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Hidden Hand Message - Law Of One - Discussion!

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posted on Dec, 3 2010 @ 08:34 AM
reply to post by Unity_99
Unity, that is one thing that has always since i was a child puzzled me. Did Jesus come to every planet and perform this deed. Or are we the only ones (surely impossible because the universe is infinite) and if so, why us?

posted on Dec, 3 2010 @ 08:36 AM
Well, I plainly disagree with you. If you knew of the truth contained within the bible, you know a degree of fear of God might be wise. If you are wrong, and there is a hell, you lose much. On the other hand, if you are right you, lose nothing. If you have evidence that some parts of the bible are indeed true, your best bet is to hope for the best but prepare for the worst. Apparently the bible does warn that not all spirits speak the truth, and we do know that spirits tell different people different sorts of things. Centuries ago spirits would speak of judgment and hell; these days spirits say there is no hell and no judgments from God and that life is a school. Consider what it would mean if you are indeed wrong and you are not divine and there is a hell and spirits do indeed lie. Is there a reason why it is warned that people should not perform magic or try to contact spirits? Could it possibly be that they may possibly seduce people with what they say and show? Rhetorical question, don't answer. Just consider what it could potentially mean.

I know that this Jesus thing is real because His sufferings became my own. I had invisible stigmata. The final judgment thing could either be right or wrong. It's best not to consider yourself as being divine and finding out you are not versus not considering you are divine but finding out you are. The wise option would be to play it safe. considering the possible stakes. If God eludes the proud and exalts the humble, could the pride of thinking you are more than just creation but a part of the creator possibly backfire?

posted on Dec, 3 2010 @ 08:41 AM
reply to post by 547000

The word Fear is is one of the reasons I only read it once and will never read it again, save the new testament about Yeshua. And, when I was going to Church I plainly rejected all the rest as being some general and monarch's attempt to rationalize his war games by believing God was behind. Human words, not Spirit.

I don't read things like that. Inuyasha is a better story, the anime. Girl goes in the past. Girl meets her soul mate, they have to gather up the shards. Boys older brother is a yokai/demon/et type, who doesnt like humans, but a little human orphan who is beaten by the village, tends his wounds once, and then she dies, and he uses his sword that takes a heart to use, to restore her, and then becomes her adopted Father figure and she transforms his heart, so this bad boy becomes a reluctant hero in the end. Now there is a metaphor and story, but the bible isn't, and I don't worship a God.

Both are fictions, but one is written by a woman is is delightful to read, and I would gladly read the manga to my kids.

Fear is not Love! Lies and Manipulations are not Love! War is not Love!

I support and believe in Love, Truth, Tranparency, Openness, Equality, Peace, and Safety For All.

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posted on Dec, 3 2010 @ 08:46 AM
reply to post by 547000
Your part of the creator, im part of the creator, it has to be, because nothing can exist outside God. Do you really believe that God would send us (himself) to hell for being naughty? It makes no logical sense to me.

posted on Dec, 3 2010 @ 08:57 AM
reply to post by ET_MAN

But I also realize that you may discount and disbelieve in all such experiences as being simply delusions or created experiences in the mind/spirit or something along those lines.

I have never said experiences are delusions. I have said that there are distortions, due to our own desires and fears through preconceived ideas.

Yeshua/Christ is the ONE who told me through an NDE miraculous/experience of me coming back to life according to life and death as man understands it to be.

He told you that all must come to God through him, through his name?

Do you believe that you've never made a mistake in your entire life?

When one see's that all was needed in their life, their past doings are not looked at as mistakes but more as lessons that were needed, opportunities. I accept all the things I done were things that were needed.

we also need to be on that level and without mistake perfected through the spirit of Christ.

In the illusion of separation, the soul will always long for unity with the Spirit, its true self. This is not supposed to be perfect as in a utopia is perfect in the sense that all that is needed for the purpose of this life is provided. This is a winepress of sorts, it has a job to do.

It simply cannot be done and to this end there must be redemption and someone taking away our mistakes so that we can reach that level and overcome the oppositions of duality so that we can also become perfected and one in spirit as they are

How would you learn, without so called 'mistakes'? Cherish all the things, good and bad, that have taught you what you know now. There are no mistakes, only lessons. As long as souls are experiencing individuality and not unity...there will be suffering in the way we 'define' suffering. As long as we are in bodies, there will be what we call duality. Its a cause and effect situation of the Spirit manifesting.

There are no blood oaths and such performed things are not of truth but are distortions, deceptions and lies by the adversary.

