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I got a story

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posted on Nov, 25 2010 @ 12:30 PM
reply to post by kera1337

Sorry it took so long for me to respond. . .been unwell a bit. Very interested in this topic.
Typing a second line here, because old habits are hard to break. . .are we even on a point system anymore?
Then again, I suppose it doesn't really matter. . .points are as points do, I guess.

posted on Nov, 30 2010 @ 06:18 AM
reply to post by Divine Strake

ah well, atleast somones interested, im really sayin the truth here, but noone seems to care lol.
Dosent matter really there is vail upon vail of secrecy supported by ignorance from the masses.
This changed my life completly and iff I get the story across to one person its a job well done.

posted on Feb, 7 2011 @ 07:57 PM
reply to post by kera1337

Greetings, kera1337,
I applaud you for your honesty and realism. I know how hard it is to get an experience like that out in the open. I have a few that I still can't post yet. I know of the little blue guys. They are involved with genetic experiments, I think. They used to come when I am a small kids, they stopped when I was a teenager. I want you to know, I believe you, and I am watching your posts now.

posted on Feb, 7 2011 @ 08:09 PM
I'm not one to punch holes in anyones story, and usually like to give a benefit of not doubting someones testimonial, but too much of this story calls for questioning, and thus leads to something far less than what I can consider credible. For starters, it's a bit unclear since the deletions but am I correct in reading the op was on drugs? And what mental state dose one traditionally have to be cruising around at 3:00am on Christmas? Also, sitting on the roof for hours at a time alone with a predispotition to this perticular type of paranormal activity. Not to mention an all but classical rendition of an encounter......

Anyway, there is nothing here that lends credability to it being truthful, nothing interesting enough to digest, and nothing that could not be expierenced by watching a UFO program on the history channel. Whats even more sad is that what if it were true? What if this really happened to the op just as he/she said? Credability would be non existand simply due to the way the op manages him/her self personally. Thats sad.
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posted on Feb, 8 2011 @ 12:08 PM
Look ive allready been bashed out of my thread by you guys...
I made psychiatrists bealive me, and a lil bit scared I bet.
(Lots O owls round the hospital lol )
Outside this forum ive shared this with NOONE (cept docs), I came to this site hoping id get some kind of understanding, boy was I wrong lol... You all jumped me like rabbid dogs.. but I certainly understand you... its like my dad said (who actualy saw me get teleported) no that didnt happen, because why would thay visit you and not me!! so my own dad would rather make a crazy man out of his son then acknowledge this happened for whatever reason... all in all this site was a BIG disapointment, but I understand that you are not ready, as I ended up slitting my wrists and in a assilum because I was SCARED OUT OF MY MIND, and not ready for this....

Bout the drugs part, yea I was entoxicated the first time that thing started to move around me (poltergeist type)
But I gotta tell you ive done it ALL and I never EVER saw a huge Freaking triangle at 200m, cause iff I did id be doing this # even b4 bedtime, and the next time I came and sat on the rough for 4-5 hrs I was clean sober awake and aware.

THE MEDITATING MEN I SAW I SAW THEM FOR 7(seven) days (a week long hallucination?)

As for the mental state of driving on christams at 3am, I see you understand only one point of view, and that one is yours. What iff im a buddhist? (which I am) or a muslim? or a mormon perhaps? a hindu? eeerrr funay

P.S autowrench im sorry I havent written you when I press send on the message the explorer goes off says bad connection, since ive written it two times, a pretty big text im loosing the inspiration lol.. but I promisse ill get too it.

Love and light

posted on Feb, 9 2011 @ 05:00 PM
Check your U2s, dear friend. Happy to help you understand.

posted on Feb, 23 2011 @ 12:47 PM
reply to post by autowrench

Thanks for the pm about the owls and for sharing your story.

Firstly, illegal substances aren't the way, seriously things like that have ruined too many lives, not meaning to lecture but for your own good, best to avoid such substances. I worked front line helping these people that had gone too far from such things and it isn't a nice thing to see.

You mentioned that if your mind is tuned to certain frequencies from things like meditation, it could make the energy more tuned to abductions or visits or UFO sightings, this sounds relevant, and if these beings are sensitive to and have superior use of energies, which appears to be the case, then probably would be more able to recognise energy fields.

I think the owls I seen might well have been horned owls instead of barn owls, they did have pointy ears, I should check an owl website. I have also heard of owls being sacred and worshipped, there seems a lot of masonic and illuminati imagery that is similar to abduction and UFO imagery. I would guess there is a a purpose to these rituals and wouldn't be surprised if owls were an identitiy used by aliens.

posted on Feb, 23 2011 @ 12:55 PM

Originally posted by HomeBrew
And what mental state dose one traditionally have to be cruising around at 3:00am on Christmas?

