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New Blood Pentagram Invoked Apr. 20, 2010

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posted on Jul, 20 2010 @ 01:46 PM

Originally posted by jokei

What about those that wish to see the research?

Hey man! Stop naysayin'!

posted on Jul, 21 2010 @ 08:11 PM
reply to post by MaxBlack


I also discovered that when the Late Senator Byrd died, although he was 92 and in ill health, I suspected that he was sacrificed as part of the new blood pentagram. I began to look further. I realized from my study that Senator Byrd was rumored to be a very high ranking elite member and his sacrifice in a way provided a Satanic blessing with his death if there is such a thing. His death consummated the ritual with his rank and power.

Just wanted to point out, 9 + 2 = 11. So there we go again, 11.

Also, Prez O is the 44th prez, and this congress is.........111th.

I have been watching to see how far your thread would go, compared to say, a thread about the Vatican, and UFO disclosure ........and sorry to say, it's doing about as well as I expected, lol.

(But maybe later, I will add some additional information about some other tragedies from the past, that ALSO created a "symbol".)

Don't you already know that the thought of Satanists being in the seats of power around the world is too much for most people to be able to wrap their thoughts around?

On top of that, the people that ARE in the know are going to do their best to make anyone who CAN see the connections appear to be a crazy nutcase.

That being said, I agree with you about this, it is much too plain to see, to be an accident.

And for those who posted saying the symbol was "too messy", to be effective, isn't the important thing the fact that the rich and powerful people involved, believe in the power of it?

(I DO believe there is power in it. In the Bible, Satan offers Jesus all the world if He will just bow down and worship him, so there IS a precedent. Earthly power in exchange for doing Satan's bidding.)

Also, for the large scale of distances involved, it looks pretty good to me. I mean, wouldn't "they" give themselves extra high fives for even getting close to it?

Whether it really works or not is beside the point; people are being killed on these lines, because people who believe in the power of it can make things happen and get away with it.

Good thread, MaxBlack, keep trying to get the word out, people will accept or reject what you are saying based on their own fear, willing ignorance, or agenda, but those of us in the know have to keep trying.

God Bless


posted on Jul, 22 2010 @ 01:10 AM
Who decided Satan was evil? and for that matter why would Satan want to punish his followers for following him? Also, why punish sinners for a god who punished him thats like me doing somthing good for someone I hate... man if I was satan I would do everything in my power to give the big FU finger to him.

On to this fact, there isnt really much reasearch and what claims I've seen a sick ol man died... you figure ( if were going to go with evil) satan would want like a virgin or maybe something else, not some sick old man. Plus I thought at each of the points there had to be a major blood sacrafice and mass terror and fear. I dont really think those other places had anything major happen. Plus I thought the gate would be in the direct center of the pentagram.

posted on Jul, 22 2010 @ 04:58 PM
As part of viewing videos about the Gulf oil spill, I ran across one I had to share as part of this thread and what I feel is a new blood pentagram. I am adding the link at the bottom to update material relative to the thread's subject matter title. In such a way, as I find items that might prove interesting, I will update any links found that will allow everyone to view and decide on their own if it has meaning.

When I first noted the geographic area of major impact as envisioned or hypothesized by the commentator in the video, that is when I noted that the gas impact region is smack in the middle of the pentagram and or the working end of the pentagram. In a way after studying it for a while, I just had to take a break and decide whether to share it or not. Anyway, I think everyone needs to consider it in the scheme of a ritual that requires deaths. Lots of deaths, sudden, horrible deaths that include children, young and old, all harvested for the sake of evil.

Now, I will be the first to tell you that I hate to find things like this because if I ignore what is in front of me I feel as if I am denying what I am seeing and if I respond to it, I have to measure my response because after all it is just a strange coincidence. Or is it?

If the whole BP oil spill is a false flag operation then the planning and design of this pentagram took sudden death to a whole new level of meaning. There are many more areas of death in the overall ritual and the deaths by gas are just one of many means by which sudden death will collect innocent victims.

Anyway, you decide if I am being paranoid, but since this is a ritual, the death zone it is where it needs to be to feed the "Beast" in an area that has been so declared in advance by the mere design that shows the methane gas danger is going to most likely double the overall death rate beyond that caused by the explosion and tsunami.

Of course all of this death and destruction in this special death zone can only occur if the Gulf Sea floor explodes and brings with it all the death and destruction that an explosion, tsunami and poison gas clouds would bring from any sudden blast or explosion in the gulf. From my perspective this is only a small area of death that is implied by the overall pentagram design.

Take a look. I just did not want to keep it from the public because it might make me look like I'm "Nutz". I am adding it to this thread to allow everyone to consider it on their own because I am not trying to convince myself that there is a pentagram there.

I am concerned where the death and destruction that has been designed into the ritual is going to impact. In such a way people can at least be informed because I'm not selling anything. I am just trying to share information I feel is pertinent. In such a way I hope to inform and not to sensationalize the possibility of millions of deaths brought on by some natural looking disaster that may not be.

