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Black people, Black people, Black people ...

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posted on Feb, 10 2011 @ 02:36 PM

Originally posted by Djdoubt03
Just look at "Historically Black Colleges", while only a handfull if any attend, this is considered acceptable, but if a typical college like Virginia Tech only hosted a handfull of african americans the Jesse Jackson would screame that colleges are holding back on african americans. In this day and age I see more racism against whites. Television and Movies are another example just about all "white" shows or movies have at least one african american, but there are very many "black" shows and movies that have no "white" and if they do they are bumbling bafoons or stereotyped redneck trailer trash. I see BET where is WET?

Posted Via ATS Mobile:

You will never see a White Entertainment Television .. because, people on teh defensive of BET will tell you we already have it ... With GAC or whatever ... Because they are ignorant ... BET does have whites and other Races (Totally just forgot how to spell that word LoL .. Could use Word but i am LAZY lol ) on thier show occasionally ... although Typically it is blacks only ...

Anyways, that is a whole other situation in itself this thread is about


It is doing nothing but hurting what we are trying to accomplish .. and I know now the reason ... it has been said ...


They want to be in control and they can't do it if we UNITE like the Egyptians did ... PERIOD.

posted on Feb, 10 2011 @ 02:42 PM
Saddest story of racism I have seen in a while ...

Although if you read the articles ... they do not specifically spell it out .. but if you read deep and do alittle research put two and two together .. you see that City Manager Eric Gage ... issue with the fire department and Minorities being treated unfairly is where all of this leads too ... SAD ...

And this is in La Marque, Texas .. a town that has Serious history for blacks ...

So said that WIKI won't even mention thier black history ... and if anything needs to be kept in Color... Its HISTORY ... Other than that .. The Present and the Future ... are simply here and waiting for us to make of it what we want ..

posted on Feb, 10 2011 @ 02:48 PM

Originally posted by Deus_Brandon
reply to post by MrStyx

GREAT POST !!! By the way ... I do however disagree is letting the Past affect your future ... I haven't looked at the past of anything and let it affect me ...

On a side note ... I see your point into the Jews and the blacks and the differences ... but you seriously need to do some reading on the HOLOCAUST ... Like EXPERIMENTS done on kids ... and things that BLACKS have never been subject too ... Such as plucking every hair from a kids body one at a time ...Givng them enemas and doing Unimaginable things to them .. for a Scholar ... (WHICH I AM NOT) obviously ... you would think that you would know more about the Nazi germany ... If the world would have been like Nazi Germany to Blacks ... there wouldn't be much of you left ... However you are EVERYWHERE ... anyhow ... You have the mind-set just like my friends mom did ...
Where did you learn this ??
Was it in school ???
Was it in your House growing up ??? Even though you said in your statement you were blessed to be raised where you could spread your wings and ... embrace white people and tey embraced you ... I am just asking you seem very sensible .. and I am hoping you can shed some light on where this THOUGHT came from ???

I never claimed to be a scholar myself I have a thirst for knowledge and origins. Im well aware of those experiments so I dont need to read anymore about them but they weren't done to everyone. I didnt want to make it a thread on which torture was worse cause there are plenty of child rape stories, feet getting chopped off, daily beatings in slavery. On and on. If Nazi Germany was like America you would not experiment on or kill off your revenue slaves were necessary for the cotton industry. The Nazi's on the other hand didnt want the Jews. When Jesse Owens won in the olympics Nazi Germany saw the results of our genetic experiment.

Every man woman and child is shaped by their past you included. You are a product of your environment. I never said I was embraced by white people I had to win them over through perseverance and even then I wasn't "on the level" so to speak. When I walk into a bar in my old neck of the woods all heads in the place still turn and look at me. Why are you looking at me? I come to drink same as you. I've had dudes walk up and say what are you doing here? Who does that?. I learned most of what I know through experience and as I said its also generational damage I heard the stories of earlier generations as you here stories of your family through earlier generations.

The American black man's history is unique of itself because our history starts here in America. We didnt come from immigrants who came for a better life. Once you hit this soil this was the only life and there was no going back or contacting family back home. You were stripped literally of everything. So when you say we are all over we aren't but there are others who share my skin who are in no better shape due to their own oppressive histories and experiences.

posted on Feb, 10 2011 @ 02:51 PM
I am neither a hater or a racist.

