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After Death Communication: A Thread for Examples

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posted on Dec, 12 2010 @ 01:49 AM
reply to post by Myendica

I know they have done studies that show a dog knows when its master is getting on a plane to return home from a continent away...
Animals communicate psychically all the time
So maybe after death there can still be communication.

I have always put this stuff down to my mixed racial heritage...
It is a common thing amongst shaman the world over, that these things happen.
Not to say I am a shaman, that takes the bent for it, and training

I have had the shooting star thing happen right after a loved one died.
As I was walking down a rough road in the dark and was facing the church that the person occasionally attended,
I had to focus on where I was walking because of the pot holes etc..
Suddenly a force yanked my head up and a shooting star broke three times over the church and I heard the words "I'm free!"
Another time I was visiting a friend and he had chosen to take a hike through the local swamp which was frozen and beautiful...walking through areas impassable at any other time of the year.

We both chose different routes through the beaver dams
I chose to take a break and I sat on a stump and cracked my thermos...
As I did so a great grey owl landed in a dead tree just 25 yards or so away and just sat there looking at me.
I knew that traditionally owls are a harbinger of death and that this was a message for me...
A year later the friend I was with went into the swamp with someone else.
Two sets of prints went in, and only one set of foot prints came out.

I had an incident once where I was possessed to dig up a rock in the undisturbed soil at the bottom of a gravel pit
just at the time when I was involved with an actual dig headed by the senior archaeologist for the province of Ontario.
Turns out to be a self sharpening stone skin verified by the Dr in charge of the dig.

What interested the elders was the possession in front of bunch of people that forced me to dig up the unremarkable looking rock which they deemed "special" because self sharpening stone tools are as rare as it gets. There were several million look alike rocks in the bottom of that pit.
They called it ancestor memories

Since then I have found many small instances of this phenomenon.
My opinion is that:
It is DNA resonance
Dna has a double helix and the strands vibrate like slinkies
There is no time in the dream world or the psi world,
so the vibrations made during life travel the multiverse forever.
When they vibrate the antenae or elements of the DNA then you get info like a radio receives it,
depending on your natural openness and training.

Since I am secure in the way this sits with me, I don't mind sayin'.
My sympathies to those with difficulties coming to terms with likewise things.
It can be difficult, especially dealing with those that haven't been there, and don't understand.
What happens to you isn't necessarily meant for them.

Studying Zen may help because it uses the same or a similar mechanism,
or creates the state of mind where these thoughts can cross the threshold of consciousness

posted on Dec, 12 2010 @ 03:08 AM
reply to post by adjensen

These experiences are common to all but only the people who are thinking and looking for signs will discover the energy of the paranormal or supernatural.

I have had numerous events happen to me. Recently, I was visiting my parents and my neice was staying at my parents place and was sleeping in a bed next to mine. While sleeping I was awaken by someone pointing a finger in the middle of my head, I woke up and seen a teenage man at the door who was looking at her and he said "I'm here, looking after her". I then put my head down and thought to myself did I really see that. I looked up and he said "I'm still here". I put my head back down on the pillow then immediatley got up out of bed and went to the doorway. No one was there. I looked at my niece and she was sound asleep.
In the morning, I ask her did she know anyone who had died lately. She stated that her friend at school had passed away late last year and he was male. I told her he is looking after her. She could not believe that I knew she had a friend who recently died.

Another was when I was visiting my X-girlfriends mums place and stated the words mind, heart & soul in conversation. As soon as I said this the picture of my X-girlfriends father who passed away two years earlier, feel off the wall and smashed.

I have numerous other supernatural stories.

posted on Dec, 12 2010 @ 06:32 PM
Very interesting thread. I found this place after having a very weird dream this morning. It has nothing to do with After death communication but I thought I'd add my story.

In 2006, January 1st my grandfather passed away who pretty much held together the family and was my father figure. Pretty crappy way to start the New Year, huh? Anyways, not sure if this ties into ADC but the morning he was going to the hospital I was staying at a friends house and was woken up by a passing ambulance. I thought this was very weird. Maybe this is our "animal sense" that knows whats happening and when? Example, Animals retreat to high ground when a mother nature sh*t storm is about to happen, or the dog knowing when his master is on the airplane.

Another odd experience I've had, was that when arguing with my grandmother sometimes I could smell concrete, or dirty work clothes. He was a laborer and was around that stuff a LOT and he LOVED working. Which would usually change the subject and we would stop arguing and talk about him. Weird.

I have never had an experience with technology though, so maybe it depends on the person who passed if you will get any messages via email or not. My grandfather was the type of person who couldn't figure out a cell phone.

