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We’re Not From The Milky Way Galaxy! We’re Sagittarians, Say Scientists! What Of Earth's Future

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posted on Apr, 23 2011 @ 03:23 AM
oh maybe your talking about hawkins theory of tiny little black holes??? well there just maybe some truth in what he has calculated and stated but i think its highly unlikely there is tiny little black holes at the centre of planets and they just explode!

posted on Apr, 23 2011 @ 04:14 AM
here's a link to the audio program hosted by Michio Kaku

in the intro there's given a 24 hour hot-line to pose your question to the man, click the 'listen' tab

i know this isn't specifically about the slow speed collision of the Sagittairian & MilkyWay galaxies
but you may find archives from the show that address the question---or better still, call in the query to the 24 hour hotline

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posted on Apr, 24 2011 @ 11:45 PM

Originally posted by sema sema
You should both read the above link, black holes are far from myth lmao! there mathmatically proved and now oh look a picture of our own milky way centre eating a star! so please if you may, would either of you like to tell me what that is eating a star if not a black hole! and could you be so kind as to back it up with a bit of math please!

After reading through numerous papers, it does seem that black holes and even the Big Bang are myths perpetuated by a disingenuous coterie. According to Stephen J. Crothers it has been recently proved that the black hole and the expanding Universe are not predicted by General Relativity at all!

Neither the layman nor the specialist, in general, have any knowledge of the historical circumstances underlying the genesis of the idea of the Black Hole. Essentially, almost all and sundry simply take for granted the unsubstantiated allegations of some ostentatious minority of the relativists. Unfortunately, that minority has been rather careless with the truth and is quite averse to having its claims corrected, notwithstanding the documentary evidence on the historical record.

Furthermore, not a few of that vainglorious and, particularly amongst those of some notoriety, attempt to dismiss the testimony of the literature with contempt, and even deliberate falsehoods, claiming that history is of no importance. The historical record clearly demonstrates that the Black Hole has been conjured up by a combination of confusion, superstition and ineptitude, and is sustained by widespread suppression of facts, both physical and theoretical.

It must not be forgotten that all the arguments for the black hole are theoretical, based solely upon the erroneous Hilbert solution and the meaningless Kruskal-Szekeres extension on it. One is therefore lead to wonder what it is that astronomers actually “see” when they claim that they have found yet another black hole here or there.

Besides the purely mathematical errors that mitigate the black hole, there are also considerable physical arguments against it, in addition to the fact that no event horizon has ever been detected.

There can be no meaningful theoretical discussion of black hole binaries or colliding black holes, unless it can be shown that Einstein’s field equations contain, hidden within them, solutions for such configurations of matter. Without at least an existence theorem for multi-body configurations, all talk of black hole binaries and black hole collisions is twaddle. The theoreticians have never provided an existence theorem.

A Brief History of Black Holes, By Stephen J. Crothers

As per Nikias Stavroulakis:

* The given distribution of matter cannot be reduced to a point.

* Black holes never appear in solutions of the Einstein equations.

Here’s some more gen, this time from New Scientist.....

A controversial alternative to black hole theory has been bolstered by observations of an object in the distant universe, researchers say. If their interpretation is correct, it might mean black holes do not exist and are in fact bizarre and compact balls of plasma called MECOs (Magnetospheric Eternally Collapsing Object).

According to the MECO theory, objects in our universe can never actually collapse to form black holes. When an object gets very dense and hot, subatomic particles start popping in and out of existence inside it in huge numbers, producing copious amounts of radiation. Outward pressure from this radiation halts the collapse so the object remains a hot ball of plasma rather than becoming a black hole.

"I believe this is the first evidence that the whole black hole paradigm is incorrect," says Darryl Leiter of the Marwood Astrophysics Research Center in Charottesville, Virginia, US, who co-authored the study. He says that where astronomers think they see black holes, they are actually looking at MECOs.

And here's an interesting vid...Check out the the new mantra - Plasma Cosmology!

And to conclude….

Stephen Hawking has now put forward a new theory that changes the way scientists view black holes, saying he was wrong about them in the past!
Dr David Whitehouse
BBC News Online science editor.

The current theory on black holes seems to be heading into one!! What about the Big Bang theory? Well, that's for later!


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