at it’s birth, to principally enslave nations to debt, and to control them through debt.

International Monetary Fund

Bread and Circuses

Bread and Circuses

As Rome expanded it was by and large a very good place to live for its day. The Roman Republic had developed a system of representative democracy very similar to our own, the Laws were précise and fixed, judgments were not arbitrary nor capricious and Roman Citizens had extreme privileges and rights in this system.

One of them was Bread and Circuses, poor Roman plebes of the common class who could not feed themselves were guaranteed free bread by the state, and sundry entertainments from theatre and plays, to music to gladiatorial combat and other forms of sports.

It was a costly system, but a system that served Rome’s Patrician Senatorial and Political Class citizens well. Power and position meant opportunity for more wealth in the Roman Republic, much like it does in our Republic.

Citizen’s votes were highly sought after and many Patricians were all too happy to buy them.

Rome’s citizens enjoyed the highest standard of living in the world, fresh running water, free baths to stay clean and sanitary, medicine and sciences and technologies unrivaled anywhere else.

Yet it came at a price. The price of constant conquest, to rob the less organized kingdoms of their gold and wealth and enslave their citizens into the service of Rome, to constantly build and expand and pay for these amenities and luxuries.

Slavery would defer the cost, but at the expense of jobs, jobs for the citizens, so keeping the increasingly unemployed Roman citizen fed, and entertained and happy with their state in life was paramount.

In time this would prove to be a great problem.

A problem both in cost and control, at one point the slaves’ outnumbered free citizens of Rome two to one. One Senator famously proposed placing armbands on the slaves so all could tell the difference between who was free and who was a slave on Rome’s teeming streets, to which the other Senators replied are you mad, and have them know how many of them there are?

Eventually a new system of slavery would be required, one that allowed the slaves to think they were free so they would never have a need to rebel.

Taxation as Slavery

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posted on Apr, 25 2010 @ 07:10 AM
Rome would learn to adapt in incredible ways.

Yet another great challenge confronted Rome.

To serve in the Roman Armies you had to be a free citizen, and not of the Plebian Class, but one who owned land. The Romans believed if you did not own a piece of Rome you had nothing to die for.

To further the perspective of the true Roman Warrior, you likewise had to also be single, with no wife and no children. The Romans believed you would not hold your ranks and stand firm in a pitched battle if you had something to live for.

Yet as these brave landed free Romans died in war after war and battle after battle, with no heirs to leave their lands to, three things continually happened.

The first was that the Patrician Class in the Senate often bought the lands, on the cheap, consolidating more and more of Rome’s productive farm land into fewer and fewer hands. Much like today the corporations consolidate more and more of lucrative businesses and commerce into fewer and fewer hands.

The second thing was that they were more often than not to use slaves to work the lands, and jobs became more and more scarce. Much like the corporations today, use automated robots and assembly lines or cheap foreign workers.

The third was that fewer and fewer Free Romans owned land, and had no wives and children, to join the army.

Sulla and Caesar a Tale of Two Dictators

Rome like today’s republics was not short of its political intrigues and machinations. The Roman Republic was set up to be balanced. Two Consuls would lead the Roman State as equals; one would field Rome’s Armies in the wars, while another would stay in Rome to preside over the Senate. The Senate represented the Patrician class by and large; the Tribune of the Plebes represented the common man with a veto over the Senate. The Consuls also had Veto Power.

Romans were ambitious by nature, and Sulla took this to the extreme. Sulla was born of relative modest means and little social standing, but had the good fortune to marry well and choose his consorts well, all of whom were wealthy, and all of whom would die untimely deaths leaving their fortunes to him.

When through perhaps the most adept political maneuvering Rome had ever seen he was elected Consul along with Gaius Marius he won the prestige of being able to field Rome’s armies, while Gaius stayed in Rome.

Sulla would have exceptional luck there, too, earning the highest, and hardest of all Roman victories and awards, the treasured Grass Crown.



Only awarded to a Consul that saved a Roman Legion from defeat and annihilation in battle, and rarely awarded because the Legion itself had to bestow through vote on the Consul, a most embarrassing thing to do!

Woven from the grasses and the flowers on the field of battle, it was the epitome of a Roman’s highest achievement.

When the jealous Gaius Marius denied Sulla his triumphal parade and celebration, an incensed Sulla brazenly marched his army into the City and seized power.

Gaius Marius

Gaius Marius

Roman armies were never allowed inside the city, and Sulla had broken Rome’s most sacred law and trust in its officials.

Yet Sulla was undeterred and set about eliminating his political opponents and seizing their estates and fortunes to replenish the nearly bankrupt Roman treasury.

Rome’s first Civil War would see Sulla coming out on top, and becoming its first Dictator.

He proclaimed he was intent on restoring the Republic and that is just what he did, and at the height of his power, a few short years later, he would step down, and retire to his coastal villa to write his memoires.

A young Gaius Julius Caesar a relative of Gaius Marius would flee to Greece during these purges and later proclaim Sulla a fool for relinquishing his dictatorial powers.

The seed had been planted, the die had been cast, and the days of the Roman Republic were numbered

Divide and Conquer, Winning the World through Arithmetic

Like Sulla Gaius Julius Caesar was an ambitious man, also of little social standing at birth, but with powerful benefactors like Gaius Marius.


Gaius Julius Caesar

He would follow a similar path, to accumulate initial wealth and increased social standing, enter the military and politics and distinguish himself at both.

As fortune would have it Caesar once elected Consul would have the privilege of leading his army to Gaul, modern day France, to lay siege to its rich lands, and plunder it. Wealth he would use wisely at ingratiating himself to the citizens of Rome.

At one point Caesar made it to the Rhine River in Germania and daringly bridged it to march his entire army across.

He marched for several days on the other side, encountering no opposition from the fierce German tribes.

Yet he discovered something, something that would be reinforced when a short time later he would visit Britannia. The world seemed to stretch on forever, and even a person as ambitious as he, would be hard pressed to conquer it all in one life time.

He discovered another thing. That he could vastly multiply his own forces by setting competing tribes and kings against one another. Arming them with information and intelligence, weapons and gold, and exploiting their rivalries, would save him men and time, and in essence so weaken the victor in the process; they were then much easier pickings to conquer then later.

Caesar realized that the world could be conquered through simple math, dividing people by exploiting their differences, priming them to fight one another over their differences, and then profiting off of that fight, and then seizing victory later over the weakened victors.

Rome would learn to use nationalistic, ethnic and even religious differences, to prompt people into destroying and killing each other for it!

Caesar realized that deploying skilled agent provocateurs to exploit these differences, prime them and capitalize on them would give Rome great advantage.

These agents of course would have to work with a certain degree of secrecy; after all they would be rejected if they out and out told the people they were exploiting their plans.

This would lead to the birth of Intelligence Agents and Spies, and Secret Societies.

Secret Societies

Secret Societies would come to play a pivotal role in Rome’s never ending conquest of the World.

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posted on Apr, 25 2010 @ 07:11 AM

The Ides of March and the Secret of the Skull and Bones 322

Link to My Recent Thread on the History and Recent Activities of Skull and Bones 322

Caesar’s ambitions proved a real challenge. He refused to return to Rome at the conclusion of his Consulship because he had yet to win the final battle in the Conquest in Gaul. His co-consul Pompeii Magnus was bound to Caesar through marriage to his daughter Julia, but when she died unexpectedly in child birth all of that changed.

Pompeii and much of the Senate felt Caesar was dawdling in Gaul, to exploit its rich lands, and to send a never ending stream of gifts to the plebes of Rome back to buy their ever increasing idolization of him.

Finally as Caesar’s conquest in Gaul approached it’s seventh year, his rivals in the Senate could stand it no more, and ordered his return to Rome and arrest.

Caesar undeterred stayed with his 13th legion, an important number in history, and completed his conquest.

When he began his return trip back to Rome, he brazenly marched his army past the Rubicon River, the new demarcation line for Roman Armies after Sulla’s sack of the city decades before.

Rome’s second Civil War was on.