What really interests me in this thread is the ADC in dreaming (thanks for that dream-cocktail btw! nicotine patches work, but I want something less addicting). I've had only two dreams of my grandfather, one is kinda funny. The first one was my family and I sitting in the kitchen of the house we lived in when he was alive. At first he was fully clothed, but then my cousin (or someone, I couldnt tell) started to fight and wrestle around. When it escalated to the kitchen, he was in a pair of black spandex underwear and black tube socks telling us to knock it off. He was a heavy man (big belly) and started to develop this silly sense of humor towards the end of his life. The second, it was just him standing there, in the clothes I remember him wearing before he got sick and he didn't say anything but smiled. I actually think these dreams both happened when I slept with a nicotine patch on.

Now what's really freaky, is that I remember a point in my life where I actually thought he was still alive. I am not sure, though if that was a dream itself. Ever since his death and my experience with lucid dreams + nicotine patches, I've been having extremely WILD dreams. But my grandfather hardly ever visits anymore : I wish he would (maybe he will tonight!) Whats really strange, though, is that I always dream about being in highschool and weird stuff happening, or in the house my grandfather and my family lived in, without the family and just weird stuff going on.. like zombies.

Now I don't know if this has anything to do with anything, but almost every year on New Years a family member kicks the bucket. It's so weird.

My mom has had a lot of experieneces also, she believes that she has a "sixth sense" like Bruce Willis in that movie.. I believe her. When I moved away from my mom with my grandmother to finish highschool, she was ..well.. pissed. We do not know if it was my grandfather or not, but a few weeks later my mom heard the cabinets opening and slamming shut over and over a few days before she was moving out. She also has dreamt of my grandfather and his sisters when they passed.


So since I've been having a TON of insane dreams lately I started doing some research on them. Apparently, a chemical called '___' which is found in thousands of mammals, and plants (and im sure hippies pipes) is also found in our brain and is what is thought to be the reason for Near Death Experiences, dreaming and is also pumped into our brains at child birth. This is the most powerful psycadelic to man and its in our brain, weird right?

Now I do not remember where this came from, but we NEED dreams our we will go crazy. They are a way for us to cope with whats going on, archive what we learned that day and it also can try to predict the future of what will happen based on what has already happened in the past, to try to help us figure out a way to cope with it before it happens. That's dejavu. Very interesting stuff. My room mate and I have been reading and watching tons of videos on dreaming. Not saying dreams of loved ones mean they aren't really trying to communicate, dreams could be a multi way street. We still don't know enough about them and it is so damn interesting!

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posted on Dec, 12 2010 @ 06:40 PM
reply to post by Vicky32

Vicky, thank you for your kind words, they really mean a lot to me. I enjoyed your story. Though I would LOVE to hear your other story, I totally understand the need to keep some things close to your heart only!

Thank you again for sharing.

posted on Dec, 12 2010 @ 07:15 PM
reply to post by christoph

I love your stories. I chuckled out loud at the idea of your grandpa standing there in black spandex undies and only his socks.

Hearing that ambulance, when he was sick is a classic expample of synchronicity. I'm totally convinced that there are times we move passed mere coincidence into more meaningful coincidences.

My husband swears, that I retain worthless pieces of information, but I like to think I'm like a sponge who just absorbs the things I read and they may become of value - later. Certain things have stayed with me, as I've studied the NDE and one of them has to do with synchronicity. One person who died and came back, went all the way to the light and during their life review, they were made aware of all the times, God himself tried to get their attention, in an attempt to draw them closer to him, while they were alive. This one person said, that there were times that certain songs were played on the radio, that had lyrics God intended on them to take notice of.

If you think about it - that's pretty special.

posted on Dec, 13 2010 @ 07:49 AM
Thanks for the thread,I’m trying to unite everything in one theory
and it will be useful for me. I liked some links connected with the
problem and decided to post them bellow:

posted on Dec, 23 2010 @ 03:08 PM

Originally posted by NorEaster
So now I'm back to wondering if she's okay and hanging around people who love her, or if something else has been taking advantage of my wishful thinking. They say that these folks feed off our emotional reactions, and she (if it's her) has benefitted from lots of positive emotional response from me over the last year and a half. If its not her, then I wish there was a way to verify it. I don't trust professional mediums or psychics.

The only way an evil entity can benefit from a positive emotional response is to become less evil.

An entity hanging around your house will quickly let you know if it's evil. If it hasn't, and is not your friend, it's likely to be merely confused and lonely. Telling it you welcome it to share your home, as long as it does no harm, and feeling friendly toward it helps. Eventually it will finish coming to terms with its situation and will move on.

My house is/was haunted by something that I feel is the mischievous spirit of a boy.

Something came up about door lintels the other day and my son couldn't remember the word. So he said, "One of those things that keeps falling on Mum's head," and we all knew what he meant.

