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ATS Newbie

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posted on Jan, 30 2011 @ 11:01 AM
Good day all of my new found brethren,

Although I have been "Trolling" for the last 2 years I did not want to join for various reasons. Due to the powderkeg of sorts blowing up in Egypt and Tunisia and the myriad of other signs that so many ATS members have pointed out and help strengthen my natural born skeptic beliefs. I realize that something major even catostophic is about to occur on our once glorious planet Earth. I feel Now more than ever it is vital that some of us like minded Human Beings stay connected and share real ideas with possible solutions continue to debate all of these great and yes, sometimes silly topics. I am glad to be a member of this amazing and thought provoking website. I look forward to all of the banter with everyone. BTW I am located in Western Massachusetts, Served in the US ARMY, am 34 years old, and believe that anything is possible!

Thanks for reading!


posted on Jan, 30 2011 @ 11:03 AM
reply to post by Stevenjames15

Hi Stevenjames15, and welcome to the Introductions Forum of the ATS community. For now you can reply to any thread in any member forum you wish, as well as send & receive (PM's)Private Messages to Staff only. Once you have achieved 20 posts, you will then be able to start your own threads and additionally send & receive messages to and from fellow ATS members.

Index of Important ATS Related Threads

New Rules for Avatars and Mini-ProfileBackgrounds

Hey new members!! Come here if you need advice

Starting a New Thread ?... Look Here First

ATS Video Tutorials

Signature Guidelines

Terms & Conditions

Take your time and enjoy. If you have any questions just ask.

BTW: I was born in Chicopee Falls, Mass. So, on a personal note... welcome aboard!

ATS member and Moderator.

posted on Jan, 30 2011 @ 11:06 AM
reply to post by Stevenjames15

Explanation: Flagged!

Personal Disclosure: Welcome! OL is sure a mod will be along soon to help out with an informative post etc. I also recommend utilizing the green chat voyuer function on the ATS tool bar to the bottom of most ATS webpages [aka the ribbon]! It will enable you to watch who and what is being posted in chat but unfortunately you wont be able to join or chat back until your post count reaches 200 posts or so.

Reply to this post with the reply function up top right of this post and that'll be another post towards your mandatory 20 posts before you can start your own threads

Please message me using the message button on far left ATS tool bar if you require any further help whatsoever!

Peace and much love!

Sincerely OL [OmegaLogos]

P.S.The proper term is 'lurking' as 'trolling' will get you banned very quickly.

posted on Jan, 30 2011 @ 11:08 AM
Hello fellow New Englander! I'm in a neighboring State. Welcome!

posted on Jan, 30 2011 @ 11:16 AM
Welcome to the site!

Any questions, just ask

posted on Jan, 30 2011 @ 11:28 AM
reply to post by OmegaLogos

Welcome to ATS. I just wanted to mention that I agree with Omega about the "trolling". I wouldn't advise it to call yourself that in the future
, but its fine for now.

also an fyi-

Please message me using the message button on far left ATS tool bar if you require any further help whatsoever!

you cannot do that until you get 20 posts.

posted on Jan, 30 2011 @ 11:48 AM
This is a must see website on the daily list. I have noticed some MSM (Main Stream Media) outlets must also read this site for Breaking Information. Fox News has to monitor this site. It seems beyond debate to me. From odd stories all over the world. To the guy that sat with "ET" last night in his shower while sitting on a block of cheese...Well, you get the picture.

Along with all the Hybrids, Abductees come the real nuts and bolts of this site "The Regulars". If you think you can video your street light for five minutes and come and fool these guys. Not Happening, they will rip you to pieces. Some of these guys are so good at debunking, you will not get anything past these blurry picture specialists.There is a core of some really bright people. I am not one of these regulars, but I have been facinated by these folks for years.

A Warm Welcome...

posted on Jan, 31 2011 @ 11:25 AM
Thanks everyone for the kind welcome! Sorry for the trolling reference. I will not let that mistake happen again. If I have any questions I see I have many who are willing to help and share. So I should be ok.

Thanks again.

posted on Jan, 31 2011 @ 11:29 AM
reply to post by Stevenjames15

Don't worry about it, for quick reference:

Lurking: actively watching and generally being around the site but not joining as a member or contributing to the board.

Trolling: joining the site and actively posting (in the majority) posts or threads designed to wind up others. Also known as WUM - "wind up merchant"

Anyways questions, then give someone a shout

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posted on Jan, 31 2011 @ 11:48 AM
Thanks for the explanation. I was a lurker and not a troll. The trolling thing is something that bothers me as well. I like debate but not with someone who is just trying to push buttons. Pointless really.

posted on Feb, 1 2011 @ 05:59 PM
Welcome to ATS! If you have any unanswered questions or would like help with anything, please don't hesitate to PM me.


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