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Corporations decide what Americans see on TV

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posted on Mar, 29 2011 @ 11:09 AM
In all sincerity,
I love all the replies to this thread.
Seems everyone here gets the hint.

But I see TV like anything else in the world.

Moderation is key

Personally I hate the television and what it has turned people into.
The constant bombardment of consumerism, debt, or fake ideals makes me sick.
I get bored even sitting down long enough to turn it on.
And when a friend comes over they all say the same thing.
"You don't have cable? WHAT!? Are you insane?"
Why is that?
All, and I mean ALL, of my friends think I'm out-of-touch.
Just because I don't bow to the LCD god.
I have no clue what happens on cable TV and don't care.
When they ask me about the latest sports game...
...I use my most famous rebuttal.
"No. I missed it, but can you tell me what the federal reserve does?"
Anything along those lines will work.

Basically I get the same response.
Rolled eyes or a stupid, blank, almost engineered look on their face.
Them: "What are you talking about?"
Me: "Do you know why we are in debt?"
Them: "No but I know who won last seasons American Idol."

Just like the previously mentioned shows title states: Idol.
Because that is what the TV is to alot of people.
An idol.

When you spend more time in front of the TV than anything else.
You are basically worshipping it.

Good subject.

PS: Not all Americans are brainwashed.
Just those who emulate what they see on TV.
(which is probably 90% of them)

posted on Apr, 1 2011 @ 05:10 AM
I do not watch the news at all, with the exception of occasionally peeking at the local news for the weather, etc...
This is why I LOVE LinkTv. If you have Dish Network, you probably have this channel, if you did not know about it. It's like in the 8000's or so, referring to the channel number. Anyway, my grandpa sits in his chair all day long and watches nothing but news. So whenever I read a story online, I am able to ask him about it, and see whether or not the MSM is reporting on it, and if they are I am able to discern what facts, etc, they have left out. Sometimes I have very interesting results, but more often than not the MSM fails to report on many, many interesting and potentially important topics.

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