With no armies of their own to field against Caesar’s battle hardened and seasoned formidable 13th they fled the city.

Caesar would eventually win the Civil War and have himself proclaimed Dictator for ten years and then for life.

He had been magnanimous in his victory and unlike Sulla spared many of his rivals inviting them to join him in a new golden age.

Caesar was convinced the Roman system of two Consuls leading the Republic for one year elected periods was inherently flawed.

The Republic was simply too big for Building projects and Wars to be completed in a year. Roman’s in love with vanity and wealth would therefore have little chance to either let the Republic suffer by avoiding lengthier projects that would be beneficial to the Republic, for shorter ones that would be beneficiary to their posterity, when they could complete them in time to gain the credit for them.

Caesar wanted to change all that, by having a supreme authority elected for life, who could guide the State to greater and greater expansion and wealth, and technology, and science.

Eventually Caesars rivals would conspire to kill him, and on the 15th of March, they attempted to do just that.

As his Patrician attackers, not used to the mortal combat fled the Senate after stabbing him and slashing him numerous times, they failed to notice that Caesar had not died.

His trusted General and friend Mark Anthony who was left unscathed in the plot, with the help of Caesar’s nephew Octavian, destined to eventually become Augustus Caesar and Rome’s first life long dictator and Lepidus another General spirited Caesar away to safety out of the city, to the tiny Roman State of Seborga.

Seborga was a remote place, and Rome’s holiest place too. It’s hill recessed and hidden by the rugged coast was considered to be Mt. Olympus home to the Gods, priests and augers were it’s only inhabitants, and Caesar was Rome’s high priest. They would guard his presence carefully the rest of his life.

Back in Rome Anthony would stage a mock funeral of another man’s shrouded corpse, whipping the crowd into a frenzy of angry supporters of Caesar who had long loved his generosity.

The conspirators fled the city fearing for their safety, setting the stage for the third Roman Civil War.

Meanwhile back in Seborga on March 22, Caesar regained consciousness on his road to a full recovery.

For 13 more years, Caesar would live quietly, in Seborga, where he remained until his death, directing the Empire under Anthony, Lepidus and Octavian, and laying out the plans to use math and divide and conquer warfare to conquer the entire world and place it under Roman Rule.

His plan would be a simple one, aimed at exploiting religious, ethnic and national differences through political manipulation and Secret Societies beholden to Rome.

Rome would be on top of the Pyramid, the Pyramid that sits on the back of the U.S. one dollar bill that announces in Latin, the tongue of Caesar and Rome, a “new order for the ages”.

Caesar would become the first Master Mason, and lay out the blue print of building a one world government and society.

Jesus Christ and Julius Caesar

Legend tells us a young rabbinical Hebrew Rebel named Jesus Christ was at the same time Caesar was planning to revolutionize the world, was also engaged in the same process, only spiritually.

Much to the chagrin of the Pharisees and the Jewish King who were alleged to be incensed that the young Rabbi was purported to be the scion and offspring by immaculate conception to a virgin and their never named God, that would later be named by Christians as Yahweh or Jehovah.


Legend tells us, that he spread his words and teachings far and wide, promising redemption, promising a better way of life.

Much like Caesar had promised a better way of life by establishing a dictatorship for Rome.

There are just a few problems. Archeological records reveal no existence of a Yahweh, the closest thing to that name are the nearly completely erased records of Yahweseh, Canaanite God of Pirates and Mercenaries, which the Hebrews happened to be very good at both.

The second problem was that the Hebrew money lenders were becoming increasingly worried about Rome’s constant political turmoil and the security of their loans to it which were growing increasingly large.

Rome’s never ending internal conflicts, expansions, and bread and circuses were slowly bankrupting it, and if it failed, the Pharisees and Hebrew Money Lenders stood to loose a fortune.

A better system would have to be developed and introduced that would allow for the continuation of the Roman Expansion but much more economically, at a reduced risk of failure.

Rome had become too big to fail!

Caesars ideas of mathematical warfare were sound, and rooted in logic and wisdom, they were worth bankrolling, but a new system would have to be devised to make it work.

The Jews would never have a covenant with God but they would have a Contract with Rome.

Of Rome’s many slaves imported into the Empire were a small but growing group of slaves from Britannia
whose Druid sect worshiped a figure called Christ.

A religion of just a small group of slaves, it had great potential for a great plan that would ensure Rome’s success, and the Pharisees loan.

It would take some doing to pull it off, and set it up, but the Pharisees were prepared to go along and make it all happen, for the power and wealth it would bestow on them.

The First False Flag

In 70 AD the future Emperor Titus with the foreknowledge of the Pharisees would march into Jerusalem and sack the city, sending the Hebrew tribes into exile, and clearing out the city.



Seige of Jerusalem


The Second Jewish Temple which was in fact basically just a government center was raised and destroyed and looted.

Treasures of the Hebrew’s would be carried back to Rome and paraded, and displayed as part of their little known religion.

Josephus also known as Yosef Ben Matiyahu was a first-century Jewish Historian and Roman Citizen also known as Titus Flavius Josephus, the Titus commissioned to begin writing what are largely the only known non-biblical accounts of the Sack of Jerusalem, and the first real formulation of it’s religion to the Roman World at large.


The seeds were slowly being planted for the world’s greatest conspiracy ever, a conspiracy still taking place today. A conspiracy perhaps destined to finally succeed after millennia in the making in our lifetime.

The religion that would give birth to Jesus Christ, a figure to metaphorically patterned off of Julius Caesar was being born through Josephus’s popular accounts.

In the process the Hebrew themselves were being written into a guaranteed position in the plan, one that would never stop paying dividends. One well worth the sacrifice by its leaders, of a capital that they had only come to occupy a scant few hundred years before after wandering the entire Middle East for profit.

Back in Baghdad a city that they had previously ruled, and kept close ties too, they would patiently wait for the next part of the plan to unfold, their investment in Rome, all the more secure for it.

With Jerusalem cleared out and devoid of the Jews there were in fact no Jews there to challenge the myth that soon would be Christ.

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posted on Apr, 25 2010 @ 07:11 AM

False Flag Number Two the Burning of Rome

Yet there was a problem, what to do about the real Christians? While they were relatively small in numbers in Rome, and influential as they were all slaves, and originally came from a remote part of Britannia it would do little good to have any who could actually deny that their God Christ was not from Jerusalem or attached in any way to the Hebrews.

Ruthless campaigns against the Celts and Druids by the Roman Legions in Britannia could solve the first problem.

Silencing the real Christians in Rome would be more problematic.

So Emperor Nero set fire to Rome to kill two birds with one stone. He would place the blame squarely on the Christians and have them all rounded up and killed, and raise the religions stature for the first time to the eyes of the average Roman even while Josephus would be defining the Hebrew myths through his fabrications that would be a parent to the Christian Religion.



At the same time, Rome would benefit from some much needed remodeling in the congested city center, as far as Nero was concerned.

With almost every district of Rome touched by the fire, and many consumed completely by it and a death toll in the hundreds of thousands, the survivors wanted their pound of flesh and someone to blame.

Nero would give it to them in the form of the Christians. He would sentence them all too spectacular deaths and martyrdom and silence the roots of their religion at the same time.

They would be drugged in advance, to meet their fates stoically, in fine Roman fashion, meant to impress the average Roman of the power of their virtually unheard of and little worshiped God but for Slaves from Britannia.



Romans, who highly prized stoicism as an ideal, would develop a curiosity in the Christian Cult, and Cult being reinvented from the ground up, to promote all the things that the Empire would eventually need in its citizens to carry out Caesar’s plan of total world domination.

The Romans were slowly being prepared to be weaned off of bread and circuses. The legend of a New God was being created for them, and slowly brought to life.

A legend that would change the Roman world, and with luck ensure its conquest of it, a legend that would continue to grow through political maneuvering and events.

The wealth of the empire was being slowly consolidated into fewer and fewer hands, the free citizens slowly being killed off in the wars, the slave population growing even larger.

A slave population that as planned would grow to include almost everyone on the planet, through the new system, and what better way to govern them than with a slave’s religion, that shunned earthly goods, and sought a meek and subservient manner to the authority of God?

