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Rendering power obsolete.

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posted on Jan, 31 2011 @ 01:33 AM
I have been keeping myself informed on many problems plaguing our society today. From deadly chemtrails to the global financial meltdown and social meltdown in the works. I watched the new Zeitgeist movie the other day, Zeitgeist: Moving Forward, and I have to say that something clicked.

No, I didn't need to watch ZG:MF to grasp how society is functioning and why it is failing but it did make me realize why governments are intrinsicly evil organizations of power. ZG:MF is a very good add-on to the whole ZG documentary series which gives even more in depth knowledge on where we're headed which is quite simply, self-destruction of our species. Now, as much as it is nice to see films like that being made to 'awaken' the masses… I fear that the whole human planetary population will not be able to revolt against this money based society system we're currently living in through force. Resorting to violence to free yourself from a opressive government will lead to chaos and mass deaths on both parts of the equation but ultimately, it will only harm the human race.

It is my belief that in order to free yourself from power, you have to make that power obsolete. So, in order to free ourselves from government power, corporation power, money power, social status power, and so forth… we have to find ways to render that power obsolete. We have to substitute the current system for a new system while rendering these powers obsolete.

How can we do that without the whole violent revolution part? It is quite simple in theory but requires a coordinated movement towards real change. In other words, what do we need to live happily on this planet?

First of all, the basic needs of life which are food/water/shelter/health. If these resources could already be substituted from government influence and corporate power, it would make a change happen WAY faster. By turning away from the old monetary system toward a resource based or resource for human interest based system, we can slowly free ourselves from those powers or influences.

Have you ever heard of 3D printers? They have been around for about a decade now and they can do pretty amazing things. From creating any type of tool you need to building a vehicle or house, they seem to be able to do it all. Nanotechnology is rapidly evolving as well and it won't be long before there will be a device in existence that will allow its users to build anything (be it object, condiment or other) directly from that device through nano-particles.



Wiki rapid prototyping:


Knowing that we have these resources to our disposal as a species is very nice but how do we get our hands on it (us the people on the lower echelons of the imposed social status) if it is being held by government or corporations who want to charge astronomical amounts of money for those devices? This is where we need to gather community based human resources (not the corporate definition but the human one), where such a device is build by a group of people (mostly engineers and scientists) who devote their time to inflict positive and lasting change in society. Imagine the following scenario:

You wake up tomorrow to a bright sunny day and you decide to go for a walk in your neighborhoud. You pass by that clothing store that you love and see a nice piece of clothing you would love to buy but cannot afford. On your way you see a flyer posted on a wall, quite random I know, and your curious mind takes a look at it. It reads: "You cannot afford to buy stuff from corporations anymore, get everything you need for free". Of course this sounds WAY too good to be true and even though there's a phone number which you wrote down, you quickly dismiss this as pure BS. Time passes but your mind seems to be stuck on that flyer. You figure, let's debunk this and give them a call.

A nice lady answers the phone and you immediately ask: what's the catch? She nicely explains that there is no catch, just pass by our location and you tell us what you want. All you have to do is relax, drink some free coffee, eat a free piece of cake while you wait for your item to be produced. Once finished, you receive it and that's all. You can do so as many times as you'd like.

Still trying to debunk this obvious scam, you go to the aforementioned location and wonder above wonder, all is true. You come out of there with a smile, full belly and your nice piece of clothing free of cost or labor. What you didn't know by now is that you are not the only one receiving free things in your neighborhood that way.

What kind of change would this trigger into human beings do you think? What is the purpose of money when it becomes obsolete? What is the purpose of business when it becomes obsolete? What is the purpose of government when it becomes obsolete?

You have to act locally in order to affect change globally. If you can raise the standard of living of the poor and needy by a mere 25% (which is barely anything given what those previous mentioned devices are capable of doing), don't you think that people will simply start turning their back to the current system and evolve peacefully into this new resource based system where any form of power from one human on another human will suddenly vanish as any given individual on this planet, regardless of skin color/sexual orientation/social status… can obtain all he/she needs and wishes for, for free.

Millions of people are falling out of work due to technological advancements and economic crises which is a good thing. Don't get me wrong, the fact that these people can't afford to cover their basic needs is not a good thing but the fact that these people unplug from this labor enslaving society which in itself is becoming an obsolete concept due to all the advances seen today, is. In order to get out of this mess, we need to take the problems into our own hands and start small to grow big.

How do you do that exactly?

For one, get more info on those 3D printers and nano-technology based devices in order to truely understand how they work ( I am still learning as I go). The second part is to get such a device that is environmentally sound, can produce items with the least amount of waste possible and is the most durable good that can be created today. If such an item cannot be bought (due to their overpriced price tag), use the human resources available to you in your community. If you were a student in University taking engineering classes, you could easily walk up to your professor and propose such a device as class project. If you're scared of being ridiculed, then go to another university that offers engineering classes and explain this theory to their professor. You are bound to find one that will adhere to the proposed idea and see where it goes…

You only need one to consider the idea and you already get the ball rolling because that one individual will certainly discuss this idea with collegues or piers which can in turn create a focus group. If you don't have the luxury to be in such an advantageous position, you could easily post an ad online where you ask volunteer engineers, scientists and educators to get together to discuss the making of such a device and act as a coordinator. You get that ball rolling again.

