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Malevolent or Benevolent? The BIG Alien question...

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posted on Nov, 6 2010 @ 10:05 PM
reply to post by Springer

The problem with assumptions based on extraterrestrial entities is that the assumptions are affiliated with Humanistic thinking which is very primitive. Such as "resources" and "taking". I'm sure any extraterrestrial race is far so advanced enough to either:

A. Understand the Universe in such a way that they do not need resources to build toys/technology and/or
B. Have grasped consciousness and their connection in the microcosm and macrocosm to the point that unimaginable feats may be nothing more than the average understanding.

From my perspective the majority of the entities who are and have been here since the dawn of man are benevolent. A benevolence that cannot be comprehended by most of Humanity such as a deep profound love for all things, violent or not.

Hollywood paints a wondrous picture in the majority of movies in regards to fearing the unknown. I for one am at the understanding that there is a benevolent presence.

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posted on Nov, 6 2010 @ 10:06 PM
Is it possible were are just one big alien ant farm, all ancient people and writings describe beings from the heavens creating us or ancestors from the sky, beings that were of giant proportions compared to us, which makes some sense when you look at the size of other suns in our solar system, we circle a small sun compared to the larger one's out there, so why not larger planets, heavier gravity, bigger animals, different life anomalies.

When addressing whether Benevolent or Malevolent i feel its imperative to know the truth in regards to our true history to be able to say either way, The big questions being if we were created by beings of superior knowledge and power for what reasons did they have this idea? Purely to say hey look what we can create like an artist who has created a masterpiece of their life work or was there another reason for these life experiments to take place?

posted on Nov, 6 2010 @ 10:30 PM
I don't think the presence is either malevolent or benevolent. I think it is decidedly amoral, and, for the most part, disinterested in us. They seem to be far more interested in the planet itself.

Imagine a community of chimpanzees in the Congo debating the same question regarding the human influence that encroaches them.

Are they here to help us, or to hurt us?

Well, every now and then poachers come and take them away - but at the same time, sometimes the humans come and just observe. Or they take us one at a time and teach us fantastic new symbols and language, and introduce us to a fantastic world we could have never known otherwise.

Well? Is our presence for chimps benevolent or malevolent? Seems that it's a mix.

But no matter what the motivation, they'll probably all be extinct or in zoos within 100 years if things carry on as they are.

We need to maybe consider the possibility that even with the best intentions, alien influence will inevitably destroy our culture and civilization.

Do I think aliens are here to harm us? No, I don't. Do I think their presence here will invariably do us harm? Probably it will.

If they were really, TRULY, benevolent, they would leave us alone.

My two cents.

posted on Nov, 6 2010 @ 10:31 PM
Benevolent or Malevolent? Well, humans, while seeming like a fairly self-serving species, still have elements of both. I would guess that "others" would not be completely homogeneous either, unless they were a hivemind; Hivemind seems like it might offer one of the best survival strategies for a species.

I think aliens might appear as either malevolent or benevolent to us, because I think it likely that they primarily consider their own agenda -- they might well do what is right for them, and if it happens to benefit us, fine. Negatively impact humanity, fine also.

We probably lack the longview and insight to know or understand what long-term consequences our actions create anyway -- what we perceive as a short-term benefit might be an ELE in the making. ET might well have a longview that we can't even imagine. Look at our own history ...... (or what we are conditioned to believe).. . how often has humanity known when seemingly small turning points emerge that are the foundation of huge culturally/societal or scientific changes? Do we even understand what true progress is?

I'd really like to believe that ET (which may have been here before us) has at least a passing concern for our well-being. For a long time I've had a twitchy concern about the abduction phenomenon. If it exists, on one hand (or tentacle) it could be to our benefit, even though it is often reported as being personally horrifying to the abductee. On the other hand, I have serious mistrust of anything -- human or otherwise -- which needs to operate in the dead of night or in a zone where the "victim" has no sense of control or voluntary participation. If it were me, I'd like to be asked. Of course, we don't ask cows or migratory animals before we tag them. It's for their own good, right?

posted on Nov, 6 2010 @ 10:49 PM
Let's consider some facts here.

1. Our solar system is one of the youngest
2. There is evidence that we've been visited for thousands of years already.
3. We're still here.
4. We're destroying our own planet.