Constantine and the City of God

Over the next hundred years the classic Roman Empire would reach it’s zenith, spanning well into Eastern Europe, dominating the entire Mediterranean, the Middle East and into Persia, to the Island of Britannia, Egypt and much of Africa.

The wealth of all these lands flowed back to Rome and into a smaller and smaller number of Patrician families who continued to consolidate it and horde it.

A vast network of roads connected it all, so that wealth could easily flow back to Rome.

The Christian cult was slowly growing in size, as its Roman inventors having posed as disciples of the fictional Christ, wrote it out in a series of letters, traveling the Roman world planting its seeds.

Constantine was prepared to put the next portion of the plan into action, and would return to his people’s roots, back to Troy to begin formalizing it all. Constantine would build a new capitol where Troy once stood to celebrate the rule of God that his Trojan ancestors so favored.



He would call a council, an ecumenical council of the greatest religious scholars throughout the world, to write the perfect religion for the new Roman.

Council of Nicea

Chief amongst them would be a Roman who would revolutionize Roman Philosophy and develop the Concept of the City of God, to replace the City of Man.

Aurelius Augustinus Hipponensis, also known as Augustine of Hippo, and St Augustine had started out life the typical pagan, in an African province of Rome, studied oratory at Carthage and then converted to Sassanid Persian Gnosticism before finding favor in Constantine’s Rome.

Augustine of Hippo

His book the City of God would promote the concepts of piety, submissiveness and charity the New Roman would espouse.

Rather than be rewarded with Bread and Circuses, he would be rewarded with absolution for obeying Roman Law through a concept of Heaven and Hell.

Paradise for an eternity in the City of God, which could be enjoyed even in this life, anytime, anywhere through prayer, and dedication to God’s law as put forth in the new Holy Roman Bible, or eternal damnation and torture of hellfire and brimstone for failing to live by God’s rule.

Once implemented Bread and Circuses could be done away with, and the cost of maintaining the Empire reduced to a fraction.

Religious differences could further be exploited to prime the divide and conquer wars Rome would need to carry out its ambitious plan.

Much or Rome remained resistant to the new Christian religion, it espoused the exact opposite of what Romans had been traditionally taught to espouse and cherish.

Constantine would elevate it to official status, and begin to start forcing it more and more on the Roman people.

Once the remaining wealth of the Empire still held in independent hands was consolidated the new religion and its now officially codified systems and regimens would be forced on all.

An Empire Divided

Once Constantine had set up Constantinople as the new capital of the Eastern Empire, and consolidated the remaining wealth into the hands of the select Patricians the city of Rome itself and the Western part of the Empire resistant to the new religion was left in a progressively weaker and weaker state.

Rome had long been bled white, it’s landed citizens long dead, plebes, slaves, and even foreign barbarians looking for citizenship had been placed into the service of the Armies who lacked the discipline and fire of the traditional landed Roman Soldier and Knightly Equines.
Flavius Petrus Sabbatius lustinianus also known as Justinian I, would begin the final phases of the staged collapse of the Empire and the total metamorphous to the wealth and power of Rome becoming a Religious Front and Cult to continue on with the conquest of the world for Rome.

He would wage two wars against Sassanid Persia to obscure the vast similarities of Gnosticism and Christianity that Augustine of Hippo had written into the Christian Religion.

He would bring the papacy directly under the Roman Emperor’s Control, to establish it as a front for the collective wealth and power of the New Rome, and he would ruthlessly begin to suppress and persecute Romans still resistant to Christianity.

Constantinople would remain strong and a redoubt of Roman Wealth and power for centuries to come, but after the Crises of the Third Century that had torn the Empire in half through yet another Civil War largely over the imposition of Christianity, Rome itself was ripe to fall.

The City would be cleared out, the torch would be passed, the last wealth of the Western Patricians robbed and extorted from them, and the principles of Rome would go under ground to hide behind the Religion and the Religious System they had created.

The wealth of much of the known world had flown into their hands, there was little more to be gained in running a welfare state for the people.

The dark ages would be ushered in, as Odoacer a German Chieftain sacked Rome and deposed the last Western Roman Emperor Romulus Augustus.

Rome had started with Romulus, and taken to a Golden Age by Augustus, and Rome would fall into decay and ruin under those same names.

So as it began, it ended.

But did it end, as the same German’s who sacked the city, would soon become the founders of the Holy Roman Empire, with the Pope and the Vatican’s blessing.

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Meanwhile back in Baghdad

The Hebrew in Diaspora was now ready for the next phase of their part in the Roman Conquest.

Time had been taken to formalize their religion through the Talmud and Torah, to indoctrinate it into the people, to become the parent religion to the Roman Christianity.

They would become vital in giving the Christian God legitimacy and a history to convince the pagans of the wilds of northern Europe and the Asian Steps that their conversion to Christianity was vital for their survival in the new Roman World and system.

New concepts would have to be developed to maximize the control elements and the divide and conquer elements.

The divide and conquer strategy needed a classic both sides against the middle.

Judaism would make one side, Christianity would be the middle, but the trinity needed one more to mirror the internal struggle between the higher self, and the left side and right sight of the human mind.

So the ever resilient Hebrews created the religion of Islam at the same time, basing it off of the religion, they had invented for Rome.

Once a great prophet was found to spread the new religion, they arranged for a Mosque to be built on the ruins of their Second Temple, to be a capstone to touch of the final apocalyptical war once Rome’s plan was nearly complete, where the three religions, would meet in a final apocalyptical battle to wipe them all out.

Once Islam began to take hold, they could lead their people out of Baghdad, back to the north, to start taking on their new roles. Along the way, they would bolster their numbers with new converts to their own religion, and assign various roles to the various tribes.

Some would function as Money Lenders, Rome had promised them an exclusive on usury initially.

As Roman Priests of the Christians religions, and their Christian men at arms would conquer new territories, the Jews would move in behind to set up the new gold based commerce system, to replace barter, and start enslaving the people’s to gold and debt.

They would validate the New Christian Religion, by making it appear to have sprung from a much older religion.

Others would blend into the remote northern tribes of Scandinavia and use harassment and terror tactics to induce the Pagans to convert to Christianity, as the Roman Priests would tell the beleaguered people they were being punished by an all powerful God that they must submit to, in order to achieve a peaceful existence.

Both the New Religion of Christianity and the Religion of Judaism would promote and validate that this God was vengeful and insistent and more powerful than their own Pagan Gods, and there would be a price to pay by not living by the Roman Laws codified into the Holy Roman Bible and Torah.

It was all based on a simple concept that would take advantage of the internal struggle of the human mind between the higher self, and the left and right side of the brain and their distinctly different personalities.

This internal confusion, would lead to a reign of Confusion, an order out of chaos dependent upon one simple concept that had been expertly planned and written out.

Original Sin

The new religion of Christianity featured a bombastic and devastating concept, in part to appease Caesar and his sense of betrayal of his would be assassins he had acted so generously towards at the conclusion of the Second Roman Civil War.

Man according to this new God had been created imperfect. Man had failed to recognize Christ (Caesar) as their savior. They had rejected all that was inherently good in his message and plans. They let Christ die upon the cross, the let Caesar die upon the Senate Floor. Yet they were saved for their virtue, resurrected by this God because of this virtue, however the rest of humanity was so flawed, the new Scriptures literally told them that eventually no matter how hard they tried to be good, they would have to be completely wiped out and the whole process started anew again.

Just like in the rewritten myths of the Great Flood that were placed into the New Scriptures, that purported this God had wiped out all the human inhabitants of the Earth save one just man and his Family. It would have to be done again, if Man did not try very hard, to espouse all the things that the New Roman System told them they must to appease God.

This God was demanding and unforgiving and they wanted everyone to know it. The Jews had been abandoned by him and forsaken for not abiding by his laws, they were now present in their lands to demonstrate this because God had let them be driven out of their home by the Romans for not obeying God’s laws.