I'm female and white and as such I feel I am in a minority.

Black people have Black Miss America. Black college and many other segregated associations that are not for white people.

My high school was integrated in 1963 when I was 16 years old. I made it a priority to learn to live my life getting along with people of every color.

Soon after that I started hearing the term Africian American. This caused great confusion as white people did not know what to call black people.

I believe the definition of an African American would be a person that was born in Africa and moved to the USA and received citizenship.

If a person is born in the USA he/she is 100% American.

Maybe I should say I am German-English_French- American Indian American. What a crock of stinking poop.

I'm not really sure what this thread is really about.

I do know that I am fed up with being treated badly by many black people because I am white.

Our government cannot preform a magic act to make all of us love and respect each other.

I'm sick of the black/white issue. We have more things to be concerned about than our skin color.

Racial relations are not going well in my part of the country. Whites trying to be black and blacks trying to be white.

STOP the nonsense and realize we are different. It would be of benefit for us all to just try to be the best of what ever race we are.

I predict the race issue will never be resolved.

posted on Feb, 10 2011 @ 02:56 PM
I was raised in a place where everyone seemed to have a slight difference in the color of their skin. I didn't even realize that they were different, until i was taught they were in school. Doesn't seem like anything has changed. As my little nephew came home from kindergarden the other day, scared. He believed that the evil white man was going to hang him, for having a black friend. He wanted to know why all white men were evil. How come white women were ok, but the men were not. Apparently they started black history month in his KINDERGARDEN. I personally have experience with reverse racism all the time. A while ago i was very good at a sport. When it came down to time for scholarships. I talked to a University in Baton Rouge. The rep in my area told me that they had reached their quota of allowable white people (5). The rest were set aside for black people only. I am tired of all the division caused by both sides. Black people want to be considered equal in all ways, but they also don't want to give up the advantages. Honestly they don't want to be equal, they want to be superior to everyone. I didn't own slaves, my family didn't own slaves. I have never treated anyone bad based upon the color of their skin. I don't know many who have. It's time that we started having a month where we talk about every color. Then the rest of the year, we act like people. Stop finding reasons to seperate us, and start finding reasons to unite us.

posted on Feb, 10 2011 @ 02:57 PM
reply to post by MrStyx

I do understand this ... and My Irish family generations ago ... came here because of the Potato Famine and not because they wanted to but because they were forced to. Because they would have starved or been killed by the invading armies. Tuathail is my last name ... you can do research if you want or believe me ... however ... My other parts of my family are cherokee indian ... which were basically Exterminated ... Truly Exterminated. I could have been a part of grants beacuse I am like 1/6th cherokee indian .. My grandfather could find water with sticks and made his own fishing lures .. pretty cool stuff .. wish I would have learned more from him before he passed .. but any how ... I don't care about all that he went through ... or his father or his fathers father ... because it is no matter as of how I got here. And its my fault for not taking advantage of grants ... My parents .. as dumb as it might seem taught me not to take advantage of any situation and work for what I get ... However my wife and her family have taught me there is nothing wrong with taking advantage of the laws ... and advantages that you can get ... Thier "Logic" is that everyone else is going to do it ... Pretty pathetic logic when you really look into it ... or think about it ... As the old saying comes to mind about Jumping off a cliff ...

Anyhow ... this conversation has been very interesting for me ... and I hope it continues as there is much to be learned from why my parents Although raised me to believe everyone is Equal ... and God creates us man all in his image ...

Yet, they do not accept her black boyfriend ... ... However he does have issues from still being married to not taking care of his daughter ... to many other things ... that i know now because he dates my sister ... and is not just a companion that I go to a bar with or just play softball with ... Odd how you find out more about peopel when they are your family ... lol ... anyways not funny ... I said that all to say that my parents KNOW NOTHING about his lifestyle or who he is ... just only that he is Black and that is enough for them to not want him to be thier son-n-law ... which is wrong .. .I KNOW BECAUE THEY TAUGHT ME THAT ... SO BACKAZZZWARDS ... Why are they like that ... Because they are baby boomers ??? They had Mammies ... or black woman who took care of them when they were little .. I DUNNO !?!??!

posted on Feb, 10 2011 @ 02:58 PM

Originally posted by Illusionsaregrander

Originally posted by MrStyx
We've been getting our butts kicked from the dawn of time. Been beaten raped and enslaved. Jamaica, Haiti, Africa, America.

