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Israel & The United States

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posted on Jul, 1 2004 @ 04:39 AM
What our the connections between the US & Israel?
Why is the United States funding Israel so much?
They make it so clear
What our Israel & the United States planning?

Perhaps you could expand from these questions. It is very crystal clear the relationship between the two countries. I guess something just hit me the other day and I got real nervous. What is the story behind these 2 countries.

Please educate me and expand into an intellectual conversation or debate with the members. Obviously there is much more to this relationship than we our being told

Does anybody have any predictions also?


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posted on Jul, 1 2004 @ 08:13 AM
I was thinking the exact same thing when Nick Berg was beheaded. It's something i dont even like to conceve because if it was ever proved to be true the implications are just so big the world would just about be at an end.

My theory is that there is a connection between the CIA and MOSSAD. If my theory was proven correct it would mean that Al-Qaeda is just a myth which was created to provoke world wars and create terror.

This theory might seem quite far fetched but it has been done before, agents of MOSSAD have been caught posing as Al-Qaeda members.

What if all these videos they show of Al-Qaeda training camps are just Mossad agents. What if all these latest killing videos in Iraq and Saudi Arabia are Mossad agents as well.

This would also imply that Zaqawi and Usama are just agents working on a project between the CIA and Mossad. Could this be the reason Usama and Zaqawi have never been cought? because they are being protected.

By no means am i saying all the suicide bombings around the world claimed by Al-Qaeda are Mossad agents they could be just your ordinary person who strongly believes in Al-Qaeda. Once Mossad and the CIA create its myth network with only a handfull of mossad leaders, others will follow and perform for the network having no knowledge that there leaders are nothing but mossad agents.

posted on Jul, 1 2004 @ 08:18 AM
Take a look at Israel's history after WWII and you'll find most of your answers.

posted on Jul, 1 2004 @ 02:43 PM
It's simple. We have a strong Jewish base here in the States, and they're more vocal than the Muslim commnity in general, and have been so for a longer time. Thus, they have more influence, and it's easy to see why we would support Israel more than other Arab nations. In addition, the US actively seeks to support the spread of democracy throughout the world, and thus backs Israel against the Palestinians and most of the Middle East, since few Arab countries have free democratic nations.

posted on Jul, 1 2004 @ 03:26 PM
hello, i am from israel, i guess you can call israel little america
almost anyone here knows english and is pro-usa (americanised)

posted on Jul, 1 2004 @ 06:07 PM
and (SSL)

Read about this topic.

posted on Jul, 2 2004 @ 09:11 AM
Some Ideas on the "Blind" US Support of Israel :
or, Lobbies, Lobbies & more Lobbies

There are many different reasons why the USA has been apparently so "blindly" pro-Israel, since its creation by the UN in 1948 ----besides the fact that it was specifically created (in the wake of world wide post-German-Holocaust sympathies) to be a pro-Western "ally" in a very anti Western Middle East,---is the existence of the powerful lobbies known collectively as AIPAC (the American Israeli Political Action Committee).

The name is kind of a mis-nomer because it is actually comprised of several dozen smaller committees all working more or less in tandem---but there is a lot of infighting.

AIPAC members and their affiliates have been known to bribe, cajole, threaten and "politically decimate" any political candidates they choose to place on their "black list" (i.e. congressmen or senators (and even local officials) running for elective office in the US who have DARED EVEN TO QUESTION the current apartheid-racist Israeli policies against the Palestinian population (e.g. the "Jews Only No Arabs" signs etc), and many other issues involving Israeli politics and/or religion, or raise any suggestion at all that Israel is not always 100 percent right in every single thing they do).

Therefore potential candidates in the US have more than a little "incentive" shall we say to be (at least, publically) pro-Israel; this reinforces support for Israel in Congress.

They use good old fashioned "fear tactics", and are often successful in their methods in silencing what they deem to be "Israeli opponents" in the press and on the floor of Congress etc.

They also have some influence over "Covering up" (or at any rate toning down, rather than toning up) highly embarassing episodes in Israel's checkered past, such as the deliberate aerial bombing of the American Ship USS Liberty by unmarked Israeli jets who knew full well who they were bombing a ship relaying raw intelligence to Washington about the planned Golan Heights invasion (April 8th 1967 at 1:55- 4pm), or the so called "Lavon Affair in the 1950s, or the Atrocities comitted in the refugee camps of Sabra and Shatilla in Beirut in Sept 1982, or more recently the crimes against humanity in Jenin and Ramallah (March-April 2002)

Naturally, there is good reason why Zionists and American Jews are themselves extremely frightened of what might happen in the United States if they "fall from grace" by such bad press, or lose their growing political power in Washington: their biggest nightmare-fear, of course, is the ever pending possibility of annhialation of the tiny State of Israel, which as everyone knows, is situated smack in the middle of a very very very very very very bad neighbourhood, to put it mildly.