The Romans do for all their glory and greatness, their wealth and power, their expensive bread and circuses, and everyday luxuries too were punished by this God!

Rome had been allowed to fall to the Barbarian Horde, just as Jerusalem had been allowed to fall to Rome, for Rome’s own failure to live and govern itself by God’s restrictive laws, and simple and humble, economical ways!

So too would all people of the world, no deprivations, hardship and war, countless suffering and cruelties unless they obeyed the New Roman Laws, in the New Roman Bible, in the New Christian Religion, that they were being forcibly converted into. Convert and repent, or die by the Christian sword, or otherwise suffer the cruelty of barbarians.

By given a restrictive set of choices through an artificial scarcity, brought on by Rome’s theft of the known world’s wealth, and consolidation to it, most people would be forced to commit some wrongs in order just to eat and survive, to suffer the internal decision making process between the impulsive left side of the brain, desperate for sustenance, and the practical right side of the brain, cautious and measured.

They would feel guilt over their decisions, often and always, and they would accept the scarcity that was being imposed in them and the serfdom and economic slavery they were being forced into, as a just punishment by God for not making self sacrificing decisions.

For the large part they could be kept in this fashion, voluntarily obeying these incredibly restrictive and penalizing ways of life.

Thou shall not kill, except when your State and Master commands you too, thou shall not steal except when your State and Master commands you too.

In this way their impulsive nature could be controlled for gain and profit of the Roman State, and their cautious side manipulated to accept that they would not share in any significant way in the spoils of war.

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Charlemagne and the House of Dan

Charlemagne king of the Franks, and Emperor of the Romans from 768 to 800, would begin to develop the New Rome, and the Holy Roman Empire. It took him a bit of time to work it all out with Constantinople, but once agreed, he would begin to slowly move the people of the Roman Empire, who had taken three gigantic steps backward over the previous few centuries, slowly moving one step forward again.

Pope Leo III would crown him Imperator Augustus and through the Carolingian Renaissance would begin to slowly revive art and culture but through the medium of the Catholic Church. Everything was with an aim to promote the concepts of Roman Christianity.

He began to write and formalize and codify the new civil laws that would go along with the Roman Bible Laws, to create a profitable control system, where religion and the religious laws left off. He aggressively campaigned militarily to consolidate his rule, throughout Germany, France and Italy.

He founded the French and German Monarchies and is widely regarded as the Father of Europe and reunited most of the Western Roman Empire under a civil system to go along with the Roman religious system.

He forged a strong European identity, a strong Roman Catholic Christian Identity for the people.

United them would become important in the next phase of divide and conquer warfare.


It is important to note, that Latin was still being used as the language of the Law and Church, that the titles of authority emanated from either Rome or Constantinople, and required the blessing of Rome and those titles were in Latin, even though it was becoming a progressively dead language.

Still to this day, much of every nation’s law is in Latin, rooted in Latin Words and Concepts, and many of the Titles still based in Latin, and still require the permission and grace of Rome to wield that authority.

Rome had by no means died. It was now like McDonalds, creating franchises, to promote divide and conquer warfare.

While Charlemagne was reestablishing a Romanized Civil System and Laws to go along with the New Roman Religion, one of the most important Hebrew Tribes had migrated north to settle in Denmark.

The House of Dan that many here on ATS will know as the House of Rothschild, the Papal Banking Family, owners of the world’s fractional baking reserve banks in London, Washington, China, and most other places had an important job to do first.

Danish Vikings

The re-Christianization of Britannia, only this time the Roman’s Version, instead of the original Celt and Druid versions, of the Christ Sect, this would be done through terror, this would be done as the Viking Horde.

Exceptional navigators and fierce warriors, the Tribe of Dan went back to it’s original pirating and mercenary roots that had taken it from Anatolia down to the Middle East thousands of years before.

Raiding coastal villages up and down the English Coast and along both sides of the channel, terror would be the weapon that would make the Britons accepts the new Roman Concepts of God and his Laws.

Rome’s priests would continually inform the pagans of England and the Normandy Coast the only way to salvation to stop the Viking onslaught of pillaging, rape, and captivity into slavery was to convert to the one true God, and the Roman Christian Religion.

Like Jerusalem, and Baghdad, Britannia held keys to the real roots of Christianity and could put the lie to it, securing it under a strong Monarch and converting its people into the new Christian Religion was of paramount importance.

To help better establish just how strong the ties are to the House of Dan in Denmark and the Danish Vikings, when they weren’t terrorizing or robbing or capturing the inhabitants of Britannia and the Normandy Coast, they were sailing down to the Middle East, where they would sell their slaves, and trade their booty for Gold and peaceably while away their time enjoying the things that wealth could buy back in their old Middle Eastern Home.

How resilient was the House of Dan, the Tribe of Dan in playing this pivotal role in terrorizing pagans into Christianizing, and working on Rome’s ultimate plan of world domination along with it?

When they weren’t plundering in Britannia, or partying peaceably in the Middle Eastern Ports, they were sailing across the Atlantic discovering Greenland, and Newfoundland, and North America, and reconnoitering it to move the Christian Roman Conquest across the seas once it was complete in Europe and the Asian Steppes.

How protected are the members of the House of Dan, when the Nazis invaded Denmark, they waited for weeks on the beaches while the Jews of Denmark were evacuated out by sea!

Rescue of the Danish Jews

Yet the House of Dan would accomplish a bit more before it faded for a brief spell from the stage.

Some of the Danish Vikings settled on the Normandy Coast with the Frankish Carolingian Kings blessing.
They promptly converted to Catholicism, and William the new Duke of Normandy, set about to conquer England across the channel.

He would fight long and hard, but at the end of protracted conflict secured England, beat back the Irish and the Scotts, and was crowned King.

He managed to drive out most of the English aristocrats and Baron’s seize control of the Catholic Church in England, and rob the previous English Nobles of most of their land and wealth, leaving less than 5% of it in the hands of the indigenous English.

He further pledged it all to Rome in exchange for the Pope’s blessing to rule it. Though he would spend the bulk of his time, consolidating and protecting his toe hold in Europe and France back in Normandy, England had fallen under Rome’s and the House of Dan’s control, that still controls it to this day.

Norman Conquest of England

The Holy Crusades

While Europe was slowly being divested of its pagans, forcibly converted to Roman Christianity, the Islamic Religion spread steadily and rapidly, throughout the Middle East much of Africa, and even parts of Spain, as it was meant too, to be a counter, and a rival to Christianity, and Judaism the stage was finally set for the most important part of Caesar’s divide and Conquer plans.

It was time to indoctrinate the religions and the New Christians into what they had really been invented for, killing one another!

Jerusalem had fallen into Islamic hands, and like England, and Baghdad held secrets of the inventions of the Religion, that would put the lie to them, so too did Jerusalem, it was time to make sure, that nothing remained behind that could embarrass Rome, the Christians or the Jews.


For nearly three hundred years a total of nine seperate Holy Crusades would indoctrinate, and then exploit deep and bitter rivalries between Muslims and Christians that remain to this day.

The people of earth had been taught to forgo and forsake the religious tolerance that had been the Hallmark of Troy, Athens, Sparta, Egypt, Carthage, Rome, Babylon, Persia and Northern Europe during their Pagan heydays.

Rome’s monotheism allowed for only one God, and only one way to recognize it and worship it.

Through war there would come order out of chaos, Roman order out of chaos, and newfound pride worth dying for in one’s new religion!

A hidden, mean, lean, hungry, and totally in Control Rome was gaining momentum and a new group of exceptional knights of the Roman Equestrian Order were about to be born, to start laying the foundations of the Shadow Government that would rule it all.

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Enter the Knights Templar

Much had changed in the Roman world, since Caesar took refuge in the tiny Roman State of Seborga, one thing had not changed though, Seborga still remained an independent state of the Roman Empire on 1118 when seven wealthy knights from Europe stopped at the Abbey and Monastery build atop its Holy Hill.

On their way to the Crusades, the 7 knights were made an offer by the Prince Abbot that ruled the tiny Roman State.

