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After Death Communication: A Thread for Examples

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posted on Dec, 9 2010 @ 08:26 AM
I have been speaking in a U2U conversation with another ATS member who suffered a traumatic loss recently, and we decided to "go public" with some of our observations of phenomenon that have happened since our loved ones' passing (and, in my friend's case, even before) that fall into the area of After Death Communication (ADC).

An ADC is something that happens to a living person which indicates that someone who has passed away is trying to communicate with them. Sometimes, it may be subtle, other times obvious. It can be as simple as a familiar smell in a place that it should not be (smelling, for example, your loved one's favourite perfume or after shave in a location where there is nothing to give off that smell.) It can be as complex as a visual manifestation or an actual conversation.

This page is an introduction to the phenomenon, by one of the more notable collector of such incidents: If you google "After Death Communication", you will find many examples. Let's let this thread be the ATS contribution. If you have had such an experience, please share it here. Maybe you've had something happen, and you couldn't understand or accept it... perhaps the knowledge that you are not alone will help with that.

Two things, though. First, I am, by nature, a skeptic of paranormal phenomenon. Though I am a devout Christian, my belief in the supernatural tends to end about there. Prior to my wife's passing, I didn't give ADCs a second thought, and even after her death, I struggle to differentiate between me simply seeing what I want to see, her being okay, her still loving me, and her wanting to communicate, and the actual manifestation of those actions. So I am a bit pragmatic in my own interpretation of such events.

Secondly, and please, please, please read and consider this before responding. For someone who has undergone the loss of a dear loved one, whether spouse, parent, child or another, the pain from their grief can be overwhelming, and cannot be understood by anyone who has not experienced it. For this reason, an instance of ADC can be a tremendous joy and part of the healing process, so please be respectful and kind. If you don't believe, that is fine, and you're welcome to contribute and say "I can't go along with that", but PLEASE be respectful.

If you have not experienced traumatic grief, I have a thread on the subject here:

Thank you, and I'll begin with an experience that I shared with my friend, and which introduces a key aspect of what I think indicates an ADC -- the timing of a seeming coincidence.

posted on Dec, 9 2010 @ 08:30 AM
I am, and have been for a fairly long time, a reasonably devout orthodox Christian, teetering between Methodism, Anglicanism and Catholicism. But that's kind of where my belief in the supernatural ended. Things such as ESP, telekinesis or ghosts, I didn't put a lot of credence in, because it didn't seem to be relevant to my faith and all too often turned out to be people interested in taking advantage of others, which I detest.

However, after Patti died, and so suddenly, I began to read about Near Death Experiences (both credible, such as in Elizabeth Kubler-Ross' books, and less credible, such as random quotes on websites) and After Death Communication, because I felt such a huge gap in my life and soul, and I needed to know that Patti was okay. The reasons for that are part of the background of our relationship, a bit long to include here.

Because of who I am -- my character, the grief that I've endured, and what my faith is, I struggle to differentiate between "wishful thinking" or "seeing what I want to see" and actual events that do indicate that my beloved wife is still with me, still has an eye on me, and wants to assure me that she, and I, are okay. But there have been a few cases that defy explanation, and, for me, they all come down to timing.

As an example, consider this. Because I have Asperger's Syndrome, I am a habitual person. I always do things in a very set manner, in a very set order, and it rarely varies, because it's essentially a coping mechanism. In the mornings, I get up, shower, pray, get ready for the day, come downstairs with the dog and take him for a walk. A part of that process is walking into the family room / office and getting my cell phone off of my desk, because I'm a bit nervous about being out of contact because of my own poor health.

One morning this summer, I followed my usual routine, opened the door to the family room, put my foot on the wooden step going down into it, and at that very instant, the electricity in the room went off and came back on about a second later, forcing my computer to reboot, a small accent light to flash, and otherwise make itself known.

In itself, that wouldn't seem too relevant, but there are a couple of things that alter that assessment. First, this room was Patti's favourite, and it's where she spent the majority of her time (she worked from home as a consultant.) Secondly, the only time that the power ever went off in that room in the past were two instances, both caused by Patti overloading the circuit and "tipping the scales" by printing something.