When you consider we are part of one of the youngest systems out there, you have to also consider the very probable scenario that if there are other intelligent civilizations out there, they have been around much longer than we have. Possibly millions or even billions of years. If they're still around, they've gone through a lot of learning, suffering and growing to get to the point they're at. If they have technology advanced enough to get to earth, that means they did not destroy themselves with such advanced technology, which means they have developed some great discipline with the technology. At this point here on earth, as primitive as our technology would be in comparison, we could still destroy all life on this planet. We're already on the brink of bringing devastation to our planet because technology is moving faster than our minds are maturing. They have gotten through all that, and it can ONLY happen with a mature, spiritual mind.

We can already transport particles and probably objects from one side of a room to the other. We understand that once nanotechnology matures, which will probably be within the next 50 years, we'll be able to assemble apples out of thin air, just like a replicator in star trek. We already know this can be done. What do you think a civilization, not 50, but a thousand or a million years ahead of us can do? Do you really.. think.. that they need our resources for ANYTHING? They can most likely assemble anything they could possibly need out of nothing, with nanotechnology OR something even greater, something we can't even comprehend at the moment.

We're still here. There is evidence they have been coming here for at least thousands of years. How utterly stupid to wait until a civilization reaches atomic maturity to try something. We would destroy our planet with atomic weaponry trying to defend ourselves from such an invasion. I'm sure they wouldn't want that to happen if they want resources.

All the serious evidence from high ranking military and government officials highly suggests they are sending a message and it's really quite clear. Stop playing around with nuclear weapons. That's the reality. They show us they have the ability to shut down nuclear missile sites. They've never attacked us, but we've attacked them. They show an incredible amount of patience with us! It's almost as if we are their children. We're immature, selfish, we play with fire, we have violent outbursts, we kill and destroy with indifference, and at times they slap us on the hands by showing us what they could do to our most advanced weapon systems.

People ask the question, why don't they fix our problems? How many times are you going to tell your child not to touch the fire on that match before you just have to let them find out for themselves? You can tell them a thousand times not to touch that fire, but that child will never stop trying to touch that fire until they actually touch it and get burnt. THAT is how we learn. Your intervention does nothing but make them more curious, and experience takes over as the teacher. The child didn't learn anything by you intervening, but when the child touched the fire, he/she certainly won't be doing that again after they get burnt. We would learn absolutely nothing if they intervened and fixed all of our problems, and we're here to learn.

I'm fully convinced we haven't reached adulthood in the galactic scheme of things, and we're being watched closely to see what we ultimately decide to do with ourselves. They aren't planning some hollywood invasion. They aren't here to hurt us, and they aren't here to help us. They are letting us go about our daily lives to see what path we take.

posted on Nov, 6 2010 @ 10:50 PM
If our discoveries keep heading in the direction they are right now, its not hard to imagine that Humanity is not something unique and probably not the first "people" to aspire to the stars. So that probably means our stellar neighborhood has its fair shair of civilzations going on about their business as we do ours. Recently I've begun to look at this situation like this.

-Life is super common and nobody cares, resources are plentiful and there is no need to get tangled up in other peoples business.


-Life is common but each life bearing world is so unque in it own way (mass etc.) as to make colonization/conquest/pillaging just plain impracticle.

So while Humans thrill to the thoughts of Alien invasion (we are always looking for the Lion in the tall grass), the reality of the interstellar civilzations may be more boring then we could imagine.

However if someone did see us as a threat? well a few well placed asteroids will solve the problem.

posted on Nov, 6 2010 @ 10:58 PM
reply to post by Springer
Let me first say, thank you for a thought provoking discussion this Saturday. If anyone would like references to any of my thought processes just ask and I will reply.

Most of my world view comes from a unified field theory by Nassim Haramein. A lecture of which can be viewed Here. The reason I feel the need of this unified field theory is because the standard model and quantum mechanics have many unresolved issues that this theory explains to a level that is acceptable to me. So I will start my opinions from this foundation.

There are three thoughts I have about Stephen Hawking's prediction.

First: I believe his point of prospective is one of division and struggle that the current main stream scientific community bases their world view, i.e. evolution and the separation of gravity and electromagnetism.

Second: If the theories are correct about the next big false flag event being a staged alien invasion it seems convenient for today's leading mind in science to back up their propaganda. Then this movie to affirm this image of a malevolent alien invasion.

