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We're Being Programmed To Hate Muslims

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posted on Sep, 5 2010 @ 01:22 PM
I begin typing this post up as someone who, to all intents and purposes, is an English Nationalist. Furthermore, I am a Heathen with little respect for the major religions - most notably Islam! I've been involved in countless debates on ATS (and elsewhere) in condemnation of radical Islam and its steady growth across the western world. In fact, some of you may have found yourselves in rather scornful opposition to myself and my views, feeling that I am at best intolerant and at worst Islamophobic.

My honesty here serves a purpose - I would hope that it lends weight to my argument and helps some of you investigate more seriously the claims I'm going to make. You see, my worldview - as briefly described above - would have me pigeonholed, by most, as 'your classic Islamophobe'; you know the ones: we hate Muslims, (probably most 'brown people' secretly), we hate 'liberal' governments (like Britain's Labour) for letting them in yet we fully support the West's occupation of the Middle-East - why? Because 'them damn ragheads flew planes into the WTC and bombed the London Underground'. Furthermore, we hate Asians because they're milking our benefit system and taking our jobs...



Yes, that stereotype does describe some Nationalists, but no, it's not one which I have any desire to adhere to. In fact, I believe the above mindset is being deliberately implanted in the minds of susceptible working class Brits and Europeans. This is what I believe to be the actual agenda:

Step 1: The encouraged mass-immigration of predominantly Muslim peoples.
Step 2: The promotion of Multiculturalism as unquestionable progress.
Step 3: False-flag terrorist attacks to create the beginnings of mistrust.
Step 4: The promotion of state-agents like Anjem Choudary who play the role of Islamic Fundamentalists hell-bent on destroying Western culture; the banning of certain patriotic demonstrations and the permittance of pro-Islamist marches in order to stir up resentment against Muslims.
Step 5: Get public Globalist figures like Tony Blair to outwardly express mistrust of (radical) Islam, thus making it a more acceptable mainstream standpoint.
Step 5: Patriot vs Muslim conflict on the streets.

And for the steps that are yet to follow:

Step 6: Permit unrest to grow near to the point of civil war.
Step 7: Introduce Draconian new state laws and measures to 'preserve peace'.
Step 8: Undermine traditional Islam and promote atheism for all.
Step 9: Multiculture becomes multi-ethnic, materialist monoculture, paving the way for the acceptance of one-world government.

The terrifying thing about this is that most patriots I speak to are unwilling to consider Muslims a pawn in the game, every bit as much as Europeans are. Saying that 9/11 and 7/7 were implemented to setup Islam as 'the bad guy' is seen as siding-with-the-liberal-left-establishment, when in reality it is the only genuine anti-establishment position. It is strongly-believed that the establishment are pro-Islam and that if the media and government are apologising for Muslims, then Muslims must be the enemy every bit as much as the government. This is wrong!

I oppose the Islamification of Europe - not because I dislike Islam but simply because I wish to preserve the ancient native heritage of Europe. It's not to do with hating foreign cultures but rather loving native ones. But I do not hate Muslims, nor do I hold them responsible for the betrayal of my country. The worry is that too few patriots see the same truth in all of this that I do - that far from being conditioned to love Islam, we're actually being brainwashed to hate it (whilst being tricked into thinking that the goal is to make us love it).

I worry first and foremost for the liberties of all people worldwide. Liberty is not worth sacrificing for the sake of cultural preservation, if that is even what it would come to. Our enemies are the traitors in charge, not the people who choose to follow a different way of life to ourselves, nor the ones who take advantage of lax border controls to make a better life for themselves.