In exchange for their Earthly wealth, they would be dubbed the Poor Militia of Christ, and told the secret of the Abbey, that entombed within it, was the body of Gaius Julius Caesar and the Roman Imperial Scepter and that Christ was but a fabrication invented by Rome to use divide and conquer warfare to conquer the world.

That a Council of Eight had long guarded these secrets, and that by accepting one of the Abbot’s monks to ride along with them, that the 8 of them, would help to change the course of the world, and bring about Caesar’s grand plans.

Instructed to inflict maximum carnage on the battlefield against the Sarasin and Islamic Soldiers, if they succeeded in their task, that the privilege of making the ruins of the Second Temple would be their duty and privilege, to excavate all that remains, of the real religion the Hebrews once practiced there, that could put the lie to the whole grand plan.

There courage and exploits became legendary, and when Jerusalem feel, Rome made good on the Prince Abbot’s promise and redubbed them the Templar Knights.

They would spend decades excavating the ruins of the Temple of its hidden treasures and scrolls to carry back to Seborga, securing and learning their secrets. Of the 23 Grand Masters of the Templar Knights 15 were also elected Prince of Seborga over the years, and would sit on the Council of Eight.

The Council of Eight that still rules the Roman World and the Shadow Government to this day.

The Templar Knights would accomplish much, embodied and granted extraordinary Powers.

They would found the World’s first International Banking System, by allowing pilgrims to the Holy Land to deposit their money and valuables with any Templar facility throughout England and Europe and then redeem a like amount minus a commission from the Templar Knights in Jerusalem once there.

The would earn more revenue by having their clerks and administrators run the estates of wealthy European Nobles while off to fight the Crusades, often claiming the Estates for the Order, should the Knight who owned it never return.

They were granted by the Pope the right to travel through any Kingdom throughout Europe and England and the Middle East immune from its laws, and to dispense life and death justice of their own accord.

They would also reestablish the hidden religions and Gods of Troy, and the Hebrews, Egyptians and Babylonians, by practicing them secretly.

At the height of their power, over 250,000 men served in the Knights Templar Cistercian Order, with the bulk of them Clerks, Scribes, Administrators and Bankers, with only one out of seven actually being a Man at Arms.

Along with the Knights Hospitaller they would reestablish the Roman Equestrian Order, and carry on it’s traditions and allegiance to Rome right on through to today.

As the last of the Crusades was taking place, the Knights Templar with no more military campaigns to fight for Rome would though typical Roman subterfuge fake their own death, sacrificing several of their own to papal inquisition for heresy that led to their executions and the outlawing of the order.

Yet the Templar Knights did not die, much of their network remained intact and like Rome they would undergo a new metamorphous into the Scottish Rite Masons.

Knights Templar

Rosslyn Chapel

The Inter Caetera the Papal Bulla of 1493

While Columbus sailed the Oceans Blue in 1492, for the King of Spain, a Catholic Monarch that owed his title and crown to Rome, Pope Alexander VI of the 4 May of 1493 declared all the undiscovered lands that lay across the seas as being the property of Rome, and began awarding them to the Kings of Castile and Aragon.

No one quite agrees to this day whether the Pope was granting these lands he claimed for Rome as donations of sovereignty or a feudal infeodation or investiture.

Only the Vatican knows, and since they own the world, they aren’t inclined to shed much light on these things while Rome is still engaged in its practice of divide and conquer warfare. It is most likely an investiture with is the formal installation of a nominee to administer the state.

While the Monarchs of England are supposedly according to their own subjects and citizens, only figure heads of the people and nations they rule over, in reality, they still exist, they exist with Titles that emanate from Rome, and they exist administering properties that were claimed and owned by Rome.

Now some of you might think that the practice of claiming things holds no weight, legally speaking, but you might want to ask an eclectic assortment of California and Yukon Gold miners about the legality of ownership in staking a claim.

Legally the Pope on behalf of Rome, claimed the entire New World, both Poles, the Pacific Islands, and the Far East, to add to Europe, Africa, Great Brittan, and Continental Asia, that he and Rome already had long owned!

By awarding these lands to various Kings to administer that encouraged more of Rome’s favorite pastime of Divide and Conquer, and it was not long before the Monarchs of Europe had their people, fighting one another and the First Nation’s peoples that they would drive to near extinction to control, populate and Christianize these new places.

Yet Rome wasn’t out to Christianize the entire world, but to merely secure it, set it up under common laws of the sea, banking and trade.

So lest the heavily brainwashed and enslaved Christians got the wrong ideas it was important to send along one of Rome’s secret armies. In fact a couple and one extraordinary man would coordinate doing just that.


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Sir Francis Bacon and the New Atlantis

Perhaps one of the most interesting of Rome’s Knights of the Equestrian Order, was Francis Bacon, 1st and Only Viscount of St. Alban who was an English Statesman, Philosopher, Scientist, Lawyer, Jurist and Author and served as both Attorney General and Lord Chancellor of England.

Many people believe amongst the works he authored were those of William Shakespeare.

The Protestant Reformation and advent of the Anglican Church of England had done much to loosen the restrictions of art and literature and science that Rome had imposed during the dark ages.

While on the surface it appeared that states were actually moving away from Rome and the Holy Roman Empire, they were still clinging to Christianity, the Religion Rome had invented to codify moral law.

They were still bound through their monarchies to Rome, and they were more primed than ever, to continue the divide and conquer warfare, Rome would need to consolidate it’s holdings into open cost effective rule once all the divisions had eliminated one another into a homogenous whole.

Bacon was given the knowledge of the pre-flood world, salvaged by the founders of Troy, and carried off by Aeneas when he founded Rome.

He would develop a unique relationship with the Freemasonry movement in America, England and Europe, and also the Rosicrucian Order.


Rosicrucianism is a hybrid theology and a secret society of mystics founded in German during the Protestant Reformation, build on the esoteric truths of the ancient past. Mixing elements of the ancient Egyptian religious practices, with Christianity it would become the Christianized version of the Hebrew Kabbalah based on similar principles, philosophies and practices.


The Rosicrucian Order was one of the first to arrive and set up shop in the colony of Pennsylvania.

Freemasons would also rise to prominence in the New World, also with mystical religious practices based on the old religions that were similar to the Kaballah and Rosicrucian Practices.

They were present to act as a counter to the Christians that while still following Roman Christian Morality, were increasingly rejecting Rome’s leadership of the Religion through the Pope and the Vatican.

The Freemasons though through their relationship with the Knights Templar, retained strong ties and allegiance to Rome, even while pretending to opposed to it, as did the Rosicrucian Order.

While publicly Rome was preaching and practicing a strict interpretation of Christian Ritual largely reflective of an Imperial Roman State Court Ceremony in Latin that most congregants could not read or understand. Privately within the inner sanctum of the Vatican, the Pope and his attendants were engaged in practicing similar rituals of the Old outlawed religions as the Freemasons, Rosicrucian and Kaballahists were.

The Masons along with the Rosicrucian Order would conspire to set up a government, and a shadow government through their networks of Lodges and Temples, that would be aligned with Rome and it’s ownership of the lands, and keep the Christians who existed more or less as unwitting soldiers and slaves to Rome from gaining control over the land, even while they were given the illusion that they had control of the land, and freedom from Rome, and freedom in general.

Bacon would direct those efforts, and set the seeds for the American Revolution that would incorporate the land by treaty, into the Holy Roman Empire, under the British Monarchs, who would retain control of the incorporated nations banking, and electoral process.

Bacon outlined a strategy for the Masons and Rosicrucians who reported to him and were under his control of building the 13 Colonies, into a reconstituted Caesar’s 13th Legion that along with Rome and London would bring about a new Atlantis and Golden Age and a One World Government.

America would play the military role, the role of the world’s policeman, and the decider and ender of the divide and conquer wars, when the wars had reached a point that they had obtained Rome’s goals for that moment.

Exceptional freedoms and privileges would be granted to encourage the new land’s rapid population, and its industrialization and growth.