Finally, again the timing. The act of me walking into the room had no impact on how much power was being used -- I turned on no lights or opened a computer, and there is no carpeting to cause a static discharge. But the brownout occurred (only in this room, as well, nowhere else in the house) the instant I put my foot on that step. If it had happened five minutes earlier, or five minutes later while I was walking the dog, I likely wouldn't have even noticed. If it had happened ten seconds earlier, or ten seconds later, I'd have noticed, but wouldn't have thought anything of it.

Electronics play an important role in my life, and have since I was a child. They similarly were a key component of Patti's life and work. Because of this, are some odd behaviours in electronic devices or variances in electricity instances of her trying to "get my attention"? There are a number of other occasions, one of which really shocked me (not an electrical shock :-) but that one is going to wait for a bit, as there are computer screenshots as "proof" of the weirdness.

This is not to say that this is the only way that I've felt her presence and reassurance, there have been other ways (though none visual, which is what I, understandably, crave) and they also come down to separation by timing. I can "wishful think" that a power surge or a warm feeling in my chest is my wife, but I would struggle to "wishful think" it happening at a very unique point in time.

posted on Dec, 9 2010 @ 09:53 AM
Does this apply to lost pets you think? my dog died not too long ago and the first time I talked about it to someone, the second I mentioned his name, 3 meteorites, or shooting stars flew across the sky. First time I had ever witnessed something like that.
Now more recently I was expecting to get hit with a large bill for my car, and I kept thinking I needed a miracle, and the guy called and said he'd fix it for free in good faith. The second I hung up, I thought of my dog, and realized it was exactly, to the minute, 6 months after he died.
To me it counts, and I'd say hes one miracle away of Sainthood.

cheers Rocky!!

posted on Dec, 9 2010 @ 10:15 AM
I do believe it is possible. There is actually an organization that has spent several decades researching after-life communication, and mapping out the after-life. The movie "What Dreams May Come" is loosely based on their findings.

Some fascinating information on their site.

I, many years ago, also developed a way to communicate with spirits via an electronic device, but destroyed it soon after due to my belief that it was causing dark, demonic influences in my life, especially since my pastor had said that it was "evil" to communicate with the non-living/spirits/ghosts. I have thought of rebuilding the device, but it is not cheap and is not guaranteed to work with all spirits. I do feel once you make yourself known to the spirit world that you indeed desire communication and create such a device, that you become like a pinpoint of light in an eternal abyss of darkness, and in becoming so, you attract spirits like moths to a flame.

Please keep the testimonials of your personal experiences coming.

posted on Dec, 9 2010 @ 12:44 PM

Originally posted by Myendica
Does this apply to lost pets you think?

My parents have long claimed that dogs that they've owned and that died decades before continue to inhabit the house. Both of them have heard and seen the dogs on numerous occasions. I remember joking with Patti after the first time that they mentioned this to her that she shouldn't think my parents mad -- apart from the dogs, they seem to have no attachment to the supernatural. I wonder what she thinks today

So, I don't know. I've never seen it, but I trust that my parents have, and it seems clear that some animals have an attachment to people that goes beyond simple learned behaviour. Definitely appropriate to include here, though, thanks!
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posted on Dec, 9 2010 @ 12:51 PM
reply to post by DJM8507

Interesting web site. Ironically enough, I got into an argument with a couple of wikipedia editors last month over the article on Electronic Voice Phenomenon. I'd never heard of it until I saw it referenced here on ATS in a thread, and I went to see what I could learn about it, and found some text on the page that offended me, so I deleted it (basically, it was using the Randi Prize to imply that EVP was fake.) I had (and still have) no opinion on EVP, but thought the text inappropriate and it spiraled out of control from there

Like I said, though, an interesting web site, though I could find little concrete information about what they have gleaned from their supposed contacts. The phenomenon is interesting (though I don't think I will give it a shot) but what could be learned from contact, if real, would be of far more value. I read through a couple articles in the "theories" section, but those seemed more like speculation than anything else. If I missed it, a pointer would be awesome.


posted on Dec, 9 2010 @ 01:21 PM
reply to post by adjensen

Very interesting topic

When my grandfather died there were a few strange things that happened that suggested he was trying to communicate with my grandmother. He was a mechanic and his hands were always dirty with oil from working on cars. Anyways, about 3 days after he passed my grandmother was getting out of the shower and she completely flipped out when she noticed an oil stain on the bathroom wall that resembled a hand. I wasnt in the area at the time so unfortunately i didnt get to see it for myself but the rest of my family were there to see it. But a few days after that incident, my aunt was leaving and when she got to her car in the parking lot she was startled to find a similar oil stain of a hand on the back window of her car. Its pretty interesting and we all drew the conclusion that it was our grandfather trying to communicate with us.