Three times since I've been here, the door lintels have fallen down, each time hitting me hard on the head. One lintel once, and another on two other occasions. Naturally, I made sure they were screwed securely into sound wood, but it didn't help. On the third occasion a friend had just left, telling me he hoped I'd go to sleep quickly, and I walked towards the kitchen. I would have been unconscious before he made it to the car. I woke hours later in the kitchen doorway, feeling beaten up, and thought someone must have broken in and attacked me. Then I realised the lintel was on top of me, and figured out what had happened. I felt it was our ghost-boy, but still felt no malice around, only a slightly nasty sense of humour.

Another time I was sitting in the 6' x 12' bathroom, when a ceiling cornice from the opposite corner "fell" across the room and hit me on the head. A few years later, after the weird stuff had been stopped for a while, I told my daughter the ghost had gone. Later that afternoon I was leaning forwards with my back to a high cupboard, but a couple of feet from it, when a full litre paint tin, which had been pushed well back, "fell" forward and hit me in the middle of the back. The top of the cupboard was, and still is, perfectly level. I haven't said the ghost has gone again. I figure he doesn't like hearing that.


Another "ghost story" if you like to call it that, happened in Malvern in 1975.

I was on my own with a baby, and working as a live-in housekeeper for a wealthy elderly couple so I could have her with me. - The Rosses. - She had been a Miss Hoadley, heir to the Hoadleys Chocolates fortune. I found it amusing that she kept working to convince me of my huge inferiority compared to her when her great grandfather had been partners with my great grand-father, and had done my unworldly, aspergerish ancestor out of the money hed put into the lolly business. But as they say, them's the breaks.

Mrs Ross had been born wealthy, in that same house, and had never lived anywhere else, never sampled another lifestyle or even travelled. She confided in me she was terrified of "The Commies" taking her house, sure she'd die without it. Compared to her, with her huge fears and small minded outlook, I felt I was the wealthy one. I had little left to fear and nothing to lose - well, except for my darling wee girl. Funnily enough, I was doing a bit of work on the side as a dumb blonde mata hari in the only Commie group in Melbourne, sister organisation to the Weathermen, but they were not planning on taking anyones houses. By the way, the leader, Stephan, was not communist, despite the other members believing he was. He were Israeli, with funding from Israel, but pretended to be Russian with Soviet funding while teaching bomb-making, demolition, how to incite violence, and bribed trade-union reps to agitate for insane wage rises. Luckily he never discovered his "girlfriend" was not a brainless floozie.

Anyway, back to the Rosses. Mr Ross was 73, and slowly dying of cancer, emphysemia and diabetes. He'd been a doctor, so understood the prognosis and knew it was going to be a horrible death. My only contact was meant to be taking him his meals, - (Mrs Ross was too busy playing bridge or socialising,) - but he proved to be such a darling man I used to spend my afternoons off carrying him around their beautiful garden. He was very light and weak by then and I'm pretty strong. After three months his doctor said he didn't have more than a week to live.

A few days into that week, when he was looking particularly bad, Mrs Ross told me on no account was I to interupt her afternoon's bridge for Anything. I took Mr Ross up his carefully prepared diabetic lunch, and he said,
"Please dear, not that. I'd like some ice-cream."
Quickly calculating portions, I told him he could have 3 scoops of his diabetic icecream.
"No, not that," he said. "Does my wife still get that creamy strawberry with choc-chips?"
"Yes," I said, "but you could only have one scoop of that."
"Please," he said, "this time I want a soupbowl, filled like this," gesturing a mountain on top of an imaginary bowl.
I gently held his hands, and looked into his eyes, and saw he knew that, in his state, this would kill him. And I knew I mustn't cry, he had enough to deal with already. (I'm crying a bit remembering.) I didn't want him to die, but I felt, if I was in his position - gasping for breath and in worsening pain, knowing the pain would get steadily worked until the slow suffocation caused a fatal heart attack, what right would anyone have to deny me this last mercy?

So I piled the icecrean into a soup bowl and sat with him while he ate it, and then held him while he slipped into unconsciousness. He'd asked me to not notify anyone until his wife's game had finished, at 6 pm, and by that time the soup-bowl was washed and put away.

She was not particularly upset, until the next day when she realised the old grandfather clock had started up again and she reached to turn on the parlour light and it turned on before she touched it. Then she went to pull up the blind, and the blind slid up before she reached it. She was terribly shaken, and terrified of living in a haunted house. So she went to stay with her daughter in Queensland and told me to let her know when the "odd things" stopped happening.

For the following week I enjoyed having Mr Ross turn lights on and off, and pull blinds up in the morning, and fill the huge house with happy vibes.

