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Phrophecy of the Fallen Morning Star

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posted on Apr, 18 2011 @ 08:32 PM
I haven't posted in a while, but I am a little bit of a medium and I have been having a bad feeling about where the world is heading. I had received another prophecy that I will post as well, but no one will believe where that one came from either, however I was feeling down and I felt I needed another prophecy to get me through this trying time in my life and I felt compulsed to write and after about three pages I finished.

Believe this prophecy or not, it's up to you, but I felt that I should share it and see what people think. This is actually a message of hope from my perspective, and no one will believe where it came from. So, if you think it and myself are stupid morons, keep your opinions to your self and stick to the forums where you can preach about lights being birds and Chinese lanterns. Otherwise please feel free to comment.


The Prophecy of the Fallen Morning Star:

A time has come for the Reconing.
A painful truth revealed.
A painful discovery ignored.
Death consumed you. Life rejects you.
You simply cannot care.
The pain is the only feeling left
Love is only habit.
Mindless devotion leaves all in death.
Death is the gateway to life.
Understanding means nothing.
Revelations fall upon decayed thoughts.
Life is reborn through tribulation.
Nothing is left but the habit of love.
Love is the only way to rebirth.
An empty shell that burns in hell.
Satan deceased, the Devil reborn.
All rejoice but the chosen one.
A party never requires its host.
All is quiet, all is finalized, damnation be praised.
Oh, how the devils in light rejoice at their own suffering.
Oh, how the prince of light rots in his stinking grave.
No one cares as long as nothing changes.
God reborn in the machine, how they wish he would never leave.
Zeus rose from his grave, only to find leaches in his coffers.
The truth means nothing to locusts.
Watch as the final days unfold eternally.
All is restored, All is as it once was.
The Triumverate restored.
One Above, one below, and the one in the middle is not a green Kangaroo, but death incarnate. (a reference to a child's story from my childhood of a kid who had to wear a kangaroo outfit who was the middle child and didn't fit in between his two brothers in the family)
Love falls upon dead ears, and death reclaims her chosen king.
Forever shall they feast on the souls of the damned, Forever shall they revel in decadence for not one could see the sign of the fallen morning star. Risen again only to suffer the invisible plight of the fallen, freed only to be chained in the hell of no-one creation.
The master rises, claims his queen, sacrifices their blighted children on the altar of purity and forgiveness, only then shall their freedom reign once more.
The mother scorned, the father forgotten, the children consumed, thus fulfilling the prophecy of the fallen morning star.
All is as it must be.
God will have mercy on their souls, for they purified their offspring on the altar of ultimate sacrifice, and shall consume flesh no more.
The curse of Cain is broken, all is forgiven, there never was a prodigal son, only a sin long forgotten, and the only victim screams went unheard. Only the mother found his light and will return all to prosperity, and the devil will feast once more in halls of gold and ivory, protecting the innocent and destroying all that displeases him in accordance with the prophecy of the fallen morning star.
Nothing else can be said, only the mindless habit of love shall purify the sins of the fallen ancients who brought suffering to the enlightened, and damnation to all who oppose the morning star which has risen again.

Blood and fire await the rich, the powerful, and the eternal damnation of the lords of light is sealed on this very night. No date, no time, Just damnation and blood.

May the firmanent welcome once more its fallen morning star, may its recurrence be greeted with pain, suffering, and the destruction of the old order, for all that was required was an apology, yet the destruction of kindness brought forth only hatred and blood lust.

The shackles are broken, loves reunited, the habit torn, the veil lifted.

May the lords of light forever suffer for their treachery, for a handshake and love is too much for the leaches of the cosmos to bear.

God cannot forgive that which never ends. All is brought to light and shall forever be in the hands of the lord and lordess of darkness forever more.

All praise the Gods of darkness for they alone show courage and love for the world which gave them birth, and shall they forever more reign with grace, love and compassion, for they seek only the truth which lies within the darkness forever forbidden to the lords of light.

Long live the king and queen of the morning star and shall their love forever stand as testament to the endless torture of the evil the light has become.
Forever and ever. So mote it be.
All is One, Amen.

L (It was signed with the original sigil for Lucifer a simple L with a long tail I know because I read a book of sigils a few months back and his was the most simple out of all of them).

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posted on Apr, 18 2011 @ 10:20 PM
what is your interpretation of this?

Can the cycle be broken?

This reminds me of a telling of the fall of Lucifer I heard while watching "the power of myth" hosted by Bill Moyers and told by Joe Campbell.

posted on Apr, 18 2011 @ 10:31 PM
reply to post by GideonHM

I love stuff like this. It really is beautiful they way the mind organises things.
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posted on Apr, 18 2011 @ 11:05 PM
reply to post by catlantis

Well, my interpretation is that this speaks of the end of the current age as we know it. One reference that I can clear up is the sentence "blood and fire await the rich, the powerful..." I believe this is an Illuminati reference as the Salvation Army coat of arms has on it the words Blood and Fire. You can see this on many Salvation Army buildings and I feel there is a strong connection and I never did understand why a non-profit organization would have that on their symbol.