Skip to 1:10 in the below video. This is a man called David Noakes who points out the corruption and horror of the growing EU dictatorship - the establishment would probably call him "right-wing", and yet here he is, like me, asserting that we're being programmed to hate the wrong people in order to avert our gaze from the real crooks in government:

This, like all threads surrounding Islam and Muslims, is likely to become heated. I hope we can all remain respectful.

posted on Sep, 5 2010 @ 02:46 PM
Well at first I was going to use all your points to disprove your conclusion.
I was ready for the kill lol. Then when I read your points I realized that they were the same points I was going to use against you but as I read and you explained I realized where you were going and if I used an open mind it could be plausable!!
Like I said I thought we were being programmed to like and love Islam and accept, but now you force me to question that which I have came to believe..
flags and stars friend

posted on Sep, 5 2010 @ 02:51 PM
You've managed to express your opinions about muslims and Islam in an interesting way, without resorting to snide bigoted comments or being totally intolerant.
A rare thing indeed on ATS these days!

I'm not sure what to say about your theory really. It's interesting, but i'll reserve judgement for now.

posted on Sep, 5 2010 @ 02:52 PM
reply to post by Cythraul

Great post just like the Mexicans in the US they are being used by TPTB for many things. Radical Islam is I believe a symptom not a cause.

The problem is we do have very radical people how do we deprogram this? I used to think it was a religious thing I was wrong. It is purely cultural.

posted on Sep, 5 2010 @ 02:56 PM
They don't treat women as equals and according to my husband they wear a diaper on their heads. I see a burka as a prison for women. They teach their children to use machine guns..... I feel if they worked hard, got along, were repectful to women, and built wells they would prosper.

posted on Sep, 5 2010 @ 04:43 PM
reply to post by Cythraul

Your opening post was very well thought out and intelligent. Starred and Flagged.

Yes, that stereotype does describe some Nationalists, but no, it's not one which I have any desire to adhere to. In fact, I believe the above mindset is being deliberately implanted in the minds of susceptible working class Brits and Europeans. (Add Americans to this too)! This is what I believe to be the actual agenda

Your 9 steps are right on the money. As David Icke would put it, problem, reaction solution. Many people here on ATS have bashed Mr. Icke, but he is in complete agreement with your statements. He sees the war game plan most clearly.

Slowly but surely, and not just in Europe all across the planet we are all being groomed, soon to be one homogenized group.

This will make it easier to control us as well as if you have noticed, particularly in America, South America, Mexico, Africa, Tibet, Australia, Russia, China and Europe - all the indigenous people are being systematically “eradicated” or "assimilated". Their old legends, lore’s and beliefs are being lost and forgotten.

Why? Because there is knowledge and a measure of truth that TPTB do not want the masses to learn. Knowledge is true power.

We are all, the entire human race being made over into Barbie and Ken dolls.

In my neighborhood I have watched the Muslims and East Indians move in. Grandma and Grandpa with the full Middle Eastern outfit.

Mom and Dad with most of the Middle Eastern outfit.

Junior and Junioress are now wearing jeans, tee shirts and carrying iPods. I know more about Middle Eastern Dance than the 20 year old Indian girl that lives three doors down from me.

My husband says that once things are fully integrated, all mixed together then and only then will we learn to get along.

Once Middle Eastern women see via TV and the net how free they could be, they will be chucking those veils. It's a matter of time.

Yesterday at Whole Foods, I saw a Muslim woman wearing the veil and jeans.............its coming.

Is assimilation going to be a good thing or bad thing? I think it’s going to make it easier for TPTB to complete their final plan of a One World Government, if we are not careful.

But and this is a big but – possibly this may backfire in their faces when and if mankind finally unites as a single group and stops his juvenile bickering.

TPTB are again using fear to keep us divided. War strategy is that in order to conquer you must divide your enemy. Our real enemy is ignorance and hatred.

The more the Middle Eastern People move out of that primitive hell hole that is a throwback to the cave men days and see how the rest of us live, the young ones will start to embrace the modern ways.

I can't help but think once we are all integrated we might just learn that we are all one race, one tribe, there is no them or us, there is only humanity.