A couple hundred years is not "from the dawn of time." And black people have been involved in the African slave trade far, far longer than Europeans were. Prior to colonization, Europeans just did what Africans and others did, they took slaves in the neighboring tribes they warred with.

Black people are far from being alone in their suffering. People need to learn some history, that is not totally self centered, and and they need to let go of the past. This is not to say existing inequities should not be looked at and addressed, but it does mean that if you were not a slave, you dont get the right to be angry if your ancestors were. White people have been slaves too, and they got over it. Mostly because no one cared if they cried about it. Same with women. Women of all colors hisotrically have been considered property and raped and beated, etc., and they have gotten over it too. And their "liberation" was much more recent, and their oppression lasted a lot longer.

Your only taking out of context In one instance I am speaking of the American black man. In the other instance I am speaking of blacks on a world stage. Not 200 years.

Now using your own logic you just admitted you've been through it and what did you do in return was enslaved others and impossed your will on them as was done to you in the past. So your actually supporting me. Which raises the question how long does it take to recover 200 years? No because history shows you didnt recover from your sickness in such a time. Sure your modern now but how long did it take to get there surely not 200 years there is a long rich history of European brutality so dont complain about it being 200 years ago and yet we still arent on track these things take time.

The past always influences the present

posted on Feb, 10 2011 @ 03:02 PM
reply to post by dizziedame

One thing is for sure ... We are/were different but I have noticed that there are some blacks who are not so different than me ... Actually they are more like me than many other Whites that I have been around ...

This is bread into you to not think that Black people african americans are able to be like a White .. aglo- American which is NOT TRUE ... I hate to tell you white girl hahahah always wanted to say that ... please take this with a grain of salt ... that you are part of the problem .. saying that we are different ...

African-Americans and Anglo-Americans were different ... but why can't Americans come together and be the same ???? Because we don't want to be ??? Because we want to take things from our Cultures ... Both our cultures had good and BAd about them ... Why can't we take all the GOOD and LEAVE all the BAD ???

posted on Feb, 10 2011 @ 03:05 PM
reply to post by MrStyx
The past always influences the present

Yes this TRUE ... But how you let it INFLUENCE you is the KEY. We all need to see the best in each race and come together ... I believe in White Pride where I also beleieve in Yellow, Black , Brown and any other color PRIDE ... All of our races have gone through the Crap hole one time or another .. Yet our Fore Fathers made it through ... Or atleast some of them ... Why can't we build on that instead of taking the Bad and good from it ?

posted on Feb, 10 2011 @ 03:11 PM
As a white person ... this rather makes me JEALOUS... Where are all of the White Organizations ??? .. not even sure if it will post all of these as the list is extensive ...

Africa Reparations Movement
Brief Summary - Homepage of the Africa Reparations Movement. Besides seeking reparations for the enslavement of African people in Africa and in the African Diaspora, they are campaigning for an accurate portrayal of African history and thus restore the dignity and self-respect to all people of African descent.

Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority - Xi Beta Chapter
Brief Summary - The Xi Beta Chapter of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. located at Stanford University.

Brief Summary - The Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now, ACORN was formed in 1970 when a group of Arkansas welfare mothers formed ACORN's first membership. ACORN is a grassroots, multi-issue community organization that operates in 26 states. Working together in affiliated neighborhood groups, ACORN Community organizers fight for increased voter registration, better education and health care, environmental justice and wide ranging neighborhood improvements.

Blacks in Government
Brief Summary - Blacks in Government, BIG, was organized in 1975 as a non-profit organization to help Black civil servants.

Black Cultural Center
Brief Summary - The Black Cultural Center, BCC, at Purdue University.

Black Data Processing Associates
Brief Summary - A national organization of black data processing professionals.

Black Geeks Online
Brief Summary - "Black Geeks Online is an Internet-based community organization that connects people of color from around the world. Our purpose is to share our talents and time to promote computer literacy and educate others about the power and potential of Internet technology."

Black Graduate Engineering & Science Students
Brief Summary - Dedicated to the recruitment & retention of Black graduate students at the University of California at Berkeley.