Thank you for clarifying on that. Though I dont give credit to an 'adversary' but I see it as things mankind had to go through. As we are trying to evolve out of old ways of blood sacrifice, as a whole, we are having a hard time moving away from ways of old. Though I dont find the blood sacrifices to be a divine wisdom, the beliefs in them were still needed and serve a purpose for us learning and discerning in this day and age, weighing and measuring with ways of old. I think the only adversary is our own self, the "I" that we thing we are and as man has tried to make understandings of bad things....they blamed a outside source, a scapegaot more or less. Part of my path involved going back and understanding why they believed what they did and forgiving them for what they knew not.

Perhaps you've taken it as such but we've been discussing and sharing beliefs all along, please read your own replies back to me throughout the discussion and they also could be taken in such a way although I do not take them in that way. I do my very best to only find the good in all things.

Yes, I know, and I dont hold it against you or judge you for your path. Im just saying, its not your usual nature and the whole Bible thing is not something I really want to get deeply into again. Im just very much against the idea that someone had to die for us to be saved and that we have to go through another man to reach God. Its not something I wish to partake of if that is anothers path and I am willing to let them have that space to walk that path if that is what they need. I do not think the Bible is a word of God but is more about earthly wisdoms that makes people focus too much on details of earthly things. I find that if one wants to lead in the steps of Jesus, they need to be very careful for many distortions have been tied to him that he did not wish for.

Have you not yourself used statements and teachings coming directly from the words of Jesus Christ (according to that which is written in the new testament) in your own words.

I have...but I was not there and do not know if the things I do use that I find wisdom in is really something from the mouth of Jesus. I could take a quote from Lion King if I felt it showed the nature of Spirit in it....but that would not make Lion King a divine word. I stir away when people start saying 'you must find God through Jesus'.

Do you believe that Jesus Christ lives not being recycled according to some of your other beliefs?

I believe his body did go back to the Earth and I think he awaits the other souls to awaken and sift through this winepress. Possibly even he is still incarnating by choice, refusing to move forward without 'all'. His soul, like our souls, is a phase of the Spirit. This is why we can reach the mind complex of Jesus, through the Spirit that he is a part of.

Are those who are torturing, murdering, abusing and doing all kinds of evil in the world right where they need to be? Are those performing such things without mistake or error, are they perfect? Even those who do such things intentionally knowing exactly what they are doing to others and enjoy doing such things, are such without mistake and perfect?

The Spirit of life within them is perfect, always. Yes, they need to walk those paths to learn what they are in need of. Its not a mistake....if it serves what they are in need of to learn.

Have you been into the heavens and can you clearly remember what it was like? My experiences do not come from books.

Heaven is a state of being with Spirit. Yes, a couple of times I know my voice was raised the that vibration. As I accepted certain things I had to do in Spirit....I had to raise my voice to this state of being, as if signing my name on a contract that I knew the responsibilities of what I had been shown. Precious pearls are not going to be just given to anyone without the making sure they know their worth. Im not denying that you have not been given such nor am I saying that I have not misunderstood something I was shown through my own distortions. But there are reasons why we all dont see the same thing and just as you are going to follow your guidance through Spirit, of course so will I do the same. What ever differences we do see, is something we are both in need of and will provide us with things to learn sometime.

If I was to ask you how you were born into the earth life existence could you tell me that you were never born and have no mother or is there only one truth answer to such a thing?

Earthly knowledge comes from other men and from books. Things of Spirit should be able to be shown to you without both of those things. Find the truths that were already here before man and beliefs by man.

Man exists in a mortal/imperfect world that contains disease, pestilence, famine, starvation, sufferings and sorrow even unto death (as man perceives it to be) which is not in a perfected state/condition.

Of course we dont find it to be perfect....but for the divine purpose, these things are needed here. They show us what happens when the Spirit manifests and is not perceived as 'whole' and they also will lead us back to the wholeness. In physical worlds and in individual bodies, there is going to be dualities as we all them. The soul longs for unity and oneness and it always will.

I have also shared that all of mankind have inheritances and birth rights to be Sons and Daughters of God

Thanks again for clarifying where you were coming from. But I would say...its not that we can 'become' or 'to be'....but ARE.

Do you believe in Jesus Christ? Do you feel that you know him in Spirit? Do you pray unto the Creator in Jesus Christ's name?