Can't speak for the OP but one year myself and my friends went out playing pool on Christmas Eve then spent until 3am eating Indian food at a restaurant, drinking Pepsi (to balance the alcohol from earlier plus as we were sobering up we felt more booze would make us ill on Christmas which we didn't want) and then drove around until 4 or 5am just hanging out having fun so I have no idea where that line of questioning came from regarding the OP.

Other than that, great story and I'm sorry you went through the things you did.

posted on Feb, 23 2011 @ 01:05 PM
If you go through the roof, then eventually you will run out of ceiling.

Anyway, for some reason or another, you must resonate with the aliens.

What you should do, is go back in time until you meet your son.
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posted on Feb, 23 2011 @ 01:27 PM
reply to post by kera1337


I enjoyed reading your story,half of me was wishing it was me that wrote it

You say this happened at Christmas,do you mean last Christmas?
And has anything else happened since?
Was there anything on your neck?

I am sorry to hear that you ended up in an asylum,I know how it feels to be 'that' scared,its not like being scared of heights and standing on the tallest building,or being scared that being in bed and you think someone is in the garden,its like it hits you on a different vibration and your Spirit Soul and everything that you are is totally scared.
Ive had similar things happen,where I see/hear/feel things that sometimes Im scared out of mind and where you say you had like a week long hallicination,I always have like a week long deja_vu and at the end of that I end up in a mental hospital.

Just want to say when on prescription meds or the other,what people see/hear/feel could possibly be real 'to them' and if its real to them,no-one can say its not real.Sometimes our minds open up more and more when giving something and maybe thats what our minds will be like with evolving. (I for one hope so)

My best wishes to you Kera

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posted on Feb, 23 2011 @ 04:47 PM
reply to post by theabsolutetruth

thanx for the fast reply, im really happy I found a few people here the last few weaks that actualy bealive me, and have interest in what im saying, a nice surprise all in all!

Well from what ive seen, there is an energy field around the boddy (the little meditating men), now this could be an artificial "creation", but then again thay say people have this energy field around thayr body, in fact there is a whole religion based on that energy field known as "kabbalah", and what you can easily find by googling is the "merkabah activation meditation", there is offcourse alot of speculation and theorys about it, ive seen it in action and it works!

Now if this is true, and I bealive it to be (light beings are mentioned in allmost every religion by one name or another, even the bible has mention of them) imagine what kinds of other energys there are...
I know for a fact there is somthing fishy with "kundalini" energy, ive meditated with kundalini since I was 16, and I didnt even know I was meditating I was just provoking this energy inside my body by pure Imagination!!!
I would start with imagining that there was a white ball of energy at the bottom of my spine, and I used music to manipulate it intoo rising, as I would imagine this I would actualy feel it passing thru the part of my body that I imagined....

It was a HUGE rush, the best feeling in the world, and when you think about it my imagination was having a physical effect... weird huh?

I think thoughts are powerfull, but I havent reaserched much about it, I must get to it...

I have no idea why thay use owls as an identity, it could be lots of things (like seeing in the dark, sensing, good vision, or just the apperance of big eyes"

Ive had weird dreams bout owls I could tell you..

Light and Love

posted on Feb, 23 2011 @ 05:26 PM
reply to post by Alienmindflare

Hey, thanx for joining in, yes I was wishing for it very very badly (apperently) but its like thay say, carefull what you wish for...

You see the first time thay visited, and I saw the triangle the next day I HAD to leave, the roads were open for that one day, and I went to a big city from a small town..
The next time I saw them was 4 months after, when I returned to the small town...
So in this four months I was in the middle of somthing HUGE and I had 3 facts to make a story, so one day I was thinking the aliens were friendly, but the next day I thought hay thay scared me out of my mind, thats not really nice, the next day I thought it was "mothman" coming to warn me, at one time I came to the conclusion I was an angel and the masons were after me ( while in the meentime sitting in secluded parks in 2-3 am waiting for somthing to happen, somthing...)
The next time I went to the small town this happened I cant really remember what I was thinking but it probably wasnt healthy, and when thay came it BLEW my mind to shoit, thay wouldnt show them selves, the owls sound FREAKED me out, I couldnt talk to the little meditating me, I got really really scared...