Black Graduate Students Association
Brief Summary - Black Graduate Student Association at Stanford University.

Circle Association
Brief Summary - A group of African American men practicing, and dedicated to, the quality of life, successful manhood and parenting, economic growth and development, and the pursuit of excellence and spiritual development.

Congressional Black Caucus Foundation
Brief Summary - "The Congressional Black Caucus Foundation, Inc. (CBCF) was established in 1976 as a non-partisan, non-profit, public policy, research and educational institute. As envisioned by its founders, the CBCF's mission is to assist the leaders of today, while helping to prepare a new generation of leaders for the future. To that end, the CBCF has worked to broaden and elevate the influence of African Americans in the political, legislative and public policy arenas."

Brief Summary - Dayton Intergovernment Equal Employment Opportunity Council, DIEEOC, plays a significant role in the development and implementation of affirmative action projects and programs in the Dayton Ohio area.

Ebony Queens Motorcycle Club
Brief Summary - An African American female motorcycle riding club.

Brief Summary - "The International Human Rights Association of American Minorities (IHRAAM) was founded in 1985 at The Hague Academy of International Law in the Netherlands by African American students. It was incorporated in 1988 in Chicago, 1996 in London, and 1997 in Canada, with a view to facilitating individuals' and groups' awareness of international law, particularly as it relates to human rights."

Brief Summary - Japan African-American Friendship Association, JAFA, promotes cultural and educational awarenss regarding Black culture to Japanese. It also promotes trade relations through diologue and research.

Malcolm X Institute For Black Studies
Brief Summary - This student organization at Wabash College lists as its objective the promotion of educational, cultural, and social programs of concern to the citizens of the Wabash & Crawfordsville communities, particularly Black citizens.

Moore's Ford Memorial Committee
Brief Summary - On July 25, 1946, two young black couples were killed by a lynch mob at the Moore's Ford Bridge in Walton County Georgia. No one was ever punished for the crimes. The victims were placed in unmarked graves. A biracial group of citizens have formed this non profit corporation to honor the victims, ensure they will never be forgotten, and build a "living memorial" to promote justice and racial reconciliation.

Brief Summary - Homepage for the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People. The following are a few of the Chapter web pages:

NAACP - Eugene/Springfield Oregon Branch
NAACP - Los Angeles Chapter

National Association of Black Journalists
Brief Summary - The largest media organization of people of color in the world.

National Bar Association
Brief Summary - The nation's largest and oldest association of African American lawyers, judges, and law students.

National Black Child Development Institute
Brief Summary - An organization with a mission ""to improve and protect the Quality of Life of African American Children and Families."

National Brotherhood of Skiers
Brief Summary - "The National Brotherhood of Skiers (NBS) has 84 predominantly African American ski clubs scattered throughout the U.S. and Canada. Our mission is to identify, select and finance training of potential Olympic caliber African American youth and promote skiing within African American communities."

National Society of Black Engineers
Brief Summary - Homepage for the National Society of Black Engineers. Some of the chapters with web pages are listed below:

Carnegie Mellon University Chapter
Princeton University Chapter

National Technical Association
Brief Summary - "A professional association of scientists and engineers committed to ensuring that minorities, women, & youth in particular, will be skilled enough in the sciences to be architects of technology required of the work force 2000 and beyond."

National Urban League
Brief Summary - Homepage for the National Urban League.

Nation of Gods and Earths
Brief Summary - A web page by the 5% Nation of Islam.

Brief Summary - The North Carolina Institute of Minority Economic Development, NCIMED, is a major minority organization involving Historically Black Colleges in North Carolina.

Organization of Black Airline Pilots
Brief Summary - The Organization of Black Airline Pilots, OBAP, currently has over three hundred and fifty members.

Organization of Black Designers
Brief Summary - Shows the contribution of African Americans and other people of color to the design professions.

Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity - Beta Iota Chapter
Brief Summary - The brothers of the Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Inc. at University of New York at Buffalo.

Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity - Lambda Tau Chapter
Brief Summary - The brothers of the Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Inc. at Florida International University.

Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity - Pi Mu Chapter
Brief Summary - The brothers of the Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Inc. at Western Carolina University.

