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China To USA: 'If You Mess With Pakistan You Will Be Messing With China' - Webster

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posted on May, 6 2011 @ 08:28 PM
reply to post by Trueman

God , you don't really think that the US will introduce country music to China ? That would cause huge problems

posted on May, 6 2011 @ 08:48 PM
Pakistan is in the pocket of America. The ISI is an extension of the CIA whatever support the Taliban got from pakistan, it originated in america.
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posted on May, 6 2011 @ 09:38 PM
reply to post by BiggNastee

We need to protect the Nukes in Pakistan. India is pissed at the disarray. Gotta keep the new India money reassured.

Not gonna be easy with China and Russia behind the scenes going "TOLD YA"..
"Hillary has nothing but words" "She's Obama's WOman"

"WE have the Protection..We'll make sure Paki Nuclear is in safe hands"


Terrible lose lose.

posted on May, 7 2011 @ 08:09 AM

Originally posted by UcDat

well its a bit deeper than that 1st they are a growing economy and need resources Pakistan is one of their last foothold in the region since we took Libya. Second do you think they are holding their breath for the USA to pay them back? Why do you think they are selling off US debt and not buying up any more. Third other developing countries markets are outgrowing the USA exponentially. Making the USA less essential to the world market. So the ol we owe em so much money they wouldn't dare argument might not hold up...

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Numbers and money don't lie..... China is in a symbiotic relationship with the U.S. Both really can't do without the other without a lot of harm to their own country. You can bash the U.S. and it's economic policies but that still doesn't mean that the U.S market isn't vital to China. China can't replace the exports it does to the U.S. with any other country or even group of countries. Economically, China can't live without the U.S. and vice-versa. I don't think either country likes that situation, but currently there is no way to get out of that relationship without a lot of pain on both sides.

posted on May, 11 2011 @ 12:50 AM
reply to post by pavil

"there is no way to get out of that relationship without a lot of pain on both sides."

Thats the thing its going to hurt no matter what the world economic system is doomed to fail sooner than latter now.
So when it does all the rules go out the window and we fight to establish a new currency. Thing is China is already positioned itself with the BRICS.
Sorry to say praying the system will save us is not going to help.

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