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The black crystal which became rainbow

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posted on May, 7 2011 @ 06:14 AM
Well laziness flows through me in a good way today
Flow mmmmmmm
Hmmm been having this in mind a while, so better get going, it´ll be the last of the first triangle of crystals, the green, the golden and now the black (that became rainbow)
Injected they will spread love love love, not in a dualistic sense of it but pure real love.

I owe all my thanks to firstly my Father and my Brother and to my ever loving and inspiring Family.
Amazing you are, you are with me in every step of the way, every beat of the heart.
Without you I would just be a empty broken mirror, alone in the darkness.
Now I dwell in your light and your love.
Every moment bliss.
Words are just not enough.
Love you.

Well to the crystal.
There might be scary things, remember it is all within you, remember that safetybelts will be included (you´ll be reminded down the road) and remember you are loved/you are love.

Focusing, going down
Three in One
One in Three
Flow breaks out the box

Sparks emananting through the air
Dark, dark, dark
Outside you
Inside you
Covering your eyes
Covering your heart
Dark wings coming
You feel your everything inside/out
Dark water
Dense out from the air
You cannot run
You cannot hide
(a black crystal is given to you, you put it to your forehead)
Going within, swirling
Air´s so tight
Dragging your in, vortex of dark
(this will be your safety belt)
A room within
A room of purity
You see the purple sign
You know it´ll be fine
You feel the confidence
Go on your journey
Go on your journey
Down down down
Denser Darker Darker
All that comes to you now
The sadness darkness
All the fears all the angers
All that you´ve cried
All that you´ve hated
All All All
No escape, no escape at all
That you´ve hated
All your fears
Denser, denser, denser
Like black electricity running through your veins
Like you get compressed into one point
Sucked into the darkest hole
(remember safetybelt Elohim space if needed)
All you´ve ever seen
Your doubt
Your smallness
Your hate
Your fear
Denser and denser
Time has already stopped by far
Outside everything
Inside it all
You see it now
You see it right before you
Lord, lord of the dark
Your blood is like ice
Body electric
Run run run your mind tells you
You choose to stay
Your stay,
Every cell in your body
You breathe
Dark Lord
Looking at you
Looking right within your heart
(safetybelt if needed)
Breathe breathe breathe
Tranquility is here to stay
Heart is here to open
Hands are here to reach
This is yourself
This is yourself
Only did what you did
Only went where you went
Because you didn´t see
Because you didn´t hear
Take my hand
You and I are one
You and I are ONE!
Dark lord hesitates, but you stand strong.
You have confidence from the heart now
Pure existence
Abandoning duality
Rainbow lights are shining
Exploding within
You are free
You are free
You are FREE!
You were always loved
You were always LOVE
You came home

posted on May, 7 2011 @ 06:15 AM
Well good place to stop for now, my queen hunts me down

See you all soon


posted on May, 7 2011 @ 09:45 AM
you have returned... you took the leap... you faced what u thought u were fighting... and learned how to love
you've balanced within the fire.. rainbows and golden sunshine.. in a realm of green splendor true love always
where everlasting
whispers in the
in a world
where there
is only one
just be.......
JUST .......
by your
breath of

posted on May, 7 2011 @ 07:15 PM
reply to post by laffoe

beloved brother you know ...
I have the reminescense of that darkness
concerned first, a little fear and then letting it go, enveloping my entire being ... my soul, my conscience ...
then ...
absolute calm
inner peace, and in fact in that moment i didnt knew why i loved such darkness.
I once read that you can embrace the darkness without getting her, I think what I felt was similar.
Then when the light came ... I could see such myriad of colors
From that day I learned that I can also accept and love the darkness per se and not be it
Its importance is not literal, do not if it makes sense ... it is the darkness of being, the duality.
One can not be light without embrace darkness and accept it too.
is a difficult task at first because our prejudices, fear of the unknown ugh absence of light ... yes, terrible, I know.
Once we understand it, accept and love both poles of being ... we can be one again IMO.

Your post brought this to my mind,
thanks for share it sjaels-partner

I love you, te quiero hermano.

posted on May, 8 2011 @ 01:37 AM
reply to post by zaper

My loved Sister
Te amo tambien mi Hermana del Alma
Sjæls partner

This is for you:
(listening to this with you: LINK)

For many years I´ve wandered
Calling in the dark
For many years I wandered
Hiding for myself
Always getting nowhere
Always feeling sad
World would never please me
Never finding what I sought
Always being lonely
Hiding in my fears
Calling, calling, calling
Dark within the darkness
Suddenly was light
Voice of love and gentle
With a golden light
Father he had found me
Never left my heart
Always went with my
Only I was blind
Now I see
See a perfect Sister
Always travelled with
Always shared her heart with me
Seeking both were we
Now life has made me find you
Found you once again
Life will be perfect
It really always were
We were only blind
Joy eternal
You zapp me with you love
I see truly who you are
You´re perfect
Never could I have taken any of these steps without you, loved Sister, you were with me all times.
I see now how perfectly you shine.
You´re a pure transmitter of the Love Divine
You spread happiness whereever you go.
It´s in your heart
In your blood
In your flow
You do it without even thinking
You are free
You are beautifull
All you ever did, you did for love
We came home
We are free
We fly
We create out of the love in our hearts
Love that can never be wrong
L I´m proud to call you my loved Sister and friend of the Soul
We´ll be flying side by side
Our hearts wants it so
Now let´s party
Let´s have a party for this world
We were all made to be free
Listen to the music
It will get within you
It will set you free
Love love love you
Sister, hermana del Alma
We have found home

posted on May, 8 2011 @ 05:56 AM
reply to post by laffoe

thanks awful compliments, we are mirror! You my friend are amazing!
Hope to deserve, Namaste loved twin (beautiful background that love song from our brother Brian)

I fear that we already developed something similar to Stockholm Syndrome lolz ... it hurts to leave this place in which we were trapped ... but... yes, going to dance in the sky, lets fly!

awww home... i will see you soon! all our sis/bros too!

as barry white says.. LETS THE MUSIC PLAY!!!!