Then the "odd things" stopped, but I was having a ball having this house to myself. Mrs Ross's friends mistook me for her daughter, and were competing to get me married off to their sons. And I had some dressmaking talent and a crate of fabulous garment lengths bought in a closing-down auction, so mornings I was "creating," and evenings I was socialising. But I always let the sons know who I really was, and they were good sports, keeping my secret.

After another 3 months I let Mrs Ross know the house was "safe" again, and her friends were horrified at her welcome-back party to discover they'd been wining and dining "the maid". However that didn't stop them each trying to recruit me behind her back. But I'd had enough of maiding. I had dreams of an art and craft shop / music lounge to fulfil.

posted on Dec, 23 2010 @ 03:34 PM

Originally posted by Myrtales Instinct
One person who died and came back, went all the way to the light and during their life review, they were made aware of all the times, God himself tried to get their attention, in an attempt to draw them closer to him, while they were alive.

I had an NDE, and all god said was, "Go back, you have come too far."
My baby girl was sitting colouring in, in the corner of the dentist's surgury, waiting patiently for my root fillings to be finished.
Coming back was like jumping from a rainbow into a cess pool, and I've never stopped longing for the day I'm allowed to come home. That's how it best related to this world, as the perfect home, where you were completely known and completely loved. As for what it looked like, it just doesn't translate into this reality at all.

It made sense of the words, unless you become as a little child, you cannot enter the kingdom of heaven.
All the church's claims about the need for baptism are just the church's need to mark us as a dog marks its territory. We are born baptised, and when we forget to be true, only god can baptise us afresh. Heaven is like a mother's breast, always there waiting for those with innocent, loving hearts. And if you're not like that and want to be, there are lessons life can teach, and there is also great mercy.

posted on Dec, 23 2010 @ 04:06 PM
reply to post by Kailassa

Boy, if things started coming down and hitting me, I would move out, toot sweet! The second story is quite detailed and interesting, and reminds me of a show that used to air here called "Ray Bradbury Theatre".

Much more mundane, I have had another "electronic" incident happen to me. Waited a while to see the outcome, but there hasn't been any, so...

Two weeks ago, at about 5:30PM, I got a "hang up" call on my cell phone. I have super crappy service in my house, and all too often, by the time I get my phone out of the holster, the signal has dropped, and I lose the call. They usually leave a voice mail, though. Not in this case, and the phone number was from an area code I wasn't familiar with.

No big deal, though. I figured that it was a wrong number or a business that I had something to do with, so I ignored it.

The next night, Friday, and about 8:30PM, the phone rings again, same number and, once again, when I tried to answer, there's no one there. Two days in a row piques my curiosity, particularly since this is rather late to be getting a business call, so I looked up the area code. Maryland. That means it's 9:30PM there, even less likely to be someone wanting to sell me something. I went to one of those "reverse look up" sites, entered the number, but nothing came back (apart from saying that it was in Baltimore.)

No calls on the weekend, but on Monday at 11:30AM, my phone rings again, it's the same number, but this time when I answer, it goes through. There is no one answering my "hello?" queries, but in the background, I can hear sounds of an office -- people talking, computers, a phone ringing. Listened to that for a minute before hanging up.

I figured that someone had my number in their cell phone or something and it was accidentally being dialed, so I waited a couple minutes and then called back. The phone was answered by one of those automated systems that said "You have called (name of company). To talk to accounting, press..."

I didn't know anyone at the company to talk to, so I just hung up. That ended the calls, I haven't received another since.

Okay, here's the twist. The company that answered the call is a fairly obscure software development company. They are, most likely, unknown to anyone outside of a small community of consultants. I had never heard of them prior to 2008, but I instantly recognized the name of the company when the call was answered.

From 2008 to 2009, my wife was working for an international consulting company, doing a very large (and very expensive) software installation project. This consulting company hired dozens of people like my wife, but they also subcontracted with other companies to do parts of the work.

The company that called me three times on three consecutive work days, always on the half hour, and twice outside of the hours that anyone would be working, was, of course, one of the subcontractors. One of my wife's primary tasks, in fact, was coordinating and managing this particular company.

Again, I can take away no meaning from this, but I find the coincidence a bit hard to ignore!
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posted on Dec, 24 2010 @ 02:42 AM
Thank you for sharing your stories, Kailassa. I wish you would consider describing your heavenly visit a bit more in depth.

adjensen - a lot of coincidences going on there. Dare I say it's as if she's wanting you to know, yes it is her and yes she is able to connect to you through electronics. Did you ever see that movie White Noise (you may have told me you did but if so it is slipping my mind). Good movie with Michael Keoton and maybe something more you may want to look into.

