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David Icke: They Dare Not Speak Its Name...Rothschild Zionism

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posted on Jan, 1 2011 @ 09:54 PM
reply to post by DimensionalDetective

I haven't read or acquainted myself with Icke.

I did purpose an epic fail thread though if you'd like to have a looksy?

posted on Jan, 1 2011 @ 11:20 PM
reply to post by SeekerofTruth101

sorry truthseeker but i'm not making up stories !

on one hand the israeli sheeple is heavily conditionned (so they don't have a clue about what you are saying) on the other hand rotchild did indeed allow a lot of think to happen in israel (its creation and since);
without rotchild there is no so much wealth in israel, no tsahal, no mossad, there is no israel as we know it.

and that is fact

Now you should research about the collaboration of the zionist movement and nazi germany. it is a huge file that will help you understand the true history of ww2, the genocide, israel and who really won the war

you could start here :

In 1935 the steamer "Tel Aviv" made its maiden voyage from Nazi Germany to Haifa with Hebrew letters on its bow and a Nazi flag fluttering from its mast. The Captain of the Zionist-owned ship was a member of the Nazi Party.

Eichmann himself admitted to being a staunch Zionist, ever since he had studied Herzl's classic, The Jewish State (original title An Address to the Rothschilds) as part of his S.S. training.

Eichmann attended, in civilian clothes, the commemoration ceremony of the thirty-fifth anniversary of Herzl's death. And in 1939 he protested against the desecration of Herzl's grave in Vienna. In 1937 Eichmann had visited Palestine on the formal invitation of a Zionist official. But he had scarcely arrived in the territory whereupon he was deported to Egypt by the British authorities. In Cairo, he was visited by a representative of one of the Jewish terrorist organizations Hagannah.

Even well into the war, in 1944, Eichmann still liaised with his Zionist friends. He made a deal with Dr. Rudolf Kastner, a leader of the Budapest Jewish community, that several thousand prominent Zionists would be allowed to emigrate to Palestine in return for Kastner keeping order amongst those who were being shipped to concentration camps.

then go through those books if you have will and time FIK54rCTbMF_Y&hl=en&ei=BgkgTc3zBo6OvQPGlbTsDQ&sa=X&oi=book_result&ct=result&resnum=5&ved=0CDkQ6AEwBA

posted on Jan, 2 2011 @ 01:55 AM
reply to post by XmikaX

Thank you XmikaX for your response, and no, I did not accuse you of making false claims. Thanks also for your recommendations of research material, of which I had probably came across already in my searches over the years. One is never too old or too intelligent to miss out on something in the search for truth anyway, and will spend some time going over it to condense it so that it will be more easily understood and straight to the point.

I wonder why megalomaniacs always have the name beginning with the letter 'R'.

Besides Rothschild, there are others who are attempting to control and manipulate mankind. This guy that I am about to introduce is well known for centuries and did not hide his plans. Even till today, his legacy lives on. Allow me to introduce you the late Cecil Rhodes.

He was a British adventurer in Colonial Africa, got it made by with robbed mining concessions from the uneducated African tribesmen. A brutal and racist taskmaster, soon his wealth from diamonds grew to such megalomanic proportions that he attempted even to dictate to England what it must do. And many did his bidding, as he could pay them off. He at one time in the late 18th Century was the supplier for 90% of the world's diamond resource.

With such wealth, he created a secret society of young british lads to take over his business through the funding of their education, known as the Rhodes Scholarship trust fund, existing even today. He had 'perculiar' sexual habits, never had a woman, but that does not makes him any lesser a human. Thus he had no sons.

It was not a dynasty that he seek, for he was a staunch racist believer of English Anglo Saxon superiority, and with his wealth and secret society, his aims was for the domination of the world with the English citizens as leaders while the rest of humanity slaves.

Like the devil that tempted humans with riches, so too did old man Rhodes tempted bright intelligent lads to stick to his legacy and last will testament. Many out of gratitude and fear, did his bidding as the forefront of his dream of world domination and the retaking back of USA.

