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(Arkansas) Geologist urges residents to be prepared for quakes

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posted on Feb, 17 2011 @ 02:06 PM
reply to post by Roystun

it's enough to HEAR THE RUMBLE and you are gone...
And when it's that persistent every right man in the head should RUN as far as possible!
What the use investing hundreds of thoundsands of dollars or euros in a home wich YOU MAY HAVE TO LEAVE IT TO BE DESTROYED?!
An 4x4 trailer or RV is ideal! More chances to live in desperate situations...
again , the 2012 movie nailed that one too...

posted on Feb, 17 2011 @ 02:13 PM
reply to post by Human_Alien

Thanks for posting this H_A. My old man lives right in the NE corner of AR. Don't know if he's been keeping up with this, but I'm going to be calling him.

Bringing the seminar to a close on a dreary note, Moore said, “People want to bring the bodies to us. We ask that the bodies stay where they are so we can do our investigations.”

What investigations?
And just how long are folks supposed to leave them where they are?

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posted on Feb, 17 2011 @ 02:26 PM

Originally posted by Human_Alien

I am a pretty perceptive person. I am not gloating. I am just stating a fact. But I honestly can't tell what's hype, what's purposeful planned fear and what's real concern anymore.

Do the PTB really know more about what's going on (and why) than they're sharing with us?

This new planet (Nibiru, but call it what you wish) I feel, is the culprit. Just like Lucus stated and which, I posted yesterday....the arrival of this planet (star?) really helps tie everything in. Right down to the implosion of Betelgeuse.

There are far too many things to keep up on and not none, very pleasant either.
So I have to stop and re-think things out and try to figure out if all these things are REALLY a cause for concern the PTB want us riddled in fear?!

Comments, commiseration or concern are much appreciated. So please post a reply.
(visit the link for the full news article)
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I completely feel this thread in my soul, It is exactly what I am thinking, is all this information which is not positive suddenly comming out of the woodworks, or is it someone(s) trying to put fear into us for control reasoning...great thread flagging it, and if I knew how to star it I would star it...

posted on Feb, 17 2011 @ 02:33 PM

Originally posted by g146541
reply to post by Human_Alien

Do your preps and live.
Keyword there is LIVE.
If the plates shift and you fall into the earths crust, or another planet causes the moon cycle to freak out and cause tsunami, or.... we can do nothing about it.
Don't live in fear, if you die from any of those the pain will be quick.
I will die once and only at the very end, until then i live the best i can.
Gotta walk the doggies now!

that was a great post and very meaningful...nice

posted on Feb, 17 2011 @ 02:33 PM
reply to post by Roystun

So why are you pretty sure they can't predict earthquakes - because they told you so? If you think about it, it really should be within our tech to do something like this. Measure the stress and run the numbers.

Right now, it seems like the best they have is taking the intervals between past quakes. There's some amazing tech out there right now. You would think they would come up with something a little bit better. Take the weather, they may not be able to be 100% accurate but there is enough science out there to give a pretty indication of what will happen.

posted on Feb, 17 2011 @ 03:22 PM

Originally posted by The Sword
reply to post by Animatrix

Congratulations for allowing your fear to harm him, doofus.

Are you working for "them" when you say such things?

Dude, Im just following the trends. microbiologists, weapons handlers, pentagon employees, etc...

posted on Feb, 17 2011 @ 03:36 PM
Personally think it's all tied together in 1 way or another...1 way being the ancients were right and new more than we give them credit for..the other being that these are naturally occuring cycles that TPTB have observed over many many years and have been putting thier pawns and fear in place to entrench themselves deeper in power...Kinda like when explorers would mystify Natives by predicting eclipses and other natural occuring cycles. Best bet is to do like Human_Alien said and just be prepared and once your prepared just live a happy life until whatever happens happens... I'm not a politician but I approve this message

posted on Feb, 17 2011 @ 03:42 PM
A theory was posed a few years ago that had some very interesting and compelling points.
The theory says the Earth is expanding and can be seen by the "Stretch Marks" on the bottom of the Oceans.
If this is true it explains a lot.

Just a thought.

posted on Feb, 17 2011 @ 04:16 PM
Seem's to me this is no better than any old average persons prediction. I could tell my kids that one day the area we live in will be shook by a huge earthquake. I will probably be right given time, if I, or they are still alive when it happens is the question.

A volcano will errupt and several people will die...Someday. Know what I mean?

posted on Feb, 17 2011 @ 04:31 PM
reply to post by Daughter2

wow, that was exactly the conclusion i've had for awhile. i do believe that some, not all, significant weather or geological events are actually accurately predicted by ptb or gov't controlled entities. however, the fear and panic that might ensue requires such information to be studied but not disseminated. very curious about these quakes that have been going on for about 2 yrs now. i've read reports that local gov't and media are blaming the gas mining in and around the area. sounds like a good cover story. can't really prove it and in the media, all mining is deemed evil. i hear it happens so often that most people are just accepting the turbulence as part of everyday life. amazing how quickly people can get desensitized to a significant impact(s) in their lives, once a plausible explanation is given. makes me wonder what i've been ignoring if there's a plausible rationale.

posted on Feb, 17 2011 @ 06:42 PM
Thu Feb 17, 9:45 am ET

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – Jim Sutterfield was briefly puzzled by a thumping sound that seemed to slam the back of his office chair. But when the small-town Arkansas fire chief turned and saw no one was around, he quickly realized it was just an earthquake — again.

"That was only my second time to feel one, but others here have felt them for three or four months now," Greenbrier chief Jim Sutterfield said after feeling the latest tremor on Wednesday. "Now when it happens, people say, 'Well, there's another one.'"