Anyway take a look. This link will be here so that other researchers can consider the material that I feel relates directly to the pentagram and how its design is intended to capture the dead souls of innocent victims.

posted on Jul, 22 2010 @ 06:34 PM
reply to post by MaxBlack

While playing with Google earth features I found this feature that allows for mirror images from earth to the Moon, Mars, Stars and this is what I found that I thought was interesting and something I wanted to add to my own thread as material others can consider in any independent study or research into this same pentagram.

The first photo is to the mirror image of the Moon and where on the moon the design of the pentagram on Earth would strike if it were projected out into space. It would hit the moon which was my first, OK.

Then came the second photo. That is when I knew I don't know what it means, but that it is too coincidental that the mirror image of a blood pentagram reflects on a portion of the Moon that just happens to be a significant point on the moon?

If you go to google and press on the site on the moon it will take you on tour and explain what that area is all about. More or less. Anyway take a look.

Third is the mirror image of what the blood pentagram looks like in the night sky.

Last item is the mirror image on Mars. Once again on Mars like on the moon there just so happens to be a site of significance. What it means if anything is yet known. Photo added for informational purposes relative to the mirror image of the blood pentagram on various planets and the night sky.

posted on Jul, 23 2010 @ 02:36 PM
reply to post by MaxBlack

I need to update some new found material, but to do this correctly, I feel I must fill in some gaps necessary to help others understand why the information may in some way be related to what I have named the BP Pentagram. BP as in Blood Pentagram. This is just one of many little anomalies that has me thinking overtime. Anyway, since my last posting to this thread I have been busy looking for anything that might show what this new pentagram is all about and what codes or findings might be in plain view.

While I still cannot claim I understand that intent, I can provide some new material that I feel I would be foolish to keep from ATS members and others that have some casual interest in what this new blood pentagram might imply.

While following up on another thread I posted regarding a mysterious microbe that can eat steel and swim through steel as it was not there. Well, this initial anomaly got me looking at other material. At the time I started that review, I had no idea that it would point back to the Blood Pentagram.

I will attempt to show the relationships and then allow you and others to decide on your own what it means. I am in no way stating I know or understand what I have found, but to not inform others in my opinion would be wrong.

Anyway, while reviewing hours of BP ROV camera feeds I watched a new video that BP showed an interest in. Upon closer examination of what BP was looking at, it shows what appears to be a large damaged or destroyed pyramid type complex or perhaps a Star Gate within a pyramid located on the sea floor located at 5034 feet of depth. Camera feed was for specific video coverage of MC 252, better known as the Deep Water Horizon Oil rig location and site of an explosion and subsequent major oil spill. It also is ground zero for the Blood Pentagram.

Since the spill began pouring out oil into the Gulf of Mexico, much of what Obama has done and what BP has done has been puzzling and disappointing to many who felt that Obama and BP collectively responded too slow to the oil spill.

We have had naval assets move out of the region to Costa Rica and we have all the Corexit contamination and the danger of sea bed explosion that will release huge amounts of methane that has the potential to kill with its initial blast, tsunami, and poison gas clouds. We have talk of mass evacuation, increasing danger to the health of the population and we have FEMA, the military and any number of agencies on alert and actively preparing for what appears to be the explosion that will begin the stage of death and destruction that many have spoken of in the many blogs.

OK, that having been said, this morning I found what appeared to be a pyramid that appears damaged and very ancient yet it shows some bright object that looks like an energy source. Upon closer examination I found what also appears to be a lions head at the base of the pyramid. Now here is where it gets stranger.

I have been using Google Earth to map and look at the blood pentagram and I have been doing other things to try and identify any code or symbolism that could reveal any time line or significant dates associated with the blood pentagram. It was when I was doing this review that I decided to look at the pyramids location on Google Earth and then I was curios how it would look in a mirror image as projected on the Moon, Mars, and the Sky.

When I viewed the mirror image on the Sky I was shown that the location of the BP oil spill and the location for the pyramid structure and the initial point of the blood pentagram are all the same location. When I was shown LEO in the sky as viewed from ground zero of the BP oil spill and the pyramid's same location I was puzzled how and why LEO was directly in line in the sky.

When I researched the astrological data regarding LEO I found that Leo commenced its transition through the heavens starting on July 21 through the 28th of July. These are seven days that are key. Then Leo on August 20 is overcome by aspects of Virgo.

Upon realizing that Leo astrologically had just begun I felt that perhaps I was reading too much into what I found. Then I had to recap.

The BP oil spill is located on the Jefferson Ley line. This new blood pentagram comes off the old blood pentagram and then there is the fact that on the ocean floor at the site of the BP spill is a pyramid looking structure that has a giant Lions head at the base of the pyramid. Then there are the reports of metal eating bugs that exhibit characteristics not usually found in sea animals known to man.