So it is no wonder they are "running scared" and find that they must turn to "organized lobbies" to help them achieve their political goals, most of which involves funding the Israeli war machine. It has been estimated that the US has granted Israel, in cash or other "guaranteed tax payer loans" since 1948, nearly 3 TRILLION US Dollars (value 2002), and of course Israel received by far the largest US taxpayer supported cash emoluments of any "foregn" nation on earth.

One of AIPACs fundamental goals is to keep the flow of cash running into that tiny country, virtually bereft of natural resources, and with a growing "welfare state" of socalled "orthodox talmidim" who find they can study Talmud and automatically receive a check from the State of Israel, i.e. without having to work for a living, and this number is growing exponentially.

So the cash has to come in to support such economically devastating aspects of the Israeli economy (as they like to quote the Bible, "ye shall suck the Blood of the Gentiles in that Day, saith YHWH)..!

Collectively, these inter-related AIPAC groups and their powerful support structures are called "the Jewish Lobby", and combining their powerbase since, say 1970, have had a fairly strong influence of the American public who generally cannot find the time to do any independent research and therefore must rely on the heavilly edited US press for their news (which is mainly controlled by only 5 giant Corporations, ABC, NBC CBS CNN and FOX, many of which have Jewish or pro-Zionist editors-in-chief that have the final say as to the "spin" on any major news story).

Other groups do not generally engage in direct lobbying (e.g., Bnai Brith and Hadassah etc.), but do disseminate key information on certain candidate's voting habits and associations and actively encourage members to get more involved in the political process.

They also often lobby on specific issues. Another power base (read: $$$$$) is the socalled Judeo-Christian right wing fundamentalist block (very prominent and blindly supportive of Israel in the rural areas of the southern states and the midwest in the US)

Though they have no DIRECT influence on US Policy, these so-called "Fundamentalist Christians" (whatever that means) as a block have typically had blind support Israel's actions in the Middle East and several pro-Israel organizations are comprised entirely of "goyim", i.e. non-Jews.

Fear is the most potent weapon with these groups: and the current "president" of the US uses it to his advantage as well in these post USA PATRIOT Act days in which we live.

Death threats, (and if not physical ones, "political-death" threats) are commonly received by candidates running for public office in the US who have spoken openly or even indirectly against Israeli policies (they are usually labelled as "Anti-Semitic," whatever that means).

But, it has often been whispered about, if you "play ball" with AIPAC you can "absolutely guarantee" lots of campaign contributions (read: $$$) and very little "criticism" in the press. They are certainly considered by many who study this arcane subject of campaign finance, one of the top 5 lobbies in the US (other equally powerful US lobbies include the National Rifle Association/NRA, the National Assn of Retired Persons/NARP, the NAB and all the various Corporate Communication lobbies, the Pharmaceutical lobbies, etc. )

U.S. Middle East policy is further shaped by Jewish voting behaviour (typically in "blocks" but that is now changing) and American public opinion.

Historically, however, few "Jews" have ever held elective office in the US or primary positions of power, even though they have always been politically active: but this is changing.

Presidential hopeful John Kerry's grandfather's (from lower Austria,) had the surname "Kohn", a deriviative of Cohen which was changed to the very Irish sounding "Kerry", and had converted in the early years of last century to Roman Catholicism upon coming to America.

Sen. Joseph Lieberman, who is a prominent member of many policy-making (and money-doling) "Committees" in Washington, labells himself "an orthodox Jew" even though he continues to shave his beard every morning (an orthodox "no-no") and does not in any way strictly adhere to Rabinnic "Orthodox Jewish Practices" (what ever they are) e.g. wearing a tallit (prayer shawl and yarmulke, or maintaining Kashrut traditions such as the material in his clothing etc.

The "Israeli" or "Jewish" Lobby can therefore be defined as those formal and informal persons who actively (directly or indirectly) "influence" American policy to support Israel, preferably without any debate which might expose some of the "black pages" of each of the two nation's darker underbelly in their deallings in the world over the past 50 years or so.

However, the "rich and powerfully organized" Jewish-Israeli lobby does not have the field to itself. It has some fiercely organized competition.

On any given issue, it may be opposed by a variety of other Special Interest groups un-related to the Middle East (e.g., conservative groups that have nothing against Israel, but oppose foreign aid on principle), but its main rival is, naturally, the oil rich "Arab lobby", which similarly consists of those formal and informal actors that attempt to influence U.S. foreign policy to support the interests of the Arab states in the Middle East.

So as long as this perenniel "tug of war" (among so many other tugs of war which have been going on for decades between these rival factions in Washington) has the US taxpaying citizen in the middle of the rope being "violently yanked" around by special interest groups, he'll continue to feel more than a little confused and sick to his stomach on some level at the current state of the fast crumbling US political process.

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