Several small earthquakes ranging in magnitude from 1.8 to 3.8 have rattled the north-central Arkansas cities of Greenbrier and Guy this week, and the cause is unknown.

posted on Feb, 17 2011 @ 11:20 PM
Hi everyone When I posted the post above I assumed you were aware of why they were having the earthquakes and I posted an idea as to why they were getting worse. After rereading this thread it occurs to me that you don't know the original cause. So without further ado I would like to post an article I posted on when the story broke. Here is the article:

extraterrestrial and alternative news
Wednesday, February 09, 2011
Fortean / Alternative News: Daily Earthquakes in Small Town

Small town gets a dozen earthquakes EVERY DAY after gas drilling goes awry

dailymail - A small American town has become one of the earthquake capitals of the world after suffering more than a dozen tremors every single day.

Residents of Guy in Arkansas have lived through thousands of minor quakes in just six months after gas drilling apparently destabilised the earth beneath them.

So frequent are the tremors - which go up to four on the Richter scale - that they have been given their own name: the Guy earthquake swarm.

Only a fraction have been felt and the only damage so far has been a cracked window of a snack bar.

Locals however have reported strange shifts in the ground, odd movements and bizarre noises as the Earth moves beneath them.

They claim that the tremors began when a gas company began drilling nearby in a geological formation called the Fayetteville shale.

The companies dig deep wells which are injected with water, sand and chemicals at high pressure to get access to to gas pockets.

Secondary wells have to be dug for disposal of the waste, putting further strain on the area.

Residents in Guy claim that when the wells appeared, including one opposite the school, the shaking started.

Following complaints a state moratorium was imposed on any more drilling while an investigation is carried out, although scientists say they have already pinpointed the cause.

Scott Ausbrooks, a geologist with the Arkansas Geological Survey, said: ‘All this activity happened after these wells had gone online.

'What you could be looking at is a case where the strain was already there. You’d be fast-forwarding the clock,’ he told the New York Times.

His team have also already said there is ‘strong temporal and spatial’ evidence for a link between the drilling and the quakes.

Such a phenomenon has happened in the area around Guy twice before, however.

The worst was in the 1980s when the Enola swarm caused 550 quakes in six months with thousands of smaller tremors. Guy, by comparison has, had 640 over a comparable period.

In both instances, however, thousands of smaller tremors were recorded.

The state moratorium covering a 600-square-mile area around Guy is being reviewed on a month-by-month basis, although several wells are still operating subject to regular reporting.

Charles Morgan, a lawyer representing Poseidon Energy Services, which drilled one of the gas wells in Guy, said there was ‘no casual connection’ between the drilling and the tremors.

‘The evidence is anecdotal at best,’ he said.

Despite Guy’s record, it still has some way to go before it is the earthquake capital of the world.

The most closely watched earthquake town on Earth is Parkfield in California which sits atop the San Andreas fault, closely followed by nearby Hollister and Coalinga.

Tremors happen on an hourly basis in Parkfield and every few years residents can expect one of at least six on the Richter scale to rattle their homes.

Among the biggest was the first to be recorded in 1857, a foreshock to the great Fort Tejon earthquake which ruptured the fault from Parkfield to the south-east for over 180 miles.

posted on Feb, 18 2011 @ 03:29 AM
Updated list of activity:

MAP 4.3 2011/02/18 08:13:35 35.271 -92.377 6.3 ARKANSAS
MAP 2.8 2011/02/18 06:10:33 35.194 -92.378 5.0 ARKANSAS
MAP 4.0 2011/02/18 04:59:49 35.251 -92.409 5.0 ARKANSAS
MAP 2.9 2011/02/18 02:30:12 35.280 -92.340 5.0 ARKANSAS
MAP 2.7 2011/02/17 22:06:45 35.265 -92.365 6.0 ARKANSAS
MAP 2.5 2011/02/17 18:19:09 35.262 -92.357 5.2 ARKANSAS
MAP 2.8 2011/02/17 14:58:14 35.267 -92.367 5.9 ARKANSAS
MAP 3.8 2011/02/17 10:49:48 35.276 -92.361 6.5 ARKANSAS
MAP 2.6 2011/02/17 06:02:44 35.263 -92.348 6.2 ARKANSAS
MAP 2.6 2011/02/17 04:09:40 35.267 -92.347 6.4 ARKANSAS
MAP 2.5 2011/02/17 02:53:26 35.266 -92.361 6.4 ARKANSAS
MAP 2.5 2011/02/17 02:44:16 35.269 -92.368 4.9 ARKANSAS
MAP 2.5 2011/02/17 01:36:45 35.279 -92.352 6.1 ARKANSAS
MAP 2.5 2011/02/16 23:05:54 35.262 -92.361 5.1 ARKANSAS
MAP 3.5 2011/02/16 21:46:17 35.270 -92.361 6.6 ARKANSAS
MAP 2.9 2011/02/16 17:07:02 35.274 -92.374 5.9 ARKANSAS
MAP 2.8 2011/02/16 15:52:36 35.278 -92.371 6.2 ARKANSAS
MAP 2.7 2011/02/16 14:39:08 35.276 -92.369 6.0 ARKANSAS
MAP 2.6 2011/02/16 10:53:13 35.275 -92.374 5.8 ARKANSAS
MAP 2.7 2011/02/15 22:35:23 35.268 -92.373 5.6 ARKANSAS
MAP 2.5 2011/02/14 18:28:39 35.332 -92.300 5.5 ARKANSAS

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