I used to follow true crime quite a abit and one of the cases I followed was the Laci Peterson case. I recall before her body was found washed up from the ocean, someone had done EVP's and claimed to have communicated with her. I remember reading the transcriptions of the recordings and being very skeptical, but when her body washed up, the things this person claimed she was saying was right on the money.

I guess I will share with you guys, two ADC's I had from my dad. He passed in 2000 and was only 57. He had heart disease and was in remission with leukemia. He had gotten a nasty cold and passed in his sleep on Nov. 23, 2000 - which happened to fall on Thanksgiving. He passed in the state of Kentucky and it took several hours for the coroner to get there, so me, my two sisters and my stepmom just hung out with him in the bedroom until they arrived. We noticed his pillow was really flat, and where he had heart disease his head and chest should have been elevated. It was so obvious that this was a classic case of congestive heart failure.

For years I had followed the JonBenet Ramsey case. The little girl was murdered in 1996, so by the time my dad passed it had been four years with no resolution in that case. Me and dad would talk on the phone each day and discuss our thoughts about it. We were really puzzled because there just wasn't any progress ever. So we made a pact. We told each other, that if one of us would die, the other would come back and tell the other who the killer was.

I don't remember the exact date, but I remember the time frame he communicated. It was between the starting of the Iraq war and the breaking up of the shuttle Columbia. It stands out becase, at that time, myself and my husband were sleeping in a bedroom off of our family room, which is in one of our basements (we have 2). It was nighttime, I was asleep and I heard my dad distinctly as if he was in another room or behind a wall or barrier of some type. His words were clear, concise and his tone was loud like he knew he needed to speak up but not scream. He said six words: "Lester! Jim Star! Lord have mercy."

My dad has three daughters and I am the middle kid. He used to always tease and tell me, that I was supposed to be a boy. My real name starts with an "L" so he would always call me Lester - it was a like a term of endearment. As soon as he said "that" name, I knew it was him. It all happened very fast, but it definately woke me up. It wasn't a dream, for there was no visuals - just his voice.

I've considered that there are possible variations of spelling "Jim" where it could mean something else, like "gym" or gem." But nothing else fits and we did make a pact.

The other time he communicated was acutally his first time. It was a normal day, I was standing there washing breakfast dishes and he just suddenly popped into my mind. I could even envision him looking at me. He had such a serious look on his face. Later in the afternoon, it happened two more times - each time the same. He was just looking at me so serious like. My husband had came home and we decided to go to the store. On our way there, as we were talking it happened a fourth time. I told my husband what was going on and just how strange the look on my dads face was. It didn't happen anymore that evening, I went to bed, got up the next day and got the kids off to school. I laid back down for maybe 45 minutes, got back up and was making coffee. From my kitchen you can see the tv in the living room and I could hear they were talking about a plane wrecking. I was half awake but I remember thinking how strange the television picture looked. They were doing a split screen and it looked like my color televsion was black and white. I started walking towards the tv and realized one of the pictures was showing the pentagon on fire. I turned the tv up and like the rest of the world was just dumbfounded - it was 9-11. It was like seeing old footage of a war zone from WW2.

When I was little I used to have panic attacks. I know it started from those stupid duck and cover nuclear drills, I had to participate in since kindergarten in 1970. Our alarms at the gradeschool I attended were abnormaly loud.. There were nuclear drills, tornado drills and fire drills. At home, when there was bad weather and the tornado sirens would go off, I would panic and cry, so my dad would sit with me in our basement until it passed.

When I realized what was happening to us here in the States, I did have a mild panic attack. I think my dad just popped in the day before to give me a bit of a warning. To soften the blow so to speak.

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posted on Dec, 27 2010 @ 10:18 PM
reply to post by Myrtales Instinct

I was very inspired by your story. I appreciate the details and the completeness of your description of your daughter's death and the activities around it and your strong beliefs. When my father died I experienced knocking and also banging against the outside of the house when I was sleeping in his bed the night after he died. He died unexpectedly from a bad reaction to medication. He had cancer but it was not advanced enough to kill him and he was doing well at that point. The medication made his blood pressure drop and my siblings and I at that point decided to tell the doctors not to revive him because we knew that although he was not yet in pain, the cancer was terminal and he would be soon. When I experieinced the knocking and banging and also footsteps in the yard that night (when there was no one walking in the yard. I checked and besides footsteps in a yard on the grass are not audible through a window and I heard it) But anyway when I experienced this I had the feeling from the vibe it gave off that he was angry and surprised at being in the nonphysical state since he had not expected to die yet, and determined to get back into the house and his life.

Also I saw another thread here about a clock falling. I had an experience of a clock falling from a very wide and deep window pane when it was against the window and there was no breeze or vibration or anything to make it fall. And it was a clock that had belonged to my father that I got after he died. And I believe he made it fall because he was angry at something I was doing at the time.

