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ATS LIVE: 21: Member's Choice Open Lines Episode

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posted on Aug, 28 2010 @ 09:00 PM
Guys, the show was absolutely fantastic!

And that was the first time I've seen the "new look", with the globe indicating location of listeners, and countries flashing.

Very impressive.

Everyone seems so relaxed's truly excellent.

My best........

posted on Aug, 28 2010 @ 09:06 PM
[color=414141]Great Show Tonight Guys & Gals! Great Show Neformore!!!
Great Show ATS LIVE Team!

Great topics, enjoyed it a lot.
[color=414141]Great Show Nef!
Thanks for all you do Nef,

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posted on Aug, 28 2010 @ 09:07 PM
Thanks for the great show again, guys & gals!

Kind regards
Maybe...maybe not

posted on Aug, 28 2010 @ 09:08 PM
Good show again.
Entertaining and informative as always.
Thanks guys and gals.

posted on Aug, 28 2010 @ 09:08 PM
First time listening and I really enjoyed it ! It's nice to hear the voices of some of the people I've got to know in the short period of time being here and I was really surprised to see flags from cities of different countries all around the globe ! I am impressed ! Ancient Aliens topic was interesting and I'm looking forward to the cancer topic from Maybe...Maybe Not.

Big thumbs up !

posted on Aug, 29 2010 @ 11:32 AM
Musical attribution for last nights show - Artist/Title

The Heavens - This Beautiful Machine
Grayscale - Thermals
Ceal - Old School Like That
Mezzamo - Street of Summer
Kellee Maize - Mind Right
Illustrial ft Strobegirl - Its only a moment
The Womb - CIA Radio
Pawn Shop Lifters - Mississippi Mud
The Womb - Hey Hey Hey Hey Hey
Prophetic Dreams - Beautiful Events
Seduced by Suicide - My Sweetest Choice


Due to technical difficulties we lost the recording for the last 13 minutes of last nights show. Sorry about that - it might not happen again (but we can't promise it!)

posted on Aug, 29 2010 @ 12:30 PM
Thanks everyone for listening!
Thanks to our faithful ATS Chatroom following!
And a huge thanks for those who called into the show!

[edit on August 29th 2010 by greeneyedleo]

posted on Aug, 29 2010 @ 10:33 PM

Originally posted by Blanca Rose
I do have to say though, while I LOVE the live show, the loop idea disturbes me.

If I have missed a specific show, that is what I am after.

The loop idea actually pisses me off!

If I miss something, I don't want to have to go through something that I have already been through for hours!

Don't worry I think when Nef says you won't know what will be on he means that the live stream when not being used for the live broadcasts of ATS Live and the ATS Euro Show will play old shows (In Random Order) instead of nothing.

The Rewind Player will still allow you to select the specific show you want to listen to when you want to hear it.

Excellent show guys.

posted on Sep, 4 2010 @ 09:44 AM
Is there going to be a show tonight, Sept 4th?? #22? Did I miss something?

posted on Sep, 4 2010 @ 09:53 AM
reply to post by Benevolent Heretic

To the best of my knowledge there is going to be a show #22 tonight and Semper will be hosting.

As to why no thread has been started....I can only speculate that he has been very busy this week. And as luck would have it, my trip to Detroit for the weekend has been canceled, so I will be able to join the crew tonight as well.

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