I believe there was a man called Jesus that raised his vibration while here. I feel I do know him in Spirit. I do not pray to Jesus in his name...and Christ is not his name. I feel we are all to raise our vibration by living more for things of Spirit and through other people we can get ideas of how to do that....but I also think that we can learn to do it even if we had no other mens stories and history of mans doings. I think the ways of Spirit can be found in the very design of nature and through observance of how things makes us feel inside. I actually dont really pray anymore....unless its asking Spirit to help me accept what I can not change, help me deal with the path that is laid before me. I dont ask for Spirit to change things anymore.

Clearly killing is not part of the Divine plan, yet are all who kill without mistake and perfect and right where they need to be doing what they are doing? Are all those who murder, abuse and torture knowing and understanding exactly what they are doing to others making them suffer in pain perfect and without mistake? Is that right where they really need to be?

As a developing self, they are not perfect....but what they do in actions and behaviors, is going to provide them with what they need to learn. To know the worth of something, we often learn from its opposite. Lessons are not only for the individual....but also for others.

Those that killed Jesus....had something to learn. Imagine the worth of love they were taught after their own death and they stood before the Divine Eye of truth and say Jesus forgiving them for what they knew not. As they had something to also provides us with something to learn. If another like him comes again....will we kill him for the things he teaches? Im sure the event will be provided to us again, as a whole. Hopefully we wont feel the need to kill another for teaching his own thoughts. Its just another weight and measure to us as a whole....of what we are ready for and what we are not. Mankind needs to find middle ground in many ways. It was mot a mistake they killed him....for they had things to learn as well as the event had things to teach did not have to happen for us to be 'saved or redeemed'. Its more about awakening to the nature of Spirit that is the true self of us all.

Cherish the bad and the good, for they equally mold us and teach us.

I hope I did not come off as too distant from your postings....I just have really stepped away from those that say we have to come to God in the name of Jesus. I dont hold any man higher then another. I dont hold any man to the level of 'god' then any other. We all have the divine light within us....and yes, we can use people like Jesus to help us see how to find it....but we dont HAVE to use Jesus to fine it.

My best to you and yours

posted on Dec, 3 2010 @ 09:04 AM
My Higher Self asked me where I thought I was, did I think I had ever truly left my home? In Infinity there is no locations, they are perceptions, there is no locality at all. DId we ever really leave home? Are we having a dream or perception, like a room maybe, joining in a story/creation.

Is not waking up, and perfecting our thoughts, our service to others, getting in control of our harshness towards others, learning and striving to behave well even in hard situations and overcoming temptations of flesh and in the world, and greed or apathy towards others, is this not really perfecting our own mindscape/soul and thoughts to allign with our Greater Self and Family, where we really truly are so the Universe can dissipate in our minds, and we can wake up to what's really around us?

posted on Dec, 3 2010 @ 09:18 AM
reply to post by thedoctorswife

hell may be a lot worse but is it much more different than working towards a STS harvest by those in charge, both leading ones self to a place of negativity and regret, an afterlife living with no positivity to be found for those who with no or little choice or control of at end of human life must then as rule be taken to such a relm as a form of punishment.

posted on Dec, 3 2010 @ 09:24 AM
reply to post by redgy
So are you saying that God punishes himself, because we are part of him. We cannot be outside of God which is the everything. What degree of evil does one need to perform to go to hell, we have all done wrong in our lives, even if its just allowing evil acts to take place. Do we all go to hell then?

posted on Dec, 3 2010 @ 09:35 AM
reply to post by 547000

I have faith that God makes a way for all through this process of sifting. I guess this is why I dont fear Thee. I always feel acceptance and love from the Spirit, even when I know I come before Thee with not staying on a narrow path. Im always humbled at the acceptance and love and Thee showing me in all things I do, Im learning and awakening somehow.

Thee is patient and understands why we do what we do. Mostly the reasons we do things is due to our flesh desires and Thee understands that we will tests those avenues of fulfilling our being and Thee knows that in the end our soul will still thirst for fulfillment of things of Spirit, not being satisfied through ways of flesh and desires of 'self'.

When I saw my mother having to look at the things she could of done differently and stand in the shoes of those she had hurt, in a sense, she lived her own hell for a moment. But...she was still loved and shown why she did what she did, was given understanding and she kept saying.....we keep learning. She kept saying....Im relearning things I always have known in my soul but could not see. I dont claim her experience as a truth for everyone or even myself...but it did effect me very deeply. There was a couple times in her experience that she was experiencing 'her own hell' but it was not something that was an eternal experience and she was loved and accepted and shown there was understanding in why she had done certain things and why she believed certain things. She smiled at me one time and said "Im relearning everything".