What I wonder about is that Christianity does not believe in this sort of thing. They believe you either go right to Heaven or Hell. And yet you and other Christians have had these experiences and yet you've also experienced communication with God. So I guess maybe there's more to it than what is conventionally believed. Anyway, I'm glad you had that comforting experience of knowing your daugher is in Heaven.

posted on Dec, 28 2010 @ 08:07 AM

Originally posted by Hillarie
What I wonder about is that Christianity does not believe in this sort of thing. They believe you either go right to Heaven or Hell. And yet you and other Christians have had these experiences and yet you've also experienced communication with God.

Some Christians don't accept it, yes. Shortly after Patti died, I was talking to her mother and she said, rather matter of factly, "I don't believe that they watch over us, I don't think that they have anything to do with this life." That is something that I don't think I'd heard before, usually people say just the opposite, even those who say that ADC type things are evil spirits seem to believe that our loved ones know what's going on here. But she's a very devout person, and so that struck me, particularly because she admits to seeing one of her brother in laws walking beside her and her husband after he had died.

One of her other daughters, on the other hand, is just as devout, and yet she told me a couple of weeks after Patti's death that I shouldn't be surprised to feel, hear or even see her, because she believes that heaven is just another aspect of Earth, so that the dead are all around us, we just can't see or interact with them normally. But they are with us, and, somehow, they can occasionally cross the veil and become evident. (Logically, there must be some controlling aspect of that, or some people would be doing it all the time... it's either too hard, they've received an understanding that makes them not want to do it, or maybe it requires God's help, and he limits it for our own good.)

Something that Christians do seem to be pretty across the board on, though, is that ADC is something that should not be "sought out", but allowed to happen on the terms of the dead and God. In other words, don't go to a seance trying to contact your loved one, because that opens the door to a potential evil, but if your loved one comes to you, accept and understand the contact.

I've mostly stuck to that, though I've certainly asked Patti to be with me on many occasions. One things strikes me about these little events, though. They never seem to happen when I want them to happen (like a clear message on my birthday, or on Christmas) but they seem to happen when I need them to happen (like the day I felt like I was going to die from an asthma attack, or when I'm just incredibly sad and some little unlikely event picks me up.)

posted on Dec, 28 2010 @ 10:15 PM
Hillarie - thanks for your kind words and thanks for sharing. I've honestly never heard footsteps but certainly can relate to the knocking and clanging iron gate slamming. Eerie indeed.

adjenson - You were in my thoughts over the Christmas holiday. Christmas eve was really hard. Last year, Leigh and her boyfriend came over and we watched the Christmas Story (the little boy who wanted the b.b. gun).

Like you, adjenson, I would never cross the line and deliberately do something that God would frown on. You know from other threads, that I will research things in an attempt to gain some insight. I admit, that I do want to understand how these experiences happen.

I don't understand why some Christians accept these things and some don't. John the Baptist taught, that a person can only receive what is given them from heaven and the bible is full of stories of people having metaphysical experiences.

I've never heard my mother claim she has had any experiences and she believes, that when a person dies, they go on to heaven and have no idea what is going on in this realm. When my dad died, inside his bible were letters to us girls and in one of those, he said that he had been shown heaven twice in dreams.

Here is something I often think about. In the Old Testament, when Sarah dies it says that she was gathered to her people. When Abraham died it says that he was gathered to his people. There are countless and I mean countless reports of people who have NDE's that say family is waiting to greet them. But here is something to ponder:

About two years ago, my husbands aunt passed. She was in hospice and right before she passed, she said "Mommy & Daddy are here and my husband is on his way."

For myself that is a loaded statement with much to ponder.

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posted on Dec, 29 2010 @ 08:33 AM

Originally posted by Myrtales Instinct
adjenson - You were in my thoughts over the Christmas holiday. Christmas eve was really hard. Last year, Leigh and her boyfriend came over and we watched the Christmas Story (the little boy who wanted the b.b. gun).

Thanks, MI, I appreciate the thoughts, and I've prayed every day during the holidays for God's comfort on those of us who are grieving an emptiness at this time. For me, there was some deeply dark and sad moments, but I've tried to stay upbeat, noting to Patti that the only gift that I can offer her is to try and be happy in what I am and what I have. That helped, a little.

Like you, adjenson, I would never cross the line and deliberately do something that God would frown on. You know from other threads, that I will research things in an attempt to gain some insight. I admit, that I do want to understand how these experiences happen.

I don't know if it's a self-created thing, or a vision that has been shared, but I have seen a house that I think Patti has designed and made, and I can see myself sitting with her on the sofa in it, as we did here, and asking her about some of this stuff, because I too would like to understand. To be honest, I see equal likelihood of her smiling and telling me how she planned and worked out these happenings, and her smiling, shaking her head and saying "that wasn't me, baby."