The American Revolution

My Recent ATS Thread on the Details of the American Revolution and Taxation

The British Monarchy largely through a system of corporate indentured servitude was geared initially at making a maximum profit of its American Holdings, and to create the conditions to ferment rebellion against it, to effect the incorporation of America into the Roman Empire, and grant it’s new inhabitants the all important illusion of freedom that would have citizens flocking to it from all over Europe.

It would allow for the teeming cities of Europe to relieve their congestion and draw off subversive and radical elements.

The Freemasons would take control and charge of running the revolution, that would be financed in part by the House of Dan through the Bank of London, and the French Monarch, who contested the English Kings claim to France from the days of William of William the Conqueror and the Frankish Carolingian King that had granted those lands, that the Bourbon Kings of France no longer recognized.

Arming and equipping the American Army secretly would take some doing, but Lord Rothschild of the House of Dan, conspired with Prince Rupert, to leave his Hessian troops, well equipped and provisioned intentionally exposed. This suited Prince Rupert, since he charged Rothschild for every Hessian Soldier killed or captured, and it suited Rothschild so he could secretly provision Washington’s army. It suited Washington of course because he needed to provision his army.

Through a series of running battles that would last years, the Colonists made a good enough show of it for the English Armies to claim defeat and withdraw, and give the colonialists the illusion of a hard won freedom.

Yet Rome and the Monarchs still owned the Land on Paper, and had loaned and invested huge sums in it, and when the Freemason Plenipotentiaries went to secure the peace, they allowed the English King, Spanish Kind, and the King of the Netherlands, the principle land owners, and their creditors to dictate the terms.

In the Treaty of Paris, the English King would retain his right as a Roman prince elector and arch-treasurer to control the new incorporated nation’s finances and electoral process.

Treaty of Paris

The Christians of the nation would be none the wiser, and relish their new found illusion of freedom, while the New Government would simply conspire to tax them to pay for the land by leasing and purchasing it from the European Monarchs and Rome that owns it.

In time the citizens of America would be indoctrinated into a restrictive system of free range economic slavery that would make America’s owners and Rome wealthier and more powerful than ever, as they raped the new land of its resources and the bounty of that flowed back to Europe and Rome.

It would take a while to implement the new system in America, and to get it up and running as Bacon had envisioned on Rome’s behalf, but Rome it seems has nothing but time, it is after all the eternal city and Empire.

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The Civil War and Albert Pike

It took a while to break the independent minded Southern States of the illusion of self governance and bring them under the Federal Governments complete control but as the 1860’s rolled around, and the nation disintegrated into a Roman Style Civil War, the highly industrialized North aligned with the Federal Government, and the European Banking Cartel, run by the House of Dan through the Rothschild Family and beholden and controlled by Rome, was at the cost of much bloodshed able to force the Southern States back into the Union, to incorporate all the States, under the District of Columbia while at the same time the citizens were all made incorporated entities owned by the States they were born in.

They were told the practice of African slavery was being abolished as a celebration of freedoms for all, but as usual failed to recognize the legal language in the 14th Amendment after the war, that made every one an incorporated citizen entity of the state they were born in and the state’s property, stripping them of their sovereign citizen status, that the Constitution had originally granted them.

Meanwhile one of the South’s most lackluster and ineffective Generals, a leading Mason, of such standing that he was the only Southern Civil War General to have a statue placed in Washington D.C. right across from the Capitol Building itself no less, was conspiring himself, on behalf of Rome, to formulate the next part of Rome’s grand conquest of the world.

Albert Pike and Giuseppe Manzinni together formulated a plan on behalf of the Illuminati yet another secret society, secretly aligned with Rome, to finally force the consolidations of the Roman Holdings into a one world Government.

Pikes plan envisioned a series of three world wars, to be fought over a hundred years.

The first to reestablish Israel, the second to force it’s repopulation of the Jews in Diaspora and the third to turn the religions of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam against one another in a final war to eliminate them all to mimic the prophecies Rome had laid out long ago in the Christian Bible.

All three in fact thanks to their carefully crafted religious scriptures would welcome it as prophecy, and once they eliminated one another, the survivors would be all to happy to accept a peaceful one world Government.

Pike would go on to establish the Klu Klux Clan, to minimize the effect of the Black Slaves gaining sudden freedom within America, and Manzinni would go on to found the Italian Mafia, yet another secret society that would serve Rome within America and throughout the world, on it’s quest to introduce and profit off the very vices, it predicted through it’s Biblical Prophecies would destroy the world, by bringing down the wrath of God and Armageddon.

Pikes Plan

Meanwhile the Masons of France celebrated the victory of the Federal Government and sent over the Statue of Liberty.

One massive recruiting sign for Caesar’s new thirteenth legion that would soon start seeing almost non-stop action all over the world, in a series of wars, designed to end all wars, to usher in a new Roman one world Government.

A Tale of Three Cities Part Three

The United States had officially incorporated all the states, under the newly incorporated entity after the Civil War.

As Troy, Sparta and Athens had once dominated the civilized World, now the Rome founded by the Trojan Aeneas would dominate the world, with the city states, of the Vatican, which would continue to see to the spiritual and religious domination of the world, through it’s patronage of the dominant Christian Religion and as the front for the Roman Patricians wealth, Ruling Council of Eight and Caesar, while London through the House of Dan and the Papal Rothschild Family would dominate the world through fractional reserve banking and enslavement to debt, and Washington D.C. would be the big military stick, whose gunboat diplomacy and military dominance through advanced industrialization could effect the outcome of any staged military struggle, on Rome’s behalf of it’s finalized plan authored by Albert Pike to complete it’s conquest through three world wars.

After thousands of years, Caesar’s plan was finally coming true, an assortment of Roman controlled Secret Societies continued to work behind the scenes to keep driving events. The Skull and Bones 322, the Illuminati, the Italian Mafia, the Freemasons, and the Knights of Columbus and Malta, were all engaged each doing their part, each a building block in the Pyramid and Prison Rome was creating.

The Federal Reserve Act, World War I and the Balfour Agreement

Passed into law by a carefully selected rump session of Congress hand picked by President Woodrow Wilson just two days before Christmas in 1913, the Federal Reserve Act once more placed total control of the nation’s banking under London and the House of Dan and the Papal Rothschild Family.

Federal Reserve Act

The wealth of the nation was once more concentrated into one foreign controlled financial institution that could be turned on and off and used as leverage and incentive or punishment at any time by Rome.

Rothschilds Papal and Royal Knights

As dominant European Empires like the Ottoman Turks, Czarist Russia, and the Austrian-Hungarian Empire, were pitted against France and English, the bloody trench warfare perfected in the final days of the American Civil War, would wreck carnage upon Europe as never seen before.

Millions would die in the trenches in suicide charge after suicide charge, with the lines hardly ever moving more than 12 miles from where the German and English and French Armies first dug in.

The Czars of Russia who had long been resistant to ceding control of their wealth and banking to the Papal Rothschild Family and the House of Dan, were doubly pressed by the Germans and Austrians and Hungarians on their Eastern Front and internally from a revolutionary named Vladimir Lenin a Russian who had spent most of his life in Exile in Germany and had been armed with a thesis called Communism commissioned through the Papal Rothschild Family and written by Carl Marx. Leading a rebellion against the Czars to capitalize on the poorly led, and equipped Russian armies horrendous defeats in the East at the hands of the Germans, the Reign of the Russian Czars and their money was about to fall into the hands of the Papal Rothschild Family and it’s wealth of recourses into Roman Patricians living in America such as the Rockefeller Family and it’s bag man Armand Hammer.

They through Lenin and his successors would help implement the Communist System that would be instrumental in the following second World War, and the Cold War to follow it, that would lead to the Military Industrial Complex Dominance needed to wage the final Third War.

Though the Germans were winning in the West against the French and British, and the Ottoman Turks holding their own against the British in places like Gallipoli, the Papal Rothschild Family would manipulate the Reserve Banks of Berlin, London, and then Washington to affect the outcome of the war Rome had wanted and Pike had envisioned.

The British Government bankrupt from the war, and nearly out of ammunition, with the French Army ready to mutiny, it was time for the crowning achievement of the War and it’s purpose.

