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Can a work of art also be a magical act?

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posted on Apr, 14 2011 @ 02:18 PM
reply to post by mistermonculous

I don't know much about mathmatics and I'm probably the worst practiser of it in the whole wide world. But what I do know is that art and "magick" are indeed linked.

I'm a former music professional, I have 7 years of experience in the music bizz on the fields of: producing and composing music, audio and light engineering, arranging gigs and promotional activities. It's a long story, but to keep it short: I was touring my country (The Netherlands) with my own musical project in about 6 months, as I had planned. The fun part is that my music was absolutly not special at all, there were better bands busy for a longer time in my region who stay stuck at gigging at school party's and band contest.

I know what I did, but I can't tell, not because it probably have consequences for me, but because I don't want anyone to take the "darker path", I don't want that people walk that way I did and will go insanse because they don;t know what whit they are dealing with. I took my "ceramic damage" and I'm going on further in a somewhat brighter way now.

I'm now experimenting with it again (after a short break), checking if it still works. I never announced my comeback, but 3 gigs rolled in already. I'm still not sure of doing them...

Strange world isn't it? Well not if you know what you are doing and whit what you are dealing with

posted on Apr, 14 2011 @ 04:38 PM
Interesting, I have heard many times that if you surround yourself with negative things (ie. the dark tower) negative energy is attracted to you.

Maybe the time you spent creating this dark tower drew negative energy to yourself.

I too am into art, mainly still life and sketching, but I have too felt an odd feeling when I draw things like demons fighting angels, or a shadow figure lurking the streets or a fallen angel looking up and roaring with fangs growing and tears running down his face.

I would say to avoid ever thinking of this event, for it will only fuel the negative energy to stay, it being aware that you believe in its existance.

Good luck to you.
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posted on Apr, 14 2011 @ 08:00 PM
I found an old painting of mine which isn't on the internets. Felt it was appropriate to post it here as I was "thunderbolted" earlier today on this thread.

Notable detail: the object in the boy's mouth is a lightbulb.
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posted on Apr, 14 2011 @ 10:15 PM
Doh! Fail link. Here we go:

posted on Apr, 14 2011 @ 11:11 PM
reply to post by mistermonculous

Brilliant, mate!!!!

Love the painting.... The symbolism, colors, elements, and balance are simply karmic to this thread.

In life, there are no accidents....

posted on Apr, 14 2011 @ 11:32 PM
I had to drop by and say my bit, magic is art as art is magical by nature, when the mind silences the noise and the state of mind where the active side of infinity takes over our own limited reality tunnels, setting us free, making the silent magical side of humanity redeem if only for a bit, humanity, as we rise above our own internal demons, as we fly on the wings of intent, as the INFINITE through the sensible organs we possess can in "reality" manifest the will of the universe, when the law is our will, and our actions the work of magic, the work of passion, a work of art.

The "Art" willworking, detaching oneself to be reconnected again to that rusty connection we seldom use or even worse, even know we have.
The connection to everything man has willed to sever, and to hold in a collective state the unsustainable, the irrational, the insane, we use our magical will to hold this hurling ball of atrocity modern humanity is, and as we get closer and closer to the bottom of the pit we helped dug, ART!

The magic, ART, comes along and makes us feel that maybe, just maybe, its all worth it, and that if I cant save or change anyone, the option of changing myself seems more viable, art has saved my life, and undoubtedly will save many others.

Mans will is capable of the greatest and the foulest feats without flinching an eye, of course there are prices to pay with each and every choice we make, so I try to be as efficient in my energy as I can possibly can, only when energy overflows me can I consider myself magical or detached or even silent in my inner rumblings , or maybe its just that sometimes energy is abundant and one can even try to silence our obtrusive inner dialog, my inner babblings sometimes get in the way of the creation process, It has been a hard and difficult road but it has been worthwhile, life is as mysterious as one wills it, but some things seem to be regardless of beliefs, there is a a force underneath it all, CHAOS if you WILL, that sometimes rearranges and sorts things in certain ways, creating something out of the previously unsuspected arrays, we humans can by our own mystical mysterious forces attune sometimes to it and the magical being flourishes, unfortunately it is most used to do evil and cause great discomfort on others, but sometimes, ART! saves the day...


posted on Apr, 15 2011 @ 02:11 PM
I find with good art, it usually has many layers to it, and touches something inside of us on a deep level that is hard to grasp. I am constantly trying to find new art that does this to me. People have to realize there are notes within notes, colors within colors, great art seems to stretch and go on forever but ends up telling a different story each time, I found that I have learned important life lessons from a great piece of art, if I am unable to figure out what this art is doing to me, its usually resonating on some extra sensory perception I am not aware of which makes me keep coming back to it time and time again to fall into the depths of it.
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posted on Apr, 15 2011 @ 05:34 PM
Some great art and comments here.

Just thought I'd show my appreciation.


posted on Apr, 16 2011 @ 10:27 PM
Preliminary work on the experiment commenced today. I hope you'll all pardon my misappropriation of the term "experiment" for a project with decidedly non-empirical parameters.

I completed the e-sketch which will serve as the basis for the painting tonight while drinking mead spiced with nutmeg and flavored with rosewater, which I realize is pretty darn fey, but also delicious. I listened to Hildegard Von Bingen and intend to listen to a bit of Bach and Gurdjieff as well. I employed the golden mean, and included in the composition.

While out and about to purchase mead, rosewater, and a rose; and also to meet a friend for dinner, the following events occurred:

1. The hostess experienced a moment of synesthesia when seeing the odorless rose and unopened bottle of rosewater, stating that "Wow, that smells wonderful, did you spray it around or something?"