posted on Dec, 9 2010 @ 01:30 PM
reply to post by adjensen

Their website could use some work, as it really is all over the place. In essence, they have had members pass away and place literal phone calls to living members detailing information about death/dying and the afterlife. They have had visual images of passed members via television and EVPs as well. There is even a map of the afterlife they have somewhat culled together from all the info they have received by their contacts on the other side.

and some info here

I am a skeptic as well, and can not vouch for the viability or reliability of their information. Although my personal experience has shown that there is some interdimensional/spiritual/otherworldly realm that intersects with our own giving some type of entity/energy or what not the ability to interact with us under the correct circumstances. What they/it is, who knows.

posted on Dec, 9 2010 @ 02:01 PM
My father died about 8 years ago and i was unable to be there at the time of his death that night about 3 in the morning i recived 3 phone calls each one was filled with heavy static that sounded very far away and i could hear my dad's voice very faintly but could not understand what he was saying ...I looked at the at the caller I.D after each phone call and it came up with nothing..I belive in my heart this was my dad trying to say goodbye through the telephone...

posted on Dec, 9 2010 @ 03:39 PM
Hello everyone! I am the person that's been communicating via u2u with adjensen, about before/after death communications. I too am going through a traumatic sudden loss, with the death of my only daughter, Leigh Ann . I'm going to share things that Leigh, herself, experienced in the years preceeding her death, the things her fiance has experienced, the things Leigh's dad has been experiencing and the things that I've been shown. I'm hopeful, that by sharing, we can learn from one another.

I had been studying Near Death Experiences long before my daughter passed and my daughter was very aware of this and in the weeks before her death, I had even explained to her what others say happens at the moment of death. Even though no two experiences are the same, they most usually carry common denominators; seperation of spirit from body, being able to travel at the speed of thought, free of pain, senses heightened, accelerating at high speeds through space/darkness or a portal/tunnel opening and then being drawn into it (as if it has magnetic properties), then finally arriving at the light of God.

A bit about myself. I too, am a devout christian. I was baptized when I was 10 years old, along with my older sister who was 12. This was done at a regular Baptist Church. I am 45 years old now, but I had my first spiritual encounter when I was 17. Between the ages of 17-25, I had a total of four encounters. I prayed for them to STOP because I didn't understand any of it. My dad died in 2000 and I've had two after death communications from him. Then in the year 2004/05 something happened in my personal life, that made me really seek the true living God. I needed him and over the course of the last few years he's been revealing himself to me. In the spring of 2007 I expereinced the baptism of the Holy Spirit. These things are for a different thread (God in the paranormal if there is an interest for it) but these are the things that have molded who I am and why I believe the way I do. I'm not one to stray too far from the sidewalk, and since my baptism I now understand my past experiences and actually enjoy how they are related to the Word of God. In fact, it's a problem if I can't relate my experiences or those of others to his word. And I'm pretty good at doing just that.

A bit about Leigh Ann. She died a horrific death, for she suffocated under the weight of her own vehicle. My daughter was such a good girl. She never caused me or her dad a moment of grief. She had moved out seven or eight weeks before her death and was living with her fiance ( a boy she had dated for the last couple years). It was a Monday, the 4th of January. It had been snowing and there was a bit of black ice on the roads. She was out running errands and hit some ice and rolled her Jeep twice. It was upside down but she managed to crawl out of it. A man and his wife saw it happen. The wife stayed in her car and dialed 911, and the man got out to help my daughter. He asked her if she was okay and she told him, "Yes, but I'm cold." He said he last saw her picking glass (from her broken front windshield) out of her hair, as he walked to his car to grab her a blanket. Another car came along and hit the same patch of black ice. The car struck the man (breaking both his knees) and plowed into my daughters vehicle. My daughter was on the back side and the force of the impact pushed the Jeep hard enough to move it, knocking my daughter down and the Jeep slid over her. Everyone's attention was now on the man whose knees were broken. Everything was hectic and nobody realized my baby was trapped and dying.