The Balfour Declaration of 1917 issued by the English Government and personally addressed to Lord Rothschild, awarded him and the Zionist Congress under his control originally set up Theodore Herzl
And then taken over by the Papal Rothschild Family of London land in Palestine for a Jewish/Zionist Homeland, to fulfill the pact and promise Rome had written into the Bible for the Pharisees financing and assistance in their plan to conquer the world.

Balfour Declaration


There was just one problem, Palestine was under the control of the Ottoman Turks and England was broke and loosing the war.

Not really a problem for Rome and the World’s Shadow Government.

The Reich bank, central reserve bank in Germany controlled by Rothschild simply turned off the German Credit Tap, the broke Bank of London, suddenly had plenty of money to loan to the British the Government to continue the War Effort, and Woodrow Wilson found that if he wanted to keep drawing money and credit from the Federal Reserve Bank in Washington to run the American Government and keep its economy afloat he would have to quickly enter American into the war, to bring it’s mass of humanity and industrial output to bear.

Within months the whole course of the War as it had been going had reversed through this manipulation.

The Germans were quickly defeated; the British freed up to route the Turks out of Palestine so the new Jewish colony could begin setting up, and the Czars of Russia dead at the bottom of a mine shaft with the Communists and Lenin in charge.

The First World War had turned out just like Pike and Rome had planned, and Rome’s Contract with the Pharisees was closed to fulfill through the House of Dan.

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posted on Apr, 25 2010 @ 07:14 AM

The Treaty of Versailles, the League of Nations, and the Council for Foreign Relations, and the Spanish Flu

The Treaty of Versailles negotiated at the Palace of Versailles that had once been the Court of Versailles where the conclusion of the American Revolutionary War had been dictated, was now the personal resident of one Lord Rothschild, who would orchestrate the peace agreement that concluded the war, to maximize the leverage of the Central Banks he controlled and the use of Debt to control the various nations on Rome’s behalf.

Germany would be saddled with all the outstanding debts of England and France, even though it had not started the War and technically wasn’t even loosing it.

Treaty of Versailles

The United States would be placed in an equally awkward position, as it had loaned through the Federal Reserve most of England and Frances War Debt. The Roman Patricians like Rockefeller and DuPont had made fortunes through their oil and weapons holdings and patents, but sadly the American Tax Payers, economic slaves, would have to pay for it all.

Germany was in no position to pay the debt, and America would be in no position to not be paid, the economies of both would soon spiral into recession, depression and hyper inflation, that would conspire to make World War II a thing that would happen in short order, and induce the war weary and horrified citizens of these countries to fight yet again.

One might wonder why Germany and the United States would agree to such terms, the truth is that the financial aspects were negotiated by the heads of the Federal Reserve, and the Reich Bank.

At that time the head of the Federal Reserve was a man named Paul Warburg, and the head of the Reich bank happened to be Max Warburg, coincidentally they happened to be biological brothers, and the family long associated with the Rothschild Family.

Paul Warburg

Max Warburg

Rome tries to keep things in the family.

The Patricians and Rome were hoping that the horrors of the war could tempt the people of the nations to start laying the foundation for the One World Government through the League of Nations which would start to implement collective security with the promise that aggressor nations would be quickly dealt with by the League of Nations to prevent such wide scale wars in the future.

League of Nations

They attached this to the Treaty of Versailles, but when a still fairly independent U.S. Congress, that had to ratify the Treaty began to read about all the side deals and manipulations of the Balfour Declaration and the Treaty of Versailles financial arrangements, they realized that America had been seriously duped and tricked into the war, and left in a terrible position after it financially and rejected it.

Rome is persistent though and through its chief American Patrician and Oligarch Rockefeller quickly founded the CFR.

Council on Foreign Relations

The Council for Foreign Relations would eventually lead to the creation of the United Nations after World War II, but they play an independent and active role in the American Political Landscape still to this day.

There main mission is to promote a one world government by working actively to submerge American sovereignty though placing as much of America’s wealth in the fewest hands possible, and using that power and control of America’s wealth to manipulate political events towards entering America into a increasingly stifling set of International Treaties that cede portions of it’s sovereignty and wealth, to the World Body, until there is no wealth and sovereignty left at all.

There was one problem, War doesn’t really make money, since money is just paper, it eats up resources though that do have a real value, so once the founding of Israel was secured through the Balfour Declaration and the Conquest of Palestine, it made sense to end the hostilities from a financial aspect.

The nations were already enslaved enough to the fictional and illusionary debt, that would tax the citizens and rob them of quality of life and freedom as a result.

Yet they had hoped to kill many more people in the Hostilities than had actually died.

No problem for Rome, if they can’t get you to profitably and economically kill one another, they will just kill you by other means.

Enter the mysterious Spanish Flu of 1918.

1918 Flue Pandemic

It came out of no where, spread quickly and up to a hundred million people world wide died, reducing the world’s population by an additional 1/16th, it disappeared as suddenly as it arrived, once the institutions were overwhelmed with the disposal of the bodies!

Rome is after all not completely inhumane!

The Great Depression and the rise of Fascism

As the stage was being set for the Second World War and the repopulation of Israel, Fascism written as the anti-thesis to communism was introduced into Italy and Germany.

It needed a little help of course, Roman help, and while Rome in the new fascist mold of Benito Mussolini was ready to play a direct role again, both Italy and Germany needed some financial help in getting it off the ground.

The American Roman Patricians would once again step up to the plate to get it going. Averill Harriman and Rockefeller through Fritz Thyssen using a young Prescott Bush as their bagman would get it all underway.

Rockefeller Harriman and Bush

Fritz Thyssen

They just needed a reliable person in Germany to lead the Fascist effort and as usual the Rothschild Family was prepared to help.

That help would come in the form of an illegitimate grandchild of the Baron Rothschild of the Austrian Branch of the family, a fiery speaker, and war hero and corporal from World War I, better known as Adolf Hitler.

Rothschild and Hitler

Hitler would attack the Communist East keeping it in check, and further enslaving it to the money and credit it would need from the Rothschild Bank, while at the same time, creating the conditions, that would make provincial and backward Palestine, a desirable place for the most desirable affluent and cosmopolitan Jews of Europe who so far had shown scant interest in immigrating to it, while doing his best to exterminate the Eastern European Jews who were relatively backward and poor, and were not descendants of the original Hebrew tribes.

The Second World War as Pike envisioned would be fought to repopulate Israel, and to set the stage for the final World War.

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posted on Apr, 25 2010 @ 07:14 AM

The Holocaust and the Nazi ties to the Vatican

While the victors get to rewrite History it can’t always obscure it as well as it would like, especially when its as recent as the events of World War II.

Pope Pius XII helped Adolf Hitler destroy German Catholic opposition to the Nazi regime, encouraged the extermination of the Jews through the very least profound indifference, and banked much of the Nazi loot that the Vatican would use to finance the breakup of Yugoslavia years later, when it was time to dismantle the Communist system, to allow Russia to return to it’s Russian Orthodox Christian Roots to take part in the religious divisions of the Third and Final World War.

Additionally the Vatican conspired with the OSS and the new CIA to smuggle many ranking Nazis out of Germany at the conclusion of the War.

As millions of Jews lay dead across Europe, victims of Hitler’s forced Labor camps, and extermination squads in the East, the rush to immigrate to Palestine and repopulate the Jewish State was on.

World War II would end just as Pike and Rome wanted, with Israel repopulated and ready to play it’s key role, in the final World War to mimic Bible Prophecy.

The War and its horrors would give Rome and its patricians another chance to found a World Body of Nations.

Thanks in large part to the Council of Foreign Relations, and Rockefellers, tireless behind the scenes work to make it happen. He would even donate the land in valuable Manhattan, in New York City to build it on.

The United Nations and the Cold War

The Charter Meeting was held in San Francisco and of the 45 Delegates the United States sent, 44 were members of the CFR.

United Nations Charter

Most every nation on earth has since Ratified the United Nations Charter and become a member except for one very, very, very, very, very, very, I mean really very notable exception.


