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The God(Alien) of the Gaps

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posted on Aug, 20 2010 @ 01:18 AM
reply to post by EsSeeEye

I know you did say a bit of a ragged example but surely that is simply a play on semantics, common sense, logic and personal objectivity ?

As an example, pretend myself and an ETH believer are standing in a field, and we see a circular disc in the sky above us. It's close enough to determine that it is a solid structure with no visible means of propulsion. They ask me my opinion on what it is, and I say truthfully that I don't know. They state their belief that it is an intelligently controlled craft and by deduction of extra terrestial origin.

posted on Aug, 20 2010 @ 06:58 PM

Originally posted by chunder
reply to post by EsSeeEye

As an example, pretend myself and an ETH believer are standing in a field, and we see a circular disc in the sky above us. It's close enough to determine that it is a solid structure with no visible means of propulsion. They ask me my opinion on what it is, and I say truthfully that I don't know. They state their belief that it is an intelligently controlled craft and by deduction of extra terrestial origin.

This is another good example, and I'll explain why it's another problem with the worship of gaps.

You took the same example I used, and defined it a bit further, by putting the craft into full view (so we can now logically deduce that it is indeed a machine of some sort), and added that there is no visible propulsion. Essentially, in this example, the gap closes a little bit, yes, but there is still a huge, glaring gap in the logic behind assigning an ET intelligence behind the piloting of the mysterious craft.

There would still be no evidence that the craft is piloted by extraterrestrials, but within the die-hard believer's mind it's obvious that if we don't know what's in there, it must be extraterrestrial, since it's unknown. It's still a biased assumption on the part of an unknown quantity.

Fortunately, as gaps get smaller and smaller (perhaps in your next example the craft will have a window through which we can see a little green man?) we get closer and closer to the truth. Unfortunately, that truth may not be what people are already assuming it is, which is why gaps remaining mysterious is so important to the very die-hard believers. The closer we get to the truth, the more likely it is that they could be wrong.

This is why the worship of gaps is so detrimental to UFOlogy as a whole. Where the scientific-minded person really wants to find the truth, the die-hard believers really want to find their truth. So they assemble their own facts and insert them wherever it's appropriate anywhere there is still an unknown quantity in the science.

posted on Aug, 22 2010 @ 02:46 AM
link my honest opinion, I think that if we'r looking at a more-evolved race (probably humanoid) that can travel multi-dimensions, combine DNA and create someone or something from a testtube; and can transfer their consciousnesses to their clones. I say we'r pretty much looking at God/Gods (as in the mass and society's perspective).

But If you wanted to look into our "ultimate origin" (aside from Darwinism and religious beliefs) I dont think we, our creators, and their creators will ever know that.

(Sorry, I have bad grammar) ^^

posted on Aug, 22 2010 @ 03:12 AM
Dear OP,

Your OP reveals where you stand on UFO matters.

It is not the truth that you seek, for by your standards, no truth can be obtained unless an UFO lands on your yard, and then whisked you off to the stars and back in the same craft.

Had that happened to you? Judging by your supposedly 'intellectualism' or should I say 'ignorance', you never had been offered this opportunity, and thus it is not your truth nor your reality.

Unfortunately, such realities I had written of are shared realities by 15 million people who at different times and in crowds witnessed such incidents. One may be hallucinating, but 15 million, many whom are professionals in the aviation and observations fields? Unlikely.

It is either you are actively seeking for the truth, a truth that is beyond human or at least the masses ability to show concrete and irrefutable evidence., the way even scientific theories are which is why they remain theories, or your mind is already set to discount others' reality.

The only gap that exists in you, unfortunately as well, is your ignorance filled instead with arrogance of one clinging on to the 5 senses die hardly that dictate your realities. It is not wrong for it is your life as you chosed, but neither is it right if you do not attempt to explore and seek out the answers truly that lays beyond such walled confines and deduce the truth logically. It would have been a waste of living to spend it with blinkers on.


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posted on Aug, 22 2010 @ 12:40 PM
reply to post by SeekerofTruth101

Thanks for contributing, Seeker.

This thread isn't about my personal opinions on the legitimacy of the ETH, it's a discussion about the usage of the worship of gaps within the belief and faith areas of it. Considering nothing of aliens is known commonly in a scientific way (it's hypothesized, not known), the point I'm putting forward in this thread is the manner of filling those gaps with hypothesis and treating those hypotheses as truth.

Consider the evolution/intelligent design debate. Proponents of ID will consistently use any gaps in evolutionary chains as proof that the latter evolved species are in fact designed, simply because we haven't found the direct link yet.