Third: It is interesting to me that even though he based his prediction on human history he made no mention of ancient aliens. If we are going to assume that there is an advanced alien race that could take us over it seems to me that we should also assume that the depictions and writings of ancient aliens have some truth to them.

As far as the likes of Joseph Stalin leading humanity into an evil conquering race... I believe human history paints a different picture. It seems that there is a point of inequality that individuals of humanity can not support. Just look at all of the people that lead us that have killed great numbers of people. Eventually they fall, but not only that, they become a lesson for each proceeding generation of what not to do. In this day and age we are worried about how Iran treats a woman's crimes. I believe we are growing benevolent.

For the sake of argument, if this alien race was malevolent with the intention of killing us all, we would have absolutely no chance in hell. Just think about the reports that UFOs are disabling nuclear missiles. and the reports of UFOs literally flying circles around fighter jets.

The idea that we are some kind of breeding farm may be true, but it wouldn't be for basic protein and fats, they would most definitely have the technology to grow meat that we are just now developing. I think if we are growing something that they need it may be genetic material. Think about how we look at new strains of bacteria or viruses as scientifically interesting, and even important for our survival like flu strains. It is interesting to note the idea that they have altered our DNA in the past as depicted by the Sumerians. But I am sure the have developed genetic engenering that far exceeds what we have done in a few millenia.

So let me get into my theory on what alien visitors may want or do to us. Nassim's TOE describes a universe that is a 3 dimensional fractal. in other words each part or scale of the universe has the same properties as every other scale, it is just put together in different patterns making it seem that our galaxy is different then our solar system for instance. His theory predicts (not without data to back it up) that everything including our own bodies have a black/white hole (or as he calls it a 'whole') at their centers. He shows that the interaction of these black holes accounts for the strong and weak forces and accounts for all that missing mass that main stream dubs 'dark matter'. He also ties in what this means for consciousness (a topic barely touched on in main stream). He shows how this means that we are truly all one, and that at our centers we can tap directly into a infinite amount of information and energy, which is what the many religious leaders have told us for ages.

So assuming his theory is correct (because IMO it is the most accurate to experience) these alien races would most likely know about this and are able to use this technology for telepathy, interstellar travel, zero point energy, and who knows what kind of spiritual development might come with the knowledge that everything is connected in a very real way.

As far as food, It seems they would come to the understanding that all they really need is a system of exchange between the universe and them, creating a fractal, just as we breath in and out, and eat and excrete. Perhaps they have found a more direct way for their soul (or black whole) to communicate with the universe.

As far as travel, Nassim had an idea based on his theory that they most likely use the black wholes at the center of the earth and the sun as a means of transportation. It makes intuitive sense based on an Einstein Rosenberg bridge. But it is also quite interesting to learn that many people have witnessed UFOs going in and out of volcano's and the sea, which would lead to the center of earth end hence its black whole. Of coarse the larger ones would have to use our sun.

Telepathy starts to make sense when you see that there is an intimate connection between each entities souls. Because the universe is fractal information is always being exchanged between every entity, IMO that is the basic wonder of intimate sexual experiences.

If you don't know what zero point energy is then Google it. It is scientifically proven by main stream science that the vacuum of space has infinite energy, however they 'renormalized' it to a very large but finite number because the current standard model cannot accept infinite quantities without breaking down. We could be running the entire worlds energy demands by zero point 100 years ago if greed didn't inhibit Nicola Tesla's financier J.P. Morgan from finishing his last project. I believe they would be using zero point in the most efficient and beneficial ways possible.

