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N. Korea Crisis - Updated as News come to hand

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posted on Nov, 29 2010 @ 09:04 AM
South Korea have deployed long range missile on the Island.

Report: South Korea deploys more long-range artillery on border island

Surely this cannot be apart of the military exercise? Quite a significant increase in tension.

posted on Nov, 29 2010 @ 09:08 AM

Originally posted by SpaceJ
reply to post by Vitchilo

I'm more curious as to what Hillary will have to say than Obama, lol. I wonder if it will be in relation to this NK/SK situation, or if it will be about the cables.

Well the report is saying that Obama speech will NOT BE about Wikileak... so... yeah.

Hillary could prepare the terrain for Obama... like ``we've been in talks with China about the North Korean crisis... we have made a deal...Obama is gonna give you more details in his speech``... or something like that.

Apparently Obama speech is gonna talk about the federal employee pay freeze...

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posted on Nov, 29 2010 @ 09:28 AM
Anyway... Hillary is doing her speech... anyone know what she said?

In the news... The US base in Okinawa is in real trouble... and is probably gonna be kicked out...

The re-elected governor of Okinawa stood firm Monday in demanding the removal of a US military base, hitting the Japanese government's hopes of a breakthrough on an issue that has strained US ties.

The Japanese PM was trying to just move the base on the island... but the governor can block it... so it would mean either the PM sues the governor or the US base get kicked out of Okinawa...

posted on Nov, 29 2010 @ 09:37 AM
reply to post by Vitchilo

I don't know what she said or if it was the same press conference, but the Attorney General just spoke about Wikileaks a few minutes ago.

She was meeting with the Turkish foreign minister though, don't know if she's going to speak or not.
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posted on Nov, 29 2010 @ 10:47 AM
Japan's foreign minister tells Wall Street Journal that holding six-party talks 'only because North Korea has gone amok' is 'unacceptable'#

Even more missiles have been placed on the Island throughout the day

South Korea has deployed more long-range artillery guns and multiple rocket launchers on a border island devastated by a North Korean attack last week to beef up military strength, military officials said Monday.

Korean Herald

posted on Nov, 29 2010 @ 10:57 AM
I take it you guys have seen this;

Thought I'd post it in anyway.

posted on Nov, 29 2010 @ 11:18 AM
It is now Tuesday in China... The North Korean delegation should arrive any minute now...

Hopefully China tell them that if they don't stop their BS and come back to talks, their food allowance is cut and that their regime may as well collapse, that they don't care.

China needs to bluff North Korea.

Hopefully we'll see a press release in a few hours saying that China has made a deal with North Korea.
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posted on Nov, 29 2010 @ 01:02 PM
Mood shifts in S.Korea for tough stance against North

Patience with North Korea has snapped among many South Koreans and a martial mood is spreading among its leaders, military brass and public after Pyongyang's deadly artillery strikes last week.

A new poll found that 80 percent of South Koreans think the military should have hit back harder last Tuesday, when it returned artillery fire but shied away from air strikes, said the Asan Institute for Policy Studies.

The first artillery attack on a civilian area in the South since the 1950-53 war reduced two dozen buildings to smouldering ruins and sparked a panicked exodus of almost all of the island's 1,500 residents.

Korea Policy Research Centre president Yo Ho-Yeol said: "Even until the Cheonan incident, public sentiment was still divided between criticising the North and criticising our own government's hardline stance (on the North).

"Now the public sentiment is clearly dominated by anger towards the North. And a majority of the public wants strong retaliation against the North upon any further provocation."

A rally against the manoeuvre drew just 20 activists Sunday, with protesters holding a banner that read: "Stop the Korea-US drill that causes a vicious cycle of retaliation and confrontation!"

Their numbers have been dwarfed by far larger anti-Pyongyang rallies.

A leading North Korea expert, Peter Beck, told AFP that it might be time for South Korea to consider military action beyond its limited response Tuesday.

"Therefore, Seoul should consider a retaliatory strike, either on the North Korean navy or on its nuclear facilities."

Many on the streets of Seoul feel the same way.

So.... this time for the first time in a long time, people are pissed and want retaliation...

posted on Nov, 29 2010 @ 02:49 PM
reply to post by Vitchilo

So they should, honestly. So, South Korea fired a shell or whatever that crossed some imaginary line on a map.

Boo-freaking-hoo N. Korea. For them to launch an assault and kill people is completely evil and pathetic.

We all know why N. Korea really attacked, it's because they want their naughty behavior allowance and aid.

Stuff that.... If I was a South Korean I would be furious. Imagine how the families of those murdered feel

posted on Nov, 29 2010 @ 03:56 PM

Nikkei: Sources say US, ROK, Japan foreign ministers to meet in Washington Dec. 6 to discuss #Koreas crisis.

posted on Nov, 29 2010 @ 04:19 PM
reply to post by Vitchilo

Any word on the delegation?

posted on Nov, 29 2010 @ 05:09 PM

Beijing 'Ready To Abandon North Korea'

China is ready to distance itself from North Korea and accept reunification with the South, according to more leaked diplomatic documents. Amid the cables obtained by WikiLeaks are details about Beijing's frustration with its Communist neighbour.

The Guardian, which is one of the newspapers given direct access to the leaked information, reports senior Chinese officials regard Pyongyang as a "spoiled child". One senior Chinese diplomat is said to have told an American ambassador that younger generation Communist party leaders no longer regarded North Korea as a useful or reliable ally.

Furthermore, Beijing anticipates the regime will collapse after the death of current leader Kim Jong-Il. Sky's security editor Sam Kiley said the revelation was sensational.