All change comes from local action. It is unnecessary to hold presentations or seminars in different parts of the country on the subject because once such a device is in use in a community and people don't need to be plugged into the system anymore, it will snowball rapidly and before you know it, it will grow viral.

posted on Jan, 31 2011 @ 02:27 AM
While I agree with your sentiments as a whole and would have no problem doing this.
As I plan on doing this when I get some land...
The issue remains that the Government has purview over everything you do.

You want to collect rain water for your own use? - ILLEGAL to do so in many states, if not illegal, limited to a maximum capacity (IE Too low to sustain a family between rainfall)
You want to start a farm coop for food/milk? - Selling Unpasteurized Milk IS ILLEGAL, Selling Food to consumers without a permit IS ILLEGAL.
You want to build a house? - Building without permits IS ILLEGAL, prone to the Gov to come in with bulldozers.

In order to remove the power that you perceive, is to remove those that control it.

UNLESS, you can organize a whole lot of people to stand up and start this at the same time.
It will never get anywhere... But that's to say it can't be done.


posted on Jan, 31 2011 @ 02:28 AM
You need to turn the whole thing around. The evil corporations and evil governments are a reflection of the billions of humans that they represent. We are the ones that are to blame, collectivley. They are our governments, they do not own us, we own them.

posted on Jan, 31 2011 @ 02:46 AM
reply to post by pipconvert

A 3D nano machine?? You lost me..

The fact is there are many more of US than THEM..

The math is simple..
Getting the majority away from their Comps, TVs and iPhones is the hard part..

posted on Jan, 31 2011 @ 03:48 AM
Free energy will help put some balance back into the system. There are a few systems finally starting to break through the market, despite being around for 100 years or so. The energy companies have tried to maintain their monopoly but are starting to lose a grip on it. Once off the grid you can have all the power you need.

posted on Jan, 31 2011 @ 09:57 AM
reply to post by pipconvert

99% in agreement with you
however as it has been pointed out: The Custodians Of The Black Iron Prison will violently oppose any attempt at doing these things.
which means you forgot an essential need: self-defense/protection.

forget about guns: TCOTBIP would just love that as anything you could possibly obtain in that line is already obsolete where they are concerned. heck they've got weaponry you wouldn't believe.
however the most powerful weapon on earth only weighs about 3 lbs and fires neurons

in addition to 3-d printers/makers you need to start boning up on open-source/4G warfare:

great website with info on both of the above in addition to hackerspaces and more:
Global Guerrillas

orgone science/technology [TCOTBIP, evil entitles, and evil ET's hate this stuff with a passion, just look at what they did to Reich for his efforts] and all sorts of stuff including what you are likely to be facing:

alternative medicines
Forbidden Cures
scroll down to Dr Royal Rife, especially MOR


i have no doubt it could be tweaked to include eggs & milk

on a more speculative note:
if a truly functional anti-gravity system could be found/developed,
lets just say you could remove the earths gravitational hold on anything thrown at you, look up how fast the earth rotates at your location [it's1040 miles/hr at the equator ] don't just think in terms of ray-guns, think also about force fields/barriers and you'll see what I'm talking about, make it portable/personal and...

don't go picking any fights though, never initiate the use of force, use the judo/aikido principal and let TCOTBIP/TPTB waste their energy/efforts and have it all come back at them.

like the time one of their agents messed with me: outweighed me by a 100lbs all of it solid muscle and a trained combatant to boot; all i did was dodge his punch, a medium-hard open palm strike to where the shoulder meets the chest beneath the clavicle was followed by a very satisfying pop as said shoulder joint dislocated.

avoid groups/organizations they can will be infiltrated. use your own judgment as who to share with.

and don't forget/ignore the metaphysical: my "Shield of Deception" gives me a full 60 min Distant Early Warning in case i have to do a Bug -Out or prepare for battle.

there are quite a few resources here on ATS as well, including the survival section,
especially the level headed non Rambo types we've got here.

the TCOTBIP and their System/machine require the sanction/consent/support of the victim remove this, at all levels, and you have won half the battle

just my 2 cents,this is all off the top of my head as I'm a bit rushed today, hope this was of help.

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posted on Feb, 6 2011 @ 04:57 AM
reply to post by Sovaka

Thanks for your input and I do get where you're coming from however, there is one aspect that you have overlooked. You start off from the money based paradigm where you should shift over to a non-monetary based system as explained in the OP.

The government can not render free 'give-aways' as illegal activity. If anything you could be considered as doing charity, now that's not illegal is it?

So first thing is to unplug from the monetary based paradigm and not think in terms of buying and selling, but in terms of giving physical goods and receiving human appreciation for it... this system would go a long way and do us all a whole lot of good, for a change...

posted on Feb, 6 2011 @ 05:02 AM
reply to post by SystemResistor

In this money based system, I strongly disagree because they (government and corporations) own us... not the other way around. Why so? Simple, they hold the power and money to do whatever they please while the people fund their actions.

Why is the political landscape rigged and curiously populated by the same type of 'leaders' that promise incredible things (hmmm, change Obama slogan) but don't perform when elected? This doesn't only take place in the US by the way, it's on a planetary scale...

This is why, in a world where economics and power is rendered obsolete... there is no need for wars or violence or starvation or any of the cruelty currently taking place on this beautiful planet of ours.

Just my 2 cents of course.
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