When the fire department arrived they realized she was trapped and they had a hard time getting the Jeep off of her. She coded at the scene and the got her back. They took her to the nearest hopital and her body temp was down to 81 degrees. She coded on them again and they got her back. She was then taken to a much larger hospital (Ohio State University). They told us they had had success with peoples body tempature going that low, by warming them back up slowly but a really long story short.... nothing worked and we stopped treatment on the 7th of January and Leigh became a donor and gave others a second chance at life.

Now I'm ready.

posted on Dec, 9 2010 @ 03:51 PM
Now, I'll tell you about the things Leigh experienced. She was only 18 when she passed. One day when she was a little girl (maybe 6 or 7) she was watching tv in my room and she fell asleep on the bed while I was cooking dinner. When I was done, I went in and woke her and she told me, that while she was sleeping, an old lady with white hair, sat on the side of the bed, took her by her hand and told her to be a good girl. The next day we got a phone call that my husbands great grandmother (Dinah) had passed. I think it was her. She was a good woman and the only person I've ever seen personally to speak in tounges (at a funeral of all places which freaked us all out). She lived into her 90's and we now believe when Dinah passed over she was able to see into the future, that Leigh would not live a long life and that is what prompted the visit. None of the other children, grandchildren or great-grandchildren received a visit.

Leigh isn't the first girl to die from our town - she's the third. Our town is small. Our grades 7-12 only have a total of about 600 students - so compared to big cities we are kinda small. The first girl died in 2008 and her name was Elizabeth. Leigh knew her very well. In fact, the girl lived just three doors down from my husbands parents. In the summer (like at 4th of July outdoor party we would all see each other cooking out, boating, etc and waving to one another.

Then in the fall of 2009, another girl named Gabrielle died. Leigh wasn't as close to her but knew her. She was the daughter of an Apostolic preacher (girls don't cut their hair and always wear skirts). Then Leigh passed in January of 2010.
All three girls went to the same school, all were really really good girls, all three had 4.0 GPA's, all three died from brain injuries on the backroads of our town, and all three are buried almost side by side in our small local cemetary. Leigh and Gabrielle had feature articles done on them after their death because of their accomplishments..

About six months before Leigh died she had a dream that bothered her. She dreamed someone knocked on our door and when she opened it, there stood Elizabeth. Elizabeth said "I need to talk to your Mother." Leigh told her 'ok, hold on' and she said as she turned in her dream to go and get me, like a ton of bricks it hit her, that Elizabeth was dead and it scared her awake but she said she was so afraid to open her eyes because it felt so real. She said she felt that if she opened her eyes, she just knew that Elizabeth was going to be standing there in her room.

We now think that when Elizabeth died, she too saw into the future and attempted to communicate with Leigh.

Another time, just a few months before she died, Leigh said she was lying on her stomach in her bed and her feet were not covered and she said she felt two hands rubbing her feet. This really creeped Leigh out. I smiled at her and said, "Well, that's just Jesus washing your feet." She said "Mom you are so weird." I believed it then, and I believe it now that Jesus washed my baby's feet because he too knew what was going to happen and he made things right, so that she could be with him.

posted on Dec, 9 2010 @ 04:13 PM
Before our daughter died Leigh's dad wasn't very spiritual or religous. He often liked to debate God with me. Now my husband believes. He said he has seen too much to not believe and he has a new found hope in everything.

In the year before Leigh died, on four different occassions my husband saw the apparition of a young girl dressed in white walking through our bedroom. I never saw her. In the evening we go to our bedroom early. He watches tv and I play on the computer (usually with headphones on). He told me every time it happened "There she is." He said she always walked into our room, past his side of the bed and walked towards me. Every time it was the same. We now think, this was possibly Elizabeth trying to communicate to us as well.

On the day of my daughter's funeral (1/10/10) at 11:01 am., my husband said he saw my father walk through the front door of the funeral home. My dad has been dead for ten years. The funeral was just about to start. I was sitting in between my husband and our son who is 23. Where Leigh was so young, there was hardly even standing room available. My husband said he was panning the room, taking note of who all was there. As he was panning, his eyes passed the main doors and he saw my dad coming through the doors in a blue suit. He was still panning and he thought to himself, "Well! There is J.R.!" He quickly turned back towards the door and noone was there. This has shaken my husband to the core. He knows what he saw, and I believe him.

