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Touchable holograms

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posted on Nov, 30 2010 @ 06:48 PM
Loo9ker like the Holodeck from the USS Enterprise-D is closer then we thought, the Japanese are experimenting with 'touchable holograms'
This is AMAZING:

posted on Nov, 30 2010 @ 06:57 PM
Come on holodeck!! There is much I'd like to "feel" in the realms of holography!

Cool stuff HomerinNC!


posted on Nov, 30 2010 @ 07:01 PM
That is incredible! Imagine the possibilities!

Next gen game console??? I wish.

posted on Nov, 30 2010 @ 07:05 PM
Good post, different than I had expected given there is a tactile reaction - I know already it's not a hard task to track movement in a 3d space so gestures can be interpreted but with a tactile response it makes a difference.

It certainly won't be holodeck stuff
as youd need more than the technology offered there to 'feel' things, but for the practical applications they suggested, light switches, etc, great !

So many things occuring on the basic levels these days, I can't wait for the day (if it comes) where these things have evolved into the amazing gadgets we want them to be.

I'm still waiting for the price of those brain reading gizmos to come down -

posted on Nov, 30 2010 @ 07:41 PM
Truely awesome.

The sun has set in the west and is rising in the east in regards to technology. At least some governments invest heavily in innovation still...well done Japan.

ok, ya...a bit bitter about living in the bible belt nonsense where the biggest claim to fame lately has been making better hollowpoint bullets

posted on Nov, 30 2010 @ 08:00 PM

Originally posted by badw0lf

I'm still waiting for the price of those brain reading gizmos to come down -

I would say the wait is over ..

posted on Nov, 30 2010 @ 10:12 PM
It's very cool, although as news is quite old.
Why does the word "Holoporn" keep popping up in my head? for crying out loud...

posted on Dec, 1 2010 @ 11:14 AM
reply to post by drakus

It's ok, that was my first thought too.

That would be amazing.

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