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The movie "Knowing" & something odd!

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posted on Aug, 23 2010 @ 07:21 AM
reply to post by steve_oZ


My theorist side is thinking something along the line of
a warning system.

Or it could be very, VERY odd coincidence.

posted on Aug, 23 2010 @ 07:28 AM
reply to post by Alexander the Great

Strange indeed... I am going to watch the movie again for more clues Thanks for the heads up

posted on Aug, 24 2010 @ 01:35 AM

Originally posted by this_is_who_we_are
reply to post by this_is_who_we_are

He was outstanding in both "Leaving Las Vegas" and David Lynch's "Wild at Heart". I liked the movie "Knowing", but didn't care so much for "The Number 23", except 2/3=.666. Anyway... it sure is spooky (Mulder). The oil rig clip that is.

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That was Jim Carrey in "The Number 23", not Nic Cage.

Cage kicks all kinds of ass playing twins in "Adaptation" (great film), but punches women whilst pretending to be a bear in the remake of "The Wicker Man" (dreadful film).

Just my opinion of course.

As for "Knowing", well...once again Hollywood shows it's uncanny ability to predict the's damn spooky I tells ya!

posted on Aug, 24 2010 @ 01:50 AM
I'm not sure if anyone else caught this... but at roughly 30 seconds in, after the Summit Entertainment logo comes up, another one called, Escape Artists flashes briefly and guess what...

"The All Seeing Eye"

That pretty much seals the deal for me. Illuminati bastards...

posted on Aug, 24 2010 @ 02:07 AM
I enjoyed your thread and thought that you might also want to look into synchromysticism, Look into the works of either Jake Kotze or Steve Willner.

Here is some more info about this.


posted on Aug, 24 2010 @ 02:41 AM
I have to say that is pretty weird. I normally do not believe in the whole movies predict the future thing, as there are so many movies and storylines out there that some movies have to be right on the money.

But this one is different. It is a movie about predicting the future that actually does predict the future. And to get the number of losses exactly right?

This thread has left me puzzled

posted on Aug, 24 2010 @ 08:56 AM
reply to post by NoRegretsEver

Thank you.
I will have a look at this later in the day.
The name alone makes it sound interesting

posted on Aug, 28 2010 @ 01:05 AM
reply to post by Alexander the Great

Well let me know what you think, it has changed how coincidence isnt really what it seems.


posted on Aug, 28 2010 @ 07:24 AM

Originally posted by CHA0S
reply to post by ericsnow

The guy simply isn't very charismatic.
Firstly, I have to disagree with you there sir! I think he's a rather good actor with quite the charismatic charms, I've always enjoyed his work. Opinions may differ, but he's as famous as he is for a reason.


Now on to the topic at hand, this is indeed really strange IMO...especially because of what this movie was actually about, which is predicting the future. It seems they actually did predict the future in a movie about predicting the future, are you kidding me! It could simply be coincidence...but it is certainly odd IMO, that movie was very interesting by its self, because I have similar beliefs as to what will likely happen when the time comes, at least the Alien part anyway.

The beings in the movie were not aliens...

Ezekiel 3 - 24

The word of the LORD came expressly unto Ezekiel the priest, the son of Buzi, in the land of the Chaldeans by the river Chebar; and the hand of the LORD was there upon him.

And I looked, and, behold, a whirlwind came out of the north, a great cloud, and a fire infolding itself, and a brightness was about it, and out of the midst thereof as the colour of amber, out of the midst of the fire.

Also out of the midst thereof came the likeness of four living creatures. And this was their appearance; they had the likeness of a man.

And every one had four faces, and every one had four wings.

And their feet were straight feet; and the sole of their feet was like the sole of a calf's foot: and they sparkled like the colour of burnished brass.

And they had the hands of a man under their wings on their four sides; and they four had their faces and their wings.

Their wings were joined one to another; they turned not when they went; they went every one straight forward.