One night, not too long ago, around 3:00 in the morning Leigh's dad couldn't sleep. He said he was just lying there in the dark with his eyes closed. He said as clear as day, in his mind he saw my daughter walk out of our bedroom closet (which was open) passed our t.v. and out the bedroom door.

Then the other night, my husband was awakened by a large thump, like someone had tripped over their own two feet right beside our bed. At the same time he heard the thump, he felt something bump his back. Leigh would often come up behind a person and let them know she was there by making a fist and gently bumping them with the back of her hand. My husband was scared and he jumped up and one of our dogs started growling at the bedroom door. The dog growling woke me up and then he told me what had happened.

There is also "knocking" that we all have been hearing and me and my husband witnessed a couple weeks ago a huge clock we own come flying off the wall in slow mo - which I'll tell more about those in a bit.

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posted on Dec, 9 2010 @ 05:14 PM
I am surprised that there are not as many replies to this thread yet...anyway... I believe that people we know that have passed can communicate with us here. In fact, I believe that I have been.

I have only been touched in dreams. It has happened 3 times. The first was a cousin who passed away at 35, 10 years ago. I dreamed (or is it dreamt?) that he came up to me and started talking with me. I told him he was dead, and he said that he knew...but that did not matter. I do not remember much more than that.

The second was a pet that died. We had to have him put down, and I was not able to be with him because I had to work. I dreamed that I was in a field or something, and he was there...he was running around and was so happy...It was just amazing to see him because he was riddled with cancer when he passed.

Lastly, my Grandfather passed 7 years ago next week. He was the rock of my life, and was my father was the hardest thing I ever had to deal with when he died. I swore I would never hurt that much again...and I probably will not cry that much unless my Daughter is to die before me...anyway, I do not remember the details of his dream too much, but, he was there and talking to me...but we did not talk about him being dead. When I woke up, all I wanted to do was go back to that dream. I have not seen him since.

Anyway, great thread going on here.

posted on Dec, 9 2010 @ 05:34 PM
Leigh's fiance said he was driving the other day on I70. It was dark. He has an older truck, with an extended cab, so that a couple people can sit behind the main seat. He said he looked up in his rear view mirror and there she was staring back at him. It startled him, so he pulled over to the side of the road, thinking and hoping she would do it again, but nothing happened. He only shared this with us, after we shared with him about the clock flying off the wall and the things my husband had seen. He told us, he thought he was losing his mind. I assured him he wasn't. He's also one of the people experiencing "knocking."

I guess it's time to tell about the clock. I saved the piece of the clock that actually fastened to the wall, so when we show people what happened they can get a bitter visual of what had to talk place for it to come off the wall. Another thing, that is funny. My husband was so creeped out by the clock incidence, that he googled 'clocks flying off wall' and he found someone else it had happened to and it led back to ATS and a thread in this very forum.Lol

Anyways, it was a Friday night and we had just returned home from giving our son a ride somewhere. Our living/dining and kitchen rooms are like one long running open room and the ceiling is vaulted with a high pitch. At the peak of the pitch is where this clock has lived for almost 15 years. Great clock, huge, 3 feet around, natutical. It only came off the wall for the occasional battery or time change. Where it was so big and heavy, there is like two bolts in the wall. The best way for me to describe it is to tell you how we have to get it off the wall to change something on it. You have to get a ladder, climb up, take hold of the clock, lift it UP then pull out. When the clock came crashing down it stopped on the time 7:18 p.m.. The clock was an hour off because of the time change - so it hadn't been bothered by anyone recently.

So we return home, my husband sits in his recliner and I'm standing in our hallway doing something but I can see through the entire room and I heard something and looked towards the front door and my husband looked up and it all happened in like slow motion. We saw the clock lift up, like someone was taking it off the wall and then fly forward about 3 feet and smash to pieces. Directly underneath this clock sits a glass tv stand holding a 42" flat screen. As heavy as it is - why didn't it just slide down the wall and crush the things in it's path? How in the world did it do slow motion? And how in the world did it come to land where it did?

We looked at each other confused. We can't explain it. I jokingly said out loud "Leigh, honey blow out a candle or something but jees.' My daughter's nature wouldn't be to do something like that. Then again, her fiance is dating again and actually living with a girl and maybe she's p.o'd about it.