Which is just a permanent Observer and not bound by one little thing the United Nations does!

The head of the American Delegation and the President of the Charter Meeting of the United Nations was one Alger Hiss. A Council for Foreign Relations member, and in 1948 he just so happened to also be convicted after being indicted by a Federal Grand Jury of being a Communist Spy and was sentenced to two consecutive five year prison terms.

Alger Hiss

The world body of the UN has done a horrendous job at fulfilling it’s promises, it’s allowed the near complete takeover of Palestine to create the modern Zionist Israel State, and helped submerge the sovereignty of most nations including our own, through a number of sister and subsidiary groups such as the International Monetary Fund, the World Health Organization, and others, and is now leading the charge for Climate Change Treaties that will transfer more wealth away from America, the one nation that imagines it’s free and is armed well enough to resist one world government and Roman rule.

False Flag Number Three the Completion of the Trinity

September 11, 2001 in a spectacular and horrifying series of events, Americans woke up to find the iconic symbols of it’s prosperity the World Trade Centers crash and burn through a poorly investigated series of attacks by hijacked aircraft that also attacked the Pentagon.

September 11, 2001

Blamed on radical Islamist revolutionaries and chauvinists led by Osama Bin Laden and his Al Qaeda Network, questions abound still to this day about the Bin Laden families business ties to the Bush Family and their joint partnership in the Carlyle Group, a Private Investment and Venture Capital Group that specializes in the acquisition of high tech and military startup companies, whose principle owners are the Bin Laden Family, Bush Family and Tony Blaire, the Prime Minister of England at the time of the start of the War on Terror that resulted from the attacks.

The Carlysle Group

Nearly 10 years later, no one has been brought to trial in horrific crime, that cost thousands of Americans their lives, and the greatest crime to ever occur on American soil.

It has developed into the leading conspiracy of conspiracy theorists, as theories abound from it being the work of the CIA and or MOSSAD, Israel’s main intelligence Agency, a consortium of Private Patrician’s like Rothschild, and Bush, or Islamic Terrorists.

I am hear to tell you though, that like the sack of the Second Temple and the Burning of Rome, that 9-11 is part of a conspiracy that started over 2,000 years ago, to create a one world government ruled by Rome using divide and conquer warfare.

Ten years of war has been raging now in the Middle East, when Baghdad feel the first thing that fell in it, was the Museum with links to the true ancient past and the beginning of this conspiracy, and the Archeological Sites throughout the region quickly occupied.

Further, the home of Gnosticism the religion that Christianity is largely built on, Persia, is once again on the verge of suffering a Roman led war, by the United States, and by Zionist Israel.

The stage is being rapidly set, to have that final World War to turn the three major religions of the world upon one another, to eliminate them, and a majority of the world’s human population along with it.

Political events are being manipulated to mimic the Roman Bible’s Prophecy, and technology now exists to mimic acts of God as the prophecies foretold.

Many of us are scared, and apprehensive, but much of the Religious World’s of Judaism, Christianity and Islam, all invented and grown through Rome and it’s plot to take over the world, using divide and conquer warfare, will welcome it as an act of God and a validation of their Roman instilled beliefs.

This World is in trouble!

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posted on Apr, 25 2010 @ 08:02 AM

Earth Day 2010, April 25th Today

If you have made it this far, through the Mother of all ATS threads about the Mother of all conspiracies, it’s Earth Day!

Earth Day

Founded by U.S. Senator Gaylord Nelson in 1970, it is now celebrated in over a 175 countries every year.

It’s about getting people to take awareness in their environment. It’s aimed at the Climate Control and Environmentalist Camp, but the truth is the Earth is our environment.

Look around, take a good look, wars rage across the planet, a world wide economic crisis is gripping it, more people are starving of malnutrition than ever before, pandemic diseases are on the rise, and religious differences have the world and it’s religious faithful, and it’s Roman Governments on the verge of an all out war over the fate of Israel. An Israel that does little to foster Peace thanks to a Zionist Government and Movement controlled by the Papal Rothschild Family that constantly fans the flames of religious intolerance and hatred, three religions, each believing that they aren’t responsible and the other one’s are wrong.

A world where no one can be right because everyone is wrong, because everyone insist they are right, And no one wants to be wrong.

If you are especially in America look around, take a look at your money, at the pyramid on the back of your One Dollar Bill and the Inscription in Latin that surrounds it, look at our nations capitol, full of Roman edifices, and carved and adorned inside and out with Masonic and Rosicrucian symbols and art. Ask yourself why all science, law, and horticulture, is based in the Latin Language even though it’s been a dead language since the fall of Rome in the German tribes? Why is our money attached to nothing, and controlled by one International Banker who gained his power, wealth and titles from Rome and the Pope?

Why is over half the world at each other’s throat over a deity none of us have ever seen or heard in any truly recognizable way that was invented and foisted on us by Rome? Why does the Vatican have such incredible power and wealth, over so many of our world wide institutions, even while it can stand apart from them, not be bound by them, yet benefit from them?

Why beacuse we live in Rome, that's why!

The Roman Empire that never died, that has been manipulating us to conquer ourselves and our very own world for it.

Let's celebrate Earth Day by taking it back!

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posted on Apr, 25 2010 @ 08:28 AM

I have been waiting with bated breath. One concept that we adopted from Rome is "Homo praesumitur bonus donec probetur malus". I anticipate that guilt will flow like a river in your thread.

Without ambition one starts nothing. Without work one finishes nothing. The prize will not be sent to you. You have to win it. - Ralph Waldo Emerson

While I am just starting to read, I think it is safe to say you had the ambition and you have put in the work. Whether this thread wins the prize is yet to be seen but I for one am pulling for you.

"Carpe Diem!"

(Pardon my Latin!

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posted on Apr, 25 2010 @ 08:29 AM
Wow... that was an amazing read. Applause!

I've only ever read one book on the Roman Empire and it was purely just a political history, but you've posted some interesting theories which can lead one down many paths. Will have plenty a question for you sir within the coming days when I can look at this more thoroughly.

Thanks for the taking the time to write this, appreciated.

posted on Apr, 25 2010 @ 08:34 AM
reply to post by Hemisphere

Thanks my friend, I siezed the day, evening, night, and morning on getting this one up.

There will be some edits and additional links and pictures to come.

Thanks for being here, and taking part, in the Mother of all Threads!

posted on Apr, 25 2010 @ 08:37 AM

Originally posted by serbsta
Wow... that was an amazing read. Applause!

I've only ever read one book on the Roman Empire and it was purely just a political history, but you've posted some interesting theories which can lead one down many paths. Will have plenty a question for you sir within the coming days when I can look at this more thoroughly.

Thanks for the taking the time to write this, appreciated.

Thanks my friend, I really appreciate you taking the time to investigate it and read it.

Quite a few members have been after me to publish a complete thread on the entire Roman Conspiracy, and I have been promising it for months on the 25th of April, to commemorate Earth Day.

I think we could all benefit from understanding the nature of the planet of the planet we live on.

Thanks again!

posted on Apr, 25 2010 @ 08:38 AM
Wow, okay I sped read it. Now I need to go back through and do my absorption read.

Just analagous to your title I would like to say that the men behind the mask of control are all seeing. Nothing happens without TPTB knowing or implementing the component.

Yes, they may not know specifically the action, but they know the general idea behind the action.

Chaos cannot be controlled, but it can be manipulated to go in a direction.

Thanks for the awesome read. After I do some more intellectual breakdown, I will be back.

posted on Apr, 25 2010 @ 08:43 AM
reply to post by endisnighe

Thanks my friend, you speed read, I speed typed it!

I wonder? Should I read it too?

Some one warn me if it has a scary ending before I start!

I am really encouraging everyone to post their thoughts on this, and any relevant research they might have too...

Like the Bankers that will inherit the Earth???

Thanks again.

posted on Apr, 25 2010 @ 09:02 AM
reply to post by ProtoplasmicTraveler

man...GREAT article!! i am learning so much about history on this website, but this article is really amazing. Jim Marrs watchout...

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