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Get 2 Know Each Other Game!!

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posted on Mar, 25 2006 @ 06:43 PM
Only the one before when I reply...

Do you like to try new foods?

posted on Mar, 25 2006 @ 07:48 PM
Since I moved in with my girlfriend, Yes

Whats your favorite sport?

posted on Mar, 25 2006 @ 07:50 PM
Right now? The ChitChat forum on BTS! LOL!!!

Where do you go to cry?

posted on Mar, 25 2006 @ 07:55 PM
I don't, that is I rarely ever feel like crying, and when I do, I hold it in.

When did you learn about sex?

posted on Mar, 25 2006 @ 09:07 PM
In school I guess.

Where do you live?

posted on Mar, 25 2006 @ 09:12 PM
Sacramento, Baby! (look at my location!

Who's your daddy? LOL!

posted on Mar, 26 2006 @ 01:10 AM
I was born through imaculate conception, so I have no father.
I'm kidding of course.

I don't know how to answer that really, the male biological component whom took part in my creation is named Dave.

Have you ever seen an old person naked, without actually meaning to?

posted on Mar, 26 2006 @ 02:00 AM
I saw my grandma when she was getting out of the shower when I was a kid and ....yeah.....pretty gross....looked like a woodchuck fighting a walrus over two rotten bananas

What is the biggest lie that you have ever told?

posted on Mar, 26 2006 @ 02:11 AM
Well, I can't say, not because I can't remember, but because it would be considered a criminal act by most people.

Have you ever kissed your best friend?

posted on Mar, 26 2006 @ 09:08 AM
Since I live with her and date her, then yes on a regular basis

Who do you live with right now?

posted on Mar, 26 2006 @ 10:46 AM
My husband and my three kids. And a roommate.

Have you ever had pinkeye?

posted on Mar, 26 2006 @ 02:05 PM
Yes, ugh so annoying.

Have you ever had pneumonia?

posted on Mar, 26 2006 @ 02:53 PM
No, believe it or not I haven't.

Are you superstitious?

posted on Mar, 26 2006 @ 02:54 PM
At times Yes I can be very superstitious. More so when it comes to Sports I guess.

Do you subscribe to any magazines?

posted on Mar, 27 2006 @ 11:58 AM
Oracle. Guess I am showing my Geekiness.

Do you like 80's music?

posted on Mar, 27 2006 @ 12:47 PM
Yeah some of it is good, others are terrible. The videos were bad.

Whats your favorite decade of music?

posted on Mar, 27 2006 @ 06:07 PM
Well I don't have a favorite decade of music, rather I like some songs from different decades from the last 40 years.

If the president was assasinated, would you be upset?

posted on Mar, 27 2006 @ 06:11 PM
Ahh yes and no. I would feel bad for his family, but I would not feel bad for the lives that would be saved if a new administration took over and stopped what he was begun.

What party would you belong too?

posted on Mar, 27 2006 @ 06:37 PM
Argh. Put a gun to my head, and I would say Republican. But I vote for who is supporting my views that year.

Do you vote for your state/city officials?

posted on Mar, 27 2006 @ 06:40 PM
Yes sometimes. My girlfriends uncle is the mayor, whom I supported before I knew her. But I deffinately have to vote now.

What was the last alcholic beverage your toungue tasted?

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