Then there is the knocking. Since Leigh died, as I'm laying down going to sleep, I often hear knocking. Sometimes it's close, sometimes far away. Sometimes it's like a door slamming, and sometimes it sounds like a huge heavy iron gate...... I told family about it happening and researched on the net. I read up on hypnagogic phenomena etc and thought I had a good grasp of it all.Lol

Since Leigh died, sleep don't come to easy for either of us. When we do fall asleep, we don't sleep well or for really long stretches. One night I was sitting up in the bed on my laptop and my husband woke up, so he decided to channel surf. I removed my headphones (social effort) and continued what I was doing. All of a sudden we both hear the knocking - audible for both of us but we both heard it completely different. I heard it as three very light raps on the drywall behind my headboard. He heard it as three loud poundings on the drywall outside our bedroom door. In the moment it happened, I turned to look at him HOPING he heard it too, but his actions startled me because he jumped up with his fists drawn because he thought someone was going to come in our bedroom.

Nobody was there and noone else was in the house.

A couple days later I told my niece what had happened. Thinking it was her Leigh, she said "I want to hear knocking" but her husband said 'No way. I don't want to hear something like that.' Two days later, around 10:00 p.m. she calls me and said she had went to take a shower and her husband was sitting in their living room watching tv, when suddenly someone pounded on their front door. It was so hard, her husband ran to their bedroom and got a small handgun and went to the door. When he opened it, there was noone there. It had been snowing and there was no footprints on their porch or anywhere near it in the freshly fallen snow. Only my neice's husband heard it.

One day my daughters fiance had came over and my husband was telling him about the knocking. He said you know, I would think she's losing it had I not have heard it too. The boy just looked at us lost-like. I said 'Have you been hearing it too?" He said he hears it all the time, as he's trying to fall asleep. Said he even flipped his mattress one night looking for the source of it.

I do not believe the knocking is Leigh. I believe the knocking is Jesus. In his letter to the church of Laodicea, there is a warning given to all who are "lukewarm" in their belief system. He also reminds us that he rebukes and disciplines those he loves. And he calls for those who want to know him, to repent and he says "Here I am!! I stand at the door and knock. If ANYONE hears my voice and opens the door, I will come in and eat with that person and that person with me." Revelation 3

posted on Dec, 9 2010 @ 07:04 PM
These are my own personal experiences.

A few weeks before Leigh passed, I had a prophetic dream. The Holy Spirit somehow took me forward in time and showed me everything from the moment I found out about the accident until the moment they told me, there was nothing more they could do. In a brief moment I experienced 3 full days and every moan, sigh and tear I shed in that dream, I would experience again. My dream ended with me and my husband sitting in a little conference room all hope gone and I got up and reached for the door handle - and I awoke whimpering. My husband was getting ready for work and I told him I dreamed she died. I dreamed it all, everything, every minute I held her hand, every time I kissed her cheek. She died and it was so awful. He told me to go back to sleep, it was just a dream. Leigh had moved out wtih her boyfriend almost 8 weeks before she died - the day I had the dream she came down to watch tv with me, and I told her what I dreamed. She just looked at me. She probably thought I was being weird again.

Then it all came true, every last detail. God says on more than one occasion in the OT that he shows us things sometimes, that will happen, so that when they do happen, we know he is the real God. And Jesus says in the Gospel of John, when talking to his disciples, that he has much to share with them - some stuff is even more than they can bear - but when the Holy Spirit comes upon a person it will guide them into all truth.

There is a lot of strange happenings with the number 11:11 or any combination of zero's and ones. The accident first happened at 1:11 p.m. In the hospital, we had a little book sitting out that had scriptures of comfort in it and someone told my husband, that when they read they the bible, they open to a random page and believe that whatever it turns to - is what God wants them to learn or know about. My husband said, "Okay, I'm gonna try it with this little book." He opened it at random and it ended up being on page 111 and the scripture was one from the Apostle Paul 'As in Adam all die, so in Christ all will be made alive." Very comforting. Leigh was buried on 1/10/10. Twice, me and older sister have received cell phone calls where our phone rings three or four times and then it stops and you can't see who called, there is no phone number. My sisters call came in at 1:11 p.m in the afternoon and mine came in at 11:11 a.m. in the morning. Her funeral was to start at 11:00 a.m. and it was 11:01,a.m. when my husband, saw my father, who is deceased come through the doors.