Amid all the tensions and rhetoric between both Koreas this week, i think this Wikileaks revelation could actually be the straw that brakes the camel's back.

North Korea at the moment is unpredictable, but a North Korea that now feels isolated from it's biggest and only regional ally may truly tip the regime over. This could honestly force North Korea into further more provocations or even a full scale war against South Korea.

IMO, if true, this is a game changer.

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posted on Nov, 29 2010 @ 05:17 PM
reply to post by jonny2410

As I said in the other thread that someone made regarding this, if true I am interested to see how N. Korea are going to react.

It will either tip them over the edge and start a war, maybe launch a nuke or two, or they'll never do anything provocative again?

I wonder if this will come to light in N. Korea's and China's meeting today?

posted on Nov, 29 2010 @ 08:27 PM
reply to post by jonny2410

Yeah China dumping North Korea ain't good. If that's for real, North Korea will test a nuke.... bare minimum.

Any word on the delegation?

No word, but they should be there now. China should be kicking their butts right about now.
Or at least making it clear that if they don't stand down right freaking NOW they have no more food aid and their regime is gone... and now the game of bluff starts.

China says that they will not support them if they are invaded/they don't care about refugees/will roll themselves in NKorea/support resistance in China.
NKorea says they will test a nuke/start a war... that's basically the only bluff they can make... and in both options, their regime will fall if war erupts...

So either North Korea backs down or war erupts... basically a nutjob is controlling what happens next... nice.

7th Fleet PAO commander aboard the USS George Washington that there is no firing of live ammo during the Yellow Sea drill by USN vessels. about 1 hour ago via TweetDeck

Sure there isn't...

The highlight of today's Yellow Sea drill will be an ROK Navy vessel refueling a USN ship. about 1 hour ago via TweetDeck


# KCNA: Uranium enrichment will be for "peaceful" nuke energy projects. 24 minutes ago via TweetDeck

# North Korea now claiming that "thousands" of centrifuges in operation at its uranium enrichment plant. 24 minutes ago via TweetDeck

# North Korea now cliaming that "thousands" of centrifuges in operation at its uranium enrichment plant. 26 minutes ago via TweetDeck

# AFP: Japan's top envoy dealing with #DPRK matters to visit China. 28 minutes ago via TweetDeck

# Certainly DPRK knows generally where the carrier is and PRC knows exactly . This isn't WW2 when you needed planes, subs to find ships. about 1 hour ago via TweetDeck

North Korea, even if that's false, saying that uranium enrichment is for peaceful purpose... is good news. Hints at NKorea backing down.

posted on Nov, 29 2010 @ 08:41 PM
It seems the new guard is in power in Beijing...
China about to dump North Korea Wikileak

(CNN) -- New documents posted on the websites of the Guardian and The New York Times suggest Chinese officials are losing patience with long-time ally North Korea. Senior figures in Beijing have even described the regime in the North as behaving like a "spoiled child."

According to cables obtained by WikiLeaks, South Korea's then vice foreign minister, Chun Yung-woo, said earlier this year that senior Chinese officials (whose names are redacted in the cables) had told him they believed Korea should be reunified under Seoul's control, and that this view was gaining ground with the leadership in Beijing.

Chun was quoted at length in a cable sent by the U.S. ambassador in Seoul, Kathleen Stephens, earlier this year. He is reported as saying that "the North had already collapsed economically and would collapse politically two to three years after the death of (leader) Kim Jong-il(...)"

So yeah...China might be about to dump North Korea. But if North Korea sees this... yeah they gonna be pissed and they might just start a war just because of that wikileak info...

China might just activate their contingency plan about ``rolling into Pyongyang if Kim Jong Il goes nuts``...
China is planning to send troops into North Korea to restore order and secure its nuclear arsenal in the event of the regime’s collapse.
Or if they go nuts...

A government source on Monday said, "There has been strong criticism that we responded too passively to the artillery attack on Yeonpyeong Island, so we decided to stage the same kind of fire drill as the one we carried out on the island on Nov. 23 to display our determination." He added the timing of the drill will not be announced in advance.

So you admit it's a POLITICAL DECISION to do that drill again uh? It's about ratings...

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posted on Nov, 29 2010 @ 08:50 PM
reply to post by Vitchilo

Wikileaks may have inadvertently shaken the seams loose. Unless they wanted to..

Pretty big news. As always we'll have to wait and see how this plays out. The next few days are going to be interesting

posted on Nov, 29 2010 @ 08:53 PM

And the US ain't helping lowering tensions...
US calls for tighter sanctions on North Korea

Of course this was expected... but they should have waited a week or so...

posted on Nov, 29 2010 @ 08:58 PM
It shouldn't take long now for Kim to get the word that China will not back them up. NK is either going to go real nuts or back down - staying alert for the signals. Kim doesn't care about his country's people anyway and he is on a slow death road - so he's probably wondering what he has to loose by putting his missles into action. Hoping for better news in the morning.

posted on Nov, 29 2010 @ 09:01 PM
reply to post by Vitchilo

Pretty silly how US is calling for China to "responsibly" ease tensions...

And I suppose launching massive war games off the korean peninsula involving a nuclear armed carrier and calling for sanctions is a responsible way to ease tensions huh?

posted on Nov, 29 2010 @ 09:02 PM
reply to post by crazydaisy

Thing is that China told Kim in May that they would back him up. The Wikileak release contradicts that. So...what should NKorea believe now? Or is this a plot from China?
But Hu apparently told Kim that China will protect and support him if attacked.

In other news, it's official now, the North Korean delegation has finally arrived in Beijing.

Kyodo: #DPRK ruling party official arrives in Beijing. 1 minute ago via TweetDeck

Nomad451 : Yep...

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