But not many mainlander Brits shared his megalomania, for they were descendants of the armies and navies that fought with the greatest queen England ever knew - Queen Elizabeth I, who resisted and defeated the domination by the Vatican and Spain, and gave freedom to her subjects, both protestants and catholics, whom know what subjugation and inquisition was like.

Rhodes was only just another colonial thief, with no moral qualms and left behind a legacy for world domination by his proteges, whom filled the corridors of congress/parliaments as well as in corporations through his will. And that domination was not one of benevolence, but the theft of a nation's mineral resources, whereever that nation is on Earth.

DeBeers was the company he founded, suppliers of 40% of diamonds to the world as well as other mineral resources today, and left to his proteges who followed his legacy and dream. Wherever suspected mineral deposits are found, you can rest assure that company or their nominees will be at the forefront to do 'whatever it takes' to silently own a slice if not whole and perpetrate Rhodes' legacy even today

And today, with modern knowledge and technology, we realized that are plenty more waiting to be tapped mineral resoures under planet Earth that could feed our current world's population several times over for millenia, such as those in Africa, untapped North Korea, Burma, etc.
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posted on Jan, 13 2011 @ 04:05 PM
reply to post by DimensionalDetective

The reality is that David Icke is creating chaos, because he has no solution which requires that people take responsibility for their "being" in-formation. There is no such thing as being loving without taking responsibility, whether it is with your children...or your spouse...everyone else on the planet...or the planet itself. The ancient scripts called it "exercising just stewardship". This is why we are not "human beings"...we are "human doings". We are what we do...and the "doing of anything" reveals the "being". Again, the problem is choice, and we get to choose everything....whether we choose to be happy or sad...compassionate or mad. This, again, is in practically all of the movies....choice.

Since THE MATRIX movie release in 1999, the word Matrix has come to mean a trap or web …a technological program of slavery and control. Although you may sense this is true, most people don’t know “what it is”. The reason you don’t know is because you have never been shown the Real-World matrix. For instance, the Movies are (most likely) named after a Mathematical Program created in 1958 by Wassily Leontief.

Who was Wassily Leontief?

Leontief was born in Munich, Germany in the year 1905.

He was a mathematician who used an 81x81matrix of quadratic equations to solve for every variable of input and output data in the United States economy. For this he won a Nobel Prize. Since that time…a basis software program was created and runs inside the IRS and global banking computers. That program is called the LEONTIEF MATRIX.

This Mathematical Matrix is about an energy transfer using current-See and your Account-ability. Therefore; banking becomes the primary [accounting] business on the Planet and involves regulation by treaties and global agreements.

These agreements create the rules that control most of the details of your life…where/when you work; how you get food, water and energy to use.

Remember--Neo was told he was born a slave and most people when shown the Real Matrix; they do the same thing that Neo did….they either reject it or want to revolt.

But, THE MATRIX was not about remaining a slave and Revolution was/is not the Solution. THE MATRIX movies were about changing the agreement and then separating from THE MATRIX in peace.

And that is what you must do, CHANGE.

The MATRIX was all about the right of self determination. Zion was "allowed" to continue in Peace along side the "system". That system is for those that CHOOSE to fear, and hate, and live in anger....and not to accept the responsibility of love, peace, and honor. The "system" must by design be "chaotic" because it is based on the emotions of chaos...greed, avarice....WAR. The war is "internal" and is then manifested externally. Living with love and compassionate is simple...not always easy. But, then again, people's perception of the problem, is the problem. The 'REAL-it' is that "love is easy, it is simple". Fear is that which confuses and makes things "complex". So, in response to that "the universe" built the United State's military industrial COMPLEX. It is the "united state of being(s)" that "like" or choose the complexity of War, because their don't want the "responsibility and simple" choice to merely "respond correctly" and "fix" the problem or their own problems. So they "choose" to have someone else "fix it for them"...and that is what the United States is doing...fixing it for them. I know it is not seen this way....but (in my opinion) from a "universal" perspective....there is now an overload of people that have chosen "not to love" and have chosen this complexity to have the military industrial complex "take care of them" and "fix it for them"....and therefore the failure to choose love and choose responsibility is going to get them a "ticket off the planet". They have "fed this beast" and it is going to devour them.

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