Like I said, I'm a devout christian, but I'm so turned off by hell fire preaching. The God and Lord I know is one of love, mercy, compassion and everything perfect. Since I experienced this peculiar baptism that John the Baptist spoke of, I just see things so differently. Take this 11:11 phenomena for instance. Most people say it's a wake up call and I agree. I thought it was related to "waking" up long before my daughter died. Some people say, when it happens you should take notice of what's going on around you, but I think it goes much deeper than that. See, I believe that most of mankind is in sort of this spiritual sleep. You are alive but not awake to the truth. What truth? God's truth. I think some things he has made so easy and hidden in plain sight, but we tend to think more and make things more complicated than they really are. This is why Jesus spoke of a narrow path and a wide path, and why it is that so few will find it (according to Jesus).

As the Messiah, Jesus came to wake everyone up that wants to know the truth. He implores that on more than one occassion, that we all must wake up or we are going to miss him. I think it's no mere coincedence, that in the Gospel of John 11:11 and in the book of Revelation 11:11 , that both address waking. In John's Gospel this is precisely when Jesus goes to "wake" Lazarus and in Revelation it is precisely where the breath of life enters the last witnesses, that had just been dead for 3 1/2 days. Then they are called up to God for the world to see.

Moving forward. When the State Police arrived at our house, to tell us of the accident, my son was home but we weren't. We had run to Kroger, when my son called. He told us, they told him it was very bad, she was alive and they were transporting her to a bigger hospital. Totally freaking out, we managed to get to OSU. Around 30 family members and friends were all already there - we were the last to arrive for some odd reason. I remember the drive there, my husband was shaking his fist at God, screaming no and I was on the floorboard in the truck begging and pleading God to let her live. We walked into the E.R. and my older sister met me. She's a N.P and she's been around this stuff forever, and she was crying. She said it's not good, they are trying to stabilize her. She's intubated, they said her pelvis is broke and they will let us go back soon. I needed to use the restroom, so my sister took me in there - I remember seeing my mother-in-law on her hands and knees praying, weeping, crying...... I was in the throws of a nightmare.

They kept saying over and over about stablizing her. Then they said we could all go back, she's stable. I'm thinking she's going to be bloody and all cut up but I can handle it, I'm her mother.

posted on Dec, 9 2010 @ 07:25 PM
Thank you for sharing all of your experiences with us. They are wonderful examples of ADC.

Here is mine - my mother went into the hospital for a "routine" aortic valve replacement - we prayed the morning of the surgery and she said - please don't let me die, I am not ready to leave my family.

Long story short, she survived the surgery but died of an infection after spending nearly a month in a coma.

Several weeks after she passed, I received an email from an address that had her first initial and last name@the church that we had attended when I was growing - obviously, I was incredulous that an email with her exact name coming from a church that I could readily recognize had come to me. I opened it up and the message read "I want more".

I tried to return the email but it was undeliverable - I called the church and they knew of no one with that name at the church.

Now 6 years later, I still believe that this was an authentic ADC.

posted on Dec, 9 2010 @ 07:36 PM
My daughter was anything but stable. Out of ten or twelve people, I was the first through the doors. Her eyes were wide open but rolling and she had tears streaming down her the sides of her cheeks, past her temples and into her hair. She was seizing uncontrollably. Her hands were twisted inwards at the wrist and her feet were pointing as if she was stretching. I knew this look from my sisters experience in the E.R. - she was posturing and that's always bad. You couldn't see a place on her. We knew nothing of her being trapped, without oxygen, so we really weren't prepared. All I could say was, "This is not stable."

They moved her into a room in the I.C.U. and me, my husband and her fiance went in. They each took to a side of the bed and I sat down in a chair across from her and as soon as I did, I saw a white vapour hovering by the left side of her head - around her jaw-line. I told them what I saw. Since then, I've read many accounts of nurses, doctors, health care providers, and hospice workers have often reported seeing this misty like vapour. Later, I found in scripture from Jesus' brother James who states that we are all but a "vapour" here for a little while - then gone..

Six or seven months after the funeral, still grieving and missing my daughter so much, that I ache physically for her, I start asking God to help me understand. My prayers didn't bring her back to me and I've had to accept, that misfortune happens and sometimes things are'nt fair because we live in this fallen realm - no matter how temporary it may be. I'm lying in bed, with my eyes shut praying and I'm asking, no begging and pleading was more like it, for God to show me where my baby is.