Prince Hall Masonic Information
Brief Summary - Unofficial information regarding Prince Hall Masonry.

Single African American Fathers' Exchange
Brief Summary - A common sense approach to parenting oriented towards the single African American father. Their website provides information, tips, articles and other information designed to enhance the parenting experience for single African American men.

Union of Black Episcopalians
Brief Summary - Encourages the involvement of Black people in the total life of the Church. "One of the major reasons for the existence of the Union is to institute and exert an all-out effort to eradicate every vestige of racism within the Episcopal Church and wherever else in our society it exists."

MY POINT OF THIS POST IS NOT TO SAY I AM JEALOUS REALLY ALTHOUGH I DO HAVE A BIT OF ENVY ... More so to say that why is this ??? Is it that important to have BLACK organizations ??? and Why ?? Isn't that segregation at its FINEST ?
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posted on Feb, 10 2011 @ 04:04 PM

Originally posted by Deus_Brandon
reply to post by MrStyx
The past always influences the present

Yes this TRUE ... But how you let it INFLUENCE you is the KEY. We all need to see the best in each race and come together ... I believe in White Pride where I also beleieve in Yellow, Black , Brown and any other color PRIDE ... All of our races have gone through the Crap hole one time or another .. Yet our Fore Fathers made it through ... Or atleast some of them ... Why can't we build on that instead of taking the Bad and good from it ?

I totally agree but in reality the only way I think we all come to terms is with a human mind frack and relocation program. Forget national pride, forget homelands and all the atrocities that occured. Start a new

It would be an interesting experiment to see if people of the same color gravitated toward one another or if we accepted the differences and coexsist peacefully and productively

posted on Feb, 10 2011 @ 04:49 PM
All these posts just show that in the USA, honky don't count. It's politically incorrect to be white these days. The agendas and biases against whites are in one's face all day. In "entertainment" anti-white racism is the norm and expected, but any hint of anti-black, and you are off the air. The government is not for the welfare of it's citizens, just for welfare of the non-whites. You see and hear "African American" which is not only a stupid and incorrect and divisive term, you never read/hear is paired with European American, which shows another bias agenda to rob European Americans of their cultural heritage, and so often you see Black spelled with a capital B, yet white is not capitalized. And then you hear "of color" which is another anti-white racist slur, because white is the blending of all colors, while black is the absence of color, so it's another PC agenda to say whites don't have color, when it's a complete lie. The the media parades the black klan organizations like the Nation of Islam and NAACP kowtowing and pandering to them, while never even allowing a pro-white rights group the time of day. Yes, USA hates honky.

posted on Feb, 10 2011 @ 05:46 PM

Originally posted by MrStyx

Now using your own logic you just admitted you've been through it and what did you do in return was enslaved others and impossed your will on them as was done to you in the past.

Excuse me? Ive never enslaved anyone.

Do you know why your argument will always be a ridiculous pile of steaming crap? Because its racist. All white people are not the same. "White people" did not enslave "black people." SOME white people did. Even if you look at a country, like England for instance, who has been involved in a fair amount of oppression as a nation, not all the people in that country are equally responsible for that oppression. IF you took the time to actually look at history, and not just "black history," you would realize that the lower classes in England ( and Ireland, and Scotland) have been brutalized and oppressed by the EXACT SAME PEOPLE responsible for much of the oppression of other people in other nations, including some blacks. Driven out of their homelands, off the lands they had occupied for centuries, starved out, in some cases. Burned out, in others.

There is no white land, fool. Europe is a bunch of "tribes" that have turned into nations and they all have very different histories and experiences, and within each of those nations there is also class stratification, with the lower classes suffering horribly.

There are greedy, sociopathic, exploitative, people in every ethnic group. Brown, white, it makes no difference. Some blacks happily rounded up and sold other blacks into slavery. And some black in Africa today happily slaughter others to try to gain power. Some whites have been farming whites for thousands of years. But its racist, and stupid, and incorrect, to pretend that ALL whites or ALL blacks, or ALL of any group are anything. Or are responsible for acts perpetrated by someone who just so happened to have the same skin color.

Originally posted by MrStyx
So your actually supporting me. Which raises the question how long does it take to recover 200 years?