posted on Nov, 6 2010 @ 11:33 PM
Great Thread Springer, l do believe that Alien life is out there and are more than likely here now. The thing that amazes me are the amount of people that seem to think that they are here to harvest us for food. That old saying by Robbie Burns comes to mind. "Oh what a gift it were to give us, to see ourselves as others see us." Are we as humans now assuming that an intelligent alien life form would act exactly the same as we do? Lets take a closer look at ourselves before we make judgment on others. As a species we are the ones who take baby calfs away from their mothers then slaughter them after a few weeks because their flesh tastes sweeter while the mothers milk is never allowed to dry up because we consume her milk. Pigs, chickens in fact most mamals are horrificaly butchered and harvested for our culinary pleasure. Do we care if they suffer pain or even have feelings as long as they taste good and bring in big profits for big companies. You are so right, oneolddude. We are certainly not the most advanced species on this planet. We kill and consume it. Lets take a look at our track record on how we treat each other, human to human. Take a look around this beautiful planet, how many wars can you count going on at the moment? Too many you say? No, my fellow humans, not enough. There are still countries that have no war but rest assured those countries will soon be at war, We humans will make sure of it. We are all aware of the False Flags that the TPTB use to take us into our killing sprees, will it make a difference? of course not. We will torture and slaughter the innocents. We Will smother their countries with depleted uranium and phospherous gas and distroy our own DNA in the process. lf we ever get the opportunity to space travel, God help the universe, There is only one title any self respecting Alien race will give us. "The destroyers of worlds" So, if there are any aliens visiting us l really do hope they keep a low profile cos WE will more than likely kill Them and put THEM on the menu if they taste nice. Peace and love starchild.

posted on Nov, 6 2010 @ 11:34 PM

Originally posted by Springer
A little fun, frightening, and hopefully thought inducing speculative discussion for a Saturday moning...
IS this about hangovers from a big friday night out?

The basis for this hypothesis, for the most part, is based on human history. When our early explorers .......sold as slaves to that population.

I don't know about you but I find it a little hard to assign despicable, early human behavior to what would have to be a very technologically advanced species/race of beings. Humanity has gotten beyond this deplorable behavior (for the most part) because we realized that it is not only "wrong" (another human construct), it just isn't practical or effective.

To be fair, I don't think we really have gotten "beyond this", I think we just use economics and political(backed by military) influence to enslave and exploit others. Instead of shipping slaves, we just have sweat shops in third world countries.

Which, in the context of the OP, could mean that any Alien race may have other methods in order to exploit us. Like a gift of technology that we would become dependent on that they could use to reap what ever resources they need without the need to destroy us or the planet in general . A trojan horse so to speak.

Going in a destroying/stealing the resources of new found territories, especially the human resources, leaves you with a one time gain.
If aliens think like us, then they want us on the "Come back". Which is a perpetual reliance on what they have that we need, so they can use us to a fuller potential.

After your first haul there is nobody left to continue producing the resource. If you make peace with the new founders you have the opportunity for trade (both ways) and a continued supply chain for the resources you covet.
Like a Good long term business plan. So they may be friends until they no longer benefit.

A civilization that has advanced to the point of inter stellar travel would have gone through a similar evolution and learning curve if one can assume that intelligent life on any other planet would probably evolve as it has here on Earth. I know that's a stretch but, we are talking about something we have absolutely NO data on, so it's just likely as not.

If they do follow that curve, they may have no real need for anything we have on the planet. Our interactions would come down to a philosophy the Aliens may have.
What if they see us as being insignificant?
That changes it big time. They could simply see us the way we tend to see other forms of life that we simply ignore when we go about our endeavors.

Agreeing that the aliens evolved much like we have (only a lot further technologically), it is logical to think that they would be benevolent and looking for new galactic friends. Even if you take into account that there could be several different species/races, one would think that war was long dropped as a total waste of resources and life.

Or would you?
War for us, has been a huge driving mechanism of science and technology. For the history of humanity. And whilst we may have grown closer in terms of races and nations in a way that war is no longer viable on earth, I think this would not automatically transfer to a "universal" approach to space. It is really just a regional to "earth" as a perspective.
So even if Aliens have reached a state were war is no longer an issue on their own planet, this does not mean that War is still not an approach that is not or will not be used.

Through sheer violence and the fear of sheer violence they had managed to get people to focus on nothing but technology, space exploration and conquest. I know this is a stretch to our human logic because of human nature but, remember, we are talking about "what ifs" here.

I can just hear Stalin breathing through his apparatus: "I am your Father". Noooooooooooooooooo!

So, a few hundred years down the line, say, in 2410, we have mastered travel between the stars and have built great ships to explore and conquer with. How would that brand of humanity treat a population that was not up to our technological prowess? I imagine we would bomb them into submission, take what we wanted and move on.

I think we are more likely to bomb them with advertisements for stuff they don't need, give them TV's and sign them up to a credit card deal whilst pointing them to our Galactic Space Malls we have just landed.

So that's one possibility of how a species/race could evolve and end up as a space faring, conquering, horde...
Thanks. I now need Will Smith or Bruce Willis to tell me its all going to be O.K.