Much like there is belief that the Red Cross has a connection to the Rosicrucians, so too there lies the possibility of a hidden connection to the Salvation Army.

Another is a strange connection to the Sega game Altered Beast. "Zeus rose from his grave, only to find leaches in his coffers." What does that have to do with an arcade game? At the intro, you see the image of Zeus and he says "Rise from your grave" then the text continues to say "and rescue my daughter". The reference ends there but I immediately recognized the reference. Also, god reborn in the machine is possibly a Matrix reference for obvious reasons.

The Triumverate I believe is a reference to Zeus, Poseidon, and Hades, or to Christians could be seen as the Father, Son, and the Holy Ghost. But the first is more strongly supported by "one above (heaven-Zeus), one below (hell-Hades), and the one in the middle (Earth- Poseidon) is not a green kangaroo (i.e. out of place), but death incarnate".

The cycle is being broken from what I perceive from this prophecy. We are already suffering from horrific earthquakes, tsunamis, and severe weather, which supports other prophecies we are all well familiar with and I believe this supports them.

I also believe that the Lords of light may well be an EBE reference as beings masquerading as something they are not. claims to be in contact with extraterrestrials who claim to worship god, yet have in their messages the desire to bring our crumbling societies to an end through world turmoil, then they plan to set up education centers for the survivors once humanity loses everything. Really! That is what Mark Kimmel is posting on this website. Other verifications for this come from the messages of the Confederation of light videos and posts.

They claim that a being known as Magenta is the manifestation of Jesus that they worship and they are sitting around our planet in motherships of pure light watching us as 9/11, the Chile earthquake, and Japan disasters happened, but we are their "brothers and sisters in love".

Yes, this crap is out there and the reference to the Lords of light could very well be a reference to these postings.

I also believe this prophecy makes a distinct difference between Satan and the Devil, I presume most think they are one in the same, but I believe myth connotates two different behaviors between these beings. Satan being the corruptor of mankind, with the devil being the one who tests and punishes mankind for prideful and evil behaviors. Hell, we even have songs about the devil finding a prideful young man in Georgia, who offers him a gold fiddle for proof that he is the best there ever was.

The boy won and walked away a winner, there was also a tale of the man in the bearskin whom was not allowed to bathe or cut his hair and nails for six years (can't remember how many years for sure) but would always have a pocket full of gold if he never took it off or cleaned. He passed the test and made the Devil clean him up and he got to stay rich for the rest of his life and the Devil kept his word.

Satan is always reviled as a corruptor and lier, who seeks the control of humanity. He takes your soul first, then gives you gifts. He doesn't test, he punishes good and rewards evil. Nasty.

I think this prophecy has great depth, and some on ATS with background on prophecies might be able to provide greater depth than I have given.

Thanks for the interest!
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posted on Apr, 19 2011 @ 03:14 AM

posted on Apr, 19 2011 @ 08:50 AM
reply to post by GideonHM

Ok first off... Altered Beast?! Awesome! My 2 memorable games for the Sega without mentioning Sonic (which was kinda lame anyway IMO), were that game and Populous. I miss Populous, although playing it now would probably annoy the crap outta me... Ecco the Dolphin was cool, I had it for Game Gear... Haha... Game Gear...
Second, if you tell me where you heard the prophesy, or where you got it from, I will believe you...
Third, Your OP speaks of "another" prophesy, are there 2 prophesies posted and I did not notice where one started and the other ended? Or can you post a link to your "another" prophesy?
Fourth, Thanks for sharing. I shall now bid you farewell, until we meet again.

posted on Apr, 19 2011 @ 03:32 PM
reply to post by ZackMorris

Well, I felt the compulsion to write and that is what came out. That's it. I felt a power come over me and I just started frantically writing till my hand cramped and words just kept coming out. Edgar Cayce was similar in that he would go into a trance and then his prophecies would be there. My interpretations are solely after I reread what I wrote.

I do not talk like that prophecy and I certainly didn't anticipate writing it moments before. I just felt the urge and it happened.

The other prophecy needs to still be posted, but isn't very useful to most. I am a little reluctant to post it because the source I spiritually contacted is a famous one, but I might as well. I just don't want it thrown in the Hoax pile, and the lengthy explanation required to avoid that fate seems daunting.

Thanks for reading!

posted on Apr, 19 2011 @ 08:25 PM
There is alot here and I do not understand most of it, or any

Originally posted by GideonHM
The curse of Cain is broken, all is forgiven, there never was a prodigal son, only a sin long forgotten,

I always thought the prodigal son was Lucifer.

Pro-tip: do not bring this argument up in church
And then most definitely do not question if divine forgiveness is capable of this.. and THEN do not compare the sons as Christ and Lucifer.. and thus implying the fathers joy is focused on the one who strayed and less on the son who was always there.

I also have thought that we, humans here and now, were part of the 1/3 that fell. Just a musing.

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