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Seperate bathrooms for transvestites? You gotta be kidding me.

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posted on Sep, 14 2010 @ 07:48 AM

Originally posted by Brood

I'm sorry, you do not deserve to have kids if you want them to grow up to be exactly like you

Who are you to say who deserves to have children or not? Or how they raise their children? You're starting to sound like a parent-hating whiney little brat that was raised by television and magazines.

You’re rebellious and problems with parental authority concern me but make sense because it seems you bought into the ever growing trend of current Americana.

No child deserves this level on censorship. If you want your children to grow up to be exactly like you, I suggest you take them out of school, because school teaches them reality

If this is the kind of "reality" they teach in schools now, I am DEFINITLY home schooling my children.

a concept that is far beyond your understanding. Beyond being your children, they are human beings. I can't wait until your child tells you that she has always felt like she has been a man.

More insults and wild irrational thought. Im am really starting to believe you're the juvenile one.

That's how the world REALLY works, whether your parents shielded you from that, and whether you want to shield your kids from it -- that is your own problem -- it will remain a reality. Ten years from now, when your children have a lot of the same thoughts as I do about this, and start arguing with you about them; maybe then you will see that they were never meant to be you. They are themselves.

Thanks Dr Freud, but my children's reality is my reality UNTIL they can choose for themselves. Children arent old enough to understand or endure such realities as they are still developing their bodies and minds.

And in regards to the rest of your post, the idea that you think it is everyone's "right" to not have to deal with other people and their differences is absolutely ludicrous and juvenile. Grow up, Dad.

Whether its juvenile, ludicrous or otherwise, its law. Whether it’s enforced or not is up to the people and society.

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posted on Sep, 21 2010 @ 07:37 PM

Originally posted by AzoriaCorp

Originally posted by Brood

Who are you to say who deserves to have children or not? Or how they raise their children? You're starting to sound like a parent-hating whiney little brat that was raised by television and magazines.

Funny you say I went straight to insults by saying your kids can be more mature than you... then you call me a whiny brat for thinking that people shouldn't think that shielding their children is above the basic human right to urinate. I happen to have a very good relationship with my parents; I never used to because my father used to be as ignorant as you... until he came around. It didn't take a transsexual to change him, and when karma catches up with you, we might see the result of that.

I'm not going to counter-quote any more of this, since you don't listen at all. All I have to say is exactly what you sound like to us "normal people":

"I don't understand this, and I certainly won't have my children understanding it either! How dare society pressure me into teaching my children! It is my RIGHT to refuse to teach my child anything! My life is awful! Damn trannys, they have it so easy, being allowed to urinate in public restrooms! Woe is me and my children, the opressed, the misunderstood!"

I will not be returning to this thread, there's no point. You're clearly suffering from mid-life stubbornness and absolute narrow-mindedness.

Good luck to your children, they'll need it. Unfortunately, there's no hope for your civil redemption.

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posted on Sep, 21 2010 @ 07:54 PM
This is JUST like the argument against DON'T ASK DON'T TELL. The Problem is -NOT- with the Trannies, just like the problem is -NOT- with the Gay's in the military. The Problem is with the NARROW MINDED BIGOTS in our society.

Oh and just to point out....since no one said anything...If a man in a dress (a tranny, which wouldn't recognize most....) wants to go into the Woman's bathroom...You DO realize they don't have urinals? So peeing "next to someone" as you put it, puts and entire WALL between you thanks to....wait for it.....wait for it...THE INVENTION OF STALLS.....

And the OPPOSITE is exactly the same, if a woman wants to pee in the men's bathroom...She has to go into a stall......

Let's use some logic here when trying to attack a group that's "different" then you.....

Did I mention I don't like to pee next to bible-thumping right-wing conservatives? But you don't see me mandating that they put up a bathroom for all of those idiots.....

posted on Sep, 22 2010 @ 07:20 AM
Its not about discrimination or bigotry. Thats a lame duck cry that people use to label people who are against people's personal lifestyle intruding on the rights of others.

Men go to the restroom. Women to the Women's room. Simple as that. Maybe restroom doors should post which chromosome that is appropriate to what bathroom people are to use. a Y and X to be posted to distinguish the different bathrooms. Maybe THIS will clear up any confusion.

It should not matter what a person is wearing, gential mutilation, or what a person may PERCEIVE what gender they are.

I may have gotten alittle emotional in this argument because I have had personal experiences in the past that I would rather forget; so in that respect, some apologies may be in order.

However, I do NOT have an issue with an individuals' "basic human right" to urinate, or their rights to pursue whatever personal lifestyle they prefer, but WHERE they urinate is the issue and to make sure they are urinating in the appropriate manner and place. And I mean that for all. Transvestites, gays, straights, or otherwise.

If a cop arrests you for urinating in public he is not denying your right to urinate, he is denying you the option to choose WHERE you are urinating. It is inappropriate and THAT is simply my argument. No further.

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