In "Skyline" the "visitors" have made no attempt at communication, no demands have been proffered, they just start taking everyone who succumbs to their bizarre "light". The very premise, while similar to the treatment mankind endured in "War of the Worlds", is a most intriguing one. The first astonishing thing (to me at least) is they seem to have enough of an understanding about the human body to have developed a means to take over the fight or flight instinct and, just about every other brain function, via a light beam.

Can you say TV.

Technically, WE need "US" for food. That hamburger, salad, or awesome piece of fish you ate yesterday is (or now, was) a carbon based life form. How big of a stretch is it to imagine some brutal, space faring, humanoid race that has thrown "fine dining" aside, as a waste of productive time, and opted for the "Soilent Green" approach?

I guess there is an ananolgy there for Humans.
We(in the west at least) are over fed livestock, pumped with antibiotics, hormones and additives, vaccines and preservatives.
Hmmmm....I bet we will taste good.

I guess that would make the hippies and vegetarians the Organic food product!

If the above were the case, do you think we'd have any chance? Do you think there would be opportunities for negotiations? Would there be any dissidents who are repulsed enough by the wholesale gathering of human beings from planet to planet, only to be turned into human peanut butter?

I hope so.

There's a whole universe out there we know very little or nothing about. The odds are we aren't the only ones living in its vastness, who else is out there and what do they eat for dinner?


Sadly Springer at the rate we are going, if Aliens do arrive here looking for a feed, I fear they will only find something akin to a broken down dusty and abandoned dinner, on the galactic super highway. A faded "specials" board the only hint of what we once were.

S and F.

posted on Nov, 6 2010 @ 11:54 PM
seriously looks like a modern remake of independence day!!!!!!

posted on Nov, 7 2010 @ 12:00 AM

Originally posted by Exuberant1
Hey Springer,

I do not think that we would be able to defeat these aliens. The best we could hope for in such a situation would be to reduce the profitability of their venture, perhaps destroy some of their capital goods.

This means that heads of state would have to order the launch of nuclear weapons or other weapons of mass destruction onto their own cities, in the hope of destroying their technology (capital goods) and reducing their possibility to make good on their investment (by killing their harvest).

At the very best we might inflict enough damage that they will be unable to engage in such a venture for some time. putting Aspartame in our food and rat poison in our water

TPTB are poising us, so we don't taste good for the aliens, so the aliens move on and TPTB get to stay in power and not human peanut butter along with homeless people. TPTB would not like to be in the same peanut jar as some randomer of the street, that would make their blood boil

posted on Nov, 7 2010 @ 12:20 AM
extra terrestrials are definitely evil if they come here. Friendlys would have already gotten out.

Anyone here bowhunt? Takes a lot of preparation and some dedicated stalking/marking. I think it is NAIVE to think humans are even beyond the "big guy beat up little guy". As we see this demonstrated on all levels of society.

So lets take that principle and apply it to a race far superior to us. They will have there own "weak" and "strong", "advanced" and "primitive"
Wanna compare a upper middle class american suburb society to the deep amazon, or african tribes

So what does that make us? If they came that far we are most definitely ants under a magnifying glass, at first you just play with em, maybe even drop em a big fat grub to eat, then comes the fire.

What drives us "intelleigent" earthlings to discover and create is the force of necessity to adapt and change.

So tell me, why would anyone/thing be any diferent?
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posted on Nov, 7 2010 @ 12:22 AM

Originally posted by Exuberant1
Hey Springer,

I do not think that we would be able to defeat these aliens. The best we could hope for in such a situation would be to reduce the profitability of their venture, perhaps destroy some of their capital goods.

This means that heads of state would have to order the launch of nuclear weapons or other weapons of mass destruction onto their own cities, in the hope of destroying their technology (capital goods) and reducing their possibility to make good on their investment (by killing their harvest).

At the very best we might inflict enough damage that they will be unable to engage in such a venture for some time. Perhaps our policy of self annihilation (literally a 'scorched earth policy') could even force them into the red and their creditors will begin confiscating and liquidating their goods - they might not have taken into account that we would do such a thing and so may not have accounted for it in their business plan.

We've seen the aliens; so imagine what their repo men would be like....

