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Important message people! china buys gold and land in africa! what does it mean? they are prepering!

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posted on Mar, 14 2011 @ 04:32 AM
I have over the past years seen how the Chinese market and their investments changed their shape and broken the pattern of past investment history.
I raise three points that are signs that it changed their thinking about the future. In order to even be able to implement this requires not only a decision of the country's decision makers, but this type of investment operations is more complicated than that.

What's going on and what it indicates? It can hardly be seen as natural or normal investment but more as an insurance policy for years to come? So what do you think this is the means and possibly the significance?
It is no surprise that the oil will someday run out and alternative fuels will become operational, these developments, we see only the start of right now. To travel by airplane will continue to be a rare luxury, majoritetet will travel with the traditional mode of transport such as trains and boats. These thoughts led me to create this thread and my thoughts may be shared by others? China invests in a way that merits attention, it should be clear that the large corporate expansion and acquisitions of small businesses will eventually reach its peak within this century.
The same applies to the world's currencies, which also will be fewer, different currencies will be merged. We will in future probably only have three different currencies, possibly four currencies that facilitates trade between countries. I am of the opinion that China is now embarked on its investment for the future but that we really understand this?

These are my thoughts that give cause for concern

The plan will be delivered in 2014-2015. According to the list price cost plan 1.54 billion dollars, almost ten billion, but Boeing has promised a substantial discount, said Air China in the statement addressed to the Shanghai Stock Exchange. The airline last year had 381 planes in its fleet.
Air China is the third airline to sign contracts for the Boeing 747-8 Intercontinental. Earlier, the German Lufthansa bought 20 planes and five Korean Air.
- Air China has become one of the fastest growing airlines and are now amongst the world's largest, "said Marlin Dailey Vice President of Marketing at Boeing.

The demand for air service is increasing in China and by 2015 the fleet increased to over 4500 plan and the number of commercial airports from 175 to 220. The country is expected to order the new 1100 Transportation Plan and 1000 regular plan the next five years.
Wang Changshun, when China's civil aviation authority, said that the domestic airline industry is expected to grow by 12-13 percent this year.
Boeing also said on Tuesday that it has reached a preliminary agreement with Hong Kong Airlines for the purchase of 38 jumbo jet aircraft, a deal worth 8.5 billion dollars.


China looks abroad to grow its own food

Finally, the strangest thing of all?

How can you choose to deliberately increase the country's population if you do not already know that it will meet food needs?

I hope you will keep this thread updated

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posted on Mar, 14 2011 @ 04:37 AM
I agree, China is starting to imposed itself and it's profile globally.

I noticed this story this morning about those Chinese Students who were killed in the New Zealand earthquake recently. The Chinese government is now asking for 'larger' compensation payments to be made by the NZ government because of the loss being both emotional and economical.



posted on Mar, 14 2011 @ 04:44 AM
reply to post by stavis

How can you choose to deliberately increase the country's population if you do not already know that it will meet food needs? Wierd stuff

Chinese fertility rate is under 2.0 for over a decade now. One child policy has served its purpose greatly, and it can be safely relaxed now when the threat of demographic trap has been avoided and China finally has resources to meet the needs of more expanding population.

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posted on Mar, 14 2011 @ 05:38 AM
reply to post by Maslo

It is precisely this which is strange. If the country's restrictions dampened food shortages and has managed to avoid a food shortage is the time to plan a remarkable increase in population? The reasons does not matter when the result is that the population is growing at a rapid pace, the more I think of this, it seems that the Chinese are buying up land in Africa to provide future food requirements in their own country. I am of the china's knowledge that has no intention at export food in the first place?
For this behavior, one should not forget an order for 5,000 aircraft and their tremendous project with the rapid expansion of 45 new airports. It invests heavily in its infrastructure and it is not based on today's population level, but without a future population.

These things make me think about what we know and what a future looks like in their view. It has happened so much in the last ten years. As the information can be accessed by the public in a moment, it is harder to hide the truth. It seems that time is short and I get the notion that it is crucial that we possessed before it's too late?

We live in frightening times wich is also are fascinating and interesting, question is where all this is going?!

Take a look at this and think about it. They are preparing for bad times to come and have known about it for quite some time now?

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posted on Mar, 14 2011 @ 06:24 AM
Getting the picture now? it´s time to wake up people!

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posted on Mar, 14 2011 @ 09:40 AM
They have lots of money, they're buying real estate. Africa.

This gives them them the minerals and resources that China might not have, as well as more land to grow food on, and they are spreading their footprint further into the world. With a billion plus people, they almost need another country.

Hopefully, they manage it well, and don't destroy the environment.

It would actually be a good idea, if this current generation of kids, learns to speak and write some type of Chinese.
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posted on Mar, 14 2011 @ 09:44 AM
Why wouldn't China be buying gold and land?

They are doing awesome right now and they have plenty of money and resources. (even though alot of the prosperity is built on the backs of poor Chinese in sweatshops).

posted on Mar, 14 2011 @ 02:24 PM
reply to post by PurpleDog UK

I am completely gob-smacked. Why is the NZ Government paying anything at all to anyone?

If I went to Yellowstone and it blew, would my family get compensation? I should hope not. It is my choice to go and if I am not insured that that is my bad planning! The modern compensation culture is just crazy!

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