This are the type of items that I have had to consider because I had to ask myself, what are the odds of looking at a spot on the earth submerged in deep water and when mirrored on the sky it shows Leo at the exact time that Leo is astrologically moving into Leo. Well, the odds of that are way out there.

I have posted to my picture gallery all of the screen shots and working material involving the Blood Pentagram and the pyramid like structure found on the sea floor. I ask that you review these photographs. There are too many photos to post and as such once you view the material, it will be easier to understand what I am trying to inform others about.

To capture the entirety of the threads that I am following you will have to review and read and or view the video links posted to Metal eating Bugs. I posted all pyramid data and findings to that posting because I feel that the steel eating bugs could be from the pyramid or star gate complex down below. With so much to consider, I ask that you review the material and decide for yourself if there is anything to what I have found.

Thanks again for your patience and remember to view my picture gallery to view all related photos that are associated with the Blood Pentagram and the mysterious metal eating bugs. Underwater pyramid photos and sky maps are included.

Take a look at my picture gallery. It will help to see what I am describing. Here are some photos that shows the pyramid structure and the lions head at the base of the pyramid. Last is the sky map of the mirror image of the pyramid site. For it to show Leo was for me a real head turner. Anyway, take a look.

In closing the dates that this LEO discovery has revealed is that July 21 through July 28 are seven key dates that began when Leo entered transit and it ends on July 28th. Later in the month of August, on the 20th Leo is overcome by Virgo and if anyone noticed, the 20th of August begins a window that many will remember that can recall Katrina and other significant events that occur on August 20th. of every year. While dates are important they are only important when combined with astrological and planetary alignments.

July 21-28 and August 20 should be noted as the astrological dates that somehow relate to the underwater pyramid with lions head and to the Blood Pentagram where dates are also used by those that have ulterior motives.

Take a look and if you need some reading material that may help you to understand how I got to this juncture, read my postings to mysterious metal eating bugs and you will have all the current material that I have processed regarding the pyramid, star maps and blood pentagram working copies that I use to study and apply data to.

I am up to my neck in material and with today being July 23, 2010, I did not want to keep these LEO dates to myself in the event they mean something to someone in the viewing audience.

Thanks for your patience and thank you for your remarks.

posted on Jul, 23 2010 @ 02:48 PM
reply to post by riley

As for his pentagram not being "symetrical" you do realise the earth is not flat?
Places those same lines on a sphere may in fact (i dont know) correct them to be symetrical.

Also, the "blood" he was referring to were the lives lost so far down there during this disaster...

Interesting. Not saying yah or nay here just playing devils advocate with respect to your post.

posted on Jul, 23 2010 @ 04:19 PM

Originally posted by superluminal11
...22 being the year cycles in a the Crowley-inspired Thelemic Calender to match the number of trumps in a Tarot deck......

Off the topic:
strangely enough i too divide my life in 22 year cycles, for the same reason, 22 tarot trumps or 22 hebrew letters, or to be more exact the 22 paths of the Tree of Life.
Thank you for this information, it delights me to know that i'm in sincronicity with my spiritual teacher.

Back on topic:
I'm a "believer" as i take seriously the occult.
What if i said that if what you're implying in this thread is true, than you are contributing to their agenda by spreading a belief that the imaginary pentagram exists. You do this surely to make many people concentrate on this ritual and have a counter effect.
But how many people out there(here) are capable of doing a positive direction of spiritual energy, and how many will be simply taken by pesimism and fear, thus contributing to the ritual itself?

I don't think the Elite is evil, on the contrary.
I look around a see evil common people. Violence with no reason from common people, killers and robers from the common people.
Why should i blame the Elite that uses our miserable condition caused by us to achieve their own goals? First i should blame my fellow non-elite humans that for a variety of reasons try and eat each others like cannibals.
If we non-elite humans are not able to treat each other like human beings, why should the elite consider us better.
Just think for a moment, why do you fear walking the streets of humans,
fear the aliens, fear some evil politician, or just fear your fellow ignorant worse than animal fellow citizens.

Of course it feels much better if you believe that all evil comes from big greedy corporations(wich in turn feed on greedy people) and monstrous occultist and black magicians who strangely enough even having great knowledge just like to spend their free time in doing rituals to harm others just for fun, and to end it, of course how can we forget "Satan", a fictious character created to make the sheep feel they are Good, and every bad action is indeed Satan's fault.

But, again, assuming everything you say is true,
have you ever asked yourself why all this astrological coincidences, just because the Elite is simply fanatic or because there is something more deep and meaningful than just a mere hunger for power and world domination.
If those gentleman are able to call on the forces of nature using rituals, thay seem to know a lot, so why not try to have less prejudice and try to understand them, and by understanding i mean "understand" them , to find the true reason behing the apparence.
As i see it, knowledge is good, ignorance is evil, and who has real knowledge can't be evil, just missunderstood.

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