On a few occassions God has shown me a vision in my mind and it's hard to describe how it happens, but what it feels like is an image is pressed into my mind. I know it sounds really strange but it is what it is. So, Im lying there with my eyes shut and it was as if he for one second turned a light on in my mind, then shut it off just as fast. It happened a second time, but this time it was as if I was outside on a beautiful day, blue sky and big puffy clouds in the sky. As quick as he showed it to me, he shut if off. Then it happened a third time, this time there was an opening (round in nature, like if you were looking through a scope of some kind) in the clouds. Nestled upon the clouds, was this cube. I'm just a housewife, so I relate things to what I know - and this cube looked like a dirty ice cube. That's how I have described it for family. Not nasty ice..... just not perfectly clear in it's luster.

I thought 'how neat.' I fell asleep and slept so peaceful. I had to get up at 4:30 a.m. to have my son at work by 6:00 a.m.. As I am sitting there drinking my coffee, the sun was coming up and it was really pretty and it made me think of what I saw the night before. Then it dawned on me (or God's Spirit at work) that in the book of Revelation there is this description of the New Jerusalem, that is supoosed to descend one day to the earth. It's described as a cube and it's around 1500 miles long, 1500 miles wide, and 1500 miles in depth.

This was not a dream, this was a vision. God is good and my daughter lives and she lives in that city.

posted on Dec, 9 2010 @ 08:13 PM
A lot of stuff to digest there, thanks for sharing such detail.

I, too, have seen something of where Patti might be. I'm not sure if it's self generated, or something that is passed to me, but I've seen a house that she lives in, the design of it, how it is decorated, its surroundings, and the sorts of things that she does with her days. I can describe the sights that I've seen quite clearly, and yet I'm not sure of their source, so I don't know what value they have to anyone but me.

I was very surprised to read this description from DJM8507's link, because I had an insight, similar to Patti's house, that is quite a bit like this. Heaven, Christ's description of a house with many rooms, being a multi planed existence, which begins with Earth, and becomes progressively more and more spiritually focused, until the highest plane, where God is. In my vision, I was telling my father, who had just died, about the structure of things, and told him that Patti and I had lived on a much higher plane for thousands of years, but that we preferred living on a lower plane because we were still too connected to a material existence.

As with the vision of the house, I have no idea what the source of this is -- whether it's just something I thought up, or it's something that I've been given, but the fact that it coincides with what these guys have come up with makes me a little less sure of my answer.
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posted on Dec, 9 2010 @ 09:37 PM
My mother related this to me. Just before her sister, my aunt, passed away she came to my mother in a dream and said, "I just thought I would say goodbye."

When my mother was in a nursing home (She got out after two weeks and died at home six months later) I fed her a leading question, "Have you talked to yiour father?" (I know. My bad.) who had died in 1947. She said yes, and that he had told her he would help her any way he could. I asked her what had happened. She told me he had come down those stairs in the corner of the room. Of course, this was a hospital room and there were no stairs there.

When my mother left the Rocky Mountains for the big city in Denver she stayed at the YWCA. When she was in the common hall she heard a voice say, "Poor Hopes, I need my medicine." Other people heard it, too. She knew it was her father because of the name, a pet name for her because her parents thought she would not be born. he would abbreviate his letters "P.H." so as not to embarass her. He did need his medicine which she got for him.

posted on Dec, 9 2010 @ 09:45 PM
That's pretty technical stuff for dreaming - I think you are on to something. I find it fascinating that spirits somehow figure out early on that they can manipulate energy. Two family members had light surges in their homes. It only happened once, but it's what they said happened.

I've been trying to quit smoking recently, and did a six week program with nicotine patches. One of the side effects are vivid dreaming. My goodness! They are not dreams at all - they become novels. There is so much detail. I dreamed of my daughter that way and it was so wonderful, but I tend to think that it was just a dream because my little sister was in it and her eye color just wasn't right - but it was so cool. Another time on the patch, I actually became lucid, where I knew I was dreaming. That was a trip. Of course, I went to look for my daughter but it was like going around in circles and then everything got really weird. Every night a new and wonderful dream - it was great.

Which brings up the idea of how chemicals can effect the human body to produce such vivid dreams and compare it to the vast reports of peace and love on the other side - the chemical make up must be awesome.
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