And humanity better start uniting and stop this childish squabbling. With what I see coming, we had better be a united group, our survival will depend upon our unity.

The first time disclosure comes or a real space ship lands and we get a look at our first visitor..............all of us will realize we indeed are of one species, man.

I am not religious, I am spiritual.

Again, in my humble opinion, religion has been the bane of mankind, it has been used to control, manipulate and make man a docile, easily to manipulate being. All the major religions have separated man from his true spiritual heritage and each other.

Religion is the main culprit and until mankind sheds his primitive and superstitions mindsets we will continue to have problems with getting along.

We don’t need a one world religion. We do need to look within and find our true spiritual essence. That essence is love, kindness and understanding.

We were not meant to be religious; we were meant to be and are foremost spiritual beings.

On a personal note: I do appreciate and feel most comfortable with my Scotch, Irish, Welsh, English, French and Greek Background…………….but damn, my favorite dish in the whole world is Matar Paneer.

I also love Mexican and Italian food.

Your post has given us so much to think about.

You have added much to this thread and I love to have to ponder something.

Yes, I think the mainstream media is owned by an elite hand few. Furthermore, I suspect TPTB at the very top may not even be human.

Yes I realize this is a radical statement, very radical and I propose this as an idea to ponder and not an absolute fact yet.

I do agree we are being fed lies, lies and more lies. These lies are to make us fearful of each other and to induce hatred.

While Islam seems to be radical, I believe the Twin Towers were brought down by or at least arranged to be brought down by a shadow, secret fraction of the United States Government. 911, I believe was a false flag operation perpetrated to induce fear, instigate the American people into war (research Star gate in the Bay of Arden) and to drive us humans further apart.

Just like John F. Kennedy was murdered, not by a lone gunman but a whole organization within my own country. Here in America our true traitors are not out there, they come from within.

Another war strategy, to destroy from the center outward not from the outside inward.

I cannot speak for England or Europe; I’ve never had enough money to visit this beautiful continent from where my bloodline began.

But there are, again I suspect, humans that for power and money have sold the rest of humanity to the highest bidder and TPTB are hell bent trying to keep us distracted and separated.

“United we stand, divided we fall”.

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posted on Sep, 5 2010 @ 05:12 PM

Originally posted by madhadder545
Like I said I thought we were being programmed to like and love Islam and accept, but now you force me to question that which I have came to believe..
flags and stars friend

I'm glad, and I was exactly the same. Until relatively recently I'd begun to develop a real problem with Islam. Like I said, I'm still no fan of it, but it is a community and a culture which deserves to be judged based on truth, not lies - like all people. This is not about whether Islam is good or evil, but about whether the opinions of non-Muslims about Islam is being manipulated and how.

Originally posted by Subjective Truth
Great post just like the Mexicans in the US they are being used by TPTB for many things. Radical Islam is I believe a symptom not a cause.

Absolutely. And actually, you remind me of a huge part which I totally left out: the "Ground Zero Mosque" - an example of exactly the same thing happening in the US as is happening in Europe. You have to ask yourself why the media is permitting so much hysteria to surround this proposed Mosque. If the establishment truly wanted to 'Islamify' the West and force us all to accept it, surely events like this would be best kept under wraps, not pushed to the foreground.

reply to post by ofhumandescent

I agree with almost everything you had to say - particularly the loss of indigenous wisdoms. It's a slight tangeant, but my belief is that the separation of cultures enables the message carried within the heritage of those cultures to remain lucid. Multiculturalism results in both a blending and a confusion of cultural wisdoms - thus each one cancels the others out and makes it invalid. And yes, even Islam - as with Christianity and Judaism, has some vital spiritual truths hidden deep within it.

The name of the game, like you say, is "divide and conquer". Multiculturalism is "divide and conquer" - or rather, that's how TPTB intend it to be (and so far it's working).

posted on Sep, 5 2010 @ 05:16 PM
Crap, how did they find that keypad on my back to program me! I thought I had that thing hidden!

