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Powell UN Chief Fear Massacres/ Ethnic Cleansing Possible In Darfur

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posted on Jun, 26 2004 @ 06:24 AM
Powell and the chief of the UN are meeting in Sadan to talk with the Sadanese Gov't, to see if they will end the horror that their people having been living with. The pro-Gov't Arab militias have been removing Black Muslims from their homes and massacreing them in what looks to be a push for ethnic cleansing, states the artical in the New York Times, dated 6/26/04.

Leaders of human rights organizations have warned that unless the world reacts now, the ethnic killings in Darfur may become a massacre on the scale of the one in 1994 in Rwanda and which the United Nations and the international community failed to stop.

and it also says;

He said failure by Sudan to respond now should cause the Security Council to take up the case and consider measures like sanctions or military intervention. "If the Sudanese government doesn't have the capacity to protect its population," he said, "the international community must be prepared to assist."

Geesh, here we go into another mess and we're not even out of the one in Iraq, yet

posted on Jun, 26 2004 @ 11:49 AM
The UN has failed miserably when it comes to stopping genocide. Kofi Annan has proven to be a eunuch when it comes to human rights; he is beholden to politics and corruption.

There are plenty of countries in the world that are currently sitting back and doing nothing. Let them get involved to help Sudan. Why does it automatically become the US's problem? If we get involved, you can be sure that the same people that constantly criticize our actions in Iraq will be the first to criticize our actions in Sudan.

Anyway, it seems to be a case of racial cleansing. Why not let it continue so that the black community can see how much of a "brotherhood" the muslims really are?

posted on Jun, 27 2004 @ 12:06 AM
The USA does not need to get involved with the problems in Sudan, it is not our problem,.... period ! The UN needs to handle this problem the best way they can, but Bush&Co are sticking their noses in it anyway. Apparently this has been going on for sometime now, and I have no doubt that Resident Bush&Co have known about it for sometime.
My question is this, why didn't Resident Bush offer to help that country instead of starting a war with a country (Iraq) that was not doing anything to us? I know why and anyone with 1/2 a brain knows why, we're there because of the oil and Bush's vindictive hatred for Sadam, this is fact. The country of Sudan apparently had nothing that Bush&Co needed or wanted, so they ignored the problems there,..... until now.
The Bush&Co has to get involved to cover their xutts, so the people of the USA that still has their eye's closed to whats really happening and why it really happened, doesn't start seeing the light (truth), so yes, I honestly beleive that Resident Bush & Co will step-in to help the people of Sudan so it looks like they are "really" fighting the "war on terror", to cover their xutts,

posted on Jun, 27 2004 @ 12:19 AM

The USA does not need to get involved with the problems in Sudan, it is not our problem,.... period !

Apparently, thats what the whole damn world seems to think also? I guess thats why hundreds of thousands have already been killed, died, displaced, etc. in Sudan and surrounding states/nations......

Seems someone needed to get involved since it was going on afterall, within UN view and charge! They won't take the lead and someone had to. Guess who? The US. And guess who is riding the coat tail along with them, as if they were doing something all along? The UN.

If you don't want the US involved, then will Germany step forward and propose to end the genocide taking place? Will France? The UK, China, Russia, Spain, Canada, Italy, Etc!? Please.....someone had to take the lead, cause again, it certainly wasn't going to be any other nation, especially the UN!


posted on Jun, 27 2004 @ 10:39 PM
I wouldn't actually have a problem with us helping Sudan if we weren't already wearing our troops thin with Bush's wmd-bull that started a war-on-terror in Iraq , that should not have happened in the first place,..... now Sudan is a country that does need our help badly, but we're tied-up in Iraq.

posted on Jun, 27 2004 @ 10:58 PM
Would we even have the capability to go after Sudan with the troops we have? We would have a major problem on our hands if we went into Sudan soon. I guess the draft could make it possible.

posted on Jun, 28 2004 @ 07:25 PM
I wouldn't think we'd have enough troops left to go into Sudan to help the people, at this time,.... and ya know, this is really sad too if this Administration in-acts the draft to force us into service just because they messed-up on starting a war in Iraq, that shouldn't have been done and using-up all our troops there.

We'd have enough troops to help Sudan if Bush & Co had not done what they had.

It's wrong to start-up the draft because of Bush's BS.

posted on Jun, 28 2004 @ 07:34 PM
Didn't I read something about a significant Chinese presence in Sudan?

Perhaps we are not being told the whole story which, of course, is the norm these days.

posted on Jun, 29 2004 @ 02:09 AM
You know you maybe right about that Strider, when a person stops and ponders on this issue. We have been lied to and deceived by this administration so much in the past 3 yrs and almost 7 months, that it is hard to beleive anything they say or certain media's-newspapers tell/don't tell, it is so dis-heartening.

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