But....I think some need to walk that path of believing in a hell. It may keep them balanced in life, keep them in line of living for things of Spirit. But I also think there are some that do right....out of fear....of hell, and I have to wonder if they have true intent and understanding of 'why to do right'.

Do we love others as ourselves because we fear hell....or do we do it because we have understanding that all are a part of Spirit and to love another as yourself is the nature of Spirit?

We should all keep questioning and weighing and measuring every day our path and stand in life. Some may find the idea of 'hell' to be a healthy part of that weighing and measuring.

posted on Dec, 3 2010 @ 09:51 AM
reply to post by 547000

When I reached out to Jesus on my path...I too had to in a sense walk his walk of pain, suffering, and decision.

Im sure the experiences of 'walking in his shoes' are somewhat different and even in the awareness of what it is may come on in a more uninvited way perhaps....but I find it of great benefit to try to walk in anothers shoes to learn what they learned or to see maybe what they saw.

What I learned from it was....his choice was out of living for the life of Spirit and not for the life of flesh. To of fought for this life here....he would of been living for the life of flesh and it was not a easy choice to make for we all have a natural reaction to fight for our life here.

One would really have to be focused and sure of living for not fight for this life here.

Its likely we would all learn something a bit different in walking in anothers shoes. The Spirit led me to walk in many others shoes as well. Martin Luther Kings taught me alot. Even some of the what we call 'evil' ones...taught me things of living for the life of flesh and why some choose to do that. I learned everyone has reasons in their minds and hearts for doing what they do, for making the choices they make. How many people do something and say to themselves....'This is really really wrong'? They have some excuse or reasons to justify their doings.

posted on Dec, 3 2010 @ 10:08 AM
reply to post by thedoctorswife

god of pureness in soul, I take to believe has no evil within, so if a person then chooses to take an evil or negative way as heart, then becomes seperated from his pureness and leads only to death from god and becomes more as property to the other side with satan.

all have a choice in choosing which path they wish to follow, for negative there lies dire consequences, for those who believe and strive for goodness has the all important life with god. it's not about punishment for failure, but of trying to do the best of ones self to achieve and hold onto that pureness of spirit and soul that everyone has within themselves, since jesus paid the debts for saving us all from our sins, with only a faith of believing in him as requirement, the way to god is then made possible for all to achieve, not only for those who live life without any disgrace but to all of his children who believe.

pretty sure that god does not like to see those who though their own choice, choose to become seperated and has sorrow and sadness to see them be taken, for hell and satan is not a place one wants to be.

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posted on Dec, 3 2010 @ 10:22 AM
reply to post by redgy

Do you really think that just faith in Jesus is worth reward?

Do you really think that when people do wrong that they know they are going against their inner nature of Spirit within them?

I think when we all are 'in the know' of Spirit....its undeniable of what we are, for to deny it is to deny your very existence through Spirit. But many do not know....and all they see is this world of flesh and they seek to fulfill their 'being' in some way that makes them feel 'worthy' to be a self amongst other selves.

I think that the Spirit finds a way to sift through us all...teaching us through all the things that we do. When we look into that divine eye after death...I dont think there is any denying what we are of and we have to experience all the things we did to others and the pain we caused to others. We see that.....we only harmed another self in Spirit and it is Gods grace alone that helps us stand after looking into that divine eye of truth.

Please dont take my post as debating any truth with you....for what ever you believe or I believe at the moment is what we are in need of in our paths.

posted on Dec, 3 2010 @ 10:32 AM
reply to post by LeoVirgo
Which begs the question, whom out of us would still try and walk the good path if the existance of God was disproven, thats why in the flesh i dont think we will ever find out that he exists, it takes away our choices.

posted on Dec, 3 2010 @ 10:44 AM
reply to post by redgy
as leovirgo has said, we each have our own truths, and maybe yours is the right one, maybe im wrong and one day il find that out, but i wont follow a path i dont believe in. I cannot understand that if Jesus's death was to pay for our sins, then we're forgiven right? but only on the condition that we accept Christ as our saviour, so if one was to become like Buddha or Mohammed who acted in a christ-like way, or was born before Jesus was alive then salvation cannot be granted to you, i genuinely need to understand, can you explain.

posted on Dec, 3 2010 @ 11:16 AM
it's not just about faith alone, but holding onto that pureness of soul within all and without blemish from evil as any lose of its whole.

how does doing or practicing any evil make a person worthy of themselves?,

it's true that not all see a road of right over wrong, but just as there are laws to those of flesh, there are also laws of the spirit. these laws of spirit are in view for all to read and listen to, and is not any fault of creator or god if one then chooses to not partake or follow any of which is freely available as a guide throughout ones lifetime on earth. the spirit is within but the word as holy is also around for all to discern by and can show the difference between good and evil also.

we all have our truths, not always the same, but none the less as important than another, from which to learn from or take note of.

added-- just the same as if christ way is not truth, what then happens. I guess it like a lucky dip in which faith you wish to believe in, though all do come with some kind of enlightenment in the end and if one follows a set faith then isn't that supposed to give them as belief a end result in being saved by faith of whichever religion is held as truth. just my belief, not neccessarily as truth to anyone who reads.

no intentions intended.