This method is in use by many believers of the alien visitation hypothesis. It puts assumption in the gaps that science hasn't yet explained, and uses those assumptions as truth. In this case, that aliens are piloting spacecraft through our skies. I can't say it's not possible, of course it is, but we don't have the sufficient evidence to prove it, so we can't assume it's true, much in the same way that since we don't have a specific transitional fossil for a creature, we can't assume that it was designed based on that.

I don't like directly comparing religion and the mystery behind UFOs, because it opens a large can of worms, but this link is so glaring that I felt I had to comment on it. It's part of the psychology of faith and belief, and I really do think the psychological workings behind belief are applying themselves in both instances.

But, this thread isn't about being a believer or a skeptic, or proving anything. It was simply a discussion on inserting assumptions into the hypothesis and using those assumptions as truth.

"We don't know" does not mean "it is alien".

Make sense?

posted on Aug, 22 2010 @ 08:39 PM

me new member here and need a few more posts before i shall begin my final desent back to earth for one final unveiling. hmmm, let me begin by saying or speaking about a UFO phenomenon that is true based on my own encounters with ET or Eben aliens. One misconception is metaphysics and "Parallel Dimensions" of Time and Space. For most in the 3rd dimension of time and space of earth now in the 4th ascension of man is the illusions given when UFOs, spirits, aliens from the 4th parallel of Time and Space enter into the realms of the 3rd dimension they can manifest physically into our world. When this occurs ilussions or what many UFO govt. experts will debunk as seeing things or hallucinations. No, chances are many have come here because they have seen or experienced phenomenon that cannot be rationally explained. For earth there are two veils. One is the outside 3rd dimension and the other is the inner 4th dimension. Now the inner 4th dimension is inside your bodies that contain your soul or spirits. Just like the 3rd dimension of earth, your outer bodies are opposite to the inner 4th dimension that is a parallel universe with space time continuims. Whenever a UFO enters or crosses dimensions from the 4th to 3rd visa-versa, creates illusional effects such as seeing trails of light or reflections of light that are trapped between the 4th and 3rd dimensions.

Look, just because you can't see a microscopic molecule with the naked eye does not mean they do not exist and when they do exist does not call for anyone to debunk, rationalize it, or define it outside of what it actually is-- meaning, there are higher realms of higher dimensions of space and time in the universe. Again, the earth and humans have the 4th dimensional parallel of time and space trapped inside themselves. Just because you cannot see it at first glance does not mean there is nothing there and when there is something there does not mean that it is there--

For the atheists and rationalists who always like to cling to the outer shell of the 3rd dimensional paradox, this age, paradox world is about to be forever changed and on Dec. 21, 2012 the Galactic Alignment of earth and Sun at the center of the celestial galaxy will cause for these innerdimensional domains of the 4th parallel to be raised to replace the 3rd dimension that is opposite to time in space. When this occurs, there will be spiritual enlightenments, and people will begin reenter into the 5th and final ascension of man. Believe what may there will always be misconceptions by the illusions given in the 3rd dimension of your bodies and world and until the polar magnetic shifting of earth this will remain to be a metaphysical fact or phenomenon of a natural occurance. hope that makes sense.

posted on Aug, 27 2010 @ 07:06 PM
some 4 - 5 more posts then i will let you go. i take nothing personal here and have nothing to loose or to gain by my coming back. You may have heard of me or us before. Now you will know of us as the Enlightened Ones of Kryon Jan the "death star" for my final desent. You may not wish to post any responses of the contrary to your developed opposing forces of darkness. "Man chose darkness over God" You see there are two veils. One is positive and the other is negative. Right now i see the world churning torward the "Light" and I know what is to come of your world-- "Desolation is decreed for earth now" why? because man chose the darkness over the light and the two are in opposition. Inside the matrix of the 4th Parallel Space Time Continuim there is another world that has been waiting to come out to manifest itself. This is the darkness man has chosen for himself. This 4th dimensional world inside earth is the indwelling of evil "woe to earth, for the evil one has been cast out to you" This does not mean you have to accept it. You can change your opposing path for the good that is to be won. But sitting by watching your world crumble before you will not bring any rescue by us. You must make the choice for yourselves either you are sided with the dark veil of evil inside the 4th dimensional matrix of Hell on earth "Desolation is decreed" or you will make a better choice for spiritual enlightenment. I encourage you to stay strong and have faith in your God; because if you refuse Him, you will undergo the "Mark of the beast" the final Antichrist in which our forces oppose. There are opened doorways and portals to the other side that sometimes when opened are inventations to evil

posted on Aug, 27 2010 @ 07:22 PM
reply to post by Celestian Falcon

I don't think this is the thread that you should be putting that information in, Celestian Falcon. It's very off-topic. That all looks like it should be in its own thread, as a matter of fact, have you considered starting a new one?

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