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BibleCode: Bush will die (God: " I denounce you unto this day that ye shall surly perish)

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posted on Jul, 3 2004 @ 08:51 AM
Let tthe wicked fall intto their own net, demon bush, bush will be killed.

I denounced you unto this day that yet shall surelyperish.
Ezekial 16:57

Encrypted messages within the Torah, the first five Books of the Bible, are believed to contain all human history through the End of Days. Within the hidden text of each of those five Books are the words, "I am the Encoder. I am God."

"War of Bush" "The evil that will befall you in the end of days"
"The nations under all of heaven"

Above reads: "Atomic artilleryman, Jerusalem, Ariel, Ramallah, Ambusher, suddenly, annihilation, destroyed, ruin, smitten, smoking, appalling, terrible, wailful, fire, great noise, lethal, death, noise, panic, terror, wail, transporter, trawler. "

Contributed by : "World War, Atomic Holocaust, Holocaust of Israel, 9th of Ab is the day of the Third, Arafat, Fulfilled a prophecy, in the end of days, Ramallah." The webmaster at Exodus 2006 relates this to August 3, 2006, the day of Tishah Be-Av (9th of Av). This is the date on which Jerusalem and the Temple were previously destroyed twice, a grisly-appropriate date for terrorists. The Babylonians and Romans destroyed these "targets" on that date in ancient days.

Found in Genesis 4:5 with the Bible Code 2000 program: "I am the Encoder. I am God." This statement was also found in every Book of the Torah.

"Great earthquake Japan, 2006, Fire and earthquake struck Japan, Economic collapse."

"LA earthquake holocaust, 2006."

Key words - "Surviving/Holocaust": "Prospect that half (of the) USA chose righteousness and God, surviving the holocaust between 2010 and 2012." (Genesis 24:14 through 24:45)

Key words - "Tribulation/Time": "Prospect for the tribulation time according to John, 2005 till 2012." (Exodus 22:18 through 23:11)

posted on Jul, 3 2004 @ 10:24 AM
Beliefs and governments will come and go (the so called end of the world) but this world is not going away and neither are the inhabitants.

Prophecies of disaster have been around ever since people have been able to write---some times they get lucky, most of the time they are wrong.

Anyone can find what they are looking for even in a comic book---if they are so inclined.

Few have predicted the "End of Hype," because that doesn't sell very well.

People need drama and scandal in their lives, and therefore are easily led astray.

posted on Jul, 3 2004 @ 10:39 AM
If you read instead of giving a very shallow explanation you will see that he gives dates, and they are out of the mayan calendar.

The mayan calendar adds up to the way we date our years.

Explanation here:

I'm sorry but I do not buy into your childish uneducated drivel.
Believe what you want, but from 2006 forward there will be many calamities.
Many sufferings, plagues, asteroids, bombs, a nuclear holocaust, ww3...

The good news is that half of Americans will wake up and be saved, as well as others around the world, all the bad leaders we see on tv will have been killed.

Bin laded will die, hussein, bush will be assasinated according to god which he writes in the bible, as well as others.

I highly suggest you check out that site.

posted on Jul, 3 2004 @ 11:40 AM
Yes Bush will die and so will all the "bad" people---and dare I say "good" people too.

There will be disasters and wars and rumors of war and many people will die---that's the way it has always been and it probably will not change for a long time.

News flash---we will all die---we will all go to heaven---God will decided who is bad or good---not you or me or anyone else.

Romans 3:10---"There is none righteous, no, not one"

John 8:7---"He who is without sin among you, let him throw a stone first"

Stop "stoning" Bush and others you hate, or stop claiming that you are a Christian.

posted on Jul, 3 2004 @ 08:27 PM
Truelies I hope your post is about theories and not something that you truly believe, remember it has been other predictions through time and is nothing more and nothing else than predictions.

Remember some writers will write anything in any subject just to sell and make money most of them don't even believe in what they write about but rather appeal to some people wants to read.


posted on Jul, 3 2004 @ 10:24 PM
It's gonna suck for everyone else when these religious people try to bring about their end times.:shk:

posted on Jul, 3 2004 @ 10:52 PM
God wrote the bible? I must've missed this.

posted on Jul, 7 2004 @ 10:42 PM
I want things to be fixed. I want things to be right. I am sick sick sick of lies lies lies.