Like I said, it would seem that, if anyone on that side could make these things happen, at any time, there would be some who would be doing it all the time, more concretely and more obviously. So, maybe it's just God, acting on my and Patti's behalf, to nudge me along as I need it.

We will know at some point, though!

About two years ago, my husbands aunt passed. She was in hospice and right before she passed, she said "Mommy & Daddy are here and my husband is on his way."

For myself that is a loaded statement with much to ponder.

I don't know about you, but one thing that really stands out for me in the past nine months has been a loss of a sense of time, where an hour seems like a day, and it seems like a week or a decade since Patti died, and each answer is perfectly correct. That is, no doubt, due in part to the shock and grief of such a loss, but I can't help but wonder if it's a bit of a "bleed over" from those in eternity. Being outside of time means that time doesn't matter -- regardless of whether I live on Earth for another six months or fifty years, from the perspective of eternity, I might show up in heaven, seemingly, ten minutes after Patti did.

That's weird (particularly when I consider that Patti's interaction with me, today, might be driven by me, someday -- "No, leave me alone in November of 2010, I got through that month fine") but it sort of goes to the eternal realm being God's house, so if he thinks that the right time for me to get there is ten minutes after her, that's what it will be.

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Originally posted by adjensen

I don't know about you, but one thing that really stands out for me in the past nine months has been a loss of a sense of time, where an hour seems like a day, and it seems like a week or a decade since Patti died, and each answer is perfectly correct. That is, no doubt, due in part to the shock and grief of such a loss, but I can't help but wonder if it's a bit of a "bleed over" from those in eternity. Being outside of time means that time doesn't matter -- regardless of whether I live on Earth for another six months or fifty years, from the perspective of eternity, I might show up in heaven, seemingly, ten minutes after Patti did.

That's weird (particularly when I consider that Patti's interaction with me, today, might be driven by me, someday -- "No, leave me alone in November of 2010, I got through that month fine") but it sort of goes to the eternal realm being God's house, so if he thinks that the right time for me to get there is ten minutes after her, that's what it will be.

I totally relate. This past year has went so fast. I like the term "bleed over." It makes sense in many different ways. I think a loving God would help to speed the time or at least make it seem that way. I do not fear death, and I'm sure you don't either. There is much to look forward to. Besides being reunited with our loved ones, there is Jesus. One man who died said that when he looked at him, he was the most ancient being, yet at the same time, he stood in awe at how modern he was. He said he was the most modern man he had ever seen.

I hate to see this thread die, but I'm glad I was a part of it.

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I have never really feared death, that I can remember. But as I have said before, whatever it is, I am now ready for it. The most important person in my life has already experienced it, and if it's a bumpy ride, I know that she will help me through it.

One curious thing, though. Whenever I read NDE recounts, I always see family greeting the person, or helping them to cross over, I can't recall one where they say a friend was there. General descriptions in books often say "family and friends meet the newly departed" but, as with your husband's aunt, I can't recall a personal account that wasn't just family.

I'll return to the thread periodically to add things that happen, hopefully you and others will as well.

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I’ve had a couple of communications from my mother that have come through my youngest son who is mildly autistic. Saying mildly and autistic in the same sentence really doesn’t make any sense at all, but anyway, my mom’s breast cancer came back after ten years of being in remission, and it settled in her spine. She was very sick and nearly delusional most of the time she was in the hospital for the couple of weeks before. During that two week period was when my youngest son was diagnosed, there were a lot of appointments I had to attend to and we were living in California while she was in Mass, so I couldn’t be with her during her final days. I had to attend the meetings or I would give up a chance to have my son’s treatment begin immediately (after three years old, they just put kids on a waiting list, so I had to attend).

I was so heartbroken to have these two things occurring at the same time, it was absolutely devastating. I called my mom on her death bed and told her that her grandson had autism. Her special grandson named after her very own father. I probably shouldn’t have, but I was so heartbroken, so sad, I needed her comfort and reassurance so desperately. She could hardly answer me, she couldn’t comfort me, I couldn’t comfort her, we just hung on the phone in silence; each of us gripped in our own pain, drowning it seemed, neither one of us really able to help the other. She passed away a few days after I told her the news. We never were able to speak to one another after that last call.

A few months went by and we moved to Oklahoma for my husband’s work. One day, I was having a particularly bad day with my son. Some days, his autism didn’t seem so bad, but that day, it was really bad and very obvious for whatever reason. There was no denying it. I remember I took him to the park and watched him exist in his own world, not really able to play with or communicate with the other kids. I thought of my mother, and I was mad at her for dying and for not being there for me the one time I needed her most. I cried a little at the park thinking how sad it was, and how much I missed her.

