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The Possible Reason for Alien Abductions!

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posted on Jul, 17 2010 @ 07:37 AM
They are stealing the sperm and ova to create human hybrids on their home world. so when they invade the humans will come with them..

posted on Jul, 17 2010 @ 08:44 AM
Ultimately , creating a useful hypothesis on the subject of abductions and the reasons behind them, is riddled with difficulties. First and foremost is that there are likely to be more than one species involved with that practice, and thier motivations are not certain to be the same.
For instance, a botanist may study a plant merely to understand it , and bring it to the attention of the world via information sharing. However a person who is involved with cloning and so forth may study the same plant, but instead of merely recording its existance , they may decide that they wish to clone the plant and harvest some vital essence from it for financial gain.
I believe there are similar differences between the various motives for abduction. This is borne out by the varied reports of such happenings,not all of which include an examination . On a few occasions nothing more than a strange communication has occured. Perhaps OPs thinking on the subject is accurate in the case of some visiting species, however in some others there may be a mere research element to thier interest in us.

posted on Jul, 17 2010 @ 09:07 AM

Originally posted by True-seer
I would like to Put Foward my Opinion of Why people get abducted...

So i think aliens abduct people so they can use the eggs and Sperm to create more humaoid aliens.

Your opinion? This is the same idea that has dominated abduction research for over twenty years now.

posted on Jul, 24 2010 @ 08:46 AM
reply to post by True-seer

Hi True-seer,

I've always wondered about abduction cases...if these claims were true. Studied and studied on this subject, and I do believe there is something to some of their claims..

My take on this subject goes a little deeper. I am a Christian, and the Bible talks about the coming AntiChrist in the last days ( the Great Tribulation).

Satan seems to mock everything / is opposite of everything Christ is , does, or stands for. Jesus was born of a virgin..fathered by GOD and IS God the Son in the flesh.

I think somehow, Satan and all the other fallen angels are messing with people, trying to BE God, experimenting with life itself. They may be trying to duplicate the soul which THEY , imo, will never be able to do. Also, the aliens (I'll call them demons) are possibly trying to "work it'' to the point where Satan can inpregnate a virgin to bear this false christ, who will then go on to deceive all of mankind receive his mark and be worshiped as God... I believe people need to get ready -for this reality is soon to be upon us. John 3:16

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posted on Jul, 24 2010 @ 12:18 PM
Everyone is involved though. Thats why its harder to pinpoint reasons, because the biggest reason is our soul's progression, that earth is a prison/school situation and many here are from more advanced areas, slip ups or fine tuning. This world shows up our flaws in a big time way for many, and though we can try and pat ourselves on the back, once out of this model of vehicle, the human body, its all been recorded and we ourselves are fairly tough on ourselves, our Higher Selves.

Everyone is a part of this, because the ET issue is bigger than people understand.

Also there are certainly groups, some are renegades, so the dna issue, often the bloodlines, come into to play for grey Et abductions.

Most people don't remember, some bits, and some more. This has something to do with who we are, and our perception.

I'm not going into the religious one, for I left the Church, but I believe there was a great soul and teacher called Yeshua Ben Joseph, who has come many times to help. I just don't believe in a God of animal sacrifices and warfare and genocide. Enough said on that, all religions that I know of have two pathways in them. One is fundamentalist, based on laws of thousands of years ago, and eye for an eye, punitive, and one is advanced and progressive, loving, forgiving, non controlling. We always get a choice, the world is run with that masonic checkerboard floor, white and black squares and they seem coded in the religions too.

Basically for a religious person, positive Family and helpers would be angels, and those that perform miracles, and there are negatives too, and spiritual lower places, as well. So, this really isn't a big debate either, our perception is worked with.

Not all that abduct us are negative however. Far from it. And people are allowed to remember things to change their lives a bit, challenge them. To awaken some. Nudges.

posted on Jul, 24 2010 @ 08:23 PM
I think aswell as the breeding angle.
well think they are monitorin our bodies for detremental effects from our enviroment ,from all angles ,like what our modern food and drink is doing to our dna ,also mabe galactic influences from unknown to us things like radiation and other changes with our solar system . and sun.
If they are watchers guardians left behind till we sorta evolve and then they signal a return for the alien PTB,well maybe thats it they stay outa sight darkside of moon, deep sea bases, and monitor everything from water to animals foilage all things ,i some time think there is a sweet spot or time span were life can thrive on earth ,then we go into a cleanup cycle everything is destroyed made ready for new life forms.this is why i think we are a physical and spirtual being . when our planet is being cleaned reformed we survive in spirit our real home.when all is well we can be born again into what ever vehicle we decide to use as a colective to experience life and sensations.maybe next time we will allow a being with wings to evolve like an angel ,when it reaches a development with a brain capacity suitable we begin to be born. its an insurance policy to be able to live without physical form.planets what are stable ,they live forever no need to die .but they have a different sun with different radiations and light ,the atmospheres will be different to so between the suns life giveing radiation an planets natural makeup they live forever.i think when the real ptb returns we will find this out.maybe we are on the last destruction and the sun will change so we to live forever,hence the watchers to make sure we dont do anything stupid.i believe certain rulers hidden from view maybe intouch with them sorta like an over seer ,and they make sure we stop eating to much high fructose corn..
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posted on Jul, 24 2010 @ 09:33 PM
S&F for you, purely because there aren't enough posts like this any more, just people posting lame footage of a Chinese lantern, which gets debunked in 5 minutes!!!