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posted on Dec, 3 2010 @ 11:17 AM
Dear Readers

I am sorry if this sounds harsh and yet sad of asking this, but.... sense there are many believers here I want to ask some questions.

What is God?

Define God?

What is truly clean and pure?

Sorry if that sounds harsh but I wish to see all of your responses.

Kind Regards


posted on Dec, 3 2010 @ 11:25 AM
Great questions my friend,

What is God?

Everything within you, and everything without you.

What is clean?


What is Pure?


What is Gods will?

To love him with all your being, and your neighbor as yourself.

With Love,

Your Brother

posted on Dec, 3 2010 @ 12:03 PM
reply to post by redgy

how does doing or practicing any evil make a person worthy of themselves?,

Some people would call 'greed' an evil attribute...but some feel that their material items is what gratifies them as a person of 'worth'.

Some people feel that 'pride' of self is what gratifies them...and seek to find ways to be prideful about their being, and in that may choose paths that hold 'power' over others.

Individuality creates pride. Look at nations being separate and not being united. Each has 'pride' in a sense of being a 'nation' in its own right.

The line between what is evil and what is not is not something everyone will agree on. And each person has to weigh for themselves if there is something worth living for that is beyond their flesh being of 'I'.

posted on Dec, 3 2010 @ 12:13 PM
reply to post by The Magicians Apprentice
Excuse me a moment while i put on my glasses on to make me look cleverer than i am, and i need to locate my thinking cap which is down the back of the sofa along with some old sweets and a dodgy looking cheesepuff, sorry bout that, i read so much heavy stuff on here today i needed to lighten up for a mo,
what is God? God is everything, there is nothing outside God, thats the only thing im certain about, the other questions im not sure i can answer with such certainty.

posted on Dec, 3 2010 @ 01:11 PM
reply to post by The Magicians Apprentice

Hi K,

What is God?

What are human words?

What does G mean anyway?

What do you want it to mean?

How do you interpret it?

Does every word have to be the same for everybody?

For some maybe Creator/Creators.

For some maybe nothing and they don't believe in a G period.

For some it's just GOOD, nothing more and nothing less so all that (IS) GOOD.

For some maybe the GOD of the Religions, Bible/Quran and other harsh related material that upsets most people because when they see it they immediately think - Worship, War, Slave, Master, Servants, Sacrifice, Control, Abuse, Power, Authority, Rule, GOD and I am GOD
- doesn't sound so GOOD does it? lol

What are all those human words anyway, pretty deep stuff for humanity, I wonder if some of those ET's out there can even understand it. What about the EU's, I guess we could communicate with animals and fish on their level of communications/languages as well - If we only knew how. Brain waves, vibes, feelings, instinct, I wonder and what is wonder-)

Time for a new language maybe but then again what is language and what is that word TIME anyway, what does it mean, what is it, (IS) it different for everybody? Do animals live longer or faster perception wise, but then again what is long and fast anyway? Things that make ya go hmmmm!

Define God?

For me there is no GOD in the way people perceive GOD to be if they are thinking along the lines of Worship, War, Control, Power, Authority, Rule unless of course you want to call yourself GOD and take over the world and rule it. I believe the position has already been filled. lol

What is truly clean and pure?

What are human words yet again, what do those two words mean for you, are all people's interpretations/definitions the same on both words. = Perception/Understanding/Intelligence/Awareness/Consciousness/Information/Coding/Languages/sub-conscious/Unaware/Brain/Mind/Subliminal/Messages/Though t/Influence/Control...

Sorry if that sounds harsh but I wish to see all of your responses.

That is so harsh but then again what is harsh... More human words, we need a new language lol

A question for you since I know you were once out to get your wings.

What is Angel?

Define Angel?

What is opposite of Angel?

Is there even such a thing as Angel or Opposite?

More Human Words!

Kind Regards


You may just have a job list coming around the corner

Love & Best Wishes!
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