Born to love

posted on May, 10 2011 @ 05:04 AM
Hmmmmm...this is good but maybe needs work. What is a vortex by the way?

posted on May, 10 2011 @ 08:24 AM
reply to post by BuddyHarper

Thank-you my friend

Only just begun rediscovering these crystals, so no doubt they will be a lot deeper and more precise down the road, thanks for the feedback.
Happy you liked it.
Well, a vortex (don't know if I use the word correct) like a tunnel of swirling energy, it could be used for transdimensional travel or to bend the time, thus creating a gateway so to speak between this place defined in time and space and the realm outside time and space.
Through such a vortex we're able to travel and to communicate.
When the soul are ready and willing to give room, we can start to listen to our inner voice, God talking directly to you so to speak.
Feel free, my friend, to ask any question, I'll do my best to answer and know my Family will be here to help as well.
Love and happiness

posted on May, 11 2011 @ 01:58 PM
reply to post by BuddyHarper

OK I´ve pondered over your words, actually you´re right it needs work...
This is a slower and deeper version, no safetybelts included but the ones from OP will still work
So this is for you:

Breaking flow
Breaking flow
B R E A K I N G F L O Wwwww

slowing down
breathing slow
10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1
Darkness came
Swirling in, swirling
He whos name you´ll know and his four trusted Angels, wandering in the garden, the garden at home.
Darkest place where light don´t shine.
Hidden within the trees
Light don´t shine, light don´t shine
Deep in contemplation Angels came to meet
Tree they were out of Unity
Tree Angels of the Dark
One for shame, One for pride and last One with the name of Hate
Out the came to make a sphere, darker than the Dark
The One you know and Angels four formed a cross out of Eternity
The darkest sphere were made into a crystal black as black
The black crystal appears in front of you, like densifying out of the darkness in the air
Take this crystal and put it to your forhead
Journey will begin
Journey has begun
Travel down in to
The darkest night
Where all your fears are seen
The darkness from within
(As you close in you encounter all those thoughts and emotions which scares you, which you hide.
Closing in you realize more and more that you actually contain it all... all you ever been scared of, all you ever hated, all you ever was embarassed over, all all)
On they way in you encounter their 6 programs they (sts, illuminatæ, tptb or what ever you´d like to call them)
They have actually put them there, inside your darkness - your safe now, we operate from a deeper dimension than they do and they haven´t noticed your journey here - not able to.
Take some time circle around - see how they´re connected with the global network of similar programs - all made to amplify all negative emotions, such as ´I don´t wanna live anymore´, ´This life of mine is too hard´, `I can´t take anymore´, ´I wanna die´... you can add more yourself.
They actually takes the negative thought and amplify them across the globe, your fear is their power... or rather your power is their fear - how powerful you must be, all the attention the give you!!!
Well don´t mind those programs, we have resently infected them with a hyperdimensional ´I love you´ JHV virus
virus, so now they are spreading love, love, love... without them even knowing lol
Enough attention for those we continue our journey down into darkness...

Down swirling, the darkness densifies
The darkness is living, a texture not only the absence of light.
You find Darkness
You find Darkness staring right at you
Lord of Darkness, Lord of Darkness.... see him clear
You stare a while, you feel all your fears, you feel just in zero-point
My love
You ask him to take your hand
- I don´t wanna take your hand (you sense resistence, fear?)
You tell him you come with love
- I am not interested in love
You see the mirror
Swirling in
You and Him are one
There were only a mirror
You are the same
You are the same
Take some time here
Light and Darkness explodes within you, you just keep breathing in Darkness, out Light (from the Source, Love from God God God)
Keep breathing
At a point you get so scared and so full of Dark and Light that it doesn´t realy matters anymore
You sense the gateway in the illusion
Balancing it all
A tunnel
Opens up
In front of you
You are one
Not good
Not bad
Not Light
Not Dark
Just is
You enters in
(keep holdong the balance for as long as possible.. if you hold it untill you get trough you´ll be standing infront of Fathers throne)

Love, love, love you

posted on May, 11 2011 @ 10:14 PM
spreading love all the way, its so amazing... someone will feel it, no doubt is floating in the air
every person at side, front, up, down, everywhere we could be... and zap! the magic starts to flow, sweet.
its pure love!

ok i am lurking sometimes here my loved sjaels-partner
away this days for a while u know so much happly things to do

all the light, from our hearts, mine

ps chewing your threads more soon than later i guess

posted on May, 15 2011 @ 04:57 PM

Originally posted by BuddyHarper
Hmmmmm...this is good but maybe needs work. What is a vortex by the way?

It is a portal that allows travel to other places of interest by means of bending time using special words that have the power to do so.

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