Guess ill need to change my memory again.....

Joking aside , I dont think were being programmed to hate Muslims, I know there are plenty of people that would like that if we were, I just think theres a huge amount of information out there on Muslims that is negative, because of all the terrorism nonsense and suppression of womens rights in the religion.

I think the only thing that will change this is exposure of women in the religion to the rest of the information floating around this world......and the gradual integration into western society and womens rights....

I also think that they need to stop being so fearful and stand up with loud voices over their extreme brethren and make the decision to put a stop to it...

Will that happen, I dont know, I doubt it........but i think the former probably will eventually

posted on Sep, 5 2010 @ 05:17 PM
My point is simple.
Every species defends it's turf, because it is a successful survival strategy.
We instinctively want to defend our turf.
I don't think we are doing anything wrong.

I would also like to add that leadership has put the common citizen on the defensive, and I am certain it was planned and intentional. If you want to call that "being programmed" - so be it.

The mistake leadership has made is thinking we are too stupid to see who pulls the puppet strings. So leadership will get the war they tried to desperately instigate, but it will completely back fire on *them*, not the invaders.

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posted on Sep, 5 2010 @ 05:20 PM

its pretty obvious that we are being programed to hate not only on Muslims but on everything ...

its not because a sub group of extremists belong to the group of muslims that every muslim is a extremist ...

thats the same for everything else, thats basic math

posted on Sep, 5 2010 @ 05:48 PM
We've always been at war with Eastasia. Eurasia is our ally, and the chocolate ration has been INCREASED to twenty grams.

posted on Sep, 5 2010 @ 11:16 PM

Originally posted by Subjective Truth
reply to post by Cythraul

Great post just like the Mexicans in the US they are being used by TPTB for many things. .....

True words.
Can you imagine that one of the solutions TPTB could introduce to make the US 'safer' would be:
Passport (and/or) I.D. checks whenever you cross into ANY State border? What would be safer than 10+ Border checks to go vactioning from East to West Coast by RV?

posted on Sep, 5 2010 @ 11:36 PM
I agree with the OP, and I believe that ethnic hatred is being fanned and fed by TPTB with intent to both make money (selling arms and rebuilding bombed out towns) and reducing population, while creating a perception that there is a need for a 'one world government'.

While doing a search for Giordano Bruno I found this site that explains, in a sort of unified-conspiracy-theory style with links to back up docs, all the details.LINK

The UK is being set up to be the next test of the same program that was used to break up Yugoslavia... and create a wave of 'ethnic cleansing'... that is they created the problem of mass killings, by using psychological manipulation techniques and then starting a never ending wave of retribution killings and mass murders.

This is all a theatrical.

Nota Bene: this warning from one of the members of the Manhattan Project, to develop the first atomic bombs, who explains that the threats of psychological societal manipulation will make the threat posed by nuclear war seem "TRIVIAL" < his word!

"In the last ten years physicists have been extraordinarily noisy about the immense powers, largely through their efforts, but through other efforts as well have come into the possession of man, powers notably and strikingly for very large scale and dreadful destruction. We have spoken of our responsibilities and our obligations to society in terms that sound very provincial, because the psychologist can hardly do anything without realizing that for him the acquisition of knowledge opens up the most terrifying prospects of controlling what people do and how they feel. This is true for all of you who are engaged in practice, and as the corpus of psychology gains in certitude and subtlety and skill. I can see that the physicists pleas that what he discovers be used with humanity and be used wisely will seem trivial compared to those pleas which you will have to make and for which you will be responsible."
Dr Robert Oppenheimer from the Journal of the Atomic Scientists from a presentation to the American Psychological Association in 1955 LINK

Dr George Estabrooks (a hypnosis consultant to OSI) stated in 1943 I think it was, that "the only defense against covert psychological manipulation is to familiarize oneself with the techniques being used" Google "Death in the mind" + Estabrooks

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posted on Sep, 6 2010 @ 12:23 AM
I've been saying a similar thing for months now on many sites, and get flamed everytime I do.