Whilst I think this theory is definitely a possibility, what about cases where there are disappearances related to UFOs, or even mutilations?

I'm sure most of you have seen the pictures of cow mutilations, which all displayed the exact same injuries, etc., and the related human mutilations.

This is what leads me to support other theories, such as the post above (maybe a couple of posts above), this one, where our DNA and biological statistics are being monitored, for one reason or another.

A favourite alien existence theory of mine, is that of the Annunakai living below us, who have been using us as slaves / energy sources (similar to that of the Matrix) for thousands of years, and that they could be monitoring us to determine our 'efficiency' so to speak.

Or that could be a fairytale dreamt up by someone, (not myself
), who'd watched a few too many bad movies.

posted on Jul, 24 2010 @ 11:02 PM
It's very clear that the Greys are using all forms of our DNA (skin, hair, mucus, etc. samples) including human reproductive material (euphemism for spooge and eggys) to perform many tasks. Dealing with these advanced scientific masters, we're talking about them running the whole gamut of research and development.

Are they cloning us? Yes
Are they hybridizing us with them? Yes
Researching us? Yes
Cataloging and storing our DNA? Yes
Seeding other planets? Yes

And the list goes on and on. Just look at all the work we humans (as scientific infants) are doing with our own research here, then times that by 1000, then you're in the ballpark.

Of course, this is going on the idea that the alien abduction scenario is true. If it is, then all of the above. The great thing about the scientific method is it's a very logical and honest approach, no doubt they're going off a similar (though more developed) method.

posted on Jul, 25 2010 @ 12:18 AM
Good thread and interesting theory.

I have my own

A few theories

In my opinion and a bit of research the "short greys" are artificial and are produced in a lab.

Here is one theory

The agenda for abductions is to create a human alien hybryd race. That there are a hand full of original greys left the talls in existence. If these Hybrids are walking the earth unnoticed i have no idea. They may be kept in space off earth from reports they have larger heads and eyes but look human. These short greys move unlike a living bipedal being and unlike the talls. Like i said they are artificial and biological copies of each other .The tall greys are a dying species and they have not used sexual reproduction for a very long time so the genitals were unused and they lost them like the species of animals that evolved to land and lost flippers ect. That the tall greys reproduce by cloning but they have been cloned for so long like copying a paper from the last copy it has damaged the dna. Some think the original greys "tall long nose" are a cetian species. That they brought dolphins and whales from their home planet originally. The tall greys are a dying species on verge of extinction and are creating the human hybrids as the new species. It is said they can transfer their mind to the hybrid body. And these hybrids do not have souls like we do. That they are vessels for the dying tall greys.

This is all speculation but the greys may not be Alien as we think.

Another theory is perhaps they are us from the future. That something catastrophic happened here on earth like an ice age or the sun burned up the atmosphere take your pic of disaster scenarios 2012 ect. So they went under ground and this explains the nocturnal like eyes and pale skin and frail body's ect. That the government knows this and this future is something we can not stop and that it would be disturbing then there would not be any point in telling us... let us be happy and live our lives. This would explain all the underground bases.

Another theory and i find most likely is they are from under the surface of Mars and have been lying about where they are from and are notorious liars. That they are the original inhabitants of mars and went underground when the climate changed and evolved in to the tall greys once more human like. That they engineered the human race with primates and the original species of mars pre-greys. And they are engineering a new race again. Or upgrading the original project after waiting for us to evolve and grow over several thousand years This is just a theory but it does kind of make sense.

I think they have bases on the moon from talking to several abductees several told me a story of being taken to the moon. None of them know each other mind you and gave me certain details i will not reveal , because of the copy cat problem. But these details are uncanny in similarities and is not talked about in UFOligy. I have reason to believe the abduction is real because of people i know ect.

then you have PLF's

Steven Greer insists all greys are is PLF's
programmed life forms doing MILAB abductions for the military and mind control. That the black programs acquired the technology from the crash at Roswell. I have my doubts because it is not consistent with all abductions and what are the Tall greys. Perhaps the black programs are in cahoots with a faction of greys and both are happening. Word is the greys had a fall out with TPTB and there has been conflict ever since. More disturbing is the greys plan on wiping out humanity and replacing it with the hybryds when they have enough hybrids. That many abductees are being trained for something like an event in the future and will not remember until the right time, perhaps used against our own species?

Again all just theories and hear say but i have met with abductees and they are not comfortable talking about it, let alone seeking attention and are some of the most down to earth people. They come from all walks of life, cops, doctors, lawyers , celebrities you name it. The myth of abductees being dumb trash or some farmer in the boondocks is just another instance of misinformation and a stereotype. Abduction happens in the middle of a city to small towns and around the world in all countries and cultures. Not mass hysteria.

Something is happening and we just do not understand it exactly.

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posted on Jul, 25 2010 @ 03:16 AM
Perhaps there is no reason; or perhaps being a psychological phenomenon, the reasons why it manifests are myriad.

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