*This policy of self-annihilation would increase the value of the remaining humans, so with the liquidated harvesting technology bought at rock bottom prices, an enterprising alien might be able to make a decent profit by purchasing the technology and holding it for a few hundred years until the human population begins to grow again. This could actually be a good thing for those remaining humans as this entrepreneurial alien would probably protect his harvest from others as it grows back up to profitable levels.

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Wow! How did you arrive at the conclusion that the aliens showing in our skies are malevolent? If they want to conquer us, they could easily do it but they don't. Maybe you think that the only aliens in our atmosphere are the Greys. There are more alien species out there aside from the Greys.

posted on Nov, 7 2010 @ 12:22 AM
Considering many people believe this scenario is currently playing out here now on humanity. Its hard to fathom that we are currently living enslaved lives; only as free as our masters wish it to be. Maybe that's why its such a discussed topic here on ATS!
Now if we were stuck in the middle of a Alien Invasion while being controlled unknowingly by another race would be very interesting. How would they fight a war for resources (fighting for humans) while keeping themselves a secret?

posted on Nov, 7 2010 @ 12:28 AM
reply to post by Springer

I just saw this post and my comment on another post actually fits better with this posting.

What I said was that personally, I believe people DO see UFO's and aliens, but I do not believe they are from somewhere else in the universe.

The Bible says God has angels, satan does also.

I think THAT will be the great deception talked about in Revelation. The rapture of Christians will have to be logically explained away somehow.

It is being set-up as we speak. Look at this very web site at the graphics for that new movie "Skyline". People by the hundreds being whisked away.

I saw a show about alien abduction once, and the abductee made a comment that kind of just went by unnoticed and the show never commented on.

He said that he had been being abducted since he was a child.

It all stopped when he hung a picture of Jesus over his bed.

Aliens/UFO's seem to defy the laws of physics ....... incredible turns at incredible speeds, passing right through solid objects, materializing and then dematerializing, seeming to be able to read your thoughts.

These are all traits more easily explained in the spiritual world rather than the physical world.

Jesus Himself spoke of demons. They have been around as long as satan has.

It may also explain why the government does not want people to know what is going on. Could you imagine the panic and chaos if the government was honest and came out and made the following statement .......

"Ok, aliens and UFO's are a fact and they DO come down from time to time, as they please, and abduct people for experiments and sometimes the people just disappear ....... and there isn't a damn thing we can do about it."
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posted on Nov, 7 2010 @ 12:29 AM
reply to post by Springer

While the breeding farms would answer the need for a continued supply of nutrition, they are also a huge liability from a security stand point. I, for one, would not be happy about producing children to adorn the plates of my captors evening meal. There's a whole universe out there we know very little or nothing about. The odds are we aren't the only ones living in its vastness, who else is out there and what do they eat for dinner?

Well we are cutting back on our meat consumption for health reasons. Perhaps we are a little too high in cholesterol and fatty for some of these advanced life forms. I would think the more advanced you are the more simplified the diet and the less meat products.
Eating is a time consuming task we do here for pleasure as well as necessity but this is not to say any other species eat for pleasure. I would think nutrients are key and getting them in a palatable or simple way most likely. Although I enjoy food and flavors and textures if I could skip eating altogether and get my nutrients injected once a week, it would be fine with me - I can think of other things to occupy that time. Perhaps other species have streamlined the task of eating too.

I imagine we have some "friends" in the ET world only because our early history is replete with super-earthly beings saying they were here, they left and one day they are coming back.
Doesn't mean they will all be our friends -some may be considered enemies or predators - but I will bet we have some friends and relatives out there.
I am hoping they will... if not protect us, have enough concern and compassion to intervene if we start looking like tasty menu items to another species that lives on meat. Maybe that's who we are losing the cows to?

The same way a superpower will step in and stop or intervene in any mass genocide committed upon innocent people by a lesser power here on earth, why would not other species of beings more advanced and perhaps allied with us or even posessing compassion and power step in and do the same for us?
We had better hope so.

posted on Nov, 7 2010 @ 12:53 AM
reply to post by Common Scarecrow

There's an episode of "Lost in Space" where the planet the Robinson's are stranded on is visited by two different aliens. One is golden skinned and humanoid looking the other is green and has a face like a frog. Most of the family immediately are predisposed towards assuming the humanoid is good and the frog is evil. Of course here lies the huge mistake.