Muslims are being made out to be the patsy, just like Jews were made to be the patsy in the 1930's.

This will end badly, hopefully history will NOT repeat itself.

posted on Sep, 6 2010 @ 01:00 AM
Communism went away and TPTB needed a new global bogeyman for their endlessly profitable "War on Terror".

So they created al CIA-duh.

posted on Sep, 6 2010 @ 01:14 AM
And if 9/11 was exposed as the LIE and COVERUP it really WAS...
we might not even be having discussions about hated of Muslims....

Guess we all collectively missed the boat on THAT...HUH?

Muslims= Scapegoats of the 21rst Century for all wrongdoing.

There is no "War on Terror" with 9/11 Truth..
80% of the Muslim hatred existing today would never have been born.
There would have been hatred for "OTHERS" instead, but we won't get into that.

posted on Sep, 6 2010 @ 01:21 AM
reply to post by Cythraul


Although I indeed often find myself opposing people with ideals similar to yours it's refreshing to see how you approach this issue.

The whole notion of the "Islamification of Europe" does indeed look like a fear-campaign but then the question should be asked, who is best served with creating this false image??

It is often suggested that a single force in the form of "The Powers That Be" or "New World Order" are responsible for this......Personally I think no group of more then two politicians are able to be sooooo coherent that they manage to run the entire show on a global scale.

Personally I can think of but one group that has the resources to pull off something like this and that is best served with the notion that Islam religion is a thread....The roman catholic church!!!

Think about it, back in 2000 the head of this organization already knew that the 2 billion paid in compensation to victims of sexual abuse was only the tip of the iceberg!!

If they wanted their organization to stay afloat they needed a diversion and as much new sheep as the could find....

Both goals are served with this fear campaign.

I'm telling you, I don't trust these guys!!!


posted on Sep, 6 2010 @ 01:58 AM
reply to post by Cythraul

Great post that touches on many truths. All of a sudden if you question Mass-Immigration you are a Right-Wing Nationalist trying to blame foreigners for all your troubles. Then come the eventual "Nazi" and "Eugenicist" labels because you have the courage to question why your country is being sold out.

We are being programmed to Hate Muslims and they are being programmed to Hate us. People who think Mass-Immigration is about "Cultural Diversity" are sadly mistaken. Divide and Conquer is the name of the game that those in power love to play. If we are to ever escape the Matrix we will need to rise above it and bring those pulling the strings to justice.

posted on Sep, 6 2010 @ 04:03 AM
reply to post by Cythraul

cliffs notes pls


I can however, attest, as a vocal opponent to the encroaching islamification of my own country, I have not let any media outlets sway my opinion - OPINION (note that I reiterate that)

99% is what I have seen. 1% is what I have gathered from non MSM websites.

The sun causes cancer even if you sit in it without knowledge.. And to sit in it claiming it is just good fun, does not disprove this fact.

posted on Sep, 6 2010 @ 04:23 AM
I too am a Cultural Conservative here in America. But I am also Keynesian Capitalist so I am pretty far left on the economy.

I completely agree with your view on what is happening, I never really thought of that before. But I knew the Muslims were being scapegoat, but for what reason I could never piece together, but you just did.

I have a couple of solutions to fix the problem.

1. Send back all Illegal Immigrants immediately.
2. Send back all Immigrants when their Visa/Green Card expires.
3. Set a cap on all Immigration coming from Non-Western Nations.
4. Allow Christianity back into public sphere.
(It's not that we are a Christian Nation, but rather Christianity is the cornerstone of our Culture)
5. Stop Globalization, Internationalism and International Organizations from expanding, in fact, we should leave ALL international organizations.
(And since you are British I would recommend leaving the EU, NATO, UN, etc...)

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