When I informed her that it was an unopened bottle, she looked puzzled, smelled the rose, shrugged and said, "That's weird. I don't smell anything anymore."

2. The waiter who brought us our drinks came back with our food with a antique enameled rose pin on his suspenders. Upon complimenting him on it, he replied, "Oh thanks. It was just gifted to me." Odd choice of words, odd all around.

3. When walking back from the restaurant, my companion (who I have not discussed this project with) pointed out a rose traced into the cement of the sidewalk. Walked that way a thousand times, never noticed it before.


posted on Apr, 16 2011 @ 11:46 PM
reply to post by mistermonculous

Dost I detect some avidity in your experience tonight?

posted on Apr, 16 2011 @ 11:52 PM
reply to post by CIAGypsy

I'm positively ardent.

posted on Apr, 16 2011 @ 11:59 PM
any result is indeed welcomed when practicing "experiments" as you say, because in the beginning stages of the finally deciding and convincing oneself of the possibilities of "doing" instead of just considering said possibilities of action.

All we need is a little budge, working without any pretensions of success or failure, means the job will take place in a state of total focus and control, of an awareness and concentration seldom worked with, in the state of being consciously aware sometimes its like attaining enough "inner speed" to actually catch the timeless fleeting glimpses existing without our everyday self noticing them.

Like you said Op, you walked countless times and only today the symbol and the mind synchronize, maybe it was the preparation, maybe it was the effort, maybe , just maybe, it was magic manifesting, your will unraveling the mysteries of existence in this timespace.

Magic has no real precedence in our daily lives until we will it to be, recognizing things for what they really are, being mundane or magical, is a feat unto itself!
Silent knowledge comes to those who actively seek it. I personally know this to be true, or, at least it seemed that way, a long time ago!

Keep searching Op, and you will find...

posted on Apr, 17 2011 @ 01:43 AM
reply to post by CIAGypsy

If so, you're one clever fox.

posted on Apr, 17 2011 @ 06:25 PM
reply to post by mistermonculous

You sound suprised?

As I mentioned before, I'm just a nobody with an internet connection, a computer, and an opinion.

posted on Apr, 18 2011 @ 12:07 PM
Yesterday while playing chess with my companion, I observed two pre-verbal kids meet for the first time. Within moments they were holding hands, sharing ice cubes, giggling and otherwise greatly enjoying one another's company. They were introduced by their parents as Emma and Emma-Rose.

posted on Apr, 18 2011 @ 12:17 PM
reply to post by mistermonculous

Emma is a given female name. It is derived from the Germanic word ermen meaning whole or universal, and was originally a short form of Germanic names that began with ermen.

posted on Apr, 18 2011 @ 02:13 PM
reply to post by mistermonculous

Wow, good story! I have read the whole 7 book series of the dark tower (Now waiting for the new 4.5 book from Mr. King!) and I too think that it may have attracted some negative vibes towards me! I just didn't think it was from the book, until I read this post! When I was about half way, I was working on an oil pipeline in Canada, and I seen a white cylinder UFO about 100 feet above me, also had about 6 hours of missing time later that day. Alot of the songs and movies mentioned in the book seemed to show up (Synchronicity?) just after I read about it in King's magnum opus! Really weird stuff keeps on happening, during and after reading the saga! I do believe that art and magic are more closely related then anyone really knows. Still a good read though! There is even a reptilian race mentioned in these books, first time I ever heard about this (certainly not the last), but they also mention a bird race and a rat race!
"Thankee Sai!" Keep your eyes on the skies!

posted on Apr, 22 2011 @ 12:22 AM
Work on the painting is well under way, and thus far the progress is swift and pleasing.

The rose which serves as a subject is set in a glass flower aquarium. Generally, despite whatever preservatives the flowers have been treated with, they become oxidized within the first two days. By day three, the water is cloudy, and by day five, the flowers are translucent and have floated free from the base.

Approaching day six now, and the water is as clear as it was on day one, the rose continues to open, and there are no signs of decay. The bubbles which formed from the process of oxidization on day two remain where they formed on the petals.

Peculiar. I intend to document any decay (or lack thereof) beginning tonight.

posted on Apr, 22 2011 @ 12:34 AM
reply to post by mistermonculous

This is a great experiment. Interesting about the roses lasting so long and all of the "synchronicities" regarding the e-sketch. The mead sounds yummy. I usually get my mead fix once a year when I go to a pagan festival in the summer (was in New York, now in Ohio). Certainly a lot more pleasant than your previous experience.

My experience with roses and grandma's isn't quite so happy but just as beautiful. She was diagnosed with cancer and 2 weeks later she died in my aunt's house. It was the closest that I have ever been to unsanitized death. We had finished dinner and I was going into her room to say my final goodbyes (I wasn't going to come back for what had turned into a death vigil.) As I went into her room she was taking her final breath. The dozen roses on the bedstand, which were fresh from the day before, were all literally bowing their heads. They weren't wilted but they weren't standing at attention either. A powerful experience to say the least, especially since I could sense her shrinking from this world and growing in the next.

Also interesting to add to this, that the Rose is supposed to hold the highest vibration of the flower world.
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posted on Apr, 22 2011 @ 12:50 AM
reply to post by coyotepoet

You just brought tears to my eyes, friend. My grandmother passed under very similar circumstances when I was eight. Two year battle with cancer, and she died at home. The smell was unbearable at the end, but she was so lovely and dear to me. I miss her more than anything.

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