As for the likeness of their faces, they four had the face of a man, and the face of a lion, on the right side: and they four had the face of an ox on the left side; they four also had the face of an eagle.

Thus were their faces: and their wings were stretched upward; two wings of every one were joined one to another, and two covered their bodies.

And they went every one straight forward: whither the spirit was to go, they went; and they turned not when they went.

As for the likeness of the living creatures, their appearance was like burning coals of fire, and like the appearance of lamps: it went up and down among the living creatures; and the fire was bright, and out of the fire went forth lightning.

And the living creatures ran and returned as the appearance of a flash of lightning.

Now as I beheld the living creatures, behold one wheel upon the earth by the living creatures, with his four faces.

The appearance of the wheels and their work was like unto the colour of a beryl: and they four had one likeness: and their appearance and their work was as it were a wheel in the middle of a wheel.

When they went, they went upon their four sides: and they turned not when they went.

As for their rings, they were so high that they were dreadful; and their rings were full of eyes round about them four.

And when the living creatures went, the wheels went by them: and when the living creatures were lifted up from the earth, the wheels were lifted up.

Whithersoever the spirit was to go, they went, thither was their spirit to go; and the wheels were lifted up over against them: for the spirit of the living creature was in the wheels.

When those went, these went; and when those stood, these stood; and when those were lifted up from the earth, the wheels were lifted up over against them: for the spirit of the living creature was in the wheels.

And the likeness of the firmament upon the heads of the living creature was as the colour of the terrible crystal, stretched forth over their heads above.

And under the firmament were their wings straight, the one toward the other: every one had two, which covered on this side, and every one had two, which covered on that side, their bodies.

And when they went, I heard the noise of their wings, like the noise of great waters, as the voice of the Almighty, the voice of speech, as the noise of an host: when they stood, they let down their wings.

*Spoiler Alert*

If you have not watched the movie, do not watch this video below...

Have a look at the beings in the video after reading the bible passage, these beings are far from aliens. The ship they arrive in is worth paying attention too as well. There are references in the movie to the bible passages in the book of Ezekiel for all to see, if you pay attention while watching the movie.
The ending is also revealing as well and confirms its nothing at all to do with aliens.

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posted on Aug, 28 2010 @ 08:52 AM
Why does there have to be a clear seperation between aliens and angels? That in no way can a biblical passage be describing alien entities, they can only be describing angels created by god. I have run into this alot and it confuses me. If you can reach your mind far enough to accept a fraction of whats on this forum I am sure you can stretch it far enough to think that angels might have been interpretations of benevolent/religious/spiritual aliens.

posted on Aug, 31 2010 @ 11:49 PM
I also noticed something that NO ONE has mentioned... When Nick Cage arrives at Lucindas house and they show all of the news clippings of disasters on the wall... There is a clipping that says...

CHILE Earthquake... Most powerful ever... (I found that strange because I'm pretty sure this movie came out before that big quake in chile.)

Also there are some books on the shelf at Nick Cages house If I recall correctly.. One of the books is titled.. October Surprise.. and the one next to it is titled... When luck runs out.. (Sure in the movie the last day is in October, but it just makes me wonder if something will happen this October, who knows..)

There is also a pyramid with light rays coming off of it when the Nick Cages son is being shown a vision of the future through the circular window of his room in the attic. The shape of his room forms a pyramid, which is then being illuminated by this light showing the future. If you notice at the top of the pyramid there is light rays shining that are not eminating from the window that he is looking through. Which seems to indicate they went through some extra effort to impose the subliminal image of the pyramid with its shinning rays...

Add to the fact with a couple of references to the # 33 throughout the movie

The gulf of mexico spill

And the fact that this movie is called "knowing" and about knowing the future it would seem to me that are just really telling us that they do really know what is going on... Crazy stuff!

This was only the second time I've seen this movie so I wonder if there is more that I didn't catch...

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