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Today I

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posted on Sep, 20 2004 @ 03:52 AM
Today, I went out walking my dog. Only to realize my dog was walking me.

posted on Sep, 24 2004 @ 06:49 AM
Today I ponder what happened last night & why is most of it fading so fast from my conscious memory leaving me this agonizing inkling. I wonder if it has any connection with this new person I met. It was only a fleeting business transaction moment yet they are so sure we'll meet again or am I reading too much into it. And what about the early morning accident. It's only been the 2nd one I know of that happened this close to me but why does this one unnerve me like some eerie sign? Are all these events happening so closely to one another just a coincidence playing tricks on my mind? Jeezus. Got to get it together. The weekend is almost here & I think I will accept the invitation to get away, if only for the weekend.


posted on Sep, 24 2004 @ 12:52 PM
Today I saw the coming of the end.

I knew it, of course, as did many other people, but so very few would listen. Those that did were ridiculed, and some were shut away, locked behind walls of concrete and ignorance, but the end would come just the same.

The end will always come, with or without prophets.

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posted on Sep, 27 2004 @ 06:53 AM
Today I ponder whether or not it is worth sticking around.

posted on Sep, 27 2004 @ 08:10 AM
Today i realised it was actually tomorrow.


posted on Sep, 27 2004 @ 11:00 AM
Today I have to work.

Today, tonight, and every day. Forever.

posted on Sep, 27 2004 @ 11:36 AM
Today I sympethized with those trapped within the cage of nine til' five.
There is more to life, be alive.

posted on Sep, 27 2004 @ 11:41 AM
Today I thought there was going to be no tomorrow. Yesterday I thought the same thing, but was proven wrong today.

posted on Sep, 29 2004 @ 07:05 AM
Today I feel some kind of initiation coming to pass. What it is exactly if it is anything, I do not know. I don't feel foreboding but for the first time, I feel restless from not knowing & the waiting.

posted on Sep, 29 2004 @ 10:53 AM
Today I died
Tomorrow isn't coming.
Now truth is a box
Buried at six feet.
No space to move, no case to prove
Death like a black sheet
that covers my face and soul.
and the tears they cry don't reach this hole.

Soon enough it will be your turn
to join me here


posted on Sep, 30 2004 @ 10:26 PM
Today I realized that the company I work for is crippled when the network is down. I begin to fear our reliance upon technology.

posted on Oct, 7 2004 @ 07:39 AM
Today I realize that I am becoming less reliant or less tolerant of tools I once found useful. My spiritual essence is more particular about what is used to enhance its progress.

That's ok. It makes things more simpler. I will not throw away the old tools that once served me so well. They will instead, be archived & lovingly remembered.

posted on Oct, 14 2004 @ 08:00 PM
Today I realized tomorrow will be a much sadder sight if it is only seen through clouded eyes.

And the forecast calls for thunderstorms.

posted on Oct, 15 2004 @ 02:56 AM
Today it rained, like yesterday. I didn't, couldn't leave me room to face the gloom. Coltrane sung me to sleep. I hope it doesn't rain all week.

posted on Oct, 16 2004 @ 03:41 PM
Today I woke up at 3pm and then went down stairs to get some food came back up to my room and watched Bill and Teds Exellent adventure Now I sit here typeing this out.

posted on Oct, 16 2004 @ 03:57 PM
Today, I looked at the "Today I" thread and I had to wonder, "Is this the best that all these 'writers' and 'scholars' can produce on the Collaborative Fiction board? It seemed to have deteriorated into a cheap way to rack up points and I was deeply saddened at this result.

I went back and looked at the promising beginning of an actual story with a plot and a message and I wondered how things could have gone so terribly wrong. I could not help but suppose that wherever art resides there also resides the perverse.


posted on Oct, 16 2004 @ 05:29 PM
Today I realized that all art is perversity, if you ask the right critics

posted on Oct, 18 2004 @ 11:12 AM
Today I tried to delete all her old emails and voice messages. I tried to throw away the box of pictures and letters. I tried and failed.

I read, I listened, I studied, and I absorbed the past. Our past. It's over, but her toothbrush is still in it's place.


posted on Oct, 18 2004 @ 11:46 AM

Volume 3 - Chapter 1

We will start a new volume. Hopefully this part of the book will silence our 'critics' .....

Please head you entries with its chapter.

[edit on 18/10/2004 by earthtone]

posted on Oct, 23 2004 @ 07:38 PM
Today I woke up and realized that my mother-in-law had my kids! What a weird feeling. I didn't have to make breakfast for the little demons. I didn't have to constantly yell at them for breaking something or fighting.

About 2pm, I was so lonely that I wanted to cry. I didn't know what to do without them, the noise they make. I called her to ask her if she would bring them home early, but she wasn't there, she had taken them to the movies.

She finally brought them home about 8:00 and I hugged them so tight that Zachary told me I was "squeezing the life out of him".

Ah, maybe I can get her to take them next weekend too!

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