No Im not. And why do you need to recover from 200 years? You were never a slave. You dont need to recover from anything. The things that racist people do to you in THIS life, your life, those you get to complain about. Not what you think you lost because of what happened to your ancestors. Its the same for us. I dont get to go to the Queen of England and petition her for reparations because she drove my family out of Scotland for fighting against her family. I dont need to recover from it. I was born in America. I dont have a right to go back and fictionalize some account of how much richer or how much further ahead I would have been had that not happened. It did happen. Too bad for me. I have to make my own fortune. Or not.

Why African nations have done so poorly on the world stage is up for debate. Yes, they have had some exploitation from the European continent, but they also had a huge jump start on Europe in terms of civilization. One would have expected them to do better with that head start.

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posted on Feb, 10 2011 @ 07:22 PM
I want to make a sincere appology to anyone I may have offended with my earlier statements. As a minority white male in East Cleveland , I do feel like whites my age are being pushed under the rug and made to look like nerds and not important, I get overwhelmed with the Black culture and I do have friends and people who are black and I have a ton of respect for . I suppose its just fear speaking when I rattle off mean statements . I want you to know that I would always help anyone in need no matter what creed they are and I see something special in everyone.

posted on Feb, 10 2011 @ 07:28 PM
reply to post by Deus_Brandon

Amen to that. I think it is sad when companies and agencies let's use the US Marshals for an example. Hired a black man who shot a 76 over a white man who shot a 98. Because certain companies have quotas. Police depts, fire depts. All of them here have these quotas. They will hire someone who is much less qualified for the job just because they are a minority. Ridiculous

posted on Feb, 10 2011 @ 07:31 PM
Yeah, this is true. I'm so tired of the race card I could

Someone should have smacked his mom right in the face and told her to wake up. Times have changed a long long time ago.

There's no horsemen patrolling the streets looking for runaway slaves or interracial couples to burn or lynch. They have as much opportunities as us, if not more... seeing as some white folks only agenda is is to kiss the black mans ass and constantly apologize for something that happened hundreds of years ago... something they weren't even a part of.

Black people have been playing on our sympathy for a long time. Making us feel guilty about stuff they didn't even suffer. It's BS!! Best example of it would be Barack Obama receiving the freaking Nobel Peace Prize for being black????
Seriously???? FOR BEING BLACK? What the hell did he do to receive it?

posted on Feb, 10 2011 @ 07:38 PM
Black businesses don't have trouble getting loans if they qualify for them financially, just like all other businesses have to do.

There are plenty of government programs that give special precedence to minorities and women along with grants that don't have to be repaid but white males are discriminated against in that respect.

Plenty of discrimination left. It works both ways but these days it's all about how you spin it.

posted on Feb, 10 2011 @ 07:40 PM
I remember watching an NFL game and there was a black referee. And the commentators made a really massive fuss about it, to the point it went beyond patronising.

I thought that was odd

posted on Feb, 10 2011 @ 07:42 PM
reply to post by badgerprints

Well said. I am tired of the race card being thrown about now

posted on Feb, 10 2011 @ 09:29 PM

Originally posted by TV_Nation
reply to post by Deus_Brandon

Yes segregation does exist and to be honest I do not see it ending anytime soon. Both sides are just too unwilling and disenchanted with each other to come together.

A lot of minority groups have been socially brought up to want nothing to do with caucasian people and in some regards it is predictable but at some point the finger needs to be pointed both ways.

Being a racist always gets dumped on white people but I have witnessed first hand the racism that goes on in the black communities toward white people.

Really we have all been tricked into thinking we are any different from one another. If you look into someones eyes you can see that we are all the same, our looks are just different.

As for black people not having the same opportunities as white people... In a lot of cases it is the truth even if it is hard to swallow. How does a kid born in the ghetto with parents who don't work or make barely enough to live get out of that area? The schools are terrible the people who these kids look up to are no better so it is no wonder they struggle to make a life for themselves. At some point the system needs to take the blame because it really does set them up for failure as much as people don't want to accept that.

Black people don't have they same opportunities you say? That's ridiculous - the fact is that those of like race do not have the same opportunities. You mention a kid born in the ghetto not having the same opportunities- well news flash, there are white, red, yellow and brown kids born in the ghetto too.
Fact of the matter is that racism is everywhere and always will be - we are all racist to a point, black people being more so than most.

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