I am sick of money!

Wealth makes me choke and spit.

What is done with wealth makes my organs rumble and heave!

This current era of mankind cannot go on anymore. It has gorwn too hairy, too fat, too ugly to continue.

We have to undergo a painful rearrangement and reform. Just like when the body gets sick, it feavers and heaves until it has purges itself of the bad stuff.

Maybe that's just me being silly. Maybe there really are cyclic destructions on the earth that occur every now and then. Maybe that's what we need. Maybe the heavens needs to fall and the earth needs to open. Maybe that's the only thing that will free the earth from the gigantic snare that has fallen around it.

I've just had too many powerful thoughts today. I tapped into the universe with my other post and I immediately got ill when I looked at the condition of the world. A cure, a cure, oh for a cure!

Now I'm just a wandering young man who is stricken and wounded, who cries all the time and weaps and moans for the his people. Something about Christ's awareness does that to you.

I know that there will eventually be a golden era again in America, that our people will overcome the evil consumerists and politicians, and the attempts to control the world by the rich and evil will fail and they will all perish in the maelstrom.

Maybe I'm just a bird with no place to nest, forced to flap and flap and flap, with nothing but cats below me, and nothing to land upon. I'm getting tired.

Why is this life on earth made to be so perilous? We are like a broken family, we have no relation to one another, none of us are sincere persons, but we are all chasing after pleasures and riches, though most of us will never have much of anything.

Why then, us poor men, who will never know great wealth or power, do we hate one another? What has made us into beasts, that we must growl and fret one another like dogs, because of . . .no real good reason?

The powers and forces of the world are secure in their power because the people have been broken and made docile. Whaa! I cry at this, I cry a long time, because I cannot find anyone willing to break away with me.

how miserable my state, how merciless are my tormentors, I am a runaway slave with a length of chain about my ankle.

For all of my learning, I cannot communicate it, for all of my words I cannot find any peace with them at all, my eyes have only revealed the truth to me. And instead of freedom, with the truth I found great burdens, and many tears, and much consternation. For those with knowedge and heart become obligated by the universe, and they become drafted by the spirit, they are put to the battle immediately.

Where then do I go? What kind of nation is made for me? I am a human man, are not the things of the earth for men? Why then, is there such bitter poison in me, that I must suffer?

Am I one of those men that have siezed the world with filthy hands, have I slaughtered men and women and children without cause? Have I financed war and industry of war to suit my aims of global domination? Have I put my young sons in peril of their lives and horror of war without the good cause of conscience?

No, I am not one of those men, but because I am before you, I am smitten.

I have pointed at these men, these guilty men, who must be judged by you, and all heaven, for they have done THEIR will to the world, and given you the burden to bear for it.

That is what I have said, yet you do not get angry at the wicked. Instead I bear your wrath, and I your torments, your anger against me is unjust and wicked.

You hard pressed slaves, Look at the marks of your yoke. Look at your hands and recount your labors. What have you built, what have you erected, in what name have you done these things?

A farmer plants in the name of plenty, a framer builds in the name of the architect, and a king in the name of God, what have you done, American, and who have you served?

You have been cheated, brothers, you have been crushed and chained in your minds and spirits, to suit the will of the chieftains and the captains of industry, what evil and corrupted souls they are. They hate the people, yet have gathered up all the rule, because their aim to cause men to serve them and their system.

To enslave the minds of an entire people, to make them accept whatever you give them, and want all the time, that I hate, for you have led my people into destruction, and I am certain that you ones will escape all harm, and will leave my brothers to die and bleed, because they have trusted.

It is one matter to die for a cause of Liberty, or the rights of man, or a cause greater than money, but it is evil to start wars for other reasons.

I will not cause the people to bear the burden for this war. I will cause the architects of the war to bear the burden, and I will pursue them. There will indeed be justice, and those who pervert justice will be destroyed.

What is mercy, what is justice? Do men deliver these things without much thought? Do these things come by little effort? I see liars pretneding to be men of honor, I see men without much judgment in them at all.

Sorry for the rant, but I am in purge-soul mode.



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