1. This was Christmas 2009.

2. After the story I ended up in an asylum for slitting my wrists, and one night There was an "owl" on a branch enfront of my window, half "hooting" half singing like "hulululu" it was physical it shaked the leaves, and again was in compleete darkness, I was scared and went to sleep to escevate the situation...

A psychiatrist, when I first told him said "what did the rullers of the world say?"

I came back to the town in summer 2010. but it was summer and as a tourist destination, the small town now held 20.000 turists, and wasnt so secluded, I was meditating in a higher position, somthing relatively low flew above me, it had regular airplane lights, could be nothing, the day after that I was sitting in the car with a friend drinking a beer (my first) and I felt a strong light in the corner of my eye, when I looked in the sky there was a white "light" in the sky it was really bright, but when I looked at it it went dim, as like just flashing me for attention, it was allso moving...
I payed little attention, which im sorry now, but I was a lil fed up at the moment.

A few days later me and my girlfriend went to sleep on the roof, she was lagging behind me, and as I stepped outside SOMTHING rushed from space-like to near me in an instant, stopped and went left slowly, and was not exactly changing shape but like a flame mooving thru the air it "adepted it shape to the movement, like it was somthing alive, or made out of energy not solid definitly, Im sorry to say I have bad eyesight and couldnt see it good, and cant really say ;( but it was yellowish white, my girlfriend walked out a moment later, and I was crazy once again....

I got this really secluded park in my city, and I walk often thru it, a few nights ago I "hooted" a few times, and got a really low "hoot"back, for some time, it appeared to be mooving, but im not sure, nothing happened, and this could be just a bird, I dont know.

My original post was much much more, as it lasted for seven days and AGAIN I had to leave, thay were still in my room when I left (crys) Thistime I could have been that my dad got worried a little, even he got the message...
My story contains teleportation, and "men in black" allso, a few more posts like yours, and I may even finish my story.

3. iff youre reffering to what I think was chipping, I had a CT done (im normal) and this CT shows my neck with the brain, and I cant see anything unusual, then again im no doctor..
I have no Idea how to go make tests because I think I have an alien implant in me without the asylum coming in to question again....

Love and Light

posted on Feb, 23 2011 @ 05:36 PM
Is English your first language? Cause if not, not only are you brave for coming forward but also thanks for being able to tell us in english.

Also, your dreams could be posted in the Dreams & Personal Predictions section if you wished to share those

posted on Feb, 23 2011 @ 05:59 PM
reply to post by curious7

Thank you alot for you openminded thoughts my friend, I am from Croatia, but have learned english since I was 4.

I am not afraid to be rideculed, I am just so very very sad, because what im saying is true, and I care about you (us)
and our evolution is going so slowly, this "fact" would be HUNDREDS of years of spiritual evolution, simply because we wouldnt look at ourselves as "Croatian", "English" or "French", we would recognize ourselves as humans, and citizens of the world, a 1 (one)

Sometimes I fear that this is the reason for there coverup, keeping us unevolved for some reason, when we are beautyfull creatures capable of unimaginable things, polluting us with violence and the "material" west world, where children are thought that being cool is beating up three guys and throwing a smartarse remark, and worst of all that "man to man is wolf".

I will consider putting my dreams for you guys up here to try and make some sense out of it all..

Im not pushing anything new here, im just saying that thay are real, and thay are here, it is important for you to know this.

Love and Light

posted on Feb, 24 2011 @ 05:32 AM
reply to post by kera1337

Thanx for sharing that,interesting,I know I''ll be keeping an ear,eye out for owls now.I've already seen a triangle craft with my own eyes I was standing under it,it was probably 100ft above me and I could see the points,then they turned slowly,once I had identified what I was looking at I giggled to myself then walked inside

posted on Mar, 14 2011 @ 06:54 PM

Originally posted by kera1337
Allright, when I start talking bout this my pulse raises, and adrenalin starts, maybe im afraid noone will believe me, then again it dosent really matter I feel an obligation to write about this. I was sitting in my car smoking when I feelt like I was having a conversation with somone, then thing started to move around me (the poltergeist type) i got scared and drove off to another remote location when I noticed the stars were really bright (it was christmas, and 3AM) I got out to see the stars when I noticed a red light in the sky zig-zaging really near me, needles to say I was scared out of my mind, and I ran to my house. When I got to my house I felt kinda more secure so I thought, hey contact is contact so lets have it, I went to the rough of my house, and then there was rapid weather change when I said somthing and nothing much after that, no aliens, then, for some reason (dont ask me why) I kneeled, when I kneeled I heard a wooosh and a giant triangle was hovering above my house at 200m with lights flashing (exactly like a comercial jet) it just passed and went.