Later on that day, I was doing dishes at the sink, and had my back turned to my son who was almost four- years-old then. I was staring out the window, thinking of my mom and how hard the day had been. I must have been deep in thought because I didn’t pay any attention at all when my son opened the sliding glass door and slipped out into the backyard without even saying a word to me. Finally, I thought, he’d been out there quite a while, and I’d better go see what he’s doing. I turned around to go see, and there he was standing right behind me, just as quiet as a second passing. I never heard the door open or heard him come in, or anything. He was standing there, staring up at me, holding out a Brown-eyed Susan in his hand out to me. We didn’t say a word to each other. He just stood there, staring and staring into my eyes (autistic children like to avoid eye contact), and I was just speechless. Finally, I said, “Is that from my mother?” and he just shook his head to say yes, as if that was as likely to happen as the next minute coming. I took it from him and put it in a bud vase on my sink, I had a good cry for my mom, now knowing she hadn’t left me at all, and that she would always be here for me. It was the first really good cry I’d had over all that had happened.

Brown eye’d Susan’s were my mother’s very favorite flower, and it’s strange enough that he gave me one, but what’s all the more strange, is that I have no idea where he got it from. I’ve lived here now for almost four years, and I’ve never seen one before or since growing in our fenced-in yard, or anywhere in or around our well manicured housing development. It was a true miracle to me, as is he. My mother has spoken to me a few other times through him, at times when I doubted myself or my capacity to deal with his autism. She has answered me in ways that can only be described as miraculous. They hear your every prayer, your every word. They hear us for sure.

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What a lovely story, thank you for sharing it! Those little things, sometimes with handy "explanations", sometimes without, really serve to keep us connected to those we love.

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Firstly, thank you to you, adjenson and all other posters for your amazing contributions to this brilliant thread and my condolences to all on the thread who have lost loved ones. Although I cannot think of anything specific in terms of ADC, I have lost many people in my family, from a young age (my father) right up to 2007 (my aunt) with many others in between and have often had strange dreams where various family members have appeared, but unfortuntately I cannot remember them too well, although I often used to feel my fathers presence right up til just after my daughter was born.

What really interested me though was this event that you mentioned before your daughter died

Another time, just a few months before she died, Leigh said she was lying on her stomach in her bed and her feet were not covered and she said she felt two hands rubbing her feet. This really creeped Leigh out. I smiled at her and said, "Well, that's just Jesus washing your feet." She said "Mom you are so weird." I believed it then, and I believe it now that Jesus washed my baby's feet because he too knew what was going to happen and he made things right, so that she could be with him.

I had been quite ill from September 09, which had really knocked me for six, leaving me quite tired all the time, as well as feeling rather depressed. One afternoon I had gone for a lie down and was just lying dozing, not actually sleeping when suddenly it felt like someone was rubbing my feet. At first I assumed it was my daughter messing around, but rather than look up I just lay there and didn't say anything. This continued on for several minutes and by this time I was quite surprised that she hadn't chuckled or said anything, but it was actually really nice and very calming, then I felt the sensation of someone sitting on the bed near to my head and then it felt that I was being gently shaken, the way you would do to wake someone up. I actually felt the bed moving and actual physical contact at which point I looked round and there was no one there! I got up and walked through the house and my daughter was in her room at the other end of the house at her computer, so I asked her if she had been in my room, she looked really surprised and said No, she was in the middle of a world of warcraft game and hadn't moved for over 30 mins (to add to which she tramps round the house like a herd of elephants, so I would have heard her!)

I was really puzzled about this and went to make coffee, at which point my doorbell rang and it was my mother, she said she had been thinking about her sister who had died suddenly in May 2007 and said that she just got the feeling that Mary (her sister) was there. She then said that she just felt she had to come and see me because she was worried about me and she wanted to know if I was okay. When I told her what had just happened she was amazed and felt very much that Mary was with me and letting me know that my mum was on her way round, so to get out of bed and be ready for her arrival!

I really don't know, but it was such a strange yet vivid experience, I'll never forget it.

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After an uncle of mine passed away who I was very close with as we shared very similar interests I would always dream of him and still think he was alive. For years I would try to convince myself that he wasn't gone and just on a vacation somewhere. I think I couldn't accept his passing because I was still a kid when he passed.

Anyway at my grandmas house after his funeral there was a picture on the wall that had been there for years solid as a rock and I knew I would remember this part forever.. the picture started to shake and then it fell off the wall. I was amazed.

If that wasn't him trying to communicate to us that he was ok or whatnot then I don't know what would be considered communication from spirits that have passed.

Just thought I would share this story of mine. Thanks for listening.

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