Likewise, when the guy who wrote revelations was out of his skull on magic mushrooms on some island in the Mediterranean they were, like all humans are, prone to assume anything he saw in a vision/trip , call it what you will it's mere semantics, liable to assign favourable and unfavourable interpretations based wholly on human prejudices.

That is, you're tripping your face off and you hallucinate/meet some entity that looks appealing to a human and they tell you they are good, you'll fall for it hook line and sinker no matter the truth of it. If we meet aliens it will be absolutely no different, our initial assumption of good or evil, human constructs in themselves, will be wholly based on what they look like. If we find their looks unpalatable they will have a far harder task to convince us they are benign. If they look like some idea we have of angels, they will be able to shaft us from the word go because we will, through social programming already by predisposed to trust them.

On a world where the reptiles are the sentient form of life we could be the living image of the demons of their mythology, those awful soft skinned deceivers.

posted on Nov, 7 2010 @ 12:59 AM
I think the ant-hill analogy is the best way to sum up humanity's existence. Do you know how much of the natural world is destroyed by us when we build a Wal-Mart? Are we being evil? Or just ignorant to the impact we're having on the world around us? So what if we wipe out a few spotted owls or the rats of Nimh...its worth it to be able to shop for hammers and tires and cheap plastic crap made in China. I would imagine that to an advanced race of E.T.'s we would be just as insignificant. The human ego causes us to think we're more important than we are.

posted on Nov, 7 2010 @ 01:29 AM

Originally posted by Exuberant1
Hey Springer,

I do not think that we would be able to defeat these aliens. The best we could hope for in such a situation would be to reduce the profitability of their venture, perhaps destroy some of their capital goods.

This means that heads of state would have to order the launch of nuclear weapons or other weapons of mass destruction onto their own cities, in the hope of destroying their technology (capital goods) and reducing their possibility to make good on their investment (by killing their harvest).

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Its sounds as though you're proposing wiping out ourselves in order to prevent the aliens from eating or enslaving us. I think we might be better off as slaves. In slavery, there's the possibility of revolt or cultural change, either of which could lead to the human race being released from captivity. We could also be freed by a friendly and more powerful alien race that defeats the bad ones later.

Now, if you knew for certain that the aliens were just going to kill and eat us, then you might consider nuking our own cities but you'd be drastically reducing the possibilities of survivors. For example, suppose the aliens only need to kill and eat 4 billion people but you nuke our major cities and kill a billion. You've made it so an extra one billion die because the aliens take 4 billion from those who are left. You've also destroyed our infrastructure and most likely some of our best minds - things you would prefer to have while you rebuild civilization.

If I knew the aliens were sucking people up, I would put some suitcase nuke backpacks on some and detonate once they are inside. You might also consider tainting the meat with some kind of toxin.
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posted on Nov, 7 2010 @ 01:31 AM
In order to answer to the thread's question, one only needs to comprehend ECONOMICS, and the answer will be found.

Beings whom had mastered interstellar travel do not create such technologies out of a vacuum, or by magic. There has to be a level of sustainable civilisational progression to evolve to such a state. And through such evolution, such beings would have learnt from their mistakes and if they did not, they would have been wipe out as a race.

Thus, that loyalty and belief in superiority of the race would be paramount when they travel to the stars. And that travel would be based upon ECONOMICAL NEEDS, and certainly not something altrusic that may not be able to sustain the economies of their civilisation - where are the funds to build such ships, create such tech and social spend on education?

We must never never ever assume that all beings have the same starting point in evolution. The Universe itself is billions of earth years in age. What we had gone through as a race is but only 5000 years of civilisation, and today only begin to comprehend our own DNA. What accounts for the smooth curves in a female body, fat or thin? It takes a high level of mathematical and scientific precision in order to create something like this. We human civilisation today can only copy and replicate, but not create. We are living evidences of more advance and superior races than us, mightier than us in everywhere.

We, unfortunately, are the inferior race today.

In the face of superiority, we can only humble ourselves, learn from them and hope one day, our next generations will gain that superiority and become equal, just as asians learnt to humble themselves in the face of western civilisations depredations against them, robbing them of their wealth and turning them into slavery. Today, asians are no longer slaves, but equal to the westerners. So too can our future generations be against any form of malevolency from superior beings, if mankind is allowed to live long enough and not wiped out.......

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