Allright, so I came back after four months, and guess what I sat on my rough for hours (4 to be exact). In 4 AM I heard an owl, it was like really near and the sound was coming from nowhere. So im thinking to myself im not alone... And im thinking id like to see a flying disc, in bout 20 secs there it was, from where I was sitting it was a gray disc, with a black cross (splitting it intoo four parts) and three or four holes on its bottom it flew silently over my house and went away, so im thinkin this and that and its really uncomfortable when ur thinking somones reading ur mind, and adrenalin is pumping, and im thinking bout punching it iff I see it, and dumb stuff like that cause im scared. But what I thought was I thought I knew this was gonna happen, little meditating men showed me this in a dream ( that is actualy true iff you can swollow this). After it didnt show (the alien) and I only gave it like 5-10min at best cause I was too scared, and I actualy walked away, yep I lost it (chicken). Only to find that tommorow I was in the presence of four beinngs, made out of blue light, thay were little meditating men (only outlines) sitting in a six-pointed david star, about 2,5inches tall and wide, I really tryed to comunicate with them, but its really hard with telepathy u dont know what thay are telling you, and what ur imagination is saying so I cant really say who I was talking and what about ( shame really, think about it a mute miracle)...(the men in little davidstars are what thay actualy call the "merkaba" "flower of life" "tetrahedron" "chariot of ascension""wheels in wheels" "chariot of god") thay spent with me 7 days, even tho we couldnt communicate I saw them on my wall in a 2dimensional way, when I was outside my house I heard owls and home I saw the little men, to keep it short, this was lasting for 7 days. One day the little blue man made a triangle with thayr "bodyes" that pointed up, and this time I herd it in my head "go to the rough", and guess what I got really scared, by this time I was paranoid, and since we couldnt talk I was making all kinds of silly connections, and I said "no" iff you like you can come to me, and I went to sleep. ( I think ur supposed to listen when thay ask somthing) I was sleeping and remember like talking to somone in my sleep, I felt the light on my eyelids like it was morning, then suddenly I was redreaming the "little meditating men dream, and aliens visiting" I was suddenly on my side and I feel like a sharp/heat on my neck, and it feels deep it hurts I know im dreaming but I cant move I cant open my eyes, the pain lasted for about 10-15 sec, next thing im awake its morning, little blue man still there, like nothing happened.

Theres more of the story, and iff you can swollow this ill write on, im just asking for a little openmindedness.

P.S.-theres alot more evidence that points to owls being aliens(not actual owls, thay just use the owl for some reason), and I know about alot of owl worship and iconography in the world, and I think thayr all worshiping aliens, iff youd like to debate on that I can show you what I found,
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Dear Kera, I find your story fascinating, and I believe it's true. Actually, I know you're telling the truth because I've heard more testemonies similar to yours. You're very lucky to have seen them, so be grateful for that.

Hugs from Prue.

posted on Mar, 16 2011 @ 05:39 PM
Sounds extremly intersting, I have some info for you if you are interested

'___' the spirit molecule movie: in short: it is about a molecule that is in all living things. When they take this molecule they become their true self. You come to another dimention, you know for a fact that your dead and your are god. I know it sounds crazy, but I think its the most amazing discovery ever. They see all their past lives, even future timelines. Everything you can imagine. Its so alien its not even words for it. Millons of people have used it and come to the exact place- That is no coincide. They have meet with these spirits.

Intersting facts about it:

tribes describing DNA 2 helix system 2000 years ago

Tribes Describing einstiens sting theory in word, that everything is vibrating/love. Thats 2000 or more before he even came up with the theory. Wouldnt surprise me if he got the information from there.

Describing other dimensions

over a milion saying they seen past lives/future lifes/ objects that cant exist in our universe ect and the list goes on. This is not a drug, it is what the goverments wants you to think. It activates the pineal gland/third eye and you see all your chackra centers activate.

You have no idea how amazing their stories are, but they are open minded beyond belif. you should check out this side and read some about it

I hope it can give you some idea what is really going on
it has for me, and I havent belivied in life after death my whole life. and I do now
I am not afraid of anything now, just wait and see things unfold.

Sorry for my bad english, im swedish hah. and last I DO BELIEVE YOU!!! dont let those other #s tell you something else

posted on Mar, 18 2011 @ 11:15 AM
reply to post by Andennnnn

Thx dude, not even my parents bealive me.. Ive heard of '___', and I want to try it badly..
There is no '___' where I am located, and I cant